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  1. Man with a hat

    [MOC] The Cathedral of Crema (Italy)

    Impressive. Good job! The front facade is beautiful.
  2. Man with a hat

    7777 meets 6000

    Oh man. that brings back memories. Those were some awesome ideas books back then. (You are missing the red dots sticker for the lady? )
  3. Man with a hat

    [MOD/MOC] 60197 Train

    Nice and simple. I plan to do something similar. Thanks for showing me. Saves me some time. And I will probably use 28 stud train plates instead of the 24. That will need some more parts, but shouldn't be too difficult.
  4. Man with a hat

    [MOC] Gallery of Modern Art

    hmm, nice and quite interesting. Like an architect putting a modern building between old buildings. But in real life it doesn't alway work that well.
  5. Man with a hat

    [WWII Diorama] - Train station 1944

    Oh Wow. This looks great. All those details and combined they make it perfect. Vehicles, buildings, trains...
  6. Man with a hat

    [MOC] Water tower - 1 meter high

    Oh wow. This is amazing. Impressive work.
  7. Man with a hat

    Union Pacific SD60

    Great job here. Looks really nice overall and some nice details as well.
  8. Man with a hat

    [MOC] Bus Stop

    Nice. Very simple and clean and looking perfect.
  9. Man with a hat

    SJ Da 939

    Oh man, you keep turning out so many of these great trains. Great job again.
  10. Man with a hat

    LEGO Health Care in Tabletown Revisited

    . Great read. Thank you. As a kid I was happy to get 6380 and surprised it took ages before something decent like that appeared again.
  11. Man with a hat

    (Work in Progress) EMD F7A in 8-Wide

    Ooh what a beauty. You always manage to make perfect trains.
  12. Man with a hat

    Long Trains.... Show 'm !

    Nice!. And great layouts too!
  13. Man with a hat

    my moc train

    Ooh, I love that bridge.
  14. Man with a hat

    SNCF Class X73500

    Great job. Not easy to capture the looks of this model, but you did an excellent job. And some nice detailing as well.