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  1. Nice! And using a 1x1x5 brick slightly angled is absolutely brilliant! No real doors though?
  2. Man with a hat

    Powered Up FAQ and Community Wishes

    For me looking at how I use my current trains: How can I use two motors at the same time from the same controller where one motor needs its polarity reversed. (Old PF: putting two motors on the IR receiver was no problem and we have a polarity switch available)
  3. Man with a hat

    My biggest Lego train layout so far...

    Oh Now everyone is jealous.
  4. Man with a hat

    Review 60198 Cargo Train (picture heavy!)

    Excellent review! Thank you. And I agree with you that design wise it not that stunning but it does have a huge amount of playability. And that's what they are going for obviously. I must say that it does not look too bad overall, however I will probably only get the passenger train (and multiples of it ) as they are more to my liking. You don't happen to have a review coming for that on as well?
  5. Man with a hat

    DB 212

    That looks really nice. And as said above it is nice to see such a progression in the model.
  6. Man with a hat

    BR Class 8 Shunter

    Nice! It looks great and has some nice detailing. Nice touch with the asymmetric buffers.
  7. Man with a hat

    MOC: The Brixton Hotel

    oh wow. What an amazing hotel lobby. Especially that floor is brilliantly done!
  8. Man with a hat

    [MOC] Villa Great Agano

    Nice. That's something different and that tower is done in a clever way. I like it.
  9. Man with a hat

    German BR 03

    Oh WOW. And those golden lines in the boiler are amazing!
  10. Man with a hat

    [MOC] Food Stand Diners (One for the Rollercoaster fans)

    Nice!. Especially the fries stand. Now that's something you don't see very often. (I guess I have seen too many burgers stands)
  11. Man with a hat

    MOCs: LEGO Aviation

    Looking nice again. And great job with the colour scheme as well.
  12. Man with a hat

    Programming your LEGO Trains!

    hmm, interesting. I guess we will have to wait a little while before we can see the possibilities, but there might be a lot of potential, especially for the purists here.
  13. Man with a hat

    Class 23 D5909

    Great Job Again. You make some beautiful trains and this is another one. And tge background info is interesting as well.
  14. Man with a hat

    2018 Lego Trains

    Well, I think things are looking better now that these clearer pictures are there. Overall I think these are nice sets and although there is a big single piece for the front of the passenger train, it looks in my opinion better than the current one. And I guess I have to go over to the technic forum to check about the new PF, or is it PU now?