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  1. MOC: Flying Scotsman - Classic look.

    That's quite nice and a very good look for 6 wide.
  2. Wasabi District 2017

    These buildings are looking really nice. That curved glass wall is looking absolutely stunning.
  3. Somewhat City scaled cars

    Great!. I don't really follow the scale modeling forum so I am glad that you will be posting here. I think your cars are really great. So keep posting please.
  4. [MOC] Copenhagen suburban townhouse from the 50ies

    Nice build and great idea. You executed it really well including all the details. I am planning on doing the same with our new to be build house. I can only hope it will look as good as yours.
  5. [MOC] Barn find | Bugatti Type 35 Grand Prix

    That's a beautiful barn. Nice details all aorund. I like that broken and rusted gas pump.
  6. [MOC] City Trolley

    Nice trolley. At first I wondered why there were so few windows. Apparently to hide the PF. It is nice and clever build.
  7. It's multitrack drifting!

    Oh my, that drifting is brilliant! Apart from that the model looks great as well. And also very nice platforms.
  8. O don't know what to say. I have never seen something like this before. It's perfect and incomprehensibly well engineered!
  9. MOC: Victorian Railways AE Passenger Car

    Wow, what a beauty. I can understand the love-hate relation with the yellow flags, but it does pay off. Couldn't have been better!
  10. [MOC] ALP-45DP NJT

    Ecellent work especially on the slanted roof. I wonder how the accompanying cars would look like.
  11. China SL7 Aisa Express

    Brilliant build. Nice smooth shape and brilliant use of parts to get all those nice details. Well done!
  12. BR05-003

    Wow. What a beauty again. . And that DUPLO train is quite interesting as well.
  13. A certain Sci-Fi locomotive

    That's a great train. Something different but I like it. Very interesting design. Shape and techniques are really nice. And those tracks and catenary as well. I am interested to find out if they work as well.
  14. History of Magic Museum Modular Building

    Amazing. Although I don't find the exterior that exciting, the inside is brilliant. You did an excellent job with those magic/illusionist props. Those are simply brilliant!
  15. Long live the 4-stud wide [MOC]

    Nice!. Some of these are brilliant especially the smaller cars. In 4-wide they work really well. The bigger cars in 4 wide seem a bit odd nowadays but nonetheless these are fantastic cars!