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  1. Clever work. And it works great as well. Impressive!
  2. Man with a hat

    [MOC] Palm City Spirits

    Great build and amazing interior. And those wall mounted lamps are brilliant.
  3. Man with a hat

    [MOC] High Society Corner Building

    Yeah, that roof is really an eye catcher. Well done.
  4. Man with a hat

    MOC - Train Control Station

    This is really beautiful.
  5. Man with a hat

    Passenger wagons from Spain

    Nice. Very clean and sleek look. The very small recess of the door is very well done.
  6. Man with a hat

    A3 'Humorist' (Unspecific Pacific V3.0)

    Nicely done!
  7. Man with a hat

    1900's steam loco and cars

    That looks really nice. locomotive and carriages are fantastic and fit perfectly together. I don't mind the different carriages. They could be different classes.
  8. Man with a hat

    [MOC] Motorised tiny narrow gauge trains

    Very clever indeed. It looks awesome!
  9. Man with a hat

    [MOC] Emerald 4-Wide Train

    Very cute indeed. And well done being able to put minifigs in the carriage as well as the loc.
  10. Man with a hat

    GFLUG Tampa Show Coverage

    Thanks for showing. Always nice to see. And great for inspiration as well.
  11. Man with a hat

    [MOC] 2-4-2 Locomotive

    That's really nice. I like the (partly) covering of the wheels. The tender looks a little bit big proportionally, but is very well done nonetheless.
  12. Oh, that looks really nice. I will add this to my wishlist.
  13. Man with a hat

    [MOC] Vintage Bicycle

    Brilliant. That is really nice.
  14. Man with a hat

    [MOC] Modular Hats Shop & Old Inn

    ooh, I love hats. But besides that. It is really nice set of buildings. Nice styles and that wall fountain is a splendid idea to match the buildings.
  15. Man with a hat

    [MOC] The Dilapidated Caboose

    Very nice scenery. Great details and nice setting. I like the overflow of the desert outside the boundaries of the "box". That is quite an clever and attractive way of presenting this.