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  1. Amazing job. This must be beyond my wildest dreams when I was young. That 12V system was so nice. Ah well... But in any case this is a great job.
  2. Man with a hat

    [MOC] BR05-001 with 7 coaches

    Wow. Amazing. Incredible work and I am most impressed by those passenger cars.
  3. Man with a hat

    10277 Swiss Crocodile - Set Review

    Nice review. thank you. Especially the modifications are interesting to see. Gives an idea of the possibilities to modify it.
  4. Man with a hat

    [MOC] Bombardier Canadair CL-415

    Great job "modernising" @ER0L 's 215 into a 415. And you made some nice detailing yourself as well. impressive! The wing and nacelles look really nice.
  5. Man with a hat

    My Own Lego World

    Amazing layout. So many things to see. I love those classic sets. But also all the fantastic trains. So many things to see.
  6. Man with a hat

    [EBFS] Garden Railway

    That's brilliant. I love it. The working train is very cleverly done like this.
  7. Man with a hat

    [EBFS] Not Only Locomotives Need Water

  8. Man with a hat

    Deutz DG1200BBM locomotive

    Nice one! It looks really great and a perfect model of the real one. You did a great job on the details.
  9. Man with a hat

    [MOC] Vintage racing motorbike 1907

    Oh, this is brilliant!
  10. Man with a hat

    [MOC] P-51 Mustang Racing mod - Blue Bull

    Oh wow. That's really nice. Great work on the shape you can recogbise it immedistely. I like the colour schene as well. So good choice for this one.
  11. Man with a hat

    The 12v layout form BillytheKid.

    Wow, this would have been my dream layout as a kid! That are a lot of signals and switches. And do I count 5! crossings?
  12. Man with a hat

    Trains forum banner

    Nice! We often forget the effort it takes for these seemingly simple things. So thank you.
  13. Man with a hat

    [MOC] 5pin trucks

    Great job. Love that truck. Nice to see someone build in 4 and 5 wide.
  14. Man with a hat

    [MOC] CNC Machine (Haas VF2-SS)

    Great work. You managed to put all the essential details in there. I like that tools changer. Brilliant!
  15. Man with a hat

    [MOC] Cletrac K20

    That's great work. Amazing job at those details in this scale.