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  1. French Empire models

    Impressive. Very impressive!
  2. [MOC] Brick CIty Brewery

    Oh wow. Thta's nice. Really wonderful style with those angled pillars.
  3. MOC - 12V DB BR78

    Oh wow. Nice project. It really fits well with all those other those classic 12V trains and buildings. And still a very realistic model. Well done!
  4. Nice and big. That's a proper station. I found the letters on the platform side a bit big and low. I expected some doors there, but that's just a matter of taste I guess.
  5. 2018 Lego Trains

    Oh the speculation again... Well the trains seems clear: Train station, passenger train and cargo train. No real surprise there. But I wouldn't get my hopes up for the Friends train. And to me it looks more like a maglev than a monorail. Now that would be interesting.
  6. [MOC] Art and Wine building

    That's impressive. I like the store fronts with the recessed entrance doors a lot.
  7. 2018 Lego Trains

    Well, I wouldn't take those RRP for the final true prices. I believe they are deduced from another currency and most likely wrong anyway. AT least that's what I understood from the comments in the Town sectioon. So just wait and see.
  8. MOC: Kahuka's Koffee

    Wonderful. Inside and out. I like the architectural style and you got it really well done. I am not so sure you needed the three colours. The white top part for me looks the best and the middle part could have easily been white as well, but nonetheless a beautifull creation!
  9. Functional Coach Corridors (Technique)

    Very clever idea. The most elegant I have seen so far. And those cars look stunning as well.
  10. Warehouse Life | forklift and pallet truck full range

    Oh WOW. This is stunning. Indeed the whole collection of possible forklifts. Brilliantly done!. And the warehouse itself is also really well done!
  11. What is Town Forum to you?

    I can sympathise with @Ron Dayes I have been visiting the forum for quite some time and thing have changed over the years. Not surprising of course. All things change. But I too see the focus shifting to modulars. I am kind of missing all the nice elaborate reviews of the new CITY sets e.g. And that kind of means that other brilliant smaller town related MOCs are perhaps kind of missing the attention they deserve. Another thing is that there are so many posts that I find it hard to show my appreciation to all the nice things we see here. So I must admit I don't always comment on things even though I do like it a lot.
  12. [MOC] - my city

    Nice town. Good to see some apartment buildings. And the underground is also celverly presented.
  13. [MOC] St. Peter and St. Paul's Church

    Very nice. Really well done on getting the whole feel and style of the building. Instantly recognisable for the style. Perfect!. And I love that separate tower.
  14. [MOC] Staub RT4

    Nice. Great job making such a small tractor in minifig scale. It definitively looks like the real one. It is a very clever design. Any plans of adding e.g. a plow?
  15. [MOC] Lamborghini Countach

    Oh yes. That looks much better. Not that the original was bad, but somehow those antennas as winow pilars were a bit stange.