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  1. Nice! Love the steam. But overall a really great scene.
  2. Man with a hat

    Lego City 2021 Rumours, information and discussion

    Oh, there are some nice sets to come. That house is a pleasant surprise. And although I probably have to get used to the new road plates it is good to see they are included in the sets as well. That hasn't been done in a long time... Odd indeed. Recipe for crashes I guess.
  3. Man with a hat

    Favorite/most iconic trains?

    ah... Well from the blue era I actually like the one I have: 171 (strangely it was released before I was born, but sets seem to have lasted longer then anyway, and no idea why or from who I got this as a less than 4-year old kid, not that I am complaining though) No batteries or 12V but actually quite a nice locomotive and nice wagons. From the Grey era I must admit that 7740 is iconic (and in my view the most iconic of all eras) and was my dream when I was young. Never had the money though so got stuck with the small 7725 red train. I missed out on the 9V era and to be honest I don't regret it because there is not a lot of appeal to me in the trains from then. And since the PF era 10194 Emerald Night was a very welcome surprise and I really like it. (although from the regular sets I also like 3677) And now I am waiting for my backordered Crocodile to be be able to evaluate it.
  4. Man with a hat

    [MOC] Railway station

    Nice. And love that signal box.
  5. Man with a hat

    [MOC] Modular: Mediterranean Way

    ooh, nice! Great looks overall, but really nice to see those little details like the cracks in the pavement.
  6. Man with a hat

    [OcTRAINber] The 17th Hole diorama

    Wow, that's impressive. Love the scenery and especially the bridges, both for the golf course as well as the tracks. And very nice how it is all smoothly curved and not in a straight line.
  7. Man with a hat

    Custom lego Ship to shore gantry crane

    Oh, my. That's huge!. It looks great! I cant image how big the dock must be then. Í guess we will have to wait some time for that.
  8. Man with a hat


    Oh, yes that hair is really nice.
  9. Man with a hat

    [MOC] Bombardier CRJ-200 - Air Canada Express

    Great job. I like how you did the angled wing, really smooth.
  10. Man with a hat

    Lego train 80's layout with all 12V trains

    This is .. I have no words for it. I love it. It looks like it just came straight out of the 7777 idea book. And what a work that must have been. Very, very impressive.
  11. Man with a hat

    [MOC} New collegiate church of Saint Leonore

    oh WOW. The old church was already really nice. But this is even more impressive. Very realistic using different colours for different sections of the church.
  12. Man with a hat

    BR18 201 Germany Express

    Wow. What an amazing build. The shape an espwcially the curves are brilliantly done.
  13. Man with a hat

    [MOC] Small town diorama

    Oh, nice. I enjoy it very much! Great buildings with some nice detailing. I really like the catenary for the tram. And I hope there are not many cyclist crashing into the bus/tram stop .
  14. Man with a hat

    Soviet/Checoslovakian electric passenger loco CHS2

    Quite impressive, especially the details at the front.
  15. Man with a hat

    (MOC) Working 9V Train turntable

    Nice and smooth operation.