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  1. taking money from orders and not delivering the product is a scam. If you pledge on kickstarter and you don't receive anything, that's your own fault. The risk of investment is that sometimes there's no return. But if you place actual orders and you pay the sum and receive nothing, not even your money back, that's just daylight robbery.
  2. At this point ME really sounds like a scam to me. In future I will hold back and wait until more than just a few people ordered and received before I even think about placing orders for anything 3rd party. Although I have to say, 4D Brix really did it for me. I was in very close contact with them and it all went super smoothly. Which to me just shows it can be done properly but at the first signs of trouble I'm out.
  3. [MOC]: Palameria Commuter Station

    Very nice. I really like the colors you chose and how you did the staircase. I love symmetry a lot. I rate 10/10 would visit station :P
  4. The Blue Comet

    WOW! This is mind blowing! Just wonderful in every way! How did you do the gold trim on the wheels?
  5. 2018 Lego Trains

    There's Brickcoaster, you could check that out. Alex Nunes has one on his YouTube channel if you want to see a good video of one. It's motorized too
  6. Questions - small layout possibility

    Which is exactly what I suggested
  7. Questions - small layout possibility

    Welcome to the forum! Here's some info: The absolute minimum space for a 180° turn on standard track pieces is 72cm outside-to-outside for the track. Then you need an additional 1-3cm of space between the track and say a wall, for trains that come around the corner to safely clear the wall, because they overhang quite a bit in some cases. If you want to use narrow track, you have to do extremely heavy modifications on the winter holiday train to allow this. I highly doubt, that you could still make the tree-mechanism function on narrow track. Most Lego trains will not turn in radii smaller than the standard turn radius (R44 if I'm not mistaking). This is because the bogies' turning is limited by the very fact that they are essentially inside the actual base plate. You would need to raise the base plate above the bogie fully to allow a smaller turning radius to work. Again, this means modifying the train. The cars on the winter village train are short so you might not have to modify those. The bogie on the engine needs modifications for sure though. Flexible track has the same radius as standard track, afaik. If you make your own track you're still left with the same issue that you need to modify the engine for the bogie to make the turn. In my opinion it would be a LOT easier to just make a single track, no turns, and run the train back and forth. If you're a tad into making stuff, you just need to set up two IR LEDs, two light sensors and I can give you a little bit of code I wrote for an Arduino to go along. Combine those and you have a fully automated winter train running from one end to the other and then back. It's really simple. That's what I would do.
  8. If Lego really did re-release a Santa Fe, I'd be the first in line. Although, admittedly, I would dislike a redesign of the train. I own the original Santa Fe engine and a redesign would look strange, if I had two different looking Santa Fe engines on the same train, imo :D Would totally buy one though :D
  9. Type E Coupler for LEGO Trains

    When I was running the new trains in the office today I noticed how the new couplers have studs on the top and bottom. So could you not just clip a 1x2 plate there and you'd be done? No more issues with long trains decoupling.
  10. 2018 Lego Trains

    I highly doubt they'll bring anything narrow gauge, if that's what you're thinking of.
  11. [MOC] City Trolley

    That's pretty cool! Much cheaper alternative to the official Lego stuff... Maybe that's something I could power the Christmas train with! I hate the battery pack in the tender...
  12. 2018 Lego Trains

    I could imagine a steam train, although since the Winter Holiday Train came out just last year I think that's rather unlikely. I also doubt we'll get an American style cargo train. I could however see a European style commuter train or shunter engines coming out. Personally though I would love a come back of the Santa Fe (so I can buy myself another one and some cars to go with it since 12 year old me only got the engine and one car at the time). Also a Emerald Night Style Hogwartsexpress would be absolutely fantastic! I would want to buy two of those but that wouldn't make much sense. A railway crossing and some auxiliary buildings like a shed, a water tower, a cleaning facility, a cargo hub or something else that could go along would be nice... wishful thinking. If there's something really really awesome, I'm definitely going to spend good money on new trains. If only I knew beforehand what was going to come, I would probably buy another one of the blue cargo trains (since those are pretty damn awesome) if I didn't like what was coming out next year... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. Office Christmas Train

    Thanks, I will upload a video and post it here soon. I just have to edit some stuff out first... Accidentally filmed parts of my computer screens so those have to go lol Luckly not yet! But even if, you can open those up. It's just very dusty down there lol.
  14. [MOC] City Trolley

    Do you have any pictures of how you placed the batteries inside? And how you modified them?
  15. Your parts list for the Swiss Rhaetian Railway is - unfortunately - not a .txt file. For me it just shows a random list of characters. Something broke there. You want to export this to pdf, I'm sure.