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  1. A Master Sword/pedestal replica I recently designed in Waiting on my orders from Bricklink to arrive so I can build it in person. Would love to know what you think.
  2. SkywardBrick

    [MOC] Modular - La Plaza Deliciosa

    Check it out on Rebrickable: La Plaza Deliciosa (instructions available) Meat, cheese, wine, produce, bread and pastries; what more could a minifigure need in their diet? All can be found at La Plaza Deliciosa! This Modular MOC building features 5 stores, all food related; -Butcher’s -Cheese Shop -Wine Shop -Produce Shop -Bakery
  3. SkywardBrick

    [MOC] New Modular Building

    I'm glad you all like the design! New Post with completed model: A new modular building MOC which I have nearly finished, including interiors. Just need to add a few things, mainly to the rather sparse sidewalk. Will make instructions for the design in the near future. It is a shopping center with 5 shops: butcher's, cheese shop, wine shop, produce shop and bakery. Let me know what you think.
  4. SkywardBrick

    [MOC] Modular Antique Shop - Updated

    Thanks for the replies and input! After consideration I have decided to change the style of the roof and I can say it does look much better. The front door does in fact have room to open, I made sure to check. I have updated my original post to show the changes, I am honestly not sure what I was thinking with the original design
  5. SkywardBrick

    [MOC] Modular Antique Shop - Updated

    My first modular city build. First floor is the antique shop with plenty of knick-knacks and collectibles on display. Second and Third floors have living space for the shop owner. Check it out on Rebrickable!: Antique Shop Modular *Updated with new roof design
  6. SkywardBrick

    The Hooked Fang MOC Pirate Ship

    Ironically enough I did not even consider where the large bones could have originated from, I just thought they worked well for the design
  7. SkywardBrick

    The Hooked Fang MOC Pirate Ship

    Never looked at it that way.
  8. SkywardBrick

    The Hooked Fang MOC Pirate Ship

    Check it out on Rebrickable. *Would love to hear your input on the design! The Hooked Fang A fearsome warship manned by a skeleton crew. This cursed vessel is ornamented with bones and hooks jutting out from all sides, making any close encounters or attempts to dock beside her nearly impossible; and highly dangerous. Sight of such a ship, particularly at night, would send shivers down the spines of any pirate. The Hooked Fang is armed with 10 cannons. On the rear of the ship is the captain's quarters; Inside is a small desk with a map and stool, a treasure chest, lantern, cutlass and flintlock rifle. The cabin can be accessed via removable platform where the ship wheel is. In the center of the ship is storage for barrels, above is an adjustable crane/claw. Ship also features 2 crow's nests on top of the masts, lanterns, and an anchor. The crew includes 5 skeletal minifigures Total piece count: 2004 Dimensions (L x W x H): 22 x 9 x 25 inches 553 x 224 x 614 mm