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  1. suffocation

    LEGO expressing a sustainable world

    Public transport isn't always an option. Where I live, I can get to work in 35 minutes by car or in 3 hours by public transport - and the latter is more expensive, not to mention that public transport workers go on strike every other week.
  2. suffocation

    LEGO expressing a sustainable world

    Seems sensible to me, were it only because Geidco's GEI roadmap has set a target of 90% of energy from renewables and 80% from clean technologies by 2050.
  3. suffocation

    Technic Model Comparison

    "but its got a top gear liesunz!!1!11!onehundredandeleven!"
  4. suffocation

    LEGO expressing a sustainable world

    Electric cars aren't gonna help much until a proper IoE is developed.
  5. suffocation

    Creating a 2 to 1 Gear Ratio

    The 12/24 combo can be tricky. Assuming you're using a double-bevel z12 as the smaller of the two, the larger can be any of the following: a standard z24 gear. They seem to produce quite a bit of friction unless you use the latest ones (maybe from 2016 onward? Not sure), which have ever-so-slightly shorter teeth. a white clutch gear. No issues encountered so far. an old crown gear. Can't figure out a pattern here - some offer a fairly smooth mesh while others hardly move, regardless of whether they're standard or reinforced. a second-gen differential. The ones I've tried, whether DBG or red, all seem to mesh fine.
  6. suffocation

    Effe's MOC Corner

    Ah, good point. Anyway, this crane you're working on is awe-inspiring. Can't wait to see more!
  7. suffocation

    Effe's MOC Corner

    Why not include a selector to choose between "realistic mode" and "play mode"? The former maybe 2 rpm max and the latter e.g. three times as much.
  8. suffocation

    Mechbuilds Projects

    If you set it up like this the gear rack only moves sideways and you get Ackermann, too.
  9. suffocation

    Mechbuilds Projects

    How about something like this? You can replace the planetary hubs with portal axles but then you'll have to redesign it to fit the same trackwidth. As for the 9.5L shocks, you can replace them with regular ones and position them further up - or just make some custom shocks with springs from your local DIY.
  10. suffocation

    Effe's MOC Corner

    Have you tried braided fishing line? I've been using this (0.35 gauge, should hold up to 26 kg) for my crane tests and it's miles ahead of anything else I've ever tried. It behaves like a regular thread, so it moves smoothly and doesn't damage the parts, but it's far stronger and doesn't twist.
  11. suffocation

    Mechbuilds Projects

    Had it set on private - should work now.
  12. I came across this pic the other day and thought I might manage to build something very loosely based on it. Will probably recycle some ideas from my cherry picker in order to squeeze in a decent amount of functions while keeping the build relatively small and agile. The model's name is temporary. It's Proto-Circassian for "omg anuther rekker". Only one stunning WIP pic for now to get an idea of the size.
  13. suffocation

    Mechbuilds Projects

    No lxf file, unfortunately, and no other readily available individual pics (I may have some on my hard drive somewhere, though - I'll look for them). If you check out the WIP folder - please don't laugh at my pathetic design failures! - pics 13, 14, 20 and 21 should help figure out the design.