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  1. suffocation

    42082 MODs and improvements

    An idea for effective sprung pendular suspension is to have the shocks mounted on a pivot - something like this:
  2. suffocation

    WIP offroader with independent suspension

    I'm writing from a PC and can't see the pics. It seems I'm not the only one who can't see them, so there may well be a problem. Can you upload them to Bricksafe?
  3. suffocation

    WIP offroader with independent suspension

    I think there's a problem with the link to the pictures - they seem to be in a password-protected dropbox folder and hence are not visible.
  4. Kinda funny how this awesome, creative build gets ten replies while another WIP thread with ZERO pictures gets fourteen.
  5. suffocation

    [MOC] Telescopic crawler crane

    All of the superstructure's functions are independent, so they can be driven separately or simultaneously. Speedwise they're not quite in sync but close enough. Thanks! It's actually not that long - some 76 studs from tip to tail when fully folded. The whole thing weighs barely 2.7 kg, which is some 800 g less than the BWE. Not too sure about the boom fitting on 42082 - from the preliminary pics it looks like 42082's is only five studs wide and pivots on an axle, whereas this one is seven studs wide and pivots on two turntables.
  6. suffocation

    [MOC] Telescopic crawler crane

    Thanks Although to be fair, the RTC is far more complex.
  7. suffocation

    [MOC] Telescopic crawler crane

    Needed more torque. Could've used 1 XL per track but L motors are also great for structural solidity.
  8. This is a telescopic crawler crane I threw together almost overnight in the hope of overcoming builder's block. The undercarriage had been sitting around for months after I began (and never finished) a mod of 42055, so I just needed to remove a couple of unneeded motors and touch up the tracks. The model is the usual combination of RC and hands-on that I like. Some technical details: - undercarriage driven by 4 L motors (2 per track) geared down 1:25 and powered by 1 BuWizz unit; - superstructure featuring 5 independent functions - boom raising and extending, winch, rotation and cab tilt - activated by a two-way gearbox driven by an XL motor, plus a fake 4-cylinder engine (based on 42030's) driven by an M motor. I decided to use a brick-built actuator so I could get the boom to almost vertical. I always struggle with bodywork - I did my best not to make it too boxy. I'll make a video at some point - it started raining as soon as I took the last shot. (Apologies for the messy garden).
  9. @Didumos69 As far as I can tell, the two diffs are structurally identical. But I don't have much of an eye for detail, so let's see if anyone more eagle-ly inclined can pitch in.
  10. suffocation

    Axle Collection Thread

    I'm afraid these are the only other two pictures I have.
  11. suffocation

    Axle Collection Thread

    @LithuanianLegoFan Servo motors are pretty powerful - I used this on a prototype 6x6 weighing more than 3 kg. Swapping out the planetary hubs for portal axles should be pretty simple.
  12. This is beyond awesome. Love the looks, love the functions, love the video. Great use of all the different attachments, too - kinda reminds me of Sander Mulders' excavator.
  13. suffocation

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    It looks slightly different to me, too, but I reckon it's the good ol' red that got all polished and shiny for the video. Bloody marketing hustles. So funny how many folks are moaning and groaning about the high part count, especially because some of them were complaining last year about the LOW part count in 42070, which had less than half the parts of 42082 and cost more. Come Black Friday this set'll be selling for €160 with a dumpload of cool parts - seriously, what is there to complain about?
  14. suffocation

    My 8x8 Project

    The axles are the same as in Sariel's latest Tatra, which is driven by 2 XLs, so there shouldn't be any problems.
  15. This is terrific! Thank you for sharing