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  1. So two planetary reductions?
  2. All the evidence you need is in Sheo's thread. He packed way more detail and intricacy into a considerably smaller package and without the benefit of parts such as planetary hubs and flip-flop beams, neither of which was available back then.
  3. Sheo's model is light-years ahead of TLG's, both technically and aesthetically.
  4. suffocation

    [MOC] Crane-truck

    This is the type of model I love Mid-scale, as few motors as possible while packing a ton of functions, and good looks to boot.
  5. Oh wow, this is just gorgeous
  6. That's pretty impressive as a B model - well, C model in your case since you already designed a B model And thanks for sharing the instructions
  7. Nice suspension mod on paper but in practice it's supported by a one-beam-thick structure, which is wisible.
  8. While not strictly related to 42070 but rather an extension of the set's underlying idea, you can easily build an efficient RC gearbox without Control+ or any other app. 8043 would be the most basic example, or this for something a li'l more complex.
  9. Aren't these in yellow new as well?
  10. The (minor) problem with that approach is that you'd have Ackermann even in crab mode. This part here should do the trick:
  11. suffocation

    [MOC] LTM 11200 Mobile Crane

    That's an amazing piece of engineering you've crafted. And thanks for sharing the ldr!
  12. Oh wow, this is just next-level awesome
  13. I don't think it'd matter.
  14. You can use Brick Controller 2.