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  1. Not if you mount the springs on a pivot:
  2. "You'll never fly - nobody's ever flown before" said a bunch of losers to the Wright Brothers.
  3. Supported and shared. Love the looks and how it rolls - I'd buy this instantly, provided TLG didn't apply an extortionate 42070-style pricing policy. On a side note, some users here who have never contributed anything constructive need to know their role and shut their mouth.
  4. This is terrific! I tinkered with a similar solution but couldn't get rid of the slack. You nailed it! Thanks for sharing
  5. Looks terrific! Have you got a link for the universal joints?
  6. suffocation

    Compact mechanical inverter

    The old driving ring isn't compatible with the blue gears. As for the driving ring touching the half-bevel gear, it does but not to a degree where it produces a ton of friction.
  7. suffocation

    [REVIEW] 42080 - Forest Machine

    The term "feller buncher" would've drawn comparisons to @desert752's masterpiece, followed by a lot of mocking and guffawing directed at TLG.
  8. No problem mate, thanks for the feedback! Not sure what my phone supports - it's a lousy old Samsung J3. I'll check the documentation.
  9. suffocation

    [MOC] The Monolith

    My first thought was this:
  10. @Zerobricks - is there any reason why I can't activate more than two sliders at the same time? I have a configuration with three sliders (two XLs on channel 1 and one servo each on channels 2 & 3) but if I want to drive and use both servos at the same time I can't - either I drive and use one servo or use two servos and don't drive. If I try to move the three sliders at the same time, one of them always remains in neutral. Thanks in advance
  11. suffocation

    [WIP] Rough terrain crane MKII

    Thanks again, Igor Funny thing is, I knew something was off with the front and I finally figured it out today looking at the pics while I was sitting through a deathly boring faculty meeting. Will post updates soon, I hope. Thanks, Gate! Yeah, I think there might be too many colours going on now. Tan and red can easily be done away with, but I'll see what the overall package looks like first. As for the boom, I made an extended version of 42009's and the overhang is a bit more pleasing now. I hope to have a rudimental superstructure done soon.
  12. Anyone falling for that shite must have left their brain in the womb.
  13. suffocation

    [WIP] Rough terrain crane MKII

    Thanks! I dunno, I really like how yours turned out, especially the front-to-rear flow. The sides definitely need a lot of work. I'm not sure how much room I'll have there after adding battery boxes or BuWizzes and Sbricks Thanks, Igor! Don't you think the front is a bit flat, or at least a bit "overbricked" compared to the mass of gears and the engine right behind it?
  14. suffocation

    [MOC] Tracktor Truck with Dump Trailer

    Love at first sight. Great lines and functions, and a killer colour combo.
  15. suffocation

    [WIP] Rough terrain crane MKII

    First, very tentative bodywork tries. Not too pleased but I just can't seem to improve here