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  1. 42054 C model- Articulated Hauler

    I like it a lot - it's got a nice aggressive look. A real-life version of something like this would look terrific in a post-apocalyptic film. You're improving in leaps and bounds!
  2. Same issues here. I'm using a Samsung J3. No way to update the firmware, and the lag between the controls and the motors is unnerving. I've tried all the tricks given in the thread but none of them seems to work. Has anyone else had a similar experience, maybe using the same smartphone?
  3. [MOC] Liebherr 250 EC-B Towercrane 1:18

    Love it, especially how all the studded parts make it look so imposing. Do you have a link to the string you used?
  4. Thanks @Anto I bit the bullet and ordered a couple yesterday. Got a mail today telling me they're already on their way
  5. 42055 already had all the parts you needed to get two functions through a turntable. One thing that might not be clear from the pictures is that the driving ring ( ) going through the turntable must be without the driving ring connector ( ). This way the driving ring and clutch gears spin freely around the axle, giving you two independent coaxial functions. Of course, you can replace the driving ring and clutch gears with a 4L differential - the end result is more or less the same.
  6. Can anyone confirm that the prices listed on the BuWizz website are without VAT? I was kind of shocked to see the quote for 2 units shoot up from $220 to $268 (plus $20 shipping).
  7. Exactly - one input, seven outputs. You can arrange it to have more or fewer outputs, of course. You could also have the input in the middle and three (two, four, whatever) functions mounted vertically on either side, like this (sorry about the hideous pics):
  8. This is a very basic setup (you'll need much stronger framework, of course) that gives you seven independent, two-way outputs. Don't cringe at the three 8z gears - they can carry more than enough torque for an excavator.
  9. Indeed @Mechbuilds - Once you've cracked the coaxial conundrum, I recommend having a look at the substructure of 42042. It's much lighter than 42055's but still very robust thanks to the use of diagonally placed beams.
  10. This ^^^ You'll want a sturdier undercarraige than 8043's, though. As for the gearbox, how many functions would you like to implement and using how many motors?
  11. It does turn 360┬░. Both the red and the green function pass through the turntable coaxially.
  12. You need a configuration that looks something like this (I think it's one of Sariel's builds):
  13. Really looking forward to the instructions for this. Using Buwizz would take some weight off while providing more power, so you could probably get the model to drive without having to ditch the whole gearbox.
  14. I used the low-speed value from Sariel's gear ratio calculator, which gives me 2.48 N/cm. But yeah, it's just inconclusive theory
  15. Lego differential gear question

    I think the average price of diffs (second-gen ones, at least) is lower on Bricks and Pieces now than it is on Bricklink. In any case, the former ensures you're getting new, original parts. I'd get a handful of second- and third-generation diffs - they have plenty of uses that transcend traditional vehicle drivetrains.