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  1. 42082 Rough Terrain Crane

    The motor could be in the substructure - think 8043 but in reverse. Of course, this solution would be needlessly complex, so I think it's more likely the coaxial shaft is derived from the superstructure.
  2. 42082 Rough Terrain Crane

    Not necessarily. The gear ring could be used just to provide support, with the superstructure being driven via a Z60 turntable; or there could be a coaxial solution.
  3. 42082 Rough Terrain Crane

    Still trying to figure out whether this set comes with an L or XL motor.
  4. Hi Doug, the coaxial XL is free to power any function in the superstructure. I only modded the carrier since I wanted it for another project of mine and thought it was a pity to leave one of the BuWizz's four channels unused, hence the extra motor.
  5. This is a basic mod to the undercarriage. Features 2 L motors per track (1:25), 1 L motor for superstructure rotation (1:36) and 1 coaxially mounted auxiliary XL motor, all powered by a V1 BuWizz unit. Everything runs pretty smoothly with up to 4 kg of ballast, so that leaves a LOT of doors open for the superstructure.
  6. What a work of art, Sariel I wouldn't be able to pull this off in three decades, let alone three years. The looks, the mechanics, all the little details are phenomenal. And I'm surprised that three out of four gears work reasonably well on such a heavy model, given the limits of Lego. What are the various reduction ratios from motor to wheel?
  7. Your Best Technic Bargains is selling the Mack for €105.
  8. Grum's Shed

    Great to see you building again, Grum. The BWE truly is epic - you'll be amazed at how huge it is.
  9. Ha ha, love it! Although red wine should be bottled in dark glass...
  10. Hi teknix1, I believe this is the part LvdH was referring to:
  11. L Motor instead of XL? Damn
  12. Mobile Dockside Crane

    Love it - technically sound and it looks the part. These machines aren't meant to run for Miss Universe.
  13. Have you checked out @Paul Boratko's 5-speed-plus-reverse gearbox? It's considerably smaller and runs very, very smoothly. Not sure he's made the instructions for it public domain, though.
  14. (MOC) sennebogen 880 eq

    I wish my countless Lego fails looked even just one-hundredth as good as that. How much did you gear down the M motors on the tracks?
  15. Oh my, she's a beauty! Awesome work both in functions and aesthetics.