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  1. suffocation

    Flat subtractor [INSTRUCTIONS]

    I used these layouts years ago to retain the power of one motor per track. Too bad I had no idea about the friction issues with worm gears
  2. Amazing! And I bet it's gonna give a lot of users a li'l arachnophobia
  3. suffocation

    Mercedes-Benz SSKL

    Absolutely nailed it
  4. suffocation

    8868 Air Claw Redux

    This is brilliant I'd love to build it.
  5. suffocation

    MAN TGS 8X8 V2

    Amazing job. Nice to see all that yummy Technic under the beautifully designed bodywork.
  6. suffocation

    [RUMORS] Flagship - CAT D11T

    I hope it's at least half as good as @sheo's masterpiece.
  7. Lots of alcohol.
  8. suffocation

    42122 Trophy Truck

  9. suffocation

    [RUMORS] Flagship - CAT D11T

    That's one hell of a Moc - well done!
  10. suffocation

    Wheel Loader 1:17 scale inspred by volvo

    Phenomenal work as always
  11. suffocation

    [MOC] Small Scale RC 8x4 APC

    Nice, fun little build One thing the new motors definitely have going for them is their effectiveness as structural elements.
  12. suffocation

    [WIP] New Flyer XD60 (NJ Transit)

    Great project and a very promising start
  13. suffocation

    [MOC] Classic Police Car

    Nailed it 100%
  14. suffocation

    latest lego quality standards

    Looks like TLG's communication standards have plummeted, too.