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  1. suffocation

    stringless three-section boom

    Thanks to everyone for all the ideas Haven't come up with anything efficient yet (my single-digit IQ doesn't help) but I'll keep trying.
  2. suffocation

    Limited Technic Reviews

    I prefer Jim's pictorial reviews to video reviews. They're well-written, knowledgeable and objective. And the photography is godly
  3. suffocation

    42100 Liebherr R 9800 MODs

    Hi Igor, I got the DBG sprockets from Bricks&Pieces for €1.24 each. Each sprocket is driven by 1 L motor geared down 8.34:1 (12->20, 8->24, 24->40). Quite frankly I don't think I'm going to finish the model. I started building the superstructure with my spares (plus the only two XL actuators I could afford from B&P) and found it so dreadfully boring - probably the most tedious, unchallenging and uninspiring build I've ever come across. I studied the rest of the instructions and it doesn't seem to get any better, save maybe for the arm. Anyway, I got this far and it's as far as I'm willing to go.
  4. suffocation

    Tatra Phönix 8x8

    Holy... If this is your first MOC then I daren't imagine what you'll be able to do in the future. Awesome work all around
  5. suffocation

    KV-1/KV-2 Tank

    Awesome model - love the interchangeable turrets - and the video is hilarious as well as a great showcase of how far your shooting and editing skills have come
  6. suffocation

    stringless three-section boom

    Thanks for the tips, lads The boom should be in the 7x7 range and some 60 studs long (folded) - it's not to scale or anything, I just need something that works consistently and keeps the kids happy, so any deviation from those measurements isn't a problem. I'm not sure a gear rack solution is feasible - I can't for the life of me figure out a way to extend the third section once the second one has been extended. Of course, one could extend the third section before the second section, I suppose. The Italian guy who build that huge crane must be some sort of genius as well as a PhD in Mechanical Engineering (his writing is impeccable, too, which is a rare trait nowadays) but, alas, his solution also involves strings. The nylon wire idea is worth a try. Worst-case scenario, I'll either go with a lame two-section boom à la 42082 or revert to a string solution like in 42009, which at least has the upside of being slightly less atrocious to re-string.
  7. suffocation

    42100 Liebherr R 9800 MODs

    Got my B&P order at last and was able to finish the carrier. Features 4 L motors geared down 8.34:1 as well as 1 M motor for slewing. All motors are driven by 1 BuWizz unit. The chassis has been redesigned to be two studs narrower front to back (in addition to getting rid of that unsightly hub sticking out of its rectal passage), lighter and much stiffer. It now weighs 1092 g and can effortlessly carry 3 kg of ballast while moving at least twice as fast as the unmodded version (haven't tried fast mode and can't try ludicrous mode as the BuWizz is ver. 1). Even with 3 kg on top, the carrier shows no flex whatsoever, which is to be expected when you cram 4 L motors and 16 5x7 frames into so little space. Once mounted, the superstructure can be removed by simply sliding out the BuWizz unit and the four red pins keeping the turntable in place. The side panels have been modded to look smoother.
  8. Is anyone aware of a three-section boom that doesn't use a string to extend and withdraw the third section? I've hunted high and low but haven't come up with anything; my own attemps have failed miserably. I've noticed that string solutions tend to deteriorate over time and I'm growing weary of dismantling booms and putting in new strings every time my nephews visit. Thanks in advance
  9. suffocation

    Updated motors comparison page

    Huh? Ctrl+ Large & Ctrl+ XL aren't keyboard commands. Anyway, thank you Philo!
  10. suffocation


    You mean something like this? (red is input, yellow are the outputs)
  11. suffocation

    Instructions: Paper vs. Digital

    100% with you. As for old age, I was already rocking false teeth when the Dead Sea was still ailing.
  12. You'd need 1 BuWizz unit or two Lego battery boxes. But you probably don't need 4XLs unless the train's really heavy and going uphill; even then, it's also a matter of how you transfer power from the motors to the wheels.
  13. Wow, the motors are actually geared UP there and still get the job done brilliantly. Pretty impressive and makes me rethink how I use motors. Thanks, Andy
  14. At what speed, though? And is that good ol' British milk? Best I've ever had
  15. Also bear in mind that 2 XLs can be powered efficiently with 1 battery box; 4 Ls will also work but will be underpowered. This, of course, can be easily solved using a BuWizz unit powering 2 Ls per channel.