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  1. suffocation

    [MOC] Forklift

    What a gorgeous and ingenious build
  2. Brilliantly crafted Love the looks and the functions.
  3. suffocation

    centripetal racer

    I love this because it's awesome and because it reminds me of Eighties Lego
  4. Can't remember if I already shared this.
  5. It should switch off automatically a few seconds after being unpaired from your Bluetooth device.
  6. Phenomenal work, Edwin What strikes me the most is how you've managed to take several "loud" colours (red, green, orange, yellow) and combine them so harmoniously. It's always a joy to gaze at your creations.
  7. I knew I could expect some great updates but this one blew me away. Keep up the amazing work
  8. Looking at your creations is like reading McElroy's Women and Men - you have no idea what hit you but you know it was stellar. I just downloaded the pics from your Bricksafe page and I'm going to gaze at them every time I need a shot of awesomeness.
  9. I wouldn't go below three motors overall - it's the sweet spot for a highly complex but efficient and reliable RC gearbox that can handle plenty of functions, including drive & steering.
  10. Jaw-droppingly mind-boggling. Easily up there with the very, very best Lego supercars & hypercars ever designed.
  11. I knew I was in for a treat even before opening the thread You've absolutely nailed the shape. Great choice of colours, too.
  12. Looks great so far! Is there any way you could mod the axle to use the new reinforced CV joints instead of torque tubes & U-joints?
  13. Superbly executed both in looks and functions Call me a sentimental old fart but I always beam when I see the old 24-tooth crown gear.
  14. Well, that was a bit extreme (all credit goes to Alexandre Rossier).