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  1. Thanks for usefull recall) Certainly use it! I will be happy if my ideas will find a place in your models. Hope you show me the result Thanks! Yes, at the moment, I have not found the solution this problems, but as soon as a good idea come - I'll fix it.
  2. oOhh, your car look like Auto Union. Good work!
  3. Great model. In beginning your project i think that's it will be worse that now. You surprise me
  4. How you build such difficult forms so simple and similar?? I don't understand But it's good work. I want to see it near my Citroen on shelf
  5. Thanks!) With a slight delay spread instruction for rear suspension.
  6. Simple as that, but it looks like! Do it faster!
  7. gsia17

    Contest Turtle Contest - Voting Thread

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  8. Thanks guys) On next week I will do instruction for rear suspension.
  9. Good video and very designed body. I like chassis too. There would be 2 RC motors.. P.s. picture with this car is on my desktop
  10. Thanks for comments! I really spent a lot of nerves for the engine. Thanks. 1)I built small track for this MOC 2)I use rechargeable buttery but i don't know what provides better for RC motor rech. buttery weighs less.
  11. Hi! Sooner or later, but I took the time to introduce you new MOC - a rally car. I will not write a lot, because want relax... Summer... I like rear suspension. It really work good. Idea is the same as on my small front suspension. Off course rear works better, and besides, I have improved it for the next model, so i'm doing instruction soon. Functions: - rear drive - all independent suspension - opening doors/hood - work front light - steering witn auto return Video: I'm doing second video, with drift and just driving. Photos: (Thanks rm8 for stickers ) All photos on Google+ Thanks for watching
  12. You very funny, but I just broke my toe :laugh: Zblj give me idea - build AMG 6x6 on 43.2 x 14 mm tread. It will be MINI scale.
  13. Good chassis. Buggy motor... cool. I hope to see nice body! But, i think distance between 1st and 2nd axles too long. P.s. it not a MINI, I built a mini!