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  1. I have to agree here, especially on the rear end with that wacky diffuser. Quite a few proportions are off and some curves/features were lost. Functionally, the model is great, but your previous models better captured the looks and curves of the cars you modeled.
  2. VKTechnic

    [MOC] Koenigsegg One:1 Summary

    I'm away from home, but once I'm back, I'll send you a copy to look at. I totally understand your point. I've thought about it for quite some time, and I've considered selling instructions or having them available by request, rather than sharing them for anyone to get (if that makes sense). At the end of the day, it really comes down to how much work it is to create the instructions themselves, and as it stands, I'm already struggling to find time to build. @TeamThrifty sounds interesting so far, once you get a thread going do let me know.
  3. VKTechnic

    [MOC] Koenigsegg One:1 Summary

    I'm very hesitant to do building instructions for any of my models, mostly due to Lepin's existence. I do have an LDD file of the model, however.
  4. VKTechnic

    [MOC] Koenigsegg One:1 Summary

    To be honest, there isn't as much flex as there is just slack in the pieces themselves (namely, the ball joints), so there is a slight delay before the ARB starts to work. However, there is still some flex in the gray ball joints at the point where they mount to the #2 connector, which is enough to create an anti-roll effect past the flex in the system. Your Peugeot build sounds interesting though, do you have a WIP thread here on Eurobricks (or WIP photos somewhere else)? I'd be interested to follow that progress.
  5. VKTechnic

    [MOC] Koenigsegg One:1 Summary

    In the One:1's anti-roll bar (ARB), instead of using a long bar in torsion to transfer energy, they use the central beam (in the MOC, it's a #2 connector) in bending to transfer the energy during roll. Essentially, the Z version has flex, just in that central member. Also not quite While you're kind-of right about the 'give' of the roll bar, it's less about bumps and more about cornering. Essentially, the more a car rolls or leans in a corner, the less grip you have on the inside tires, which decreases your maximum cornering speed and the stability of the car. The anti-roll bar transfers part of the load from the outside tire to the inside (minimizing the roll), while having enough 'give' (storing energy via twisting (or in this case, bending the central link of the z-bar)) to allow the car to go over rough patches in the road and also roll a slight amount (some roll is good for mechanical grip). Hope this clarifies it a bit
  6. VKTechnic

    [WIP] Nissan Xterra

    Been taking some photos... Another one by VKTechnic, on Flickr
  7. VKTechnic

    [MOC] Lotus 340R RC

    Would love to see pictures of the chassis! Great work!
  8. VKTechnic

    [WIP] Nissan Xterra

    BrickCon recap time! BrickCon Recap! by VKTechnic, on Flickr XTerra news first. The model was very well received by the public, lots of people recognized it and even more took pictures of it. It ended up winning "Most Complicated Technic", making that the fourth time I've won that award. Apparently someone wanted to make an offer for it too, but I wasn't around the model at that moment. Exciting. Aside from the model, the convention itself was a blast. Got to hang out with Austin Harper and Alexander Holroyd, both awesome builders. We brainstormed a few collaborative builds that might be built at some point in the future...maybe after I finish the other 20 models I want to build. I also managed to pick up a few older LEGO Technic sets, namely 8466 Extreme Offroader, 8674 1/8 Ferrari F1, and 8009 R2-D2. 8466 and 8674 are most likely going to be disassembled for parts, but I've got plans to motorize R2. Gotta finish that other model first though....
  9. VKTechnic

    [WIP] Nissan Xterra

    Nice rig The guy who owns the original car is a good friend of mine, so no need to inform him. Update for everyone else: I'm back from BrickCon, and I had a blast. Austin Harper, who builds some amazing motorized small scale cars (and set mods), decided to join me in the Technic section. There was only one thing to do.... BrickCon 2017 by VKTechnic, on Flickr In a few days I'll be posting a full recap of BrickCon, then this weekend I'll be taking photos of the XTerra and wrapping up the build. As for my next model, you can see it on the right side of the above picture...
  10. VKTechnic

    [WIP] Nissan Xterra

    Yeah, SUV would probably be most accurate.
  11. VKTechnic

    [WIP] Nissan Xterra

    Performance is much better, and everything's a bit sturdier too Jeep? Where? ;)
  12. VKTechnic

    [WIP] Nissan Xterra

    All LEGO, 12 pairs of PF LEDs for the whole model.
  13. VKTechnic

    [WIP] Nissan Xterra

    It's been slow in my workshop, but I'm still alive. Still Alive by VKTechnic, on Flickr Work's been keeping me busy, and I had a couple non-Lego projects come up. XTerra progress was slow, but I rebuilt almost the entire chassis to replace the transfer case. Small details here and there are slowly being added, and I'll probably consider this model done after I show it at BrickCon. Speaking of, I've got something special in the works for BrickCon, expect a teaser soon...
  14. VKTechnic

    [WIP] Nissan Xterra

    Bricks By The Bay is right around the corner, and boy am I not ready at all Almost there! by VKTechnic, on Flickr By not ready at all, I mean that my model is 99% done, weighs enough to overload my kitchen scale, and I still need to make a spec sheet and pack. Other than that, this week has shown a lot of progress on the bodywork, only a few tweaks left to go (looking at you, red skid plate beams): Almost there! by VKTechnic, on Flickr Doors and hood open (trunk and spare tire carrier still work too ), and the interior is simple, but it does the job. Almost there! by VKTechnic, on Flickr I'm pretty worn out from building, but if anyone's interested, I'll be doing the final tweaks live on my Facebook page this Sunday at 6PM PDT. I'm in the final stretch!
  15. VKTechnic

    Tiny tracked vehicle with amazing power functions

    I've been wanting a subtractor that small for ages...great work!