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    I've already been using Eurobricks for many years, fan of Lego technic.

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  1. skppo

    General Part Discussion

    I think I've seen a clock that used this technique for the hands.
  2. I've seen people put rubber bands in the groove of the rim to increase friction.
  3. skppo

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    I'm glad that there is yet another set of wheels with proper offsets.
  4. skppo

    [MOC] Offroad Truck

    Seems that your chassis has rusted quite badly
  5. That seems a lot easier than the original design I have to say
  6. No problem, differentials can be difficult to understand. I've seen many similar posts on this forum. Maybe someone should write a guide...
  7. It still looks like expected behaviour considering my previous message.
  8. Diffs send power to where there is the least resistance. The rear axles have more gears and more friction. => All power is sent to front axle. Put the wheels on it and roll it on the ground. If it is correctly assembled the center diff will then rotate and all wheels will roll smoothly.
  9. From what I see the model is behaving correctly. Rotate the center differential (red casing) directly and all axles should rotate the same way.
  10. skppo

    42099 - 4x4 X-treme Off-Roader

    There is no need for a compass because there is a 3-axis gyro. You can use integration to track both position and rotation. It probably wouldn't be very accurate but an interesting project at least.
  11. skppo

    GBC General Discussion

    Considering how popular GBC seems to be, do you think Lego will ever explore the concept in an official set? Maybe not with the fan standardized module based system. It would probably be a bit too expensive. They have done kinetic sculptures and GBC is quite close to that in my opinion. Sorry if this has been discussed before, this thread is quite long.
  12. skppo

    [GBC] Upslide

    I think Zerobricks meant that use the catch as the sliding part on the rotating vertical axle, not the actual pusher. This would eliminate the need for the other vertical axle.
  13. skppo

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    The lineup of various batterybox/hub elements seems rather bloated to me. Do we really need all these different types?
  14. There are some nice solutions for automatic pumps using an electric switch, a cylinder and and elastic bands. These turn on automatically when pressure is low enough. Here is an example of the idea: Another idea: It might be cool to have the pump on remote control instead so that one direction runs the pump and the other direction turns a valve to release pressure and slam the suspension down
  15. You have no active pump in the system right? The cylinders and valves will always leak some air as there are sliding surfaces holding pressure, it is not possible to make them absolutely air tight. I'm not sure how to solve this if there is no space for a motorized pump. If you want to use the pneumatics only as shock absorbers you need to add some springs alongside them (even elastic bands might be enough).