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  1. Yeah, this is more of a locked differential that has a safety slip than a LSD.
  2. Name Unknown

    Isn't it more of a W52 engine?
  3. Seems like the difference is that the open center one uses slightly less plastic as the block part between the internal gear spots is hollowed out. I've used Bricks & Pieces through Lego customer service before to order individual parts to Finland. Probably not the cheapest option though.
  4. [MOD] 10248 Ferrari F40 Stanced

    You also need to horribly stretch the tires over too wide rims.
  5. It seems like Boost and WeDo 2.0 use the same type of connector, is this correct? If so, are the "dumb" electronic elements compatible? This would make it a bit more sensible. I get that they are aimed at different markets but surely they could be made with the same system with distinct branding and slightly changed element selection. Still annoying that currently in the realm of Lego electronics we have at least 3 different directly incompatible systems: PF, WeDo 2.0 (Boost?) and Ev3.
  6. I don't understand why do we need both this and WeDo.
  7. [MOC] Yellow Truck

    Good looking little thing. Monster trucks are often 4 wheel steered. Have you tried this setup with both axles steered? You would probably need to extend the chassis by one stud to do that.
  8. The worm gear fits next to the bone frame only in a specific rotation. Pretty sure it is an illegal connection, LDD does not allow it in all positions. Tested it with real parts and found out that with short axles you don't actually need the 8-tooth gears to move the frame as the edges of the pinhole in it act as the teeth. I assume it would slip with high torque.
  9. Fragile wires or not

    I have broken a few M-motors and I assume the issue is the connection of the wire right where it goes inside the case of the motor. This is because some of them worked if I applied pressure to that area. Im not sure how I've caused the damage. I don't think I'm being too rough with them. Dangling them by the wires maybe? Aren't these supposed to be strong enough for children to play with? It's also a bit annoying that they are so hard to open without damaging them as the case is probably the most expensive part.
  10. The differential needs very good bracing or it will skip. Do you have any of the rectangular frames to house it in?
  11. I assume he is only using bent liftarms in ways that can be connected rigidly. Bent liftarms have an angle that fits a specific solution to the pythagorean theorem. Building in this way is stronger as most connections are made with multiple pins instead of just one at each end.
  12. Might be obvious to a great deal of you, but you can also use mutliples of these quadruples or triples. For example: (1, 2, 2, 3)*2 = (2,4,4,6) which is still a valid solution. This is because you can multiply all the terms in the equation ( a^2+b^2+c^2=d^2 ) with a constant.
  13. I gotta say, I love that gearbox layout. So clever. This chassis avoids most of the supercar issues I get bothered by. The center console isn't too wide and the engine isn't mounted to the roof. Do you have plans for more functions? Looking forward to your progress.
  14. I find the bike visually a bit messy/busy, too many colors and built mainly with small connectors. Then again, the real one is quite busy looking too. Functionally it is the most interesting technic motorbike Lego has produced.
  15. That video sets the bar pretty high for all feature demonstration videos to come. Not just in this contest.