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  1. Thank you for the tips on the other builds, really awesome :) I haven't decided on a scale, I think it will be determined on what size I en up on for the turntable for the spinning section. But my dream is to build one with everything motorized i.e. rotating section, turret rotation and elevation, cobra bay doors, recovery bay doors and all missile tube hatches (and would love to have firing missiles from all tubes, and launching Starfuries). How realistic that is, is another matter. And thinking about it now, that would probably be quite the massive model.. So perhaps I will have to use the BWE parts, and come to turns with the massiveness of the model :P
  2. Nice designs :) I forgot to mention that they are to be used on their side, not flat. I guess that will have some affect as to weight distribution and such. What I actually want to build is the Omega class destroyer from Bablyon 5 (Example video here for those who are unfamiliar, not my video). And I want to build in in Technic style, with a lot of motorized functions :) I'll take your advice and try to do some investigation into brickbuild solutions. :)
  3. Thank you for the tips. :) I was hoping that there would be some original pieces that I had just missed, but it might be that I have to go for some third party parts...
  4. Hi. I'm currently planning a scale model, and for the model I require a couple of turntables. The turntables are what determine the scale, and as such I haven't set any specific scale, I just want everything to be in scale with each other. Now for the problem, if I use the large technic turntable the model will be quite small, and almost no functions will be possible. I was quite happy when the 42055 was released with those huge rings, but after some calculations those are again to big. If I use them, my model will be about 185cm long! I am unaware of any viable alternatives, but I am hoping someone here can help me :) So, can anyone help with tips about a turntable that is somewhere in between?
  5. Wuhu, I won :) Thanks a lot for the raffle :)
  6. My entry to this great raffle :) My wife also wanted to share her tree, although she is not a memeber, and this is not part of my entry :) Edit below: Awh, it would seem I was to late... But then I think I must have missunderstood the time, as I thought 10pm GMT was in another 40mins or so... Ah well, next year I shall be quicker...
  7. I second that idea. There are som really awsome instructions out there.
  8. I like traveling, so I would like my own jet :) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- My fiance also wanted to create something, but is not a member, so this is not an entry. She was not impressed with the content of my "spare" bin, hence the state of the result is blamed on me. She ended up creating a flying moose-duck-christmas tree.
  9. I just ordered the 10236 Ewok Village as a christmas present to me from my fiancé :) Really looking forward to it.
  10. Although I do not have any personal experience with it yet, my plan is to get a UV blocking film to put on the window of the room where I display my Lego. I don't know if that is a possibility for you, but it should work. :)
  11. Merlin

    [MOC] Giraffe Radar Truck.

    Nice one. I've only seen it a couple of times IRL myself, but it seems quite accurate to what I remember of it :)
  12. Merlin

    Home Sweet Home - Voting thread

    Category A: 19 - 2 points 6 - 2 points Category B: 15 - 1 point 3 - 2 points 1 - 1 point
  13. Maby not the greatest deal around, but I was quite happy a couple of weeks ago when a local comic book store had a pick a brick blow out sale. Amongst other things I got 9 32L axels for just about nothing (about 0,06 euro a peice :)
  14. In the name of all that is holy!! :O I never knew a combine harvester could be that exiting!