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  1. x105Black

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Happy to hear about the Praetorian Guards, those will be useful minifigures for me.
  2. I don't know, but I sure hope so!
  3. x105Black

    Book III - Varlyrio: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Allow me to participate as well... Vismund de Rabianací Vismund is a wealthy man, the only heir of a long, faded line of nobles in Varlyrio known as the de Rabianací family. Along with his associates, he deals in gemstones, precious metals, and antiquities, selling his luxury goods to the most affluent Varlyrian Lords. Though he is of noble heritage, he is fairly unknown in the upper crust of society outside of his business. He studied abroad, though nobody can say where with any certainty, despite the many rumors. As such, Vismund was not present at the various social functions of Varlyrio, and is considered to be a bit of an enigmatic outsider. He returned home to Varlyrio after the dust began to settle on the battlefields of recent war, taking control of the vast family fortune and quickly turning it into a lucrative business. He has piqued the curiosity of many, but prefers a private life and does not divulge much of his past. His disciples are also tight-lipped, about Vismund, about themselves, and about the business. They transport the goods by sea in the dead of night, cloaked in darkness. They are his family, and his closest confidants. (Hopefully this will satisfy Guild Challenge 1A.)
  4. x105Black

    Star Wars Resitance

    I think it looks better than the YouTubers do. Hard to tell the tone, though. Seems a bit too silly all around. Still, I like this stile a bit more than the Clone Wars / Rebels style because it looks more like a 2D cartoon, which I am into. The bright colors are appealing at first, I hope it's not just bright and flashy for the sake of it. Not sure about the Resistance Era setting, though. And the chrome gold stormtrooper is sure to never be produced in chrome gold by LEGO, but it does look nice.
  5. x105Black

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    That sounds like a fantastic opportunity! Good luck to anyone who decides to enter!
  6. Well you know I'll be on board for that. I don't think that's likely, but it could happen.
  7. x105Black

    Star Wars

    That's fair, however I don't believe I have missed any details or misinterpreted anything. I just disagree on the importance of those details, or that understanding them makes this any better a movie. I just don't like the narrative of this movie, and expected something better that would appeal to me rather than try to tear open the saga at its foundations. What you see as non-issues I see as critical to my enjoyment of the franchise. Conversely, what I see as major missteps, you see as necessary to the plot of the saga. It's a simple difference of opinion. I'm probably just as miffed as you are that someone would hold the opposing position, but here we are.
  8. x105Black

    Star Wars

    That's not really true. Go pack pages and you'll see my valid criticisms. Just because you disagree with them doesn't invalidate them. And these ad hominem attacks do nothing to help your argument. BB-8 piloting the AT-ST has more in common (at least to me) with the droid factory sequence from the prequels (which was terrible) than that scene on Endor. And I was in the theater too, and people in my theater laughed at all of the stupid jokes as well. That doesn't make them good jokes. People laugh at all kinds of dumb jokes. These people even yelled out their own stupid jokes during the silent hyperspace moment (a moment I otherwise enjoyed). So maybe the gut reaction of some theater goers isn't always the best measure of good vs bad comedy either. I understand that, but they did nothing with Snoke that made me feel anything more than shock and confusion when they unceremoniously sliced him in half. I typically need to have a connection to a character in order to feel some emotional reaction when they kill that character off, otherwise it falls flat and makes that character seem pointless. Also, there was no real weight to the Luke showdown since he was a Force Projection or whatever. We may not have known that immediately, but something was clearly off from the start, and when we find out it cheapens the act (in my mind). You seem to continually place yourself as the objective truth in the argument about The Last Jedi, which is actually quite frustrating to someone who genuinely didn't like the movie for a variety of reasons. I'm not one of those people who hates it for the diversity / feminism / SJW ideas and themes like all of the right wing nutjobs who are against the movie. I really wanted to love it as much as I loved The Force Awakens, but it just felt wrong. Johnson took the direction of the new trilogy and twisted / subverted it for the sake of subversion. The subversion only seems necessary to the plot of this movie if you accept the base decisions that underlie this one particular movie. It doesn't feel like it picks up where TFA ends and continues it, it feels like it picks up there and makes a complete turn away from what was set up. I didn't necessarily want fan service, but I also didn't want (what I see as) terrible jokes, a bad plot, and subversion for no reason. I wanted Luke, not this bad interpretation of Luke. But that was part of the basis for this movie that Johnson created, that Luke was shitty now. That decision kind of makes him shitty. If Johnson really wanted to explore subversion and such in Star Wars, he should have waited until his eventual trilogy rather than sully the saga. Speaking of his trilogy, I actually hope they change their minds about it, or that the audience in general doesn't turn out for it. I'm not saying I'm objectively right about TLJ. I'm saying I have a subjective opinion that a lot of people (some might say the majority of fans) share, which is that the movie was not good. You have your own opinion. Stating that you can counter any criticism of the movie makes it seem like you believe yourself to be the keeper of the 'true opinion' and that you are not really going to allow any real discourse. You seem to want only to invalidate the opinions of others.
  9. x105Black

    Star Wars

    Indeed. Better joke than any in TLJ right here. Yes, it does. BB-8 piloting the AT-ST is one of them. I disagree completely. Snoke's death has no meaning, we don't know anything about him. Luke's death was stupid.
  10. x105Black

    Assembling Cloud Cuckoo Land

    Well done! I love the simplicity of this one, and how well it fits the character.
  11. x105Black

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    I have heard a lot of stories that stores are having trouble keeping them in stock. I wonder if the issue is high demand as assumed by most, or low supply.
  12. x105Black

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    Yes, those new hats are great!
  13. I thought Series 2 just didn't sell well...
  14. x105Black

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Opinions? Happy to hear you liked it. I think it's my favorite so far, I just love Thanos.
  15. x105Black

    The Simpsons Movie 2

    I don't see why it needs to end, but you make a decent point.