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  1. DC Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    I like the Freeze Force because it has what could be used for an Ice Sorceress torso.
  2. I'm the same way. Close enough for me. I might even use a traditional Batman logo minifigure in my Bat Faction. I will be using the armored Batman from Clash of the Heroes (76064). It's just really nice armor, and the Bat logo is only a little bit recognizable as Batman:
  3. Who are/were the LEGO Designers?

    Thank you for that. Krentz, Pedersen, and Madsen are all very talented designers.
  4. Some ideas for CMFs

    The color scheme doesn't really work for Wolfpack, but it's spot on for the Rogue (who seem to want to identify with the Wolfpack despite looking like they belong with the Forestmen).
  5. Who are/were the LEGO Designers?

    From that list, I'd say my favorite designer would be Jordan Scott. That designer made Lord of the Rings and Hobbit sets. Some great ones, too, I should say. Also, some of the better recent Star Wars sets, and some good Ninja Turtles. Nobody on that list is credited with a Castle set...
  6. It's a cool build, but I don't see LEGO releasing something that politically oriented as anything more than an Architecture set, let alone for tiny children as a Duplo set. But aside from that, I like the build and design. It's good work.
  7. I like the three guys on the right in this picture. All 3 could serve some purpose in my builds. As for Wizbat, I'd like one of them, at least. It's a decent wizard. And the Centurion is really nice. The bat logos do throw me off, but they could help fill out a Bat faction:
  8. For the Retro Space Heroine, I'd prefer more of a 1:1 female version with the same color scheme than one with a new color scheme. But that's just me.
  9. The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    CMF series minifigures tend to have that level of detail. I don't think people ask for too much. They don't want dual molding and limb printing on every minifigure, only on those that have design elements that could (should) be done with dual molding or printing.
  10. Lego themes that we need to be happen

    That would make it so much harder to find! I've been coming to this thread for about 2 years. Changing the title of this thread is something that we do not need to be happen. But seriously, that Asterix idea above is a pretty good one. I do like all of the variety inherent in the theme.
  11. I think you missed an aspect of his argument. While he was saying that the under $75 sets are less impressive build-wise, he was also saying that they put the best minifigures in the over $75 sets. I agree with that. I honestly wouldn't miss Castle half as much if they released battle packs of 2 factions at a time every wave. Do 2 factions a year, and release 1 pack in the early Winter wave, one in the Summer, and one in the Fall. That's 6 battle packs a year, for a total of 12 minifigures per faction, 24 overall. If that were to happen, I'd change my tune from "We need Castle sets to return" to "When are they going to release faction X?" And with 2 factions a year, faction X might not have to wait long. That said, I want the same level of detail we get on CMFs, with dual molded and printed arms & legs, printed backs, and new accessories (or at least repurposed accessories in new colors, prints, or styles).
  12. I see where you're coming from. I can see Creator being a great place to get Space sets. Space doesn't usually have things like animals (although I'd love to see recolored animals as aliens) or plants in the same way that Castle does. So I'm all for the Creator approach to Space. But I just don't think it works well for Castle. I think it dumbs it down too much. Some people might say I want junior-iz-ation by wanting molded parts instead of brick-built, but what I really want is modern, advanced, updated builds using the best molds for the job. I don't think Creator can offer that at the moment. When it can, I'll definitely join in.
  13. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    I think Space Marines would be great accompanying Classic Space scientists on their missions. They could defend them against the attacks of Blacktron. I have no problem with Space Knights or Space Marines, or any of that, I just have a problem with Castle not being available.
  14. The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    Probably just got into Condiment King's mustard stash. Or 'stache?
  15. Fair enough, but I would personally prefer sets that were done to a modern standard (and for an age range at least as high as Big Bang themes), which would mean smaller parts, animal molds instead of brick-built animals, and other specialty molds like plants. Just look at the dog in the Modular Modern Home (31068), Modular Family Villa (30169), or Park Street Townhouse (31065). Or look at the bear and trees in Vacation Getaways (31052). There are dog, bear, and tree mold that could (should) have been used here. Other examples abound. There are birds that could use the Parrot or Seagull mold, or create a new mold for smaller birds. There is a moose. I'd love to see a molded moose or deer that looked good standing next to the new style of horse, and I'd love to see it in, say, a Forestmen's Hideout set or something similar. And as far as Expert goes, I'd love one large Expert Castle themed set each year, with a decent assortment of minifigures. I may complain if the set for that particular year is not to my liking, and that I will have to wait another year to see the next, but I still think that's better than blocky, brick-built sets with rehashed minifigures and little to no unique features. Ultimately, we really just need the themes themselves to return. Creator would be a weak excuse for the theme in my opinion, but a full line of Castle sets would likely have me spending hundreds of dollars even if I don't buy every set.