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  1. x105Black

    Vintage Knight

    Love that visor. Great find!
  2. I sold 2 Darth Revan minifigures to buy the castle. Can't wait to build it.
  3. x105Black

    What was the last movie you watched?

    The last movie I watched was Taken. That's a good flick. Really enjoyable to watch.
  4. x105Black

    Future LEGO Pirates Set Speculation

    A dedicated Pirates theme would be fantastic, but even Pirates fans are divided on what that should look like. Blue Coats or Red Coats? Islanders or the Armada? Should it be Classic or something new? The same thing exists with almost any theme, though. The interesting thing about Pirates is that it is really just part of a bigger general categorization of aquatic themes, and they can all have useful parts. Themes like the 2019 Friends, or anything from Aquazone and Atlantis to Deep Sea City and Hidden Side can fall under this umbrella. And they work off of each other. This torso from Paradisa worked well for a pirate when I was younger: And this one from a City People Pack is a modern one that works well: I tend to look more at the individual pieces than the sets nowadays, but some sets have a really good value. A dedicated Pirates theme would, of course, bring the best value, but that may be a while. In the meantime, I will look at sets like this one and wish Friends had minifigures: When it comes to actual Pirates, however, my best guess is that we will see a Redcoats Pirates theme as the next iteration. We will likely continue to see several other aquatic themed sets first, though. And maybe Friends doesn't always need their treasure chests to be lavender in every set.
  5. x105Black

    Latest CMF series impact on Historic themes

    Fair enough, but he just looks like a rad Chima character to me, possibly with a good selection of parts for building a fire-themed faction. Glad those into the Monkey King are getting something fun. I love monkeys, so that's a plus for me.
  6. The occasional crossover between City and Space is all well and good, but it's Space that people here want. That's typically science fiction. And while other types of science and fiction are great, real space science fiction is what most Space fans crave. I'd say ideally somewhere between Star Trek and Star Wars, but neither specifically. Agreed, and nicely put!
  7. x105Black

    LEGO Sci-Fi 2019 Pictures and Rumors

    Disco Benny is the highlight of this thread, so far.
  8. x105Black

    Future LEGO Pirates Set Speculation

    Actually had a few Paradisa sets in my youth. Loved incorporating some of the minifigures into my Pirates builds. Not the same with minidolls, unfortunately. Agreed. Squarely between Pirates and Castle. While I understand why it couldn't work then, I could see it working today. Much better than trying to combine either of them with Space...
  9. I've been saying as much since they included the pig. I used to prefer yellow minifigures, but now I build more with flesh tones. As such, I find that the Harry Potter theme has a lot to offer. It has great minifigures for a variety of themes, from Castle to City to Superheroes. It's also great for Harry Potter fans and collectors, of course. I couldn't tell you which variations of which characters I'd like to see, but I'm sure that every HP CMF series will have at least a few that I will want to get in multiples. I would love to see another Harry Potter series, but I could understand them waiting a bit. They've gotta make this Harry Potter theme last. I don't see it earlier than fall of next year. Outside of that, I can imagine Disney series 3 would be a successful one. Of course series 20 should show up next year. Another themed series could be nice. Depends on the theme. I would personally like a well done fantasy or science fiction theme. Other themes could bleed into my interests a bit, too. I'm generally optimistic.
  10. I love the animals. 2 dogs in one pack is a great value. Also, the flamingo is wonderful. Add in the chameleon, duck, chicken, scorpion... plenty of animals. Along those same lines, the fox is fantastic. I also like the recolored panda, although less so. I appreciate it more for the rainbow curved tile. Of course I like the knight. Not as much use for the head, probably, but I've already been building a bat faction, so that's just awesome. I also like the Chima- looking guy next to him. Despite not liking the line much, I do enjoy a good few of their minifigure parts. This guy looks like he would fit in with the fire-themed Chima characters, and I do like those designs. I hope that this character will be much like that. That Blacktron character definitely piques my interest, as I generally enjoy updated takes on old themes from my childhood like this one. I also love the old Space themes, so this could be great. Similarly, revisiting Johnny Thunder is something that I can really appreciate, but I was never as big a fan of Adventurers. Still, I love the character. He also goes really well with the mummy, which is one of my favorites in this series. The mummy is a top contender for army building. I hope it has a high distribution. I can see why City fans enjoy all of the others. It's always great to have headpieces with hair, printed pieces, costumed characters, workers, athletes, etc. for a city layout. From what I can tell from the early pictures, I think it's a great series that works for me. What I get out of it is 3 or 4 great army builders, a few novelties, and some awesome animals. And who wouldn't want a LEGO poop? I could see myself buying about 15 of these (packs, not characters). Could fluctuate in either direction upon further review.
  11. x105Black

    Latest CMF series impact on Historic themes

    Agreed. I do like the Mummy character, though. There's also one that looks like a Chima character. All in all, interesting but not overwhelmingly so.
  12. x105Black

    Ideas for CMFs

    Great stuff, especially the Wraith and Tombstone. Also love the Knight Maiden, Herald, Muse, Underworld Ruler, and Giant for their applicability to Castle. Very well done!