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  1. Armored Hoplite

    MOC: The Siege Of Troy

  2. Armored Hoplite

    MOC: The Siege Of Troy

    The Trojans have captured Helen, the wife of the King of Sparta. All the Greek Kings made an oath that if Helen ever got captured, they would save her. However, the Greek kings just used this as an excuse to conquer the Trojans. This scene here depicts the attack on Troy before its fall. The Greeks attack the Trojans and try to get over the wall, but the Trojans fought back fiercely. Helen is behind the wall, guarded by her captors.
  3. Armored Hoplite

    Medieval Battle

    Also, the village is in flames due to the dragon knight invasion
  4. Armored Hoplite

    Medieval Battle

  5. Armored Hoplite

    Medieval Battle

    In this Battle, Lion Knights fight Dragon Knights to protect their homeland. Some people flee for safety