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  1. sorry about, i will make a sabbatical pause for some months! :D - the situation is that i upgraded Ubuntu recently, and the LeoCad upgrade from 0.83.1-1 to 17.07-1 got really unstable, all .dat looked extremely glitchy, and trying to downgrade back to 0.83.1-1 didn’t solve that situation - and i still struggle a lot using other editors - so i’ll be absent for some while because of this... :(
  2. 252 - Locomotive with Engine Driver and Passenger [1974] errors: missing wig and hat;
  3. great, i have to try it so, asap - thanks! :)
  4. 107 - Canada Post Truck [1985] errors: none (please help verifying) i saw now that the installer is around 150mb, a bit too bloated for the disk space i have available... :S
  5. ppa or .deb somewhere would be really great, i’m quite disastrous on compiling sources... i have it installed actually, i’m curious about the proper command lines and procedures needed for the task i have no shading available from version 0.83.1 i have no idea what is about.... i share the same opinion! i wonder why @Darats complained so much! :D well, i’m 99.8% GNU/Linux, 0.1% OSX, 0.1% Haiku/BSD/IRIX/Plan-9/OpenIndiana/etc., and 0.00000000000000000% windoze! :D
  6. i quit... it seems way easier keep sharing screenshots in the way i were doing up to now...
  7. how does POV-Ray work from LeoCAD, on GNU/Linux?
  8. i think i had no success installing it... :S - if there is any good installing tutorial for GNU/Linux, or some PPA from Ubuntu or .deb package ready to install, please let me know... i think i found a version of ldview installer in .deb format at sourceforge, but it says “Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: libboost-system1.58.0” - but you know, sadly and bluntly saying, software that i can’t install feels like software that doesn’t exist... :S
  9. 255 - Farming Scene [1975] errors: missing hat and wig; missing head with freckles;
  10. 217 - Service Station [1977] errors: missing maxifig hats and wigs;
  11. looks great! thanks, @Philo ! :)
  12. 730 - Steam Shovel with Carrier [1973] errors: missing tread crawler; misplaced parts (struggle on rotating hinge plates, and parts docked into them);
  13. 355 - Town Center Set with Roadways [1972] errors: missing 2x1 red shell brick; missing cable; unsure if some parts were used correctly in the house (unclear instructions);
  14. 692 - Road Repair Crew [1975] errors: none (please help verifying)