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  1. PawpawBuilder

    Lego Ideas Theme

    Man! You got some great Ideas! If your a builder, why not give it yourself a try?
  2. PawpawBuilder

    Lego Ideas Theme

    Wow! Thanks Digger of Bricks for your answer! I agree that a Creator style multiple build project would be great, and as you said would also more likely appeal with the Ideas staff members. I'll post a thread if I put something on Lego Ideas! Thanks again...
  3. PawpawBuilder

    Lego Ideas Theme

    Hi everyone! This is my first post, so please bare with me... I would love to make a model for Lego Ideas, but need a good theme; idea. Maybe have any ideas? I would like a theme; idea that the Lego community in general would like. Something that can earn a lot of support. Maybe some old theme that I can redo, or maybe even something totally new. It should also be something that wouldn't have a lot of copyright issues, etc. so that it wouldn't be to hard for the Lego Group to actually pass it through if it ever got 10,000 supporters. Thanks, I'm looking forward to hear your thoughts...