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Found 10 results

  1. I finally got time to take decent pictures of my latest Imperial turbolaser turret. Turbolaser Turret by Veynom, on Flickr It is based from the design of Ismael Trabajo found on the Internet and adapted according to my stock of available parts. Turbolaser Turret by Veynom, on Flickr It is an easy build with solid rendering. It can rotate, guns can move up and down (synchronized). The turret can be open to put in to 3 crewmen inside. Kids have lot of fun with that turret and many rebels died to bring you back these pictures. Turbolaser Turret by Veynom, on Flickr Turbolaser Turret by Veynom, on Flickr And when exposing, it is massive enough to attract the eye while being a welcome change to the usual fleets of ships. Everyone asking for it, I made it public: here is a link toward the LDD of Ismael Trabajo that I used as basis for this MOC.
  2. marathon_productions

    [MOC] The Evacuation of Raada An Ahsoka Novel

    Hello all, hope you've had a good summer and September. After a two month hiatus I'm back with a new moc based off the Ahsoka novel form 2016
  3. All LEGO themes could take place in the same lego-universe. Here's the history lesson ! Let's start from the top. In an episode of Ninjago, Cole refers to Clutch Powers. Clutch takes place in the same world as both LEGO City and Power Miners. Scientist Dr. Brains from the Power Miners theme was later included in an Atlantis set. Atlantis took place in the same world as Dino, Alien Conquest, and Pharoh's Quest. Clutch Powers also confirms that LEGO City takes place in the same world as Space Police, Castle , Kingdoms, etc. There's definitely no connection. Now, look into some other themes. Galaxy Squad has the connection to Ultra Agents through Solomon Blaze. Hero Factory made a cameo in Clutch Powers. Dino and Adventurers take place in the same world, as Josh Thunder is related to Johnny Thunder. Adventurers took place on Earth, which could lead to only one conclusion: All of these themes take place on Earth. As crazy as it sounds, it could be true. The connections make some sense, but this leads to another question: What about Ninjago? Ninjago may take place on another planet, or in uncharted land. But that theory isn't true. If I'm not mistaken, some of these theme take place on different worlds or planets. This leads to my final conclusion: All of those themes are connected. That leaves themes such as Chima, Friends, Bionicle, etc. out with no proof. There are theories, though. Until we got official appearences, we've got nothing on them. "The LEGO Movie Theory" Eww, more theories? My head hurts enough The LEGO Movie theory states that all themes coexist in different worlds. Ninjago, Super Heroes, Star Wars, Bionicle, Speed Racer, etc. all make some lesser appearences. But what is most interesting is Friends. Here comes my part of the theory! A sign in bricksburg points to Heartlake City. Sound familiar? This means the The LEGO Movie and Heartlake city are definitely confirmed. But which theory to you accept as "canon?" LEGO Rundown or The LEGO Movie Theory? Do you have your own canon? Is there a way I can improve this? Did I miss something? Will I ever stop asking questions?
  4. marathon_productions

    Delta Squad's Mission to Devaron

    Hope everyone is having a nice Sunday, I finally managed to upload a new video depicting Delta Squads Mission to Devaron to retrieve the dead bodies of two jedi who were slaughtered by Savage Opress at the Temple of Eden Hope everyone enjoys watching as much as I enjoyed building this.
  5. marathon_productions

    [MOC] The Battle of Umbara

    Please leave a rating and any constructive criticism in the comments. thanks.
  6. marathon_productions

    [MOC] Battle of Concordia

    feedback would be nice
  7. marathon_productions

    [MOC] Assault on Jedha: A Rogue One MOC

    Happy New Year everyone. Here is something I built following the release of Rogue one. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed building it.
  8. marathon_productions

    [MOC] Planetary Battle on Eriadu

    Happy New Year everyone. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed building it.
  9. Chilly_Productions

    Is Gen 1 Still Canon?

    I was just wondering if gen 1 of Bionicle (Mata Nui) is canon anymore?
  10. Hi everybody. Everyone is getting excited for The Lego Movie coming out next year and the tie-in sets have been getting generally positive responses too. However, there is one thing that has been bugging me about this movie: How does it fit into the Lego universe? The story of the film is still mostly shrouded in mystery, but what we do know is that it depicts a world almost entirely made of Lego, with a few real-world items mixed in such as lollipops, batteries, and glue, where all Lego themes co-exist in the same world, even licensed themes, with each theme being represented as a town in this world. My question is: Is this part of the Lego canon, i.e. how Lego views their fictional universe? The nature of the Lego universe has never been quite clear. In the beginning, the themes were all separate until Time Cruisers introduced the idea that they all exist in the same world, just in different time zones / locations. However, this concept was later challenged by the Clutch Powers movie which suggests that almost every Lego theme exists on a different planet in the Lego universe. The MMO "Lego Universe" and the Ninjago TV series (which references Clutch Powers) support this idea. Considering the time cruisers were capable of interplanetary travel, this concept doesn't really contradict that of Time Cruisers, even though it was usually implied that all the time zones the cruisers traveled to were set on Earth (except for the space themes). For more on planets in the Lego universe, check out this handy index. Now the Lego Movie comes around and suggests that all themes take place on the same planet at the same time. Is Lego retconing their previously established canon? Or is the Lego Movie taking place in its own universe, separate from all other Lego themes? There are several differences between things in the Lego themes and their counterparts in the Lego Movie that suggest that the latter might be the case. For example, Batman is portrayed as a parody of himself rather than the awesome brooding Dark Knight that he usually is. He is an egotistical jerk who is very bad at throwing Batarangs, and he is said to protect Bricksburg, not Gotham City, so this can't be the Batman that we see in the sets and videogames. Also, I don't think Octan was meant to be an evil mega-corporation that owns everything in the Lego world (including meat products) until now. So perhaps The Lego Movie is more of a parallel universe to the main Lego universe? If that's the case, how do you incorporate the Lego Movie sets into your collection? Do you integrate them into your Lego City layout or keep them in their own separate corner on your display shelf? Perhaps the movie will shed some light on this matter, or maybe it wont. But whatever the official canon is, everybody has their own "head canon" or idea of how the Lego Movie fits into the Lego universe, so I would like to hear your thoughts on this. So what do you think? Does the Lego Movie affect the Lego canon? If so, how? Or am I just being a total geek and completely over-thinking this?