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  1. 1094/5900 - Johnny Thunder - Theme Adventurers / Egypt Adventurer's LXF File (LDD 4.3.11 Brick Version 2670) Error List: Changed/Missing Prints Replaced with similar prints. Comment: A promotional set released by Lego in 1998 as set number 5900, this set also saw a re-release in 1999 as 1094. Neither release contained any official instructions, just images from the packaging. 1182/3020 - Adventerer's Raft (AKA Jones' Raft) - Theme: Adventurers / Egypt Adventurer's LXF File (LDD 4.3.11 Brick Version 2670) Error List: Changed/Missing Prints Replaced with similar prints. Comments: Released as a Kabaya promotional in 1998 as set number 3020, this set also saw a re-release as a regular set in 1999 as 1182.
  2. ThorsHammer9999

    LDD 4.3.11 Update Discussion

    Super grateful for all the new parts though I'm still wanting the bi 3d Baseplates for the Adventurer's models and Antimatter's hood from the Ultra Agents sets...oh well maybe next update in like....a year and a half
  3. Yeah sounds good...just post them someplace where other users can download them and post the link here
  4. to start off with here are several User Palettes to help you build the Adventures Themes
  5. This is a forum for user palettes meant to help build in LDD. User Palettes must be reasonably able to help LDD users to build custom or official sets within the program. So for example you can not post a "user palette" of just one brick. Otherwise just post your lxf files and browse through to find any user palettes you may find helpful. For those unaware to install a user palette go to Computer/C:/Users/(you user name)/AppData/Roaming/Lego Company/Lego Digital Designer and add the folder "UserPalettes". Save any user palettes there and you can find them in LDD under the "Filter Bricks By Boxes" button on the lower left hand side. The button will have a picture of a Lego box on it NOTE: The AppData folder will likely be a hidden folder, to find it in your explorer browser select tools then folder options (or just options) and select the View tab scroll down the list until you see the option "Show Hidden Files, Folders, and Drives" and select it. Click on Apply and AppData should show up.
  6. ThorsHammer9999

    LDD 4.3.10 Update Released

    of course it's LDD that updated...why else would I be posting on the LDD forum?...did you just expect me to post that skype updated on the LDD forum?....and as I said it was really tiny like 5 mb tiny...only changed 3 things so like I said probably just bug fixes
  7. ThorsHammer9999

    LDD 4.3.10 Update Released

    Just got another Update...February was really tiny though so probably just bug fixes or something
  8. ThorsHammer9999

    LDD 4.3.9 Update Released

    Is there anywhere I can get a full list of decal numbers that are in LDD 4.3.9?
  9. woot...update in progess
  10. Sorry...meant to say Lego Dimensions
  11. I Love how everyone keeps skipping over that phrase, "For the time being..." which simply means they're not offering an update currently or for the foreseeable future add in that it's beyond unlikely that a customer service rep would have access the that sort of information and that we have had people post previous and very varied responses from customer service that all said different things all you got was a very fancy, "I don't know" and that's pretty much's still ambiguous..."For the time being" could just mean they're working on finishing Lego Worlds and/or updating Lego Universe and are otherwise too preoccupied to worry about doesn't mean NEVER like you're trying to play it off as...they have a lot in the works right now and I doubt something that earns them nothing would take priority over software that actually has earning potential, "For the time being..." literally just means for right now.
  12. <----- Doesn't believe this as they've already announced that LDD will by usable in conjunction with Lego Worlds, please refer to for my meaning, likely what they meant was they're not offering an update currently or for the forseeable future, meaning they're isn't one on the way yet as they are working on other things but that sometime in the future they may release updates.
  13. If it was announced? ....try to keep up man.....and as for you talking about a loader/exporter no....if you ever bothered to keep up you would read how it's as easy as placing the model into the right file for Worlds....but they have mentioned that they have had issues with it as Lego Worlds brick palette is not as extensive as LDDs and that Worlds tends to break the models...oh also it works in reverse...worlds to LDD....but again it tends to break the updating the base code for the older program (LDD) and the brick Palette for Worlds are the two biggest issues to tackle right now to make them completely compatible, and more then likely those two issues are the focus of the Lego Digital Media Team and The Lego Group....and since LDD hasn't had more then the odd brick update in how long?....5? 6 years? that would mean LDD would need to be tackled 1st as it would be the biggest project....therefore it is likely and logical to assume that they are currently busy rebuilding LDD to work with Worlds ergo it's logical to assume that they are making LDD 5.0....again this is an assumption and NOT a fact.....but the logic tracks
  14. I disagree....they've already announced that LDD will be usable with Lego Worlds in that you'll be able to port LDD builds into Lego's the issue with CAN'T just slap to programs like that together and hope they doesn't work like that....which is why LDD has issues with Apple OS' was built for in order to make an older program (which hasn't had an actual software update in how many years?) work with a newer one they would have to update the base code of the older program (In this case LDD) to work with the newer program (Lego worlds)...which means it's NOT abandoned by LDD and means it will get more then a brick update...and for it to be taking this long makes LDD 5.0 an actual possibility....they're updating everything...and that would take a this is an assumption...but it is a logical one based on how little we've actually been told
  15. I never bothered either...I could got o pick a brick and get all the pieces I needed for a fraction of the cost