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  1. Exactly. The class obivously needs to look at what kind of set is what, it wouldn't be hard to make the connection that almost any set with realistic skin tones are based off something else. And I don't recall Europeans being yellow Petition!
  2. All LEGO themes could take place in the same lego-universe. Here's the history lesson ! Let's start from the top. In an episode of Ninjago, Cole refers to Clutch Powers. Clutch takes place in the same world as both LEGO City and Power Miners. Scientist Dr. Brains from the Power Miners theme was later included in an Atlantis set. Atlantis took place in the same world as Dino, Alien Conquest, and Pharoh's Quest. Clutch Powers also confirms that LEGO City takes place in the same world as Space Police, Castle , Kingdoms, etc. There's definitely no connection. Now, look into some other themes. Galaxy Squad has the connection to Ultra Agents through Solomon Blaze. Hero Factory made a cameo in Clutch Powers. Dino and Adventurers take place in the same world, as Josh Thunder is related to Johnny Thunder. Adventurers took place on Earth, which could lead to only one conclusion: All of these themes take place on Earth. As crazy as it sounds, it could be true. The connections make some sense, but this leads to another question: What about Ninjago? Ninjago may take place on another planet, or in uncharted land. But that theory isn't true. If I'm not mistaken, some of these theme take place on different worlds or planets. This leads to my final conclusion: All of those themes are connected. That leaves themes such as Chima, Friends, Bionicle, etc. out with no proof. There are theories, though. Until we got official appearences, we've got nothing on them. "The LEGO Movie Theory" Eww, more theories? My head hurts enough The LEGO Movie theory states that all themes coexist in different worlds. Ninjago, Super Heroes, Star Wars, Bionicle, Speed Racer, etc. all make some lesser appearences. But what is most interesting is Friends. Here comes my part of the theory! A sign in bricksburg points to Heartlake City. Sound familiar? This means the The LEGO Movie and Heartlake city are definitely confirmed. But which theory to you accept as "canon?" LEGO Rundown or The LEGO Movie Theory? Do you have your own canon? Is there a way I can improve this? Did I miss something? Will I ever stop asking questions?
  3. It's simple- he will betray them like he did young Lloyd!
  4. HardHatEric

    What Video Game(s) are you playing?

    Team Fortress 2 and ROBLOX are my main games.
  5. HardHatEric

    (MOC) Happy St. Patrick's Day!

    One of the board game rolly-thingies-that-I-forgot-the-name-of for the micro manager? Nice MOC.
  6. HardHatEric

    Review: The LEGO Movie Press Kit

    Shouldn't price be 10/10 sine you got it for free, or am I wrong here?
  7. I did watch it -though I haven't been correct about part in a seperate thread- though it seems like a little spetulation still.
  8. HardHatEric

    The LEGO Movie Sets News and Discussion

    Woah! That is one giant Uni-Kitty! Lol
  9. No offense, but making that connection seems like you're pulling facts out of nowhere. Also, what actually happened to Zane's father? Cyrus Borg says what happened to him was sad. Hm?
  10. HardHatEric

    Has anyone seen this

    Oh, now that I see a zoomed picture, it doesn;t.
  11. HardHatEric

    Ninjago 2014

    Most definatly do! It's such a great set, and although it isn't on the league of the Storm Fighter, it is still great! It actually does feel VERY unique with the engine pieces and flaps on the sides, along with it's sleeker design. I recommend.
  12. HardHatEric

    The LEGO Movie Video Game Discussion

    Woah, really? Cool! Is there one on the 3DS version of Lego Star Wars- The Complete Saga?
  13. HardHatEric

    The LEGO Movie Video Game Discussion

    ...hidden disco room? What?
  14. HardHatEric

    Ninjago 2014

    Oh, I didn't know the missile thing. Whoops. :P On another note, I picked up the Kai Fighter today. Awesome set!
  15. How about a flying wrecking ball? :D