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  1. [MOC] Minifig Scale AT-M6

    This is simply insane! It's huge and looks awesome from all angles. :D I cannot wait to see the full completed crait diorama!
  2. Star Wars - Battle of Crait

    Very nice MOC, I love the trail effect you achieved with the red crystal dust. Only criticism, the wall doesn't look steep/flat enough, it looks a bit too rugged (I assume its due to your piece stock but just letting you know :D) I also agree that the AT-M6 are very well done too!
  3. Resistance Ski Speeder [MOC]

    I saw your version on Flickr before but, man, that MOC is still really impressive! The snot wings are great for both top and bottom detail, there's no ugly underside like some MOCs or the official model has. The post editing of the background is also very pleasing as it does a great job of highlighting and presenting the vehicle itself, putting it into context. In short, great job and keep it up :D
  4. Ok, thanks for the info. I'll keep a lookout for the instructions then!
  5. I am very impressed! These are some excellent MOCs, and with such high level of detail and accuracy for their scale. Now i'm wondering if you will be making instruction or LDD files available so we can build our own? Also, how 'swooshable' would you say they are? It's often an issue for small MOCs (though it does look quite strong)
  6. [WIP][MOC] ARC-170 starfighter

    This keeps on getting better and better, keep it up ;) I was wondering about which parts you are planning to use for the cockpit canopies as they are quite unusual shapes. Looking back at the 3D model from a front view, it seems to me that the "nose" of the ship should be a bit lower than it currently is. Is this intentional or have you not got round to modifying it yet?
  7. [WIP][MOC] ARC-170 starfighter

    Much nicer S-foils, you managed to keep the shape fairly accurate while also hiding the gaps on the backside of the wings. Could you show us what they look like when opened up? Keep it up P.S. I found this guy who made a very nice clone wars era ARC-170 3D model which you can look at from many angles. It could help with some parts where its hard to get reference.
  8. [MOC] The Nomad's Spear (SHIP)

    Very cool ship and a neat build as well! It's very reminiscent of the stealth ship from the clone wars animated series due to the spear shape i guess
  9. Updating Your Minifigs

    I see, I also think that the rarity of SB torso pieces compared to LBG will mean more people are going to use the grey. I saw that LegoLogical used an AT-ST driver torso to replicate the officer's shirt which is a neat solution :D
  10. Updating Your Minifigs

    Ah yes thank you :D Also is it just me or aren't their shirt more sand blue than LBG?
  11. [WIP][MOC] ARC-170 starfighter

    Ah yes, I didn't think of that :/ What about replacing the tiles by one of these 12x3 wedge plate, this way it is only one plate's width but with the wedge?
  12. Updating Your Minifigs

    Hello, i was wondering if anyone had come up with a good way to make a Canto Bight police officer? I did make my own version with the parts I have and I saw Inthert's version too yet i'm not convinced by either. My version (with poor sticker customisation attempt on the head): Inthert's version:
  13. [WIP][MOC] ARC-170 starfighter

    As fan of the ARC-170 myself, I find this absolutely stunning. You simply nailed the nose section! As for your problem with the gap in the underside section, i would recommend trying to use wedge plates to fill the gaps to the sides. I hope this can help and i look forward to more progress.
  14. Custom minifigs concept: Star Wars Rebels

    These are very cool and detailed designs! I suggest you make a Fenn Rau minifigure next :D
  15. Custom Mandalorian fighter 9525 for Sabine Ren

    Very cool MOC/MOD, I also have the original set and I must say that your dark red version is much more intimidating. Well done!