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  1. Cypirate

    [MOC] T-65 X-wing w/ LDD

    It looks great! And being sturdy enough to be held by the nose is something not many x-wing MOCs can claim so well done
  2. Cypirate

    [MOC] Assault on Hoth

    Ah yes I see it now! Its a really nice touch
  3. Cypirate

    [MOC] Assault on Hoth

    Very nice MOC as usual! What are the light bley tiles on the ground supposed to represent though?
  4. Cypirate

    [Moc] Elves Castle

    Nice creation, I especially like how you managed to keep it elven-looking while also making it look like a proper fortress
  5. Cypirate

    [MOC] Bree and the Buckleberry Ferry

    Nice to see that this gem made it to eurobricks :D I've already commented on this moc on other platforms but once more: this is an amazing creation! The accuracy, details, size, techniques used, everything is just spot on!
  6. Cypirate

    Faermoore Organ Gun

    When I saw Organ Gun in the title, I was expecting a cannon that shoots brains, hearts and stomachs among other organs at the enemy... but what you've created is really cool too!
  7. Thank you, I'm honored :D Be sure to share a picture once they're complete!
  8. Cypirate

    [MOC] MINI Libertine Space Yacht (Ep VIII)

    I was wondering when someone would get round to building that ship! You've done a nice job with that studless white design, especially considering how hard it is to replicate curves in lego and even more at such a small scale.
  9. Thank you, I really tried to give it some small interesting greebles while staying accurate to the original vehicle. And since I received positive feedback from friends already, I thought, why not share it with the community as well :D
  10. Thank you! I really miss the clone wars too so I guess that's how we keep it alive!
  11. Thanks for the kind words, I'm glad to hear you like it :D
  12. Hello there, Today I'd like to share my custom AT-RT design from Battlefront II and the Clone Wars. As with all Lego creations, there always has to be a compromise between scale, accuracy and structural integrity. With this one, I focused mainly on scale and accuracy since I wanted to use it in MOCs and for display. This means that it cannot, in any way withstand a child's play, but still holds together rather well for us older children and can easily be posed. As part of my accuracy factor, it was important for me that the legs of the pilot were positioned as if a human was sat on the walker instead of the usual minifigure sitting position that other lego walkers use. While keeping all of the important details and geometry, I also tried to reduced its size to match as closely as possible the minifigure scale and I think I achieved that rather well. It is made up of a total of 77 pieces and an additional 1x2 plate can be added for aesthetics when the pilot is on. I hope you like it and if so that you'll build your own since I have also created building instructions for everyone to use in their own MOCs (credit is always appreciated :D) I'm always open to comments and constructive criticism so let me know what you think of it and feel free to ask if you have any question concerning the building instructions. Front 'Head' Body and foward antipersonnel cannon Legs and feet Body assembly, foot rests and armoured joints Rear, antennas and pistol holder Mounting the pilot and additional tip
  13. Thank you for making the instructions available, I'll have to take a peek at them. I had already reverse engineered your design to fit the pieces I had, so I need to see how much I got right. I'll also try to post a picture sometime soon.
  14. Cypirate

    [MOC] Minifig Scale AT-M6

    This is simply insane! It's huge and looks awesome from all angles. :D I cannot wait to see the full completed crait diorama!