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  1. Doktor_Vejdur

    [MOC] Defense of Crait

    Poe Dameron leading the resistance squad in the defense of Crait (from The Last Jedi). The surface skimmer itself is a modification of the official set (75202).
  2. Doktor_Vejdur


    Thanks! And now I finally managed to embed the pictures directly from flickr (didn't work out too good when I tried to do it on the phone, but piece of cake when I switched to the laptop).
  3. Doktor_Vejdur

    Neo-Blacktron Gunship

    Nice! I like the angle between the two sections.
  4. Doktor_Vejdur

    [MOD]Ultimate Blacktron Mobile

    Brilliant interpretation of the original set! I love Blacktron!
  5. Doktor_Vejdur


    As a kid I was a big fan of Darkwing Duck, and his fabulous jet plane Thunderquack was subject to many MOCs. Now, having access to a larger selection of pieces in dark pink and dark purple and with more developed building skills, I decided to make a new attempt. Let's get dangerous! Thunderquack jet. by Marcus Gustafsson, on Flickr