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  1. YodaSkate

    Lego Star Wars Moc Imperial Raider Class Corvette

    is there a hangar bay at all?
  2. YodaSkate

    [MOC / MOD] Imperial Assault Carrier

    I haven't quiet finished the docking ports yet! So no photos, I more or less kept the mini fig playability but used your model for the basis of the bridge/front section/engines. I do own a Flickr account, but since I am also a professional photographer, it's more my portfolio. ;)
  3. YodaSkate

    [MOC / MOD] Imperial Assault Carrier

    I ended up using your build as a basis for mine as well! However I did end up keeping the removable top... thanks!
  4. Some of the pieces for some reason don't show up in bricklink when uploaded as an LDD, but the parts are all there otherwise! I believe the ball turret is an older piece. I played with a few variants that work as well, so its just a preference at this point!
  5. It seems to be working now? Here you go! Grab it before I remove it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5zlquv7dc4074w1/Resistance Bomber.lxf?dl=0 Yes! I was actually about to source the older micro fighter cockpit and then they just so happened to release the updated falcon! It's not the black canopy windows like the original, but I've no complaints!
  6. Hi guys I finally built my mini resistance bomber, have seen a few examples out there but nothing that kinda conveyed the bulk that a bomber should have in mini-scale! Some older parts sourced from bricklink! Hope you all like!
  7. Hi guys, Say I'm modifying an existing LDD, but along the way, I'm not sure what parts I deleted/added. Is there any way to compare my updated LDD file with the original file to find out what are parts I added/different? Thanks!
  8. YodaSkate

    Resistance Bomber Micro-Scale!

    Hi guys Just a little Resistance Bomber I've been tinkering around with in LDD! Always hard to get the feeling right at such a small scale! Turrets are on ball joints! I will build it out soon when I'm happy. :)
  9. YodaSkate

    [MOC]Mini Meta Millennium Falcon

    I love this and following you on flickr now! Do you have a parts breakdown/LDD file available at all? EDIT: I just saw in on Flickr. so... nevermind! :D
  10. YodaSkate

    U-Wing Mini!

    Hi guys! A little U-Wing mini I made using the base of reddit user DetectAsh. I was never pleased with the official micro set, it was tricky to get working foldable wings. I did actually build this as well and the wings fold back farther than in the LDD model. The 2 flat tiles on the wings I would prefer not to be there, but they need to be for stability of the physical model.
  11. YodaSkate

    Micro E-wing

    Thanks so much! I'm actually a huge fan of midi-scale as well. Problem is I just don't have room to build micro-fig scale builds and have it the size/scale I want them to :(
  12. YodaSkate

    Micro E-wing

    Got it. Thanks!
  13. YodaSkate

    [MOD] Rebels Phantom II Shuttle Ugrade

    Great thread! I picked up the parts and more or less rebuilt it (with a few slight tweaks here and there) I would post pics, but I've a 100kb limit as a new member! Thank you!
  14. YodaSkate

    Micro E-wing

    Hi guys My first post here, I've always been a lurker. I was looking around for E-Wings (Since I love that ship). Was trying to find a nice micro build, stumbled one on Flickr user p13c30fch33s3 from an old account so I decided to update his!! Suggestions are welcome, will plan to build using real pieces as soon as I feel it's done! Also apparently I have a limit to files I can post for now? So I can't post another angle...