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  1. @PaulPrime Your original mod actually inspired me to do the same to my full size transport as well!
  2. Yeah, I was going for a heavily armored look that I've seen people mod the full size transport with! https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/148033-improved-resistance-troop-transport-75140/
  3. Hi guys! I'm finally just taking photos of some of my mini-builds so bare with me...! I was into Legos in the 80s, dabbled in LDD in 2009/2010... and now coming back full circle, mostly with mini builds because I just don't have a lot of space in my apartment. Enjoy! T-47 Snowspeeder (inspired by Tim Goddard and @sparkart E-Wing (Dark Empire version) - inspired by p13c30fch33s3 on flickr. Resistance Troop Transport - Complete with the detachable pod, as seen loosely in Force Awakens. Inspired by @Backgild open troop compartment Detached from troop compartment w/ gunpod Pod by itself with side cannon as seen in Transport Pod 75176
  4. YodaSkate

    [MOC] Mini V-Wing / Phantom / Z-95!

    @ShadowStrike haha! no problem! please do share pics / mods if you have any!!
  5. YodaSkate

    [MOC] U-Wing Midi Scale!

    Here you go, please do credit if you build/post! U-Wing Mini/Midi: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jrkjcx5gibisn6b/U-wing 02 Final.lxf?dl=0
  6. YodaSkate

    [MOC] Mini V-Wing / Phantom / Z-95!

    Get them while you can! Please do credit if you decide to build/share. :) V-Wing: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sw0tumgoc6l6m6y/V-Wing.lxf?dl=0 Phantom I: https://www.dropbox.com/s/iue2rwlvw87uc4k/Phantom I.lxf?dl=0 Z-95: https://www.dropbox.com/s/v391s48yw1ezkrz/Z-95.lxf?dl=0
  7. Did you ever update this? You inspired me to make my own, will post the result!
  8. YodaSkate

    [MOC] Mini V-Wing / Phantom / Z-95!

    Thanks everyone!
  9. Some more recent mini builds! Will try to add more...! Debating if I should make a pure lego instagram/flickr account as well. (I primarly use those for my photography profession). Republic V-Wing The Phantom from Rebels (inspired by Bricktricity on Flickr) Z-95 Headhunter - I always preferred the classic one from the video games vs the Clone Wars version Lego made.
  10. YodaSkate

    [MOC] U-Wing Midi Scale!

    Hi guys, I was never pleased with the official mini U-wing, and after searching around for awhile, stumbled upon @sparkart's Midi Scale U-wing on Flickr as well as @hachiroku's version. Melding elements of both, I came up with this in between version of it! The rear section was tricky, and not the most sturdy, but fine for display and light swooshing. ;) Enjoy!
  11. YodaSkate

    Lego Star Wars Moc Imperial Raider Class Corvette

    is there a hangar bay at all?
  12. YodaSkate

    [MOC / MOD] Imperial Assault Carrier

    I haven't quiet finished the docking ports yet! So no photos, I more or less kept the mini fig playability but used your model for the basis of the bridge/front section/engines. I do own a Flickr account, but since I am also a professional photographer, it's more my portfolio. ;)
  13. YodaSkate

    [MOC / MOD] Imperial Assault Carrier

    I ended up using your build as a basis for mine as well! However I did end up keeping the removable top... thanks!
  14. Some of the pieces for some reason don't show up in bricklink when uploaded as an LDD, but the parts are all there otherwise! I believe the ball turret is an older piece. I played with a few variants that work as well, so its just a preference at this point!