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  1. Micro E-wing

    Thanks so much! I'm actually a huge fan of midi-scale as well. Problem is I just don't have room to build micro-fig scale builds and have it the size/scale I want them to :(
  2. Micro E-wing

    Got it. Thanks!
  3. [MOD] Rebels Phantom II Shuttle Ugrade

    Great thread! I picked up the parts and more or less rebuilt it (with a few slight tweaks here and there) I would post pics, but I've a 100kb limit as a new member! Thank you!
  4. Micro E-wing

    Hi guys My first post here, I've always been a lurker. I was looking around for E-Wings (Since I love that ship). Was trying to find a nice micro build, stumbled one on Flickr user p13c30fch33s3 from an old account so I decided to update his!! Suggestions are welcome, will plan to build using real pieces as soon as I feel it's done! Also apparently I have a limit to files I can post for now? So I can't post another angle...