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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys, here is another small scene from The Last Jedi. It shows Snoke's death and the battle Kylo and Rey against the praetorian guards. Star Wars Episode VIII - The Last Jedi - "Fulfill your destiny! by KevFett2011, auf Flickr Star Wars Episode VIII - The Last Jedi - "Fulfill your destiny! by KevFett2011, auf Flickr I hope you like it , let me know ;) Greetings KevFett2011
  2. Tatooine. Sh*t. I can't believe I'm back on Tatooine. I've been here a month now, waiting for a mission. 'Here' is a sprawling warren of repair bays and maintenance shops, a little southeast of Mos Espa. There are stormtroopers at all the entrances and exits, but inside it's a decidedly non-military atmosphere. If I had to guess, I'd say this is an ISB facility. The folks I work with seem to fall into one of two categories: there are broken, tired looking soldiers, waiting for the Empire to figure out what to do with them, and then there are extremely skilled technicians and mechanics who were born the wrong gender, or species. Or both. I'm not sure what planet Nejj is from, but she can repair or rewire anything that uses electricity, and she's absolutely fearless when it comes to heights. If she were human, and male, she'd be running this entire facility; instead, she's sweating away with the rest of us grunts in the shops. The repair bays themselves hold a wide variety of craft, from landspeeders to military walkers, (a surprising number of them are filled with V-wings being refurbished). My task, for the past three weeks, has been a pod racer. Why does the Galactic Empire need a souped-up pod racer? We can guess, but the first thing you learn working for the ISB is not to ask too many questions. The hours are long and the work is hard, which is good; the last thing I need is time to think. For a while it looked like we were going to miss our deadline for finishing the pod racer, but a sandstorm blew up at the last minute and the race was pushed back two weeks so that they'd have time to repair the damage and clear the sand out of the viewing area. The Jawa word for sandstorm is "Shug-Nubbuth," which translates literally into "The Tooth Cloud." Supposedly the wind-blown sand can reduce a bantha to bones in less than an hour. We all ended up sleeping here in the barracks for two nights - it was too dangerous to travel. I was worried that, without my nightly medication (the distilled, Corellian type) the nightmares would be back. Luckily, some of the officers here had liquor stashes that rivaled my own, and I have enough combat pay saved up that I could afford the inflated prices they were charging. We finished the right engine and assembled the racer last night, just a few hours before deadline. I'm not sure what our next project will be. I'm not sure how long I'll be here. I'll worry about tomorrow if it comes.
  3. This build fills in the events between "We could be heroes" and "Consequences." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After Action Report Report Number: A519658DBB645 Report date: 38.9.22 Prepared by: Capt Jackson Parth, XO Delta Company 142nd Spec Ops Batallion Location Grid: 79T33B Planet: Clovis III System: Clovis system (097,-51,06) Incident Category: Allied casualty Type: Blue-on-blue Criminal Investigation: No Narrative On 38.9.21 at 0530 local time, three ImpSpecOps Commandos from 5th platoon, Bravo squad (accompanied by 14 troops from the Clovian Military) led an assault on a suspected enemy safe house. *The remaining images have been light-enhanced to show detail* The location was abandoned, but there was evidence that it had been occupied within the last several hours. At 0547 the Clovis Tactical Operations Center denied the team's request for extraction, and ordered them to push further into the city in an attempt to locate any fleeing rebels. Team leader Cpl Connor “Crash” Thull filed a formal objection to this order, citing the fact that the majority of his troops were carrying light weapons, and that pushing further into the city would take them out of their mapped AO [Area of Operations]. His objection was overruled and the team was ordered to depart immediately. At 0550, Cpl Lucas “Birdman” Kirana contacted the Imperial Garrison on the southern edge of the city and negotiated the use of the Garrison's TIE Bombers for CAS [Close Air Support] if needed. This was done without the knowledge of Clovis TOC. Cpl Kirana and the team's RCO [Radio Comms Operator] subsequently discovered that the radios issued by the Clovian military could not communicate with the TIE units. A work-around was found by patching the signals through the target building's transmission array. Cpl Thull ordered Cpl Kirana to stay behind and operate the comms equipment. The RCO, a sniper/spotter team and a heavy gunner also stayed behind. At 0556 Cpl Thull, Cpl Walen “Romeo” Pax and the other 10 members of the Clovian Military departed, heading (galactic) north on Route Echo. Note: The navigation/datapads issued to the SpecOps team use standard Imperial units of measurement and are oriented to galactic north. They cannot be reporgrammed in the field. All units on Clovis (including garrisoned Imperial units) use the “Miner's” system of measurement, where 1 unit = .3 Imperial meters, and 1 claim = 1.6 Imperial Kilometers. Clovian units also navigate using planetary north, which is oriented 180 degrees from galactic north. At 0625 Cpl Thull's team made contact with a large enemy force and began taking casualties. A short time later, the sniper assigned to Cpl Kirana's team reported enemy foot mobiles and armed repulsorlift trucks approaching their location. From here, events unfolded quickly. See attached radio/comms transcription. Cpl Walen made repeated requests for CAS. As Cpl Kirana tried to direct the TIE Bomber onto the enemy forces, he made an error in translating the coordinates relayed by Cpl Walen to the TIE units. As a result of this error, a TIE bomber dropped ordinance on a position occupied by Cpl Thull's team. Cpl Kirana corrected his mistake and spent the next 15 minutes coordinating with his sniper team and the TIE Bombers to neutralize enemy forces in the area. He also called for a MedEvac to stage outside the area of fighting. At 0642, a convoy of ITTs dispatched by the Imperal Garrison reached Cpl Kirana's position. Cpl Kirana and the remaining Clovian soldier joined the convoy and headed north to Cpl Thull's last known position. They arrived shortly before the MedEvac bird. BDA [battle Damage Assessment] follows: Enemy- Killed in Action: 203, Wounded in Action: 30 Imperial- KIA: 2, WIA: 0 Host (Clovis)- KIA 8, WIA: 2 Civillain- KIA: 0, WIA: 12 Remarks The number of enemy KIA is a conservative estimate; the condition of the remains made it difficult to positively identify individual bodies. It appears 5 of the 8 friendlies were killed by ordinance dropped by the TIE bomber, and 3 were killed by enemy fire. Cpl Pax was seriously wounded by the TIE bomber ordinance and passed away during surgery at a local hospital. Cpl Thull was fatally wounded by the TIE bomber ordinance. Proximate cause of incident Cpl Kirana's error in translating Imperial units to Clovian units. Secondary causes Clovian TOC's order for the assault team to leave their AO and enter a hostile urban area, with minimal support and no prior planning. Recommended actions None. This officer does not believe that Cpl Kirana's error was due to negligence or dereliction of duty. No punishment is recommended. Personal notes: I arrived on Clovis at 1330 hours the day of the incident and traveled immediately to the Clovian detention center where Cpl Kirana was being held. Before I could speak, Cpl Kirana inquired about Cpl Pax. Although he showed no emotion when I told him of Cpl Pax's death, he initially refused to leave the jail cell, stating that he would like to remain in Clovian custody until trial and that the guards had told him he would likely be executed. When I told him that following me back to the ship was an order, not a suggestion, he offered his resignation, effective immediately, from the Imperial Military. I rejected his resignation, citing IMSLO [imperial Military Stop Loss Order]. At that point, he accompanied me back to the Avenger where he was treated for shock and exhaustion. I attempted to schedule an appointment with the ship's therapist, but learned that the therapist was killed in action last month and a replacement has not yet been found. Cpl Kirana was granted two weeks leave after which he will be reassigned, at his request, to a different unit.