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Found 8 results

  1. DavideSacra

    [MOC] History of Apple

    Hi guys, check out my History of Apple. I reproduced the most iconic computers and devices and the most important moments for Apple. I hope you will like it. Cover2 by Davide Sacramati, on Flickr descr1 by Davide Sacramati, on Flickr H by Davide Sacramati, on Flickr You can see the full project on Lego Ideas:
  2. Okay, I know this has been brought up before, but I've tried LDraw, Bluerender, Pov-Ray, Blender, and none of them work on my mac. Any advice?
  3. While waiting for Bluerender to work for a Mac, I'm trying the rather labyrinthine method to get a .lxf into POVRay for the Mac. Usually for builds coming from LDD into Bricksmith (LDR app for a mac) too many parts are missing (40-50% often times) that I don't have time to rebuild the project there before render. For the project this week, it's possible as only a few parts are missing, but I found a new problem: Anyone know why a transparent canopy (I use trans brown in LDD and trans black as it should be in Bricksmith) would render in POVRay near-black, muddy, with a few specks of transparency? It basically looks like a messed up solid black brick. Is there a setting change to make, or am I just fated never to pull off a render on a Mac? Thanks for any advice.
  4. Hi, I don't know if there's a specific thread for this but I couldn't find one, so I hope it's ok me starting a new one. I do a lot of Lego in computer using both LDD and LDraw (Bricksmith editor), but what I'd like to try and do is create some higher quality images than the ones I manage to get out of LDView. I only have a Mac laptop. Could you give me any advice on the software/tools I need to get hold of? (Tried looking for Pov-ray but that doesn't seem to have a current mac release? Also, a lot of the tools seem geared exclusively for Windows which I can't run) Cheers NathanR
  5. Ulrik Hansen

    MOC: Macintosh II

    This is my latest (small) MOC that I started working on a few years ago. After MOCing the NeXT Cube computer that Tim Berners-Lee used to develope World Wide Web, I wanted to build another sort of historical computer: Macintosh II - Introduced in 1987, the Mac II was Apple's first fully expandable Macintosh computer to compliment the booming Desktop Publishing industry. The case design was an example of the Snow White design language which has vertical and horizontal stripes for decoration, ventilation, and the illusion that the computer enclosure is smaller than it actually is.
  6. Hi, I'm new here, I've recently started designing Lego models in computer and I'm trying to put together some proper instruction manuals for them (LDD's instruction are usually quite bizarre for me). I've downloaded LDraw, Bricksmith and LPub for the Mac, it's all set up and working well but there are a couple of things that bug me: 1) In LPub, it seems to be impossible to ignore the last step of a callout where a floating part is placed correctly with a BufExchg Retrieve command. I've read the eurobricks guide, and the google site instructions for this ("'") but it never seems to work: e.g. 0 FILE untitled model.ldr 0 untitled model 0 Name: 0 Author: Nathan Readioff 1 4 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 -0 0 1 3022.dat 0 STEP 0 !LPUB CALLOUT BEGIN 1 4 -20 0 10 1 0 0 0 1 0 -0 0 1 Pins.ldr 0 !LPUB CALLOUT ALLOC HORIZONTAL 0 !LPUB CALLOUT POINTER CENTER 0 0.496622 0.492857 0 !LPUB CALLOUT END 0 STEP 0 NOFILE 0 FILE pins.ldr 0 untitled model 0 Name: Pins.ldr 0 Author: Nathan Readioff 1 0 20 -24 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 -0 0 1 32000.dat 0 BUFEXCHG A STORE 1 25 10 -14 -111 0 0 -1 0 1 0 1 0 0 3673.dat 0 PLIST BEGIN IGN 1 25 10 -14 -41 0.707107 0.707107 -0 0.707107 -0.707107 -0 -0 0 -1 hashl4.dat 0 PLIST END 0 STEP 0 BUFEXCHG A RETRIEVE 1 25 10 -14 -11 0 0 -1 0 1 0 1 0 0 3673.dat 0 !LPUB NOSTEP 0 STEP 0 NOFILE Is this just a bug in the Mac version of Lpub or have I got the commands wrong? 2) Is it possible to fine tune the placement of callouts? On multistep views it never seems possible to just click and drag, the way you can when only one step is shown per page. 3) Also, is there an alternative Mac editor to Bricksmith that allows BufExchg commands to be added within the code rather than typing everything manually in TextEdit? This gets a bit tedious… Would really appreciate any help! Cheers, NathanR
  7. pabloglez

    MOC Lego Cars Island

    Hi all, This is the latest MOC I built after not having built anything for a long time. This MOC comes from the idea of making my son Omar a garage for his Lego Cars collection. After several attempts we finally decided to make a resort on an island The island has a cave that communicates with the interior saltwater lake. On the first floor is the island´s branch of Flo’s V8 Cafe from Radiator Springs. On the first floor their is multipurpose room, movie theater, and ballroom. On the third floor there is a gym with the most modern machines. Over the gym there is a terrace with stunning views of the ocean. All this is topped with the logo of the Island "Cars Island". Below there are some photos. Click on the images or links to view larger. Hope you like it. Lego Cars Island_01 by pabloglez and Omar, on Flickr Lego Cars Island_02 by pabloglez and Omar, on Flickr Lego Cars Island_03 by pabloglez and Omar, on Flickr Lego Cars Island_04 by pabloglez and Omar, on Flickr Lego Cars Island_05 by pabloglez and Omar, on Flickr Lego Cars Island_06 by pabloglez and Omar, on Flickr Lego Cars Island_07 by pabloglez and Omar, on Flickr Lego Cars Island_08 by pabloglez, on Flickr Lego Cars Island_09 by pabloglez, on Flickr Lego Cars Island_10 by pabloglez, on Flickr Lego Cars Island_11 by pabloglez, on Flickr Lego Cars Island_12 by pabloglez, on Flickr Lego Cars Island_13 by pabloglez, on Flickr Lego Cars Island_14 by pabloglez, on Flickr Thank you
  8. Captain Settle

    MAC Entry: Tower Of William

    Victor Revolword had been slain, but not without sacrifice. Many heroes had died, and William Thornton was among them. Fred Thornton has commissioned a tower to be built in his memory. Front: Side: This is a new invention made to help with building tall structures. Someone pulls on the rope, which makes it carry crates of supplies up to the second floor. Back: Side: The ladder takes people up to the scaffolding on the second floor. Here is a worker building up the bottom of the tower. A dwarf working on the stone. The Avalonian flag shows that this tower is an official Avalonian building. A florist chooses which flowers to go on the tower. A worker having a well earned break. This was my MAC entry. Any C&C welcome.