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Found 7 results

  1. CROSSHAIR My second release in the buildable figure series from The Bad Batch. The scale of the figure is the same as my other moc of Tech. These are both done in the same scale as the official buildable Harry Potter buildable figures by LEGO. I'm really happy with how the sniper rifle and the helmet came out. I plan on creating the Clone Force 99 version of Crosshair as well. Hunter, Echo and Wrecker are also in the works. Specifications: Pieces: 1178 pieces Height: 11.8 inches / 29.8 cm Width: 7.5 inches 19 cm Length: 7.5 inches 19 cm
  2. It's been some time since I provided an update on models from my Turbo Racers vs. Police Interceptors series here, most (22 cars + variations and a "dyno") are on Rebrickable now: Because the models I want to present today are not strictly racing, I thought about starting a new thread for them: TG Power wrecker This is a wrecker truck based on a modified body of the F A H R T-Laster with the following functionality: Selectable AWD/RWD (propelled by RC Buggy motor (Chinese replica installed ATM), steering by PF Servo motor, power and control by a BuWizz 2.0) manual front winch manual rear boom (closely based on the one from the 42079 B model but with manual double winch) rear PTO (motorized by PF M motor) rear towing hitch Colors are not final yet, e.g. the currently red boom mechanis will become LBG. This wrecker is pretty fast. I experimented with the new diffs to make it stronger instead, but I couldn't avoid gear slipping with a 12z bevel gear against the 28z bevel gear of the rear diff when driving it perpendicular. The propulsion motor then sat half a stud higher but was still only kept in place by pins and could be pushed up over time. Do others perhaps experience gear slipping with the new diff when driving it with a 12z bevel gear in perpendicular fashion? Can this work reliably at all? This video shows an application for the PTO, i.e. driving a small car lift: Car transport trailer This features: double winch at the front for pulling cars onto the platform (can be driven manually or from a PTO) tiltable platform (using two small LAs, manually driven) extendible ramps Except for the coloring I consider it pretty final. Hope you like it.
  3. Hi, everyone! It’s been a long time since I posted my last MOC on EB. Today I’m gonna show you one of the projects I’ve been working on lately: a flatbed tow truck / US style wrecker. This is the biggest MOC I’ve made so far...And it is packed with loads of features & functions. Some general specs: Weight: over 4 KG Parts used: over 3800 pcs Dimensions: 760mm (L) x 170mm (W) x 220mm (H) It features: - V8 fake engine - Openable doors - Working headlights - Independent suspensions on front axle - Pendular suspensions with shock absorbers on rear axles Motorized functions: There are 8 motorized fuctions in total, powered by 9 PF motors, remotely controlled by 1 IR Controller + 1 IR Speed Controller (channel switching on both controllers is needed), simple structure with no gear box: - 2 XL for propulsion - 1 Servo for steering - 1 M for opening bonnet - 1 M for wheel lift lowering & raising - 1 M for wheel lift reaching out & retracting - 1 M for bed tilting - 1 L for bed sliding - 1 L for winch A video showing all functions: (Original video on YouTube is 60fps, don’t know why it doesn’t work here) I managed to hide all motors inside the chassis, including the one that powers the winch. I’ll talk about it later. Some more video clips: (Again, all 60fps) This is the propulsion motors assembly. 2 XL hard-coupled with 12-teeth bevel gears, and has a total gear ratio of 25 : 9 before power reaching rear-axle differentials. That’s enough torque to propel this heavy truck. Rear axles have pendular suspensions, connected by 3 small turntables. Soft springs are for balancing. Structure is solid enough to bear the load, but I also designed a similar one with extra support on the middle turntable. It’s 1 stud longer so I didn’t use it on this already long truck. This is what the chassis looks like.I was wearing latex gloves for anti-sweating... Eight 200mm-long PF extension cables were used to connect motors to IR receivers and IR receivers to battery pack. They were well hidden right underneath the battery pack. Now let’s take a look at the bed. In the picture above, the arrows indicate how power goes up the bed. Red ones are for bed sliding while green ones are for the winch. I decided not to put a motor on the bed because it is ugly and too big. A real flatbed’s winch motor is fairly small compared to its size and usually unnoticeable. As a result, I have to compromise on deck height... More photos: At last, I have to say I’m not satisfied with this MOC for several reasons: Deck height: just too high for a flatbed. As I will not compromise on a visible motor on bed, height increased at least 3 studs. Loading angle: about 19 degrees, not a good number Most importantly, too long and too heavy. Front wheels and Servo are working under high pressure, even with 3 hard springs on each side the front part is still overburdened. Perhaps an extra pair of wheels in the middle would solve the problem, but it will lose its aesthetics and no longer looks like a longnose US truck. I didn’t want to publish it at the beginning because it’s imperfect, but I spent too much time on it and don’t want to waste it, so finally created this topic and shared it with you. Again, see my other creations on Rebrickable at: And my YouTube Channel: Enjoy!
  4. I wanted to show my latest project. It is a Kenworth rotator tow truck. I was really inspired by the one from Sariel. ( ) And the one from Andrea Grazi. ( ) It is still a long way before it is finished. But i wanted to share it anyway. Still working on the pneumatics and the rest of the crane and lift arm, to get everything working. Tell me what you think of it .
  5. After using too much time to build models that are way to big. I decided to build something more parts and wallet friendly. My heart fell for the LMSW 6x4 Wrecker which was put in use in WWII by the Canadian and British forces. After the war the vehicles were exported all over the world. One of them was put to use by the public transport company GVB in Amsterdam, Holland. This Lego recreation is build in scale 1:16 and is remote controlled with Sbrick. Using one XL motor for drive and a servo motor for steering. The cranes are build for looks rather then functionality. They can swivel and the hook can be lowered. The angle of the arms however is fixed. Building for looks the model has a complete detailed interieur with suspended seating, steering wheel, dashboard with gauges and all the levers a trucker can wish for. The interesting crane system used in the rear intrigued me to do the build. A really simple system for the stabilizers using chains and pins combined with two swiveling arms controlled by steel wires. The model is complete with tool and hardware boxes on the rear deck. A jack was transported with the truck in case Amsterdam bikers were trapped under the trams . PS, yes the rims are painted black.
  6. blackdeathgr

    The New Providence wreckers

    Hello guys, I guess October-November were really active all around the world as far as contests and LUGs are concerned. Thus, i made the following MOC for "show me your squad" contest and since it is of piratical content, i feel obliged to present it to you :P The idea was to present the infamous wreckers that worked around the globe scavenging wrecks and since that was a crime and had to be zero eye-witnesses, some of them even killed any unfortunate wreck survivors. Of them all, the most notorious were the Bahamas wreckers, the New Providence ones and in Europe the Cornish and the ones living at the coast of Normandy, France. For more information check the following articles: https://en.wikipedia...ing_(shipwreck) http://www.historic-...glers-Wreckers/ So, voila! The Wreckers by Spy Tha, on Flickr The Wreckers B by Spy Tha, on Flickr
  7. Hello, I am building the LDD model of the 8858 Rebel Wrecker. However, when i want to connect a technic beam to a connector the align tool doesn't work. Does anybody know how to solve this? And another question, how do i get the truck horizontal again? It's at a different angle right now. I enclosed the LDD file and a screenshot. Thanks a lot in advance!