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Found 8 results

  1. goatman461

    [O - I06] If Only In My Dreams

    Location: Yetornius - I06 Tags: Christmas Finally... the beacon... 100 miles north of the Jacques LaRose Training Facility on the south pole of Yetornius, pilot John Hannibal reaches the final marker of the Octan explorer training course. As he activates the beacon to coordinate his pick up, alone, Hannibal has time to think about the past two months of rehabilitation, training, and the loss of his command. It wouldn't be long before he was again demoted and his ability to find answers to the assassination attempt would be lost. And, he knew he couldn't bring his family to Andromeda without first knowing that the would be safe. Hannibal knew just the man to put on the job... as long as he could take some time away from the important work he was doing for CEO Pombe... Damn, it's quite out here. Tomorrow will be 60 days since the attack... Christmas day... and here I am where the love light gleams... I'll be home for Christmas, darling...
  2. goatman461

    [O - I06] Yetorian Candidate

    Location: Yetornius - I06 Tags: Spaceship, Land Vehicle(s), Civil Octan's ranks had started to fill with members of the Merchant Confederacy. Their transition had been smooth as HR understood the unique opportunity that was being presented and was eager to signup employees that didn't require return tickets back through the Gate. But, in the rush to process the recruits, many questions about these people remained. What had a thousand years of space done to this "human" race? Acting CEO and Octan pilot, John Hannibal, certainly trusted these men. And he was currently on a mission to integrate Octan's best pilots with the colonies they would be protecting, uniquely turning a corporate military into a civilian corps of minutemen pilots. But, their stop over for repairs on I06 proved dangerous. They were at a satellite repair station manned by both Octan and MC repairmen, working in hardsuits. Ziggy and Hannibal's latest jumper had some difficulty maneuvering through a random green cluster of "rock" formations between E11 and I06 and they sucked a strange white worm up through one of their rotating thrusters. Hannibal decided to go for a walk to see the new HR facility located close to the repair dock and his quaint training facility. [O - I06] 4 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Hannibal was knock forward by a surprise thud on his right shoulder. He rolled and shot. Missed. The surprise assailant was to Hannibal's (now) left, already dead, burning up in the churning lava. A new recruit from the MC, the pilot from his first meeting with Callahan, had shot the would-be assassin just before he reached Hannibal. After stabilizing Hannibal's arm Ziggy and the pilot the pulled the body from the lava and start investigating. Lots of extra pics C&C welcomed and appreciated
  3. Tags: Spaceship, Exploration Octan explorer Jedadiah Douglass, on I06, Yetornius: Planet proved to be almost completely covered in lava fields, out of which spout occasional fiery geysers, must be extremely careful flying at lower altitudes. The top can be opened to study the atmosphere... or anything curious in that direction My first build for Andromeda' Gates and my favorite spaceship I've built yet - also my first one... Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  4. Octan Training Facility: Yetornius, southern pole Carved out of the super-heated rock of Yetornius, Octan's new training facility houses two contained habitats and access to flora and fauna of I06's own inhabitants. Each enclosure provides new hires with limitless dangers and trials at the hands of the galaxies most feared inhabitants. While nobody is quite sure what interim CEO John Hannibal deposited inside of the damp, jungle bioshere of Containment 1, the student's can't help but see the hungry sand worm slithering beneath the surface of Containment 3. The campus is powered by an adjacent river of lava, houses thousands of new applicants (graduates few), has personal quarters and landing platform for the company CEO, and room for the comings and goings of the companies starship fleet, their pilots, scientists, explorers, drivers, and military personnel.
  5. Kai NRG

    [O - I06] Based on Lava

    Edit: Whoopsie! Location: I06 Tags: Airplane [Actually helicopter but that isn't there], Water Vehicle, Building, Science Excerpt from Guy Wynd's pilot log: Delivered supplies as per assignment to the base on Yetornius. They seemed to be having a good time, were just about to try out the hopefully lava resistant speedercraft. Their scientist was praising it to the skies but he didn't volunteer and got back into the lab asap. The poor guy who did end up taking the trip didn't seem overly confident. Seems like all went well tho. Base construction would seem to be done. They've got one tower, lab and storehouse in one, then a crane and drilling platform, zip lines back and forth, plus a small docking area. As long as the predatorial life stays away don't think they'll be having much trouble! Docking area: The white building is modular, that is, it has removable roofs, besides a ladder from one story to the next. Here's a shot inside the first story, the lab: And here's one of the second story: The speedercraft: The platform features a forkliftish thing and a drill. And a few shots of the helicopter. Why is it that I always make my cockpits so tiny! No doing barrel rolls in this puppy! It's only got one job: to transport Octan supplies into rough places! Lastly, another overview from a higher angle: Fortunately, as it turned out the forecast was about as wrong as wrong could be and yesterday was, well, not what I would consider a nice day, but a nice day for taking pictures! Overall this was an enjoyable build, I definitely like lava! C&C appreciated! Thanks for taking the time to look it over!
  6. JesseCarley

    [O - I06]- Yetornius: Inferno

    Fresh from the frigid swamps of Livgorn, the oppressive heat of Yetornius hit Hernan like a wall, even through his OctanCorp© Survival Suit™. He carefully picked his way across the broken landscape, keeping a watchful eye on the leathery shapes riding the thermal currents far above him, and patting out the embers that occasionally threatened to set his poncho alight. He had just been beginning to examine one of the strange crystalline deposits he had spied from the air. It was the wrong colour for Awesomnium, but he thought that the extreme pressures and temperatures of the volcanic planet might have altered its structure in some way... Afterwards, he wasn't sure what had alerted him. A shadow? A subtle change in air currents? Or instincts honed by years of exploration? Whatever it was, he ducked, just in time, as the creature swooped directly over his head. The crystal he had been examining slipped from his grasp, tumbling into the lava flow and vanishing without a trace. Scrambling to his feet, he looked into the impassive face of the bizarre creature, its bat-like ears twitching as it emitted a low-pitched, guttural ticking. The white markings around it's neck reminded him of Father Mendez, the ancient priest who had practically run the small village he had grown up in. Gripping the haft of his axe, he weighed his options. The creature would be ungainly here on the ground. On the other hand, there were plenty more of them soaring overhead, and if they decided to swarm him he could be in real trouble. The decision was made for him when, letting out a screech, the creature charged at him, tottering forward on its spindly legs. He ran, leaping across the lava flows, dodging gouts of flame and blobs of molten rock. He could still hear the creature skittering along behind him, but his landing craft was within sight.]I06-Yetornius: Inferno[/url] by]Jesse Carley[/url], on Flickr]I06-Yetornius: Inferno[/url] by]Jesse Carley[/url], on Flickr]I06-Yetornius: Inferno[/url] by]Jesse Carley[/url], on Flickr]I06-Yetornius: Inferno[/url] by]Jesse Carley[/url], on Flickr]I06-Yetornius: Inferno[/url] by]Jesse Carley[/url], on Flickr
  7. mediumsnowman

    [O-I06] Landing at Station 6

    BEGIN TRANSMISSION 02: SPECIAL FORCES JEBEDIAH O'REILLY TO OCTAN HQ SECURE CHANNEL 768954 30 MAIAN AD 3815 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After a lengthy space journey I have arrived at I06. I don't know why Isabel would have wanted to come here. Well, her taste in landscapes cost her her life. I am just now landing at Docking Port 6 of Big Z's brand new facility. Oh look, here he is with Pombe to greet me! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- END TRANSMISSION 02 I06 Facility Facility Top Landing 1 Esteemed Colleagues Defense Tower Biomass Pumps Lava Interceptor Interceptor Back Platform Empty
  8. goatman461

    [O - I06] Octan Barge

    Location: I06 - Yetomius Tags: Military, Vehicle, Spaceship / Airplane, Exploration [i - 06] OCTAN BARGE by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr I06 - Yetomius - Octan Pilot John Hannibal follows a modified drone to Explorer Pombe's location on I06. Forward artillery and mercenary guards protect the barge from the dangerous inhabitants of the planet below.