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Found 12 results

  1. Yes-yes, kill the manthings with the DOOMWHEEL! For Clan Skryre! I'm a huge fan of the Total War games (I credit them with having instilled in me a love of history... or well "history" from an early age), and I was a bit reluctant to get into the Total War: Warhammer games, but after some convincing of friends about a year or so ago, I've been playing the new ones nonstop. While I love the Empire and Eltharion, I've got a fascination with the Skaven, especially Ikit Claw and his oh so lovely doomrockets, doomwheels, etc. So I did what any other AFOl would do. Design a doomwheel. As you can see below, it's basically a modified 75040: General Grievous' Wheel Bike. I doubled the wheel design, making two wheels instead of one, and had 2x3 plates replace the "center wing" pieces on Grievous' wheel. I then had to modify the parts of the outside wheel, or brown tire really, to be a bit longer, and then also build a bit of an interior to fit a rat/minifigure to control. While some pieces aren't available in the colors shown here, this should be entirely buildable, and playable. For me, if it looks like it could be played with (such as not an Architecure set or similar), it should have some sort of playable element. This one does roll. In theory. So like the Skaven. It works. In theory. And if it doesn't, sacrifice those skavenslaves and nuke the enemy. Neon green comes from the nukes/warpstones/crazy magic the Skaven tap into to crash the moon into the world. Yeah, that happens. Oops, spoilers. Yeah, these ratmen are nuts. What's that, Mr. Witchhunter? You say there are no ratmen? Ok.
  2. Hey everyone, This is my first real Monkie Kid MOC Our heroes receive help from the Great Master Korin Mech, to stop Scream, the Evil Warlock Mech Rat from poisoning the land! Check out the Flickr album for more pictures: Monkie Kid and the Legend of Korin
  3. Actionfigure


    Hello, I have another (new) version of a common rat. 1:1 scale. It´s available as a set at MOCHUB (bricks and instructions) (The link is working and the price is correct, now)
  4. Hello, I’m Kevin, 32 years old from Willebroek, Belgium. I’m now building a Castle themed setting which is nearly finished. My latest MOC is this Custom truck, I finished this in late November 2017. The car is based on a 1930 Ford Model AA truck with custom chassis, RWD drivetrain, suspension and several other details. I tried to incorporate as many technical details as I could. Since it’s brick built, those technical details don’t work, they are esthetical except for steering.. More on Flickr
  5. spirogero

    [MOC] The Rat King

    How can this be? Cats being slaves to a mouse? Cats serving a mouse? Well... it can. MOC for thought. The king rat 5 by Spiros Geropoulos, on Flickr More on FlickR.
  6. Hello This is my Rat rod buggy I designed this model to be simple so I can make Lpub instructions for it but them are taking a long time to make It has HOG steering and no suspension and the notorious BLUE seat In the back I tried to make custom stickers for nitrous oxide.... I had to hand make them because my printer only has black and white inc and color is too expensive side view picture of the "interior"(and the blue seat) Top view where you can see the HOG wheel Bottom view of the steering rack and chassis Thank you for reading!
  7. Bombastia was probably the best bargain Osric Isentooth had made during his recruitment of mercenaries. For she was a woman, she could not demand the same payment as men. War business was still a male domain. But the tremendous warrioress was in no way less deadlier than any other mercenary. In fact she was even scarier and stronger than anyone in Isentooth's entourage.
  8. If winning, I pick H15 as new warzone. _______________________________________ Osric's troops attack a mill powered watering system. I hope you like it. I'm a little bit annoyed because it didn't turn out as well as I thought. But now I've learned much about composing builds. I should've put the water wheel in the backround. Will think more about the arrangement of the elements I want to show.
  9. "Get in position! This is our only chance." Lord Osric yellled at his troops, trying to prepare them for a desperate attempt to break the enemy's lines. The Desert King's advance in the west had been stopped by a fresh recruited and well equipped army loyal to the High Council. Now, after one week of bloody battles, the Wither Woods were cut off from the Pharao's main land in the east. His troops were far from being defeated yet, but Osric was not willing to spend the next two months trying to stand his ground while over Nocturnian captains would claim honour for conquering Kaliphlin's great cities and win all the loot and attention of their resurrected master. He would make a glorious attack against the besiegers and fight his way through the High Council's lines back to the Rakath Mountains. "Bring my rat!" When the rat lord spoke of his rat, he did not mean one of his men, to whom he referred to as simply "his men". "His rat" was his joker. Something that would guarantee their escape...
  10. If winning, I pick E2 as new warzone. The boy's arm was already broken. Osric's men did not care if a prisoner got hurt as long as he was still able to speak. "Listen boy. I do not care about your politics down here. All I'm interested in is the loot." He looked at the rat holding the shaduf, an ancient and primitive well sweep that was used in the southern lands since time immemorial. The exiled rat king could se the desire in his soldier's eyes to just drown this foolish spy they had catched early in the morning. "I'm tired of asking. Now simply tell me all about strength and position of your battaillon and all of this will quick be over." The young soldier's voices was bruised from the blood pressing on his head:"You're going to kill me either way. I don't talk to vermin like you." Osric made a last desultory attempt to convince him:"Oh boy. There are so many ways to die. And some are not very pleasant. I could simply let my men gnaw off your fett and throw the pitiful rest of you into the river." "Nocturnian scum! Your mummy king will soon return to hell. Now end this, I am ready for it." Osric had lost interest in his prisoner. There were sure still other spies around to catch. Perhaps some who were easier to intimidate. He looked to the rat holding the sweep:"He seems thirsty. It was an uncomfortable morning for him. Give him water."
  11. viracocha

    MOC: Mice

    To our incredible rats Pushka and Eris. mice_1 by vir-a-cocha, on Flickr
  12. Stormbringer

    FAPC: Like CATs in a Maze

    The War between the Rat and Cat colonies continue to escalade, even into space. Rat ships are almost impossible to navigate through and were designed specifically to be like a Maze in order to confuse and trap invading hostiles. Also not all of Rat ships are made of cheese.. Here a group of MAD CATs have boarded the Rat-infested ship, and have begun to exterminate the vermin in search for it's control room. Two Cat mechs have become stranded from their initial attack force, and have lost their way in the ship's labyrinth. With no exit in sight, the cats find nothing but more rodents who quickly try to overpower them. However when a kitty is cornered it isn't so snuggly... Like CATs in a Maze by Stormbringer., on Flickr Like CATs in a Maze by Stormbringer., on Flickr Like CATs in a Maze by Stormbringer., on Flickr