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Found 8 results

  1. "To these constructions, necessary for such huge quantities of water, would you dare to compare the useless pyramids of Tellvok or the works of the Pyrites, as famous as they are unproductive?" Water, safe and drinkable water, is the lifeblood of a settlement. Wood and building materials can be shipped from a long distance, food and commodities can be imported and stored, but very little can be done about water: without a reliable source of fresh water, a settlement can't survive. When the wells get dry or the river changes its course, when the crops and the livestock begin to die, people can only abandon their houses. This, fortunately, will never happen to Fort Arltrees. The city, which already received water from the nearby River Rimbaud and the ancient canal system, can now rely also on a modern aqueduct. Back in the Old World, aqueducts were a point of pride for the Ancient Empire, even more than the majestic temples or the towering statues. Most of the aqueducts were abandoned during the Dark Ages, as only a few far-sighted kings had the knowledge and the resources to keep them working. For centuries, therefore, people of the Madrician nations had to rely only on wells and rivers, until enlightened monarchs began rebuilding the vital water infrastructures. In the New World, modern aqueducts are still a rare sight: the one of Fort Alrtrees is only the second, after the one of Mesabi Landing on Alicentia. Fort Arltrees Aqueduct connects the settlement with the springs on the King's Hills, crossing several miles of fertile countryside. In the city, it supplies a large number of fountains and drinking throughs, and even more importantly fills some large cisterns: even during a harsh siege, Fort Arltrees will not remain without water. The war raging in the eastern part of the island, however, couldn't seem more distant: after the military columns left the settlement, life returned to its normal rythms... crops must be sowed or harvested, no matter if a Carnite settlement in the East is besieged! The ensign of the Rimbaud family decorates the pillars of the arched bridges (actually a small part of the whole aqueduct, but the most impressive one), since the infrastructure was privately funded. Despite the huge interests of the Crown in the city, Fort Arltrees remains in fact a squatter settlement, at least on paper... a strange status, for the actual capital of Oleon colonies in the New Haven Sea region! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Overall view: As you may notice, I'm currently forced to work with a small part of my bricks, hence the little monotony of colors in my last builds... however, I'm quite satisfied by the result. I liked the idea of building something completely new here in BoBS, but apparently @Mesabi had preceded me of a few years... nice aqueduct BTW, somehow I had missed it at the time! To be licensed as a medium property, even if suggestions for the category would be extremely appreciated!
  2. Dzoni90

    [MOC] Roman Aqueduct!

    I've always been fascinated with technological ingenuity in the past, both in engineering and architectural areas. One of those achievements is definitely the aqueduct. With natural sunlight: Roman Aqueduct by Nikola Đurić, on Flickr Roman Aqueduct by Nikola Đurić, on Flickr Roman Aqueduct by Nikola Đurić, on Flickr Roman Aqueduct by Nikola Đurić, on Flickr
  3. Location: Mesabi Landing Type: Large Artisan It was another busy day in Mesabi Landing, the largest Corrish settlement, and the fourth largest on the Brick Seas. Hydrological Harvesting part II by North White, on Flickr The Railway intersected a busy road, where stagecoatches and wagons ferried goods and services across the massive settlement. Hydrological Harvesting part II by North White, on Flickr The Aqueduct, finally operational, moved precious water from the lake to the north to a system of pipes under the city. Hydrological Harvesting part II by North White, on Flickr As the settlement had grown, styles had changed, and plastering houses had become all the rage. Hydrological Harvesting part II by North White, on Flickr Meanwhile, in the "Where are my pants?" Laundromat, an operator sat while his assistant scrubbed clothes. Hydrological Harvesting part II by North White, on Flickr Hydrological Harvesting part II by North White, on Flickr Elsewhere, a worker took a siesta in a small residence. Hydrological Harvesting part II by North White, on Flickr Yes, Mesabi Landing was the best Corrish settlement. FIN Thanks for viewing my build. I chose to license this as an artisan, as there really isn't a category for "aqueducts." I really had fun with this build, and it was nice to show all the vehicles on a street, even though half of them are from London Escape. C&C appreciated
  4. Pumping the water into the aqueducts is important, yes. Deciding about the waters destination, however, is real power. As such a small unit of Ulandian soldiers has conquered a tower further landinwards where a waterstream is split in two. Some of the water is kept for the small oasis around the tower. Poor Desert King spy soon to be discovered by the watchful dog... Stopping the flow of the water in one of the directions: Feel free to have a look at the full fotostream for some more shots. In case I win: J9.
  5. My entry to warzone 2. Aymeri and his men fortify a filling station, along the Qar Ahken River: An overview of the entire build: More pictures here: Link C&C appreciated
  6. Garmadon

    [WZ2:G12, Ulandus]

    The Thirteenth Legion was meandering around, supposed to be searching for an old aqueduct that was probably nothing more than a myth. However, they were rather enjoying themselves gazing at the brilliant vegetation and picking berries... They were all completely lost until it occurred to one of them to look up. "Hey guys, look at that!" "Uh, do you mean the monkey?" asked one. "Your the monkey!" replied the other, "don't you see the aqueduct?" "Nobody home? And you guys thought we were slow! Those mummies must be as slow as snails!" My entry to Warzone two - I pick I16 as the next battlefield if I should happen to win Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  7. Warzone 2: Battle for the Reservoir Location: G12 Who Can Participate: All Factions Terrain: This battle zone is along the Qar Ahken River’s banks, which are bordered on both sides by long swaths of fertile land, irrigated by the rich waters or the life-giving river of Kaliphlin. Specifically, this battle will be fought near the river, around the Flagg Aqueduct Filling Stations. History: Besides making oodles of money, Dextrus Flagg also used some of his vast fortune to improve Kaliphlin. When he took over, his oil interests in the Lower Parched Lands suffered because they could not sustain enough workers at well sites due to the cost and effort it took to move potable water to the remote locations. There was a solution already available; the vast aqueduct systems stemming from the Rakath Mountains already supplied many farm locations in the Nyika Tupu Desert. The old network did come all the way to the Qar Ahken River, but most of the old ducts had been destroyed or decayed when crossing the river. Those that still made it across the river had very little water left to take into the next desert. However, there were still aqueducts that lay dry on the other side of the river, that extended far into the Parched lands. Flagg was given an engineering choice, repair the ducts across the river, or find a way to pump the river water into the old aqueducts on the west side of the river. He chose the latter. So, the region along “Gentle Curve” was converted into large pumping stations that filled a reservoir, in turn the aqueducts were connected to the reservoir, and the excess water began flowing into the Parched Lands once more. Mini-challenge: All three factions have recognized the importance of this location. Who controls the Reservoir controls the terrain within the middle of the lower parched lands. For this reason, the winning side will also claim H11 too. The builders must create a MOC that depicts one of the many filling stations or other element of Flagg’s reservoir. In addition to creating this work, the builder must show their side taking possession of the area, either through force, subterfuge, or maybe even “just getting there first.” It should be evident that your faction has taken control of the aqueduct, pumping apparatus, or part of the reservoir. Your interpretation of any piece of the reservoir system is up to you, but remember this isn’t science fiction, the devices you show should be feasible with simple medieval level mechanics. Restrictions: 32x32 with limited overhang Due Date: March 22nd Title Tag for MOC's thread: Title of MOC [WZ3:G12, Faction Name] When posting a link to your entry to each battle thread, make sure you note which zone you are picking as the next warzone if you win. You may want to coordinate with others from your faction. WARMAPSTARTNOWnonum by skaforhire, on Flickr I hope you all like this one, I thought it would be a lot of fun to do.
  8. If winning, I pick H15 as new warzone. _______________________________________ Osric's troops attack a mill powered watering system. I hope you like it. I'm a little bit annoyed because it didn't turn out as well as I thought. But now I've learned much about composing builds. I should've put the water wheel in the backround. Will think more about the arrangement of the elements I want to show.