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  1. [MOC] Modern Art: QR&PR

    Thanks! Why don't you just try to scan it?
  2. MOC: Hussar

    Thank you! Glad that you like it! Thanks! To be honest I have a couple of tan skeletons but can't remember where I've got them. May be you mean pelisse, a similar coat as dolman but with fur trimming, usually worn slung over the left shoulder. In the base I have used brackets like this.
  3. MOC: Hussar

    Meet the brave hussar the latest figure from our historical series! Hussar by Dmitriy and Anna, on Flickr Historical warriors Legionnaire Musketeer Hussar
  4. Roman Portrait

    Like black and white photography from antiquity!
  5. [MOC] Sunglasses

    Nice glasses! Poor that we have no your photo with it put on.
  6. MOC: Veni, Vidi, Vici

    I have published the design on LEGO Ideas, please support. Thank you very much!
  7. Musketeer of the military household of the King of France À la guerre comme à la guerre by Dmitriy and Anna, on Flickr Historical warriors Legionnaire Musketeer Hussar
  8. MOC: Veni, Vidi, Vici

    Veni, vidi, vici by Dmitriy and Anna, on Flickr Historical warriors Legionnaire Musketeer Hussar
  9. MOC: Shadows of the rain

    Thank you Oliver! Glad that you like it. I wanted to build something simple and impresive in the spirit of surrealism, something like paintings by René Magritte . For the paving I've used this part Thanks kreimkoek, me too!
  10. MOC: Shadows of the rain

    My artwork in surrealistic manner. To my wife, my muse and my critic. Shadows of the rain by Dmitriy and Anna, on Flickr Shadow people. Wet Town.
  11. Time loop

    Soon I'll have to go to the past to find one petty hooligan - the danger of cats and pigeons, and send his wild energy into the right direction. I need to close this time loop, otherwise he will not become the builder vir-a-cocha, whom you know. Time loop by Dmitriy and Anna, on Flickr
  12. [MOC] Somebody with wings

    Why somebody? Let it be Icarus. Well done!
  13. MOC: Flashback: Devadasi

    CyCorp Inc, company that specializing in the manufacture of androids, supplied twelve Apsara models for the space temple Khajuraho. Preloaded software included observance of rituals, temple service and satisfaction of visitors. Fine appearance and accuracy of movement makes them perfect dancers. Later Khajuraho was ransacked by the space pirates and the androids were sold to new owners. Some of them have got in the houses of the nobility as a sex toy. Episode 5.0. Flashback: Devadasi by Dmitriy and Anna, on Flickr Сontents Episode 1.0 Sentimental Photo Episode 2.0 Episode 3.0 Captivity Episode 4.0 Dirty Work Episode 5.0 Flashback: Devadasi To be Continued... Edited December 10, 2015 by viracocha
  14. Winter Village: Xmas Tree Steam Train.

    Pleased to hear that from the person with such a nickname! Thanks guys! In my native town there is a monument the steam train Л-4305. I had a dream to build it for a long time and now all the puzzle pieces came together: I've got drawings and necessary parts and wonderful contest came in time. So it can be said that it is a model of steam train type "Л" in minifigure scale. Of course I had to sacrifice some technical details to save the functionality.