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  1. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, thousands of immigrants in pursuit of the American dream moved inland to the west. They loaded their few possessions into bulky horse-drawn wagons and set out on the arduous journey with their families. On their way, they encountered deserts and mountain passes, wild animals and Indian tribes lay in wait for them. And very often such wagons became the coveted prey of bandits. There was only one law in force here: the right of the strong, or "Rule of the gun," as the locals called it. In the event of an attack, one could only rely on the strength and endurance of the horses, on the carbine, and a little bit of luck. The Road to the West by Dmitriy and Anna, on Flickr Instructions are on Rebrickable.
  2. viracocha

    [MOC] Bodyguard

    Princess Kaguya is the daughter of the head of a powerful corporation and a member of an influential clan. She goes to a closed high school where no one knows about her background.A cyborg was assigned to escort and guard her. In this model, artificial intelligence (AI) was replaced by the formatted consciousness of a living person. It is believed that human intelligence shows better cognitive abilities compared to AI, and formatting saves it from unnecessary memories and emotions, which makes cyborgs of this type ideal machines. As a result of the error, the formatting did not occur completely and the cyborg "remembers" his past life as Ryuichi the leader of the youth gang who died in a street fight. An emotional connection is established between the girl and her bodyguard.Terrorists kidnap a girl to put pressure on her father. At the same time, the cyborg bodyguard was seriously damaged. When the kidnappers decide to destroy him, the princess shields him with her body and threatens to kill herself if anything happens to him."I'll be your bodyguard from now on, Ryuichi..." Bodyguard by Dmitriy and Anna, on Flickr Cyborg Princess Kaguya Instructions for girl and cyborg are avaliable on Rebrickable.
  3. viracocha

    [MOC] Barber

    I was asked to show the rear view of the model. Here is the render:
  4. viracocha

    [MOC] Barber

    What a touching story @Toastie! We hope that you will share with us its continuation.
  5. viracocha

    [MOC] Barber

    @1963maniac, I'm glad you liked it! @Scoar Sonander, thank you for the kind comment. Insightful @MAB gave the correct answer it is straight razor.
  6. viracocha

    [MOC] Barber

    - Sit down, please! Barber by Dmitriy and Anna, on Flickr Instructions are here!
  7. viracocha

    MOC Aviator

    I continue to build a series of historical toy soldiers. Meet the new figure - Aviator. This World War I pilot in a leather jacket and traditional white scarf. Aviator by Dmitriy and Anna, on Flickr Aviator by Dmitriy and Anna, on Flickr I am happy to accept suggestions from anyone whom to build next. The instructions are avaliable on Rebrickable:
  8. viracocha

    [MOC] Fairysale 70%Off

    The instructions are avaliable here!
  9. viracocha

    [MOC] Knockout

    Knockout by Dmitriy and Anna, on Flickr Instructions are avaliable on Rebrickable:
  10. viracocha

    MOC: Veni, Vidi, Vici

    This MOC is one of the most popular on my flickr. Many people asked for the instructions of the warrior. At last I have restored the design and make the instructions. They are avaliable on Rebrickable: Legionary instructions by Dmitriy and Anna, on Flickr
  11. viracocha

    MOC Elf Archer

    @LettuceBrick @carebear @LEGO Train 12 Volts @Jerry McGlade Thanks for the kind comments! Thank you! Sometimes I am in a state of confusion what is the right forum threed for my MOC. Let it be some sort of costume decoration Good qwestion @Anio thank you! The light yellow will be the nice fit for the hair! The light gray color was determined by the use of this part as the braid
  12. viracocha

    MOC Elf Archer

    I continue to build a series of toy soldiers. Meet the new figure - Elf Archer. Elf Archer by Dmitriy and Anna, on Flickr In the beginning, the hero did not have a concrete prototype. But during the construction process, it began to seem to me more and more that it was Legolas. So I believe that you like this tribute to The Lord of the Rings trilogy. At last I would like to try some new experience and have made instructions. I think that this archer will look great on your shelf and you will have some pleasant time building it and learning new techniques. The instructions are avaliable on Rebrickable:
  13. viracocha

    [MOC] Fairysale 70%Off

    Patroness of shopaholics. Fairysale 70%Off by Dmitriy and Anna, on Flickr
  14. This MOC is based on my favorite winter cartoon “Father Frost and the Gray Wolf” One of the most memorable episodes when farther Frost easily slides on skis through the winter forest. And to make it more interesting, I decided to build not just a figure, but a kinetic sculpture. In general, kinetic art in Lego is very widely represented and I have long wanted to try myself in this area. After a short search I have found skier by JK Brickworks However, the style of movement of the Canadian skier is fundamentally different from the style of father Frost. The first one's movement of the arms and legs is short and rhythmic, then the second one's is more in amplitude. And this means that it is impossible to take and repeat the finished mechanism - it is necessary to develop a fundamentally different way. After several experiments, I drew attention to this detail Fortunately, I had two of them, and the mechanism acquired its final form: Father Frost: Kinetic Sculpture by Dmitriy and Anna, on Flickr Here, the rotation of the handle, through a system of gears, sets in motion the elementary mechanism for converting rotational motion into translational, which moves the rack and pinion gear. The main idea is to synchronize two racks through a gear, which simultaneously transmit rotation to the upper gear system, simulating the movement of the hands. Gear ratios were selected in such a way as to closely match the movements of the hero. Below you can see the result. Father Frost: Kinetic Sculpture by Dmitriy and Anna, on Flickr To hide the mechanism, the figure is placed on a stand decorated with a primitive Christmas tree and a gift. A figure of a Snowman is attached to the pen. In the cartoon, he worked as a driver for father Frost, but here he “sets in motion” the sculpture. Father Frost: Kinetic Sculpture by Dmitriy and Anna, on Flickr Below is a video of the sculpture, the music is taken from the original cartoon.
  15. Eikichi Onizuka (鬼塚 英吉), 22-years-old, nice to meet you! Great Teacher Onizuka by Dmitriy and Anna, on Flickr