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  1. Lord-Vorahk

    Are the mistika really that bad?

    Prior to HF, there was a pretty solid internal reason why characters tended to change appearance so drastically between designs: Their masks. Very often, a transformed character would be wearing a different mask or a different form of their old one. Since masks were not the character's faces, but rather something that many characters could wear and use, and mass-produced within the setting. While, from a character design standpoint, it makes the most sense to keep the character's face consistent, from an internal, story-focused perspective, it makes a lot less sense to have a set of different masks with different powers look so similar to each other. Would Jaller's Toa sets have been improved if their masks looked like a Hau? Probably. Would it have made sense for the Calix and Arthron to look like Haus? Nope. HF and later, G2, did away with the "mass-produced mask" concept, ironic, considering that the former were supposed to be mass-produced droids, and that allowed for more consistent "faces" between the characters' different forms. This, however, ended up making them less friendly to MOCing for me, personally. The standardized parts were great, even if I prefer the look I get out of G1 parts, but the masks and helmets being so tied to the character made things more difficult. I couldn't make a HF MOC without it looking like a new form of one of the existing characters, unless I wanted to slap a Glatorian helmet or finagle a G1 mask onto it, and my attempts at G2 MOCs often have the same result. That said, none of this excuses the Mistika's transgressions in this area, since they aren't supposed to be wearing new masks, and streamlined versions of their existing ones would've fit a lot better. Except Lewa. His Phantoka Mask is my favourite incarnation of the Miru.
  2. Lord-Vorahk

    Original Bionicle vs CCBS discussion

    They're good parts packs. I like the idea of a torso bone with space for four limbs. The claws are nice not counting the inability to hold stuff.
  3. Lord-Vorahk

    Original Bionicle vs CCBS discussion

    Huh, this topic is still a thing. I can corroborate the fragility of G2 pieces. I've got some friction extenders that no longer make any difference, just from being part of the set they came in, some bones are loose and floppy too, and some of both are actually broken. My G2 parts are mostly supplementary in G1-style builds now. The Bionicle MOCs I have on display still look good to me.
  4. Lord-Vorahk

    The Original Concept of Hero Factory

    We didn't have any indication that Makuta had intentionally unleashed the monsters himself until late 2015, and even then, that was on Ekimu's say-so, whereas before, it seemed like the Skull Spiders were born from him but not explicitly carrying out his will, and Kulta was his own entity..
  5. Lord-Vorahk

    The Original Concept of Hero Factory

    Probably because Dume being Makuta in disguise was a pretty big thing in 04. Also, the Ekimu theory spawned because Makuta's jealously was pretty well-justified. Ekimu got mountains of praise and adoration for, basically, using his magic mask to make the same identical villager mask over and over again, while Makuta used his actual skills to make different ones and got ignored. He then gets possessed and corrupted by the MoUP, but Ekimu spends all of 2015's latter half talking about how it's all definitely Makuta's fault and he is super-duper evil.
  6. Lord-Vorahk

    Problems/Improvements to Bionicle G2

    I'm thinking that maybe spending a huge chunk of their budget on solid gold masks might've been a bad idea.
  7. Lord-Vorahk

    No Bionicle in 2017 confirmed

    HF was stifling to me because the helmets were character-specific, save for the 2.0, which, while they were more generic, were also a bit naff. A red hero would pretty much always look a lot like Furno.
  8. Lord-Vorahk

    No Bionicle in 2017 confirmed

    THIS. So much THIS. I never got into G2 MOCing. I made one model, and then tore it down and rebuilt the sets I'd dismantled to make it. I just found the universe simultaneously too stifling and too thin to use, just like HF. Thin because the lore was so bare-bones and you'd have to invent everything to make it work, and stifling because everything was very, very specific. The torso prints and masks were explicitly tied to the characters, and rather than providing a unique secondary power, they were elemental in nature. We basically got Great and Noble versions of the same six masks, except all the Noble ones were identical. This is like G1 having no alternate masks and all of the Turaga having a Huna. And even then, the masks that the Toa were advertised as wearing didn't do anything- They were powerless until they got the golden ones. Okoto did not feel like a universe that I could work with, it was a single location with no real memorable organisations, factions, or even characters. This got worse in 2016- The masks were still elemental, but were now dual-coloured, which severely decreased their usefulness in MOCs (Want to use the Golden Unite Mask of FIre? Better include some trans-red-orange or it'll look like an eyesore!), and the chestpieces were now a solid printed thing with no room to customize, with the unique Nuva symbol printed on them. THe villains were extremely underwhelming, which is a disappointment because G1's villains were so good. They weren't just Saturday Morning Cartoon antagonists (Heck, the G2 villains don't even compare to some of those guys), each of them had their own personality and traits, as well as feeling like a group. Characters like Sidorak, Roodaka, the Piraka, the Barraki, and especially the 08 Makuta were so memorable because of their personalities. Federation of Fear was awesome because it took a bunch of these characters and put them in a Suicide Squad-esque story, with some excellent interactions and dialogue. The Mutran Chronicles is an excellent story and look at the history of the Brotherhood from the eyes of the delightfully witty mad scientist. And this is all without mentioning Makuta Teridax, who, to this day, is my single favourite villain of all time, and one of my favourite characters. G2's antagonists just did not hold up. At best, G2 has provided me with an interesting supplement for G1, some new Matoran, a meh Rahi, and some post-2010 Toa Nuva.Tahu has his golden armour, Lewa has his shoulder spikes, they still have metallic armour pieces, and Pohatu is orange-y.
  9. Lord-Vorahk

    MOC: Artakha, the Creator.

    Umbra was an OOMN agent, though.
  10. Lord-Vorahk

    No Bionicle in 2017 confirmed

    The weird thing is, I'm not even that sad. I feel a little frustrated thatthey didn't finish the story and get Makuta and the MoUP out, but the feeling I have reminds me much more of learning of HF's cancellation. Which is, to say, I don't really care. As far as Bionicle goes, I'm more interested in getting G1 parts from Bricklink, and have been since I got Tahu 2016 and was disappointed. I'm in that awkward position where I'd rather have a shelf full of 2008 Toa than the 2016 ones, because with those guys, I won't have to buy their previous incarnation to give them a consistent colour scheme. I know the CCBS is beloved by many people, but I never had enough to make something satisfactory with them, and even as supplements to G1, I'm sitting here with painfully few colours because the predominant hues of G1 are painfully underepresented in CCBS. Earth Blue is only available in two shell sizes. In 2010, I was gutted. It was the end of something I'd loved since I was a child, something I'd been invested in as many facets of as I could find. No more figures, no more story, nothing. But here, I don't care about the story, and the sets are most likely going to continue in a slightly different form. At most, it's something that let me increase articulation in some models, and it'll continue. And hey, this time we didn't even get a Protector-sized Tahu as a sendoff. Wonder how long my 2015 sets will stay built before I dismantle them all.
  11. Lord-Vorahk

    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    Content of this post has been moved to new thread.
  12. Lord-Vorahk

    Strawpoll - What are your thoughts on G2 Bionicle?

    I didn't know what to pick, in all honesty. THere wasn't an option for "Love 2015 sets pretty much unconditionally, dislike almost everything in 2016". Also, again, long arms were a feature of Matoran biology from the series' inception. In fact, the Matoran consistently had longer arms than legs. Toa were the same species as Matoran, so "Gorilla arms" is a rather baseless nitpick, because it's not like a character who doesn't have human proportions could ever work. As far as plastic quality goes, I have pieces from 2002 that are still sturdy, and pieces from 2015 that have lost all grip. G1's infamous plastic quality problems were only really a thing in its last few years. Story-wise, G1 has some of my favourite characters ever created. Teridax is still my favourite villain ever. The story arc and the mythos were amazing. There was this sense of mystery with everything that was introduced in the early years, and that continued into the later years with the searches and reveals and twists. G2 hasn't provided that. THe characters haven't been compelling in the least, but we're expected to just say "Okay, that's how it is, because it's for kids and kids are dumb". It wasn't the comics that made 2001 amazing, it was the MNOG, which G2 doesn't have. Aesthetically, G2 still hasn't trumped Breakout. It was on to a good start with 2015, but instead of going for "More main colours, less trans and metallics", it went the complete opposite direction and we got the ugly mess that is Tahu. Also, stealing "The CCBS Defence Squad", that needs to be a thing.
  13. Lord-Vorahk

    Future Constraction Lines

    "No human proportions 0/10"- BZP review of this next line. /s I merely jest, I haven't been to BZP for constraction reviews in a long time, so I have no idea if human proportions for alien robots is still a thing they're invested in. That said, the nonhumanoid stuff leads me to think that this would end up including minifigs somehow. Wouldn't happen in a dinosaur theme. Lego are far more likely to create outdated pop culture "dinosaurs" than push for accuracy. We'd be looking forward to naked, oversized raptors with broken wrists. As for what I'd expect, I think it's going to disappear as a original line and become more a supplement to other ones.
  14. Lord-Vorahk

    LEGO Marvel's Avengers Video Game Discussion

    I liked the one in Lego Batman 2, at least the 3DS one. You made your character, and you could give them any powerset. So I made a creepy-faced Batman and gave him Man-Bat's powers, and boom, Red Rain Batman. Complete with wings appearing in flight.
  15. Really disappointed by the lack of Wii U support. It's less of a pain now that I have an Xbone, but I can't see why TT keep screwing with the releases for the Wii U. I'm especially bothered by the special treatment they keep giving Sony. Paywalls in games are frustrating, but for those people that don't own a Sony console, the full game is essentially sitting behind a £300 paywall.