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  1. _shaddow_

    [MOC] Power Suit Samus (Metroid Dread)

    Thanks, I really appreciate the kind words!
  2. _shaddow_

    [MOC] Power Suit Samus (Metroid Dread)

    Thank you very much! Articulation was really important to me since just having a nice looking model that couldn't recreate poses from the character would detract from its overall feel, so I'm happy to hear you say that! Thanks! I don't plan on working on Raven Beak for now, I do want to do an E.M.M.I. at some point but more important projects will take priority for the time being!
  3. _shaddow_

    [MOC] Power Suit Samus (Metroid Dread)

    Thanks for the kind words, I'm happy you like it !
  4. GALLERY "The bounty for this mission does not seem appropriate. The risk clearly outweighs the reward. Treat our lost assets with care, Lady." Samus as she appears at the beginning of Metroid Dread. With Dread being one of the best game I've played in a long time, it felt right to build Samus with her new Power Suit. However, with the design being more smooth and curved than any other Power Suit apart from Fusion, it was a real challenge to get the shapes right without the model looking too blocky, but I think I managed to get most of the smooth shapes right. The visor is far from perfect, but at this scale while keeping the model purist, this was the best solution I could find. Samus has 28 points of articulation, with the all the general articulation you find on an action figure, but also two joints in each shoulder to be able to grab her cannon with her left hand, and three joints in the abdomen for torso rotation and a bit of forward crunch. I've also made some accessories, like a cannon shot, both regular and charged, a missile with appropriate cannon muzzle, but also another cannon, to represent her Omega Cannon, both in Omega Stream and Omega Blaster modes. What do you think ?
  5. _shaddow_

    [MOC] War Machine and Rocket Raccoon Mech Armor Duo

    Thanks ! Yeah, I love the Mech Armor line, but it does feel kind of stale sometimes, so I'm happy you like my spin on it ! You already know I love you pictures, but still, thanks for sharing them ! You're making a very good point. The reason why I chose Rocket to go with War Machine is because of this picture that Leewan posted when I asked which character I should adapt in the Mech Armor format. and it fell right to have War Machine pair with Rocket, since they're both kind of "weapons" guys. The Groot and Rocket pairing was considered, but the torso piece doesn't exist in satisfactory colors yet, and with War Machine I could justify the combination gimmick a bit more, I feel. Anyway, thanks !
  6. Hey there, Recently, I tried my hand at several Mech Armor style MOCs to see if I could put my own twist on those models, and created this duo. The idea was to design a $20 pack of two armors like the 76219: Spider-man & Green Goblin Mech Battle but to go beyond the simple "duo-pack" concept. Rocket's walker-type mech can convert into a cannon to use on War Machine's shoulder, as seen in the pictures below. More pictures and (free) instructions are available on my Flickr gallery. Enjoy !
  7. _shaddow_

    Ninjago Legacy Contest Winners!

    @Peppermint_M Thank you for hosting this contest. I must say the thing I'm most happy for, with this contest, is the fact that we got some high quality mocs from Ninjago, which is a theme with so much potential and yet we rarely see much in terms of creations. Also, congrats on both the other winners, these creations are awesome !
  8. _shaddow_

    [Legacy] Kai's Fire Mech

    Thank you for the feedback guys, I really appreciate it ! It's the stone army shoulderpads from 2013. It was borrowed from a MOC Djokson made a good while ago.
  9. Here is my entry for the Ninjago Legacy Contest : Kai's Fire Mech, inspired by the official model from 2013. While this version retains all the original's detail, I've taken a more powerful approach to the proportions and shapes. Gone are the thin parts, this new take on the Kai's mech can take down every Stone Warrior around and then some! And to go with this new direction, the katana blade has also been upgraded. I've also changed the mech's colours a bit to add some dark red, which fits better with Kai's outfit, taken from Hands of Time. One feature I wanted to implement was the "transforming" hand, which goes from four-barreled cannon to a simple hand. While the solution is simple, this may well be the part where I struggled the most getting it right. I wanted to retain the original shape while having a solid looking hand, and it needed to be very compact not to throw off the proportions.
  10. _shaddow_

    N°260 - Swampert

    Swampert uses Brick Break ! (Click the picture to access the Flickr album) While this is no Mega Evolution, my Swampert MOC did evolve ! Here is the second version of Swampert, with a rundown of what have changed : - The structure of the body has been remade, and the body is now one module longer, more solid and smoother, to look as organic as possible. - The legs are actually good this time ! No more ankle tilt, since it didn't serve any actual purpose, but better looking legs, which are more faithful to the official design. - Thinner, more articulated arms. They may look a bit worse at the elbow, but the articulation and the thinner look is worth it. - New whiskers design, which look like they're attached to the head. I could also use Unikitty's horn but I feel like this spike is more dynamic, even if it's a bit less faithful to the design. The only things that didn't change are the main fin and the upper part of the head, really. I may build a base that would look like the Earthquake attack, and do a new design for the Ice Punch, But as I've said on Flickr, I won't do that now, as I want to work on another Pokémon creation first. So, what do you think about this upgrade ? I'm still not 100% satisfied, and will probably never be, but I'm still pretty happy about how this turned out.
  11. _shaddow_

    N°105 - Marowak

    Please excuse the double post but since I've filmed a video of the MOC, I thought I might as well post it in this topic. Also, please note that the video is in french, but it might still be worth a look to see some parts of the MOC in more details, including the insides of the body.
  12. _shaddow_

    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    Like many of you, the short arms on the medium Toa, and here, Lewa, were not to my taste, and while I tried the solution Aanchir proposed, I felt like it wasn't adapted to the figure, since the problem of proportion comes from the upper arm. So here is what I came up with : first, for the crappy picture. it's not perfect since the arm structure is 0.5 module nearer the body and the structure touches the shoulder's balljoint, but it helps the proportions very much I think.
  13. _shaddow_

    REVIEW: 71305 Lewa Uniter of Jungle

    Last year, Lewa was my favourite Toa, even with all the problems he had, and without a doubt my favourite mask also. This new Lewa looks okay though I'm sad that the Keetorange didn't make it to this year's version, since it made the silver pop in a very good way. The mask is okay without being as great as the last one in my opinion, and the arms are just too small, whichever way you look at it. Also, I don't understand the placement of the forearm bone, since the elbow won't bend unless you turn the shell to the rear of the arm, which seems pointless to me since you could simply attach the shell with the open part of the balljoint from the bone facing forward instead of to the side. Thanks for the review anyway, but may I ask you if you could get a picture from the side with the arm lifted at it maximum to the front ? I do feel like this is missing from the pictures since the shoulder articulation is a weird one and a visual documentation would be quite helpful.
  14. _shaddow_

    Star Wars Constraction 2016 Discussion

    They are indeed Titanium Metallic, and Rey look pretty good as a figure, even if I felt like removing the friction add-on pièces on the legs for her to look better in terms of proportions and look. My only real grip is the fact that the new neck/back armor piece is pretty limiting in terms of neck articulation if the neck connector is built like an armor, which is the case on Star Wars Battle Figure heads.
  15. _shaddow_

    REVIEW: 71307 Gali Uniter of Water

    The thing is, from a toy point of view, the design problem is still true, your argument being that just because it's a toy for kids, and not for collector, it shouldn't have the same standard, which is wrong. On the contrary, since it is for kids, it should be designed with extra care.