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Found 9 results

  1. Here is my review on 76205 Gargantos Showdown: THE GOOD: Great Gargantos build and it looks menacing just because the size of it is actually bigger than the pictures shown. Excellent minifigures, great printings on all 3 characters. Great choice to use medium legs for America Chavez. Super heroes sets not based with a facade build nor repetitive vehicles. THE NOT SO GOOD: Can't think of any. Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness is probably one of my most anticipated movie of the year, and this lego set made me happy. It turns out to be way better than expected. I think Gargantos is very well done is is a lot bigger than the product pictures online. The build is fun too and I did not encounter the connectivity issue which some other reviews have highlighted. The minifigures are excellent, love the details on American Chavez and the use of mid legs here. Always good to have more Wongs and Strange. This strange though has excellent printing, the only thing I wished happened is re-use to the first Strange's effects. That has more details and represnet the magic spell more compared to a clear colour piece. I recommend this set to any marvel fans and I think it's great and good to see small sets not based on facade builds nor vehicles. Interestingly, Wanda is missing and she is still on the packaging so I guess the rumors of another set coming are true. Will just have to wait and see.
  2. Marvelous Spidey

    76108 Sanctum Sanctorum Combined (MOC)

    Ever since I first saw 76108 at the beginning of the year, I've wanted to make the Sanctum and Peter's apartment two distinct buildings. I picked up my first copy of the set when it released, but didn't want to spend full price on another one when I already had the minifigures. Recently, there was a sale on Amazon and I finally was able to pick up a second one and combine them! It was a fun challenge to make this new set and ten transform it into the back half of the buildings. I was able to finish the build with only the two sets and about two dozen or so pieces I had at my disposal, and there was a lot of trial and error. I hope you all like how it turned out! The only thing I'm not crazy about is the large window in the back of the bottom floor of the Sanctum, but I didn't have to pieces to really do much else.
  3. In my view, Doctor Strange VS Thanos in Titan is the best fight scene in Avengers Infinity War Movie.
  4. Avengers Infinity War Doctor Strange VS Ebony Maw fight scene Lego Stop Motion Full video link: Hope you like it :D
  5. This is a discussion relating to everything regarding the Infinity War lego sets that are to debut next year along side the release of the Avengers: Infinity War movie, releasing May 4, 2018. I can confirm that the Spider-Man minifigure in the IW line will in fact be his Iron Spider variant as seen at the end of Spider-Man Homecoming. This was confirmed by Mario_Power on Instagram, he has proven to be an incredibly reliable source in the past, so I trust him.
  6. As the team head to the vampire city of St. Sebastian, Iron Fist starts to wonder if there's more to Doctor Strange's motivations than meets the eye. -Cast- Doctor Strange - Jack Rizzo Valkyrie - Caitlin Buckley Iron Fist - Josh Danque Xarus Dracul - Rob O’Dwyer Daimon Hellstrom - Isaac Smith Satana Hellstrom - Natasha Mclellan Blade - Courtney Leacock Raizo Kodo - Hubert McCarthy Happy Halloween everyone! More Vampire Town coming soon... Original score by Guy Commanderson. Check out the rest of the Marvel Brickfilm Universe: Consider supporting me on Patreon? Want to see more from Jam Pot Studios? YouTube: Facebook: Blog: Instagram: Flickr: Twitter:
  7. badchriss

    Happy Halloween Peter Parker

    It is Halloween Night my dear Friends and even Super Heroes need some Fun Activities once in a while. After Spiderman and Doctor Strange teamed up to defeat an Invasion of Monsters from another Realm, Spiderman decided it`s Time to get into the right Spirit of his second favorite Holiday Season. Some of is Super Hero Friends came over (well,only Kid Spider Miles Moralis,the Sorcerer Supreme and the Allmighty Thor) and they had a Fun Time going around the Neighborhood :D Spidey really likes his Costume,sadly Eyepatches were sold out....and Nick Fury refused to borrow one. Happy Halloween everyone,stay spooky.
  8. Littleworlds

    [MOD] Strange Styling!

    Getting settled in my Lego universe, the Ancient One was delighted to hear that there are more styling options for her than going for the full zen-bald-look. After several centuries, she told me, it got a bit old really and she is ready for a change. No problem, I said and sent her a very competent head-stylist over! “Wow, cool far-eastern touch in here! Very zen, very chillout. And I love that round window! But that 3D telly with the hentai on must have cost a fortune!” “The tentactles remind me on something. Lets try this one… ah no. You are not quite the pirate-type, darling…” “No… too Yul Brynner that one.” “This is not bad somehow… but lets try some more.” “Ever considered becoming a pilot? No?.” “How lovely this one accentuates your eyes!” “Maybe something less tin-canny… Pointy ears are so cute!” “Oh dear… Hello there… I can explain that!” “I better give that one back too, what do you think?” “You are not really the blue type, I’m afraid.” “Now this looks absolutely fabulous! This hairstyle makes you look at least 800 years younger and the flower works so well with your outfit too!” Very happy with her new hairstyle, the Ancient One was also pleased to see the tentacle monster volunteering as hat-stand from another dimension! I hope you enjoyed my little story. There is also a review on the set here. I just say... sticker-sheet of doom!
  9. What monstrous threat could bring together a wizard, a kung fu master, and an immortal valkyrie? The journey of the Defenders is about to begin. I started developing this earlier in the year, and actually shot quite a bit of it before the summer. The Defenders was originally going to be one brickfilm, but as I started working on the script I realised it had the potential to be a series. This is deliberately quite fun and comical, as the series is an homage primarily the original Defenders comics from the '60s that I had been reading at the time. They're quirky, full of mystical weirdnesses, and heavy on needless exposition, all of which I've tried to make fit in this series too (to varying degrees of success). 'Chapter II: Missing Statues' coming January 2nd. -Cast- Doctor Strange - Jack Rizzo Iron Fist - Ryan Negron Wong - Jack Rizzo Dormammu - Jack Rizzo Undying One - Jack Rizzo Ultron - Jack Rizzo AIM Scientist 1 - Lily Millar AIM Scientist 2 - Aaron Good Original score by Guy Commanderson. Consider supporting me on Patreon? https://www.patreon....PotStudios?ty=h Check out the rest of the Marvel Brickfilm Universe: Catch up on the adventure so far: Want to see more from Jam Pot Studios? YouTube: Facebook: Blog: Instagram: Flickr: Twitter: