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Found 11 results

  1. ColletArrow

    Clockwork Road-Rail Truck

    Afternoon all! I'd like to present my latest road-rail maintenance vehicle, that has a trick up it's sleeve... Overall it's a farily normal truck - 6W, a sufficient cab and a flatbed with a utility crane. It also has additional head and tail lights at both the front and rear for bi-directional running, and handrails and a ladder for easy minifig access. But on the other side, strange things are going on... That doesn't look normal. If you've read the title, I'm sure you've figured out what's coming next! This model started out in, as an experiment to see what I could potentially use the circuit cubes motors for if I bought them. Then I realised I'm probably not going to buy them before Christmas, but I was taken with the idea of a powered road-rail truck... so my thoughts turned to the LEGO clockwork motors. I received one of these Yellow Wind-Up Motors as a "silly" christmas gift last year, so I thought I'd finally put it to some use. I first tested whether my madcap idea would even work - I found that by placing the rail wheels just above the railtops then the weight of the truck rests on the road tyres, and the rail wheels only need to use their flanges to keep it on the track. I was pleasantly surprised to discover it worked quite well! So I set about building a truck around it. The placement of the rail-wheel hinges turned out to be vital - the wheels themselves need to be as close to the road wheels as possible so the wheelbase is short and the tyres stay in contact with the rails. As it happens the wheels can't be lifted as high off the road as I'd like, but it works. This shows how the rail wheels don't actually support the weight of the truck, just guide it around corners. You can also see the top of the yellow motor actually protrudes one plate above the rest of the flat deck, cleverly disguised by the pallet. As mentioned earlier, the truck also has a small crane. I could replace this with a better-looking one, but it turns out keeping the weight down is essential so this simple, light arm will do. It's also possible to hook up a trolley for extra capacity, but again for best performance from the motor it needs as little weight as possible, so this is rarely used. Now, the bit I'm sure you were all scrolling for: the video! I've got my loop of track set up around the christmas tree, so that's where I filmed it - enjoy! As you can see, from one full wind-up it can manage about 1.5 laps of my christmas tree layout, or about 45 standard lengths of track (so a total of 720 studs). Not that impressive really, but still quite fun. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this, I must dash!
  2. "I've been working on the railroad, all the live-long day!" This train consists of a ALCO diesel locomotive (specifically a RSD-12 type) and six cars: - a (working!) crane car - depressed-center rail wagon - a (working!) ballast hopper - tool / worker bunk car - weed killer tanker - wide-vision bay-window caboose. The train model features several neat printed pieces found in several Juniors sets and and seven generic track workers. (as seen below) ...while the roadbed crew consists of: -Bucket-lift truck from set 3179 (Repair truck) -Dump Truck from set 7789 (Lotso's dump truck) Drill vehicle MOD from 7936 (level crossing) Front end-loader from set 7630 (front end-loader) ...and a official's inspection car MOC - not yet built This model was originally a ALCO MRS-1 built by Anthony Sava, but has been so severely modified that it no longer looks like the prototype loco. So I went searching And found another ALCO locomotive, a RSD-12 that looks like my loco. Both my model and the prototype have the six wheels, and the same basic hood and cab design. The long hood of the loco has been designated the rear with a double red light. (no picture taken yet of this car) This car is not your ordinary tanker car - it contains weed killer for use on the ballast the train lays down. This stream crane model was heavily inspired by Whoward69's instructions for a set of crane and match truck train cars. I modified the original model seen here. I originally meant for the crane to have ropes to move the boom, but it got confusing on which rope went where so for now it's moved by the H.O.G. (Hand Of God) method. The crane can spin around in 360 degrees and lift anywhere up to 90 degrees straight up. (Their is a double set of pins keeping the boom from going too low, as well.) Here we see how the crane is hooked up to the depressed center flatcar most of the time. The heavy-duty depressed-center wagon has brick-built arms to secure the cargo of railroad track in place. This model was inspired by a coal hopper on an older website called LGauge .com. I tunrned the old finger hinges into new pin-orientated ones and colored the car yellow to match the MOW paint scheme. The hopper's bottom door open and can dump 1 x 1 round plates / bricks onto the tracks for ballast. (no picture taken yet of this car) This is the workers tool car. In reality it's empty, but it's supposed to have rows of racks for tools, and a special box for broken tools to be fixed when they get back to the division HQ. The caboose features two ladders (one per side) and more of those fancy printed 2 x 4 tiles. This is where the job site foreman has a little office. The med kit is also located here. This is the headquarters for my Maintenance of Way operations for Brick Railway Systems. I was inspired by set 60009 (Helicopter Arrest) from 2013 for most of the building, while most of the inside details came from set 10027 (Train Engine Shed) in 2003 a whole ten years before the other set was even produced. As for the billboard on the roof, I borrowed the letter's design from my brother's model (with his permission), and put them on a billboard to spell out OCTAN. The tracks on the side of the building are for my ALCO RSD-12 and it's accompanying six car work train to sit and await their next task. The inside on the lower floor is furnished with a lathe, drill press, fire extinguisher, oil drum, and a vise. The upper floor (the break room) has a table, a few chairs, coffee machine (with paper cups!), fireplace, and a recycle bin. I will be updating this with the two missing pictures soon. As for the digital items, I will built them as funding allows. As usual, Comments, Questions and Complaints are always welcome!!
  3. Hello, I build lego Trains (Virtual and real bricks) since 2008, and recently i though to myself, what a hell i don't have a odd maintenance machine. I'm honest, i don't know what are the name or some of these and what they are for, I just saw some images on google and try to make the most detail as possible.
  4. For my digital entry for OcTRAINber 2018, I have decided to model a Hungarian rail maintenance vehicle of which I found a few pictures online. (Picture found here: It looks to be the right proportion of interest and buildability, with just enough space to hide PF. I have already got quite far with it; I started work in LDD soon after deciding on this prototype. After a long, head-racking session on the model this evening, I had finally got the entire cab and nose shaped up well. So here's what I can show you: Yep. Unfortunately, when moving the model around the "stage" in LDD, most of it disappeared suddenly; I must have hit the "D" key or something. I should have instantly closed the program and reopened to regain my last save point. However, I clicked around a bit and discovered the bricks were still "there"; their blue outlines would show, as if they were "hidden". So I saved before closing and reopening, only to find even the blue lines had gone. So now I'm now left with this. No WIP to show you, and no way to recover the work of the past two days. Oh well, I hope I can rebuild it from memory; if so, I'll be back with an actual model tomorrow. Certainly one way to start a competition entry!
  5. Over the past couple of years I have been going through the process of cleaning up and restoring my large collection of vintage Lego sets from my childhood. Most of these had been stored in my parents attic for 20 years or more in their original boxes. Apart from being dusty and grimey they are all in tip top condition and I've been able to clean them up to a very good standard. Recently though my in laws were had been clearing out their house and gave me a copy of Black Seas Barracuda which used to belong to my wife when she was a child. This had been stored in it's original box with all the parts sorted in to plastic bags, the kind of bags you'd use to store food in the refrigerator. It had been left on top of a wardrobe in their spare bedroom for many years without being moved. The temperature would be pretty constant in this room without any excessive humidity. The set looked in great condition. The sails were all perfect and hardly any dirt on any of the bricks. When I began to build the set recently though a problem became immediately apparent. Almost all of the flag pieces had gone brittle and the clips snapped off as soon as tried to put them together. Has anyone else ever experienced this or got any ideas why it would have happened? I've never seen it with my old sets which had been stored in a cold dusty loft for 20 plus years, but my wife's set which had apparently been kept in a much better condition was the only one which has deteriorated. I've since replaced all the broken parts but I just wondered if anyone can offer any tips or advice to prevent the pieces from going like this again.
  6. Just noticed that Brickshelf is migrating data to a new server station. It has hosted a 'countless' amount of files since it first launched in 1998.
  7. Gioppa

    Some railroad MOC

    Hi to all,i want to show some Moc i've copy on the web, everybody know from where,so i hope you enjoy . For the Faq section: -i know they need maintenance... -some of that don't like curve rail -all of that have motor(s) only the vagon is not motorized
  8. FN-2187 working on his maintenance-duties before the events of EP VII took place :) Finn working maintenance - before EP VII (2) by Andreas Lenander, on Flickr Finn working maintenance - before EP VII (3) by Andreas Lenander, on Flickr Finn working maintenance - before EP VII (4) by Andreas Lenander, on Flickr Finn working maintenance - before EP VII (5) by Andreas Lenander, on Flickr Finn working maintenance - before EP VII (1) by Andreas Lenander, on Flickr
  9. BrickWild

    Whatever happened to Majhost?

    Have you ever heard of Majhost, the non-Lego counterpart of Brickshelf? Does anyone on here know what happened to it? I remember when it went 'Down for Maintenance' early last year and nothing has happened since then. There are thousands of pictures on here just waiting to go down the drain within just a few weeks! Thanks.
  10. Hi All, I managed to get a used 7898 set, working just fine, but the power button on the engine does not seem to work, so I have to take out the batteries in order to power down the train, or the batteries drain over a day or so. Any recommendation or pointers if it's possible to repair it? I assume that it's supposed to turn off the power when pressed? Thanks..
  11. LoneBrickerSG

    Maintenance of Way equipment

    Hey guys. This isn't anything truly spectacular, but I wanted to share it anyway. I got ahold of three Lego 4200 Mining 4x4's and modified them for railroad purposes. I kept one stock, but added rail wheels and changed the tools. The second got a smaller bed and two tool cabinets, as well as two extra places for more tools, and the third got a cabinet and a small crane. I happened to see a Hi-Rail truck with a crane on it while at work, and the idea took off from there. I also BrickLinked parts to make the four new-style rail workers in the photo. Anyone else have some MoW equipment they want to show off?