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Found 7 results

  1. "I've been working on the railroad, all the live-long day!" This train consists of a 2-6-0 "Mogul" steam locomotive and four cars: - a (working!) crane car - depressed-center wagon - tool car - caboose ...Dinah and his old banjo not included! The engine seen here pulls the Maintenance of Way train. This steam locomotive is a 2-6-0 (two leading, six driving, and zero trailing wheels) "Mogul" type, and features a front magnetic coupler, something I rarely add to steam engines! The engine was originally assembled from instructions on Railbricks for a MOD of set 79111, Constitution Train Chase, by a user named Zephyr1934. The model also uses a Anthony Sava-inspired tender from his 4-6-2 "Pacific" with stripes from his 4-6-0 "Ten Wheeler". The letters "BRS" go on the tender in printed 1 x 1 tiles, while the number 5114 goes on the cab. (BRS stands for Brick Railway Systems, the owner of the engine) This model was heavily inspired by Whoward69's instructions for a set of crane and match truck train cars. I modified the original model, seen here, to suit my purposes. The crane car can move side to side or up and down with two sets of ropes to either raise / lower the hook or operate the boom. Please NOTE: I don't have the exact measurements for the two strings as they wasn't listed in said instructions. However, I think two of this string here should be long enough. Several prints are missing from this train, including two of this seven of these and two of this one. (Two of that last print also go on the baggage / tool car as well.) The rail-carrying depressed-center wagon now has brick-built arms to secure the cargo of railroad track in place. (Yes, the crane can not reach the cargo on this car. This is because if the cargo crane overhung much more off the train base-plate, it would bash into line-side structures. Thus, it looks a little off) This car is the tool car, carrying spikes, tie plates and track worker tools. (It actually is empty) The car features two opening side doors, allowing for quick access to the inside. The caboose should feature printed letter tiles with the railroad's initials "BRS" on the long sides and also features two ladders and singular red tail-light. The train cars will be built eventually, but for right now they are digital only, with the LDD file being available here. The steam engine will not be used / built in real life, but this diesel RSD-12 will be used instead to pull the train. The steamer does look better, but the diesel lacks a train to pull, so it was assigned to the MOW train. (The diesel is NOT in the ldd file, by the way!) EDIT 7/30/17: I have extended the crane car to have a control booth at the back. Four of this print and two of this one go on the sides of the cab, while two of these go on the part holding the crane boom up. The LDD file for the updated crane model (by itself) is here. Comments, Questions sand Complaints are always welcome!
  2. Just noticed that Brickshelf is migrating data to a new server station. It has hosted a 'countless' amount of files since it first launched in 1998.
  3. Some railroad MOC

    Hi to all,i want to show some Moc i've copy on the web, everybody know from where,so i hope you enjoy . For the Faq section: -i know they need maintenance... -some of that don't like curve rail -all of that have motor(s) only the vagon is not motorized
  4. FN-2187 working on his maintenance-duties before the events of EP VII took place :) Finn working maintenance - before EP VII (2) by Andreas Lenander, on Flickr Finn working maintenance - before EP VII (3) by Andreas Lenander, on Flickr Finn working maintenance - before EP VII (4) by Andreas Lenander, on Flickr Finn working maintenance - before EP VII (5) by Andreas Lenander, on Flickr Finn working maintenance - before EP VII (1) by Andreas Lenander, on Flickr
  5. Whatever happened to Majhost?

    Have you ever heard of Majhost, the non-Lego counterpart of Brickshelf? Does anyone on here know what happened to it? I remember when it went 'Down for Maintenance' early last year and nothing has happened since then. There are thousands of pictures on here just waiting to go down the drain within just a few weeks! Thanks.
  6. Hi All, I managed to get a used 7898 set, working just fine, but the power button on the engine does not seem to work, so I have to take out the batteries in order to power down the train, or the batteries drain over a day or so. Any recommendation or pointers if it's possible to repair it? I assume that it's supposed to turn off the power when pressed? Thanks..
  7. Maintenance of Way equipment

    Hey guys. This isn't anything truly spectacular, but I wanted to share it anyway. I got ahold of three Lego 4200 Mining 4x4's and modified them for railroad purposes. I kept one stock, but added rail wheels and changed the tools. The second got a smaller bed and two tool cabinets, as well as two extra places for more tools, and the third got a cabinet and a small crane. I happened to see a Hi-Rail truck with a crane on it while at work, and the idea took off from there. I also BrickLinked parts to make the four new-style rail workers in the photo. Anyone else have some MoW equipment they want to show off?