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Found 14 results

  1. Ok as i'm fed up with seeing all these damn brickshelf topics everytime the site goes down (Oh no it's gone down's the end of the world!!! |-/ ), i have decided to pin just one simple thread. If you have concerns on the site etc then post here and DO NOT make another thread about it, anyone who does will see a very pissed off *vader* .
  2. Just noticed that Brickshelf is migrating data to a new server station. It has hosted a 'countless' amount of files since it first launched in 1998.
  3. I know this is Eurobricks, (Not all photos are relationed with Brickshelf) But if is there a Moderator-Admin of Brickshelf, just let me know. A time ago (Near a year) I created a Brickshelf account. I made all the steps, and they should send me a email. The Problem?: The mail never come to my email. And I revised all the Folders, including the Spam. I sent a email to the brickshelf support ( several times. But they never answer to me. As the time of today, I'm whitout my account.
  4. BrickWild

    Whatever happened to Majhost?

    Have you ever heard of Majhost, the non-Lego counterpart of Brickshelf? Does anyone on here know what happened to it? I remember when it went 'Down for Maintenance' early last year and nothing has happened since then. There are thousands of pictures on here just waiting to go down the drain within just a few weeks! Thanks.
  5. Posting Deeplinked Images from Brickshelf A Tutorial Welcome! Posting an image on Eurobricks is easy, as long as you know where it is. If you already know how to locate the proper URL (address) of your image, skip to step 6 to learn how to post it. When that image is stored on Brickshelf, it's absolutely necessary to get the exact address where the picture is stored before trying to post it. The only way to do that is through deeplinking, which also makes it possible to show images before their folder has been moderated, an added advantage. Fortunately, it's simple: just follow these easy steps. NOTE: These images were taken from Firefox. Different browsers may look different, but the steps involved are the same. 1. Go to and log in to your account. The red circle indicates where to log in. If the file isn't yours, find the account of the user you wish to share the picture from and go there instead. The blue circle offers two ways to search for the user or image. 2. Click the folder that the image is stored in. If it is in a subfolder, click that and keep navigating until you see a thumbnail (tiny image) of the picture you want, then move to the step 3. 3. Find the picture you want to show in your post and click it. 4. You should now see the picture you want. After you click it again, it will look like Step 5. 5. Copy the URL (location) of the image from the address bar of your browser, which is shown here circled in red. The easiest way is to rightclick and select "copy". If you know how to post an image, you can skip the rest and go use the URL you just copied. Good job! 6. Return to the post you are editing and press the "Insert Image" icon. Paste the URL from earlier in the new box. In this example, you're about to post a sigfig to the "Your Sig-fig" thread. 7. Finish your post and submit it. All done! You've now added a deeplinked picture to your post. Congratulations!
  6. talos


    I was wondering if very many use or look at Brickshelf? I was trying to create an account there, and it was kind of frustrating. It seems a bit stuck in the 90's. Trying to make a strong password, was pretty much useless, since nearly all the special characters were not allowed. I set up an account, and was told to wait for an email to validate it, but still haven't received anything. I am wondering if it was automated or not, and I am actually waiting for someone to manually approve me, and send the message. Do you regularly go to that site? I wonder if its worth the bother to try and use it.
  7. -Horizon-

    Brickshelf Help?

    I signed up for Brickshelf last Sunday and they said they would send me a confirmation e-mail so I've waited till yesterday and then I tried to sign up again. I entered my e-mail address and it said that this e-mail is already signed up. So I said ok and tried to log in, and it aid this account is not active yet. So I'm asking the Eurobricks community, How long did it take you to get your brickshelf confirmation e-mail? Thank You for reading, lego3364
  8. When at Brickworld Chicago I saw an extremely detailed moving truck which is down here Today I found the Brickshelf account of this amazing builder and his other creations are just as amazing More pictures for all these models here
  9. What are the reference pages you know?. I just know a few technic ones, I would like to know about great MOC builders in another themes, we can always learn something new to use. To know more technic pages would be good too, I always recomend the same page, in my opinion it has many fewer visits than it deserves because of lack of upgrade.
  10. Was browsing Brickshelf today and came across this masterpiece...honestly on my all-time favorites list. The builder, going by 'KidA' made this amazing GT86 MOC, with very intricate suspension and some of the best bodywork I have ever seen. His other builds include RC builds similar to mine, but with the official Lego Radio Control system. This car in particular is so great it has inspired me to start a new project I've had on hold for a while (another vehicle) testing some ideas I've had. Here are some photos and a link to his Brickshelf: (sorry if photos are too large) Link to the MOC folder: GT86 I have never seen him mentioned here and I would love to discuss the model in-depth if anyone knows him. EDIT: Found a video!
  11. tobiasz-gallery posted the Enterprize on Brickshelf. more pics at http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=538712
  12. o0916781930 posted his pirate ship on Brickshelf. More pics in his BS folder: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=526078
  13. [pid][/pid]232C I Found this great MOC on Brickshelf by user Regolo59. It even has a secret cave for the pirates to hide thier booty!! Damn crocodiles!!! Check it out here!! - crypte mysterieuse
  14. [pid][/pid]228C Brickshelf user Choking-Hazards has created this excellent rendition of the classic pirate design!! Gallery: Jolly-Roger