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  1. marook

    Compact train door solution

  2. marook

    MOC: Amalienborg

    Just a note: This MOC will be on it's last display (I'm told) at this years LEGO World Copenhagen next week: 16-19 febuary. If you wanna see it before it's taken apart, now is your chance.
  3. Hi Alvega, Yeah, I'm familiar with a soldering iron, just need to find one ;-) Thanks for the hints - will see if I can figure that out. It's been a long time since I did diagram readings.. ;-)
  4. Hi All, I'm doing a project, and would like to inverse one of the LED's in the 8870 PF lights. Seem to remember I saw something about this on the net long ago, but can't find it anymore - best I can find, is schematics over here. So, the big question is: Is there any MOD so the one LED lights up at +1 and the other at -1 on the output? Any inout is welcome.
  5. marook

    Train Automation - Track Switch Motors

    And it would make it impossible to connect two switch tracks directly to each other... ;-)
  6. NO - info about the bulk.ordering has arrived ;-) Delivery of CFM 17 is jan. 16 2017...
  7. Hi All, No images, but bulk-ordering via our LUG has arrived, and delivery is set for january 16! So no May release for this CF set - it's gonna be late x-mas delivery ;-)
  8. marook

    Train mountain tunnel

    That looks really good! :-)
  9. marook

    Railadventure 103 222

    Looks really good!
  10. marook

    FS E 636

    What a lovely build!
  11. marook

    NEW Layout at Train Museum

    Looking great :-)
  12. marook

    Railroad Crossing Signal

    Really nice use of technic pieces. And thanks for the video - I can live with whatever 'instructions' I can get. :-)