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Found 4 results

  1. My go at the well known Union Pacific Big Boy in 100% LEGO and running on standard LEGO tracks. A combination I have not seen anywhere. Powered by LEGO PoweredUp with two motors controlled by Pybricks (without device). The model is based on 8 year old free instructions by Jayhurst and the Jie Star model but over 50% of parts are different. Video, link to images and link to the free building instructions on Rebrickable below. Enjoy! The City hub can be operated from the outside, the status LED is visible and the hub can be removed for battery change easily. Free building instructions and parts list on Rebrickable:
  2. Hello! I have been a member for a while and first jumped into Eurobricks with a tread about my Rise from the Dark Ages full of all the things I had be building in LDD. Now I present to you, the locomotive that started my whole enlightenment in the first place. The Union Pacific 4000 class. I chose to number mine after 4017 which is on display in Green Bay, Wisconsin since that is the one I have gone to see. If you poke around my Flickr long enough you might be able to find some earlier versions than the one you see in the photos below. I'm sorry I do not have professional photos this engine made its debut at the last NILTC show this past weekend. They were gracious enough to let me join them. I know some of them took a whole lot more photos and videos than I but here are a few that I have. Coaster was there and it was a real treat to see this run through his custom R104 double cross-over. For some interesting notes: The version in brick is 8.4. That is I have almost completely rebuilt this 8 times in LDD and have made 4 minor revisions. This engine has 2 XL motors in the boiler and is geared to the same as the Emerald Night. BrickStuff lighting gear lights up the head light, the front marker lights, the cab, and the rear red light on the back of the tender. I do plan to do a proper photo-shoot but I am moving soon so it will not take place until some time this summer. In the mean time...enjoy!! I would love to hear all comments and critiques. This next is not very good, but it handles curves just fine. I'm sorry I don't have any videos yet...but I have one and will post it later. I hope you enjoy and I will update once I have had time for a proper photo-shoot!
  3. Gioppa

    Some railroad MOC

    Hi to all,i want to show some Moc i've copy on the web, everybody know from where,so i hope you enjoy . For the Faq section: -i know they need maintenance... -some of that don't like curve rail -all of that have motor(s) only the vagon is not motorized
  4. ALCO

    9v or PF or both?

    Hello all! New here to Eurobricks and the whole AFOL Trains community in general. I have noticed that there there are essentially two different train systems the 9v (runs on metal rails using a DC current from a transformer like a normal model railroad) and then Power Functions. I unfortunately don't have any of either to experiment with but I was just thinking would it be possible to merge the two and create a kind of DCC system? (Digital Command Control - current standard for powering and controlling model railroads) What I mean is this, you have the PF system that uses a battery pack, IR or RF receiver to power either a "train motor" or another motor that uses Technick gears etc, to power the wheels. Could not one remove the actual motor from the 9v train motor housing and use the metal wheels as contacts to pass the current through from the metal track to your PF control system? This way you would not have to break your layout into Power Districts and you would be able to run multiple trains on the same line under completely different control. Each train would be controlled by it's unique PF controller yet pulling the same current from the rails. Essentially moving the battery pack from a pack of batteries in the locomotive or tender and placing it in the rails where you no longer have to worry about charging or bringing extra batteries. I haven't been around long enough to see of you guys are doing this yet or not, but just thought I'd throw it out there. As I stated, I unfortunately don't have either system (or trains) to experiment with but will as soon as I have the coin. I recently downloaded LDD and built an MOC that I designed to run in either system or both. I've always been an FOL and trains but never have been able to bring the two together until I downloaded LDD. Let me know what you think of combining both 9v and PF and I'd love some feedback on my MOC in the link below. I went for detail so it turned out to be about to scale so wider and I'm sure taller than the standard size, though still on the Lego standard gauge track. Cheers!