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  1. What is happening to lego trains?

    New wheels, new steam rod, new rail, new railroad structure!
  2. Torpedo Wagon

    Excellent, I love that! You have already made two models I want to do, before the triplex and now this!
  3. MOC: DU 950

    meraviglioso, amazing, bravo Cinno(bolognese word mean baby)
  4. Some railroad MOC

    MY mistake, is a lot of time I don't use the forum, and I'm lazy .... I try to follow your suggestion and try to modify the post. As I say in the first post I copy around the web, and I have to thanks somebody for made it. Not all the compliments is for me.
  5. Some railroad MOC

    I want to do a layout of a train shed, but cause my work i travel all the world durig the year, now i'm in india for one month, when i can i go to italian exposition. i have all the material, baseplate, rail, everything , but i don't have the time..i just buy a bigger house for me , my cats and Lego
  6. Some railroad MOC

    Hi to all,i want to show some Moc i've copy on the web, everybody know from where,so i hope you enjoy . For the Faq section: -i know they need maintenance... -some of that don't like curve rail -all of that have motor(s) only the vagon is not motorized
  7. First, thanks for sharing this to us! Second, if you need photo i have a misb Minitalia 24 box, the train, not now, because i'm in china for work. Third tell me everything a out your book, i have to buy!
  8. everything is 4-8-8-8-2(4) or 4-12-2 or 4-10-4 or 4-8-8-4 With motor and new medium or small wheels or this:

    Good Job, like ever, i hope to see all the models live in agoust, because you come for the exposition in Lecco, or not?
  10. Long Trains.... Show 'm !

    Wait Lecco event, mine is a bit little longer, four cars, but the engine is a 4 - 8 - 4 instead of a 4 - 6 - 2 !
  11. Controlling 9V trains with Arduino

    You get the point, my proget is a stand alone, but made short movement, like a switch, but is no possible to have the cable from Computer to my project. so i can insert a 9 volt battery, the arduino Nano, and a motor( we can use your switch like example). the Arduino Nano, is possible to program or control via wireless with computer or mobile, or need the arduino connected to computer and wireles control the arduino nano? And what is the best program for Iphone to control Arduino?( remember, i'm not going off topic, my project is about Lego train!) Thanks for your attention!
  12. Controlling 9V trains with Arduino

    Really nice tutorial, you give me a lot of idea, ok is not lego part, but if lego don't do something like that meanwhile i use Arduino Now i'm out of Italy and i can't play with arduino(i just order), I have one question about the electronic Parts, there is something to control one motor and maybe one sensor, wirless? For understand very well my question, i need a motor and one sensor on a moveable part, so i can't connect it with wire, there is some component to made it? I hope to explain it in a good english, thanks!
  13. Monkey Island 2 - Largo Embargo

    That is something of really wonderful, was the year 1992 and the second MI is in the shop! you have made me happy i like it too much, and normally i prefere train than statue! All the best!
  14. Crane wagon

    Another eccellente job! I hope we see in Lecco this year!
  15. very easy, compare one minifig with the train, and search the photo of the train with a man this way you have the real scale, after count how many cars have the train...