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  1. Gioppa

    Diesel Train Filling Station

    Wowowowow, that is wonderful, small and detailed, great job!
  2. Gioppa

    Shell Chemical Plant

    very good..i love to see the place where i work in lego! happy new year... after you have to made the reactor where the gas is change in Pet
  3. Gioppa

    Road-rail excavator 2.0

    i know, i also appriciate the new rail from external company, but really i can't cut lego, my heart is bleeding, do you remember in the '90 when we don't have all the parts there is now?we have build without problem.but don't worry, is my personal way of thinking, i'm the boss only at my home.
  4. Gioppa

    Road-rail excavator 2.0

    You know i don't like when you cut the lego or use not lego parts... i'm a purist..
  5. Gioppa

    Uaai 839 Heavy duty wagon

    Really impressive, i never think about the swing movement, because the original trix model is rigid. Wonderful. and you start to sell the instruction, very well, i take your model around the Emilia romagna!made the instructions for the triplex and the Up 9034!
  6. Gioppa

    BR 59-035

    You Did it again! I go away for few days and you made another good job. And you read in my mind again..x-12-x i have start yesterday to project the U.P. 4-12-2; do you have already made it? i don't remember..
  7. Gioppa

    Few question like a newbie

    I find it!! if This link broken some rules, please delete the post. Thank you!!
  8. Gioppa

    Few question like a newbie

    Thank you for your answer, but that is not the web site i mean, the Crocodile in the site i mean is really detailed and very expensive(300\400 euro) because they sell also the pieces
  9. I'm very sorry to ask that, but is two days i try to find the correct topic, but nothing, I'm in search of two links, we have talk here time ago: Ther first is a link to a clone brand, for a heavy duty car, that one with 32 or less wheel; The second link is about some train/loco Moc, in this web site they sell the instrucion+all the piece for this Loco, and i remember ther is the world famous swiss crocodile(i don't know if is the same or not like the one of mr Holger Matthes) Thank you for the future answer
  10. Gioppa

    E 194

    I want to made the big sister! and wonderful like usual
  11. Gioppa

    E 194

    Made a smal search on the web about SJ Dm3..and have fun!
  12. Gioppa

    E 194

    I have to made complimets to you ? no i don't do! as usual you have made a real good job. if you like i have a new idea, i have the idea and you made it, we have to made a s.r.l --sell instuction and pieces ..if you want to know what is my next me
  13. Gioppa

    Goliath 2.0

    Is a Long time i don't come here and look your wonderful creation..and you? you read in my mind! I search this model from Trix ( not marklin) for copy the detail...and you have already done! excellent like your other creations!
  14. Gioppa


    Do you come to verona the for the exibition? saturday and sunday?
  15. Gioppa


    Bravo, Excellent.. like ever! i have find another strange loco..i think you like!