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  1. Hi, This is Christmas time on The Station of Memories ! Have a look on new pics and if you like please support here :
  2. Alex B Sign

    [MOC] The Station of Memories

    Hi, who wants to be the 100th supporter ?
  3. Alex B Sign

    [MOC] The Station of Memories

    Thank you @koalayummies ! You deserved another screenshot with a special standing ovation ;-) The Station of Memories - Lego Ideas Concept
  4. Alex B Sign

    [MOC] The Station of Memories

    Thanks for your feedback @Merlict ! This creation was born from my own creativity, that's why I shared my story linked to this concept: this is its root. Now if we consider the game set (and not the concept) I agree with you, the most important thing is that everyone can make his/her own story that suits to their creativity. A concept doesn't force "how to play", but only explains "how it was born" ;-) ps: I m sorry because I'm fan of big ugly labels ;-)
  5. Alex B Sign

    [MOC] Ambulance and Fire Truck

    Very nice build ! Congrats !!
  6. Alex B Sign

    [MOC] The Station of Memories

    Hi all, This is my first post so I'll quickly introduce myself : Alex B. Sign, dad x2, judo practiser and AFOL. Thank you for accepting me in your creative community ! I'd like to share with you my MOC I've uploaded on Lego Idea website : The Station of Memories. The Station of Memories is a metaphor of past memories, when the family was gathering for special family events. It is a place out of time, another space-time in which everyone can connect and remember part of his/her life, out of the current everyday life. This is a simple and small family train station located in a pretty countryside little town. Please see samples below (very low quality). You'll find more details and more pics (better quality) about the concept on the Lego Ideas website here I hope you'll enjoy this concept ! If you like it you can support on Lego Ideas Website. Alex B. Sign