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  1. BRICKYWOOD - Day 5

    Ugh... as with everything this whole game so far except Day 2, there are a few good explanations - even the idea that Audrey is a blocker may not be untrue, but she could be for the scum. Or, as others keep positing, maybe the scum role copped Brickie Night One and then killed him and assumed his role, knowing no one would be able to counterclaim. But there are bits of the story that check out, too - as I said it wouldn't have made sense to claim before now, and the lack of a Night One kill really only leaves two options: either a successful doctor or a successful blocker. Unvote: Audrey Hepbrick (Dragonator). Vote: Thelma Brickmacher (Kintobor)
  2. BRICKYWOOD - Day 5

    Oh geez oh hey. I'm still around. There's just a lot to consider. I'm not totally sold on voting for Audrey - her claiming now doesn't strike me as particularly strange as either town or scum. As she says, this would be the time for a townie to claim. But it'd also be the time for a scum to claim. The concern is exactly as you've outlined Mr. Reagan: if Brickie was the blocker and killed off, the scum have had this in their pocket for a while. On the other hand I'm used to accepting Occam's Razor, and it's not like Thelma hasn't been pinging me... which could be something a scum could be capitalizing on, but it's also something that could just be the truth. For now I will leave my vote and see if anything else comes up, but I am thinking seriously of switching to Thelma.
  3. BRICKYWOOD - Day 5

    Do you really think the scum would vote so openly for Clutch? That just seems like a silly move on their part... especially if they didn't have any plan of following through. For the time being I'm going to vote for a coaster who could be pulling strings behind the scenes. Vote: Audrey Hepbrick (Dargonator) If you're town, this is the time to actually start playing, Audrey.
  4. BRICKYWOOD - Day 5

    Yes, the quiet folks are remaining quiet, which is mighty bad for us... if you're town please speak up, only the scum would be trying to fly under the radar. I don't feel bad not voting for Studcille yesterday... or, don't overly feel bad. I wasn't totally sold on his scumminess, and while I usually believe in a lynch being good for the town I felt we maybe didn't have enough wiggle room to be totally safe in lynching someone - the ease of which that lynch seemed to come together also bothered me. But now he hasn't spoken up today, and I'm second guessing myself. I still am fairly confident that either Thelma or Foley is scum, and I am also leaning towards Thelma (they could also both be scum). Audrey seems like a good guess too, because she keeps passing under the radar. Brick Affleck still strikes me as sort of a stupid town play, but maybe... Everyone should speak up. We're 24 hours into the day. Again, if you are town, it is your responsibility! We are probably really neck and neck, don't allow us to lynch the wrong person because you're silent.
  5. BRICKYWOOD - Day 4

    Alright, everyone of accusing me of never jumping on bandwagons, here is your chance to prove me wrong. Mr. Foley? Mr. Bricksman?
  6. BRICKYWOOD - Day 4

    Why not put your vote on who you think the scummier of the two are, and make it 4-3 in favor of the person you think is scummy? Late voters are more likely to go for the person with the most votes.
  7. BRICKYWOOD - Day 4

    Apologies, I formatted my vote incorrectly earlier: Unvote: Nash Brickman (mediumsnowman) Vote: Brick Affleck (Actor Builder) Yes, Nash, we can still sink Brick Affleck if you think he's the scummier one. Want to go for that? Why/why not?
  8. BRICKYWOOD - Day 4

    I've been reluctant for all the votes for pretty much the same reason. Here we have another sluggish bandwagon, where everyone is "very reluctantly" going after Studcille. That makes things easy for the scum. Look at the ONE day we had some serious pushback... it was ALSO the ONE day we had a scum in the crosshairs. Every other day has been a slow trudge towards a bandwagon. Unvote: Nash Brickman Vote: Brick Affleck There, let's see what happens with that. There is still time in the day for people to sway either way, but I don't really like either of these lynches. Why haven't we gone after people like Thelma, Nash, and Foley? They keep on pinging me. Look at the bizarrely complicated case Thelma builds at the top of this page for voting for Brick - is that so that she justifies a vote against someone she knows will flip town? And Foley keeps playing the mediator, while often ending up in the center of bandwagons - a way to seem not too suspicious, but to still oust townies. Hopefully I'm wrong and these easy lynches are just scum randomly not going down swinging/no one even attempting to aid their allies, but that seems outlandish to me.
  9. BRICKYWOOD - Day 4

    Hm, there is also something funky about the voting today... which probably means yesterday was not a mistake and that someone has some power over votes (especially because the hosts never addressed the concerns about yesterday's votes)? Why are there two votes for Nash but only my name next to it?
  10. BRICKYWOOD - Day 4

    I don't think the scum would have known. Some others in accusing me have said that maybe the scum already knew Nouget was investigated, thus I was the "early scum vote" because I somehow knew he was already dead meat. That seems bizarrely overly complicated to me. I'm not opposed to the vote against Brick Affleck. I've found him suspicious for days... but his vote for Clutch is so idiotic and missing the point I'm so how less suspicious now... I know it's dangerous to continue to say "that's too brave for a scum" because then the scum will just eventually do whatever they want, but I'm going to Vote: Nash Bricksman again today. I still believe there is a scum lurking in those three flopped votes from the Nouget day.
  11. BRICKYWOOD - Day 4

    I believe I already addressed the accusations against me yesterday. I just know I'm town, my defense would just sort of just worthless noise distracting from worthwhile conversations. But, if people need better explanation: I think I was pretty clear in why I voted for Nouget yesterday. I may have been granting myself too much credit when I said that I thought Clutch had a good reason for voting for him (retroactively granting myself more wisdom). I just didn't have any particular suspects, and we wouldn't learn anything by spreading out votes. So I voted for the same person, to see if people resisted it or climbed aboard the bandwagon. Three people resisted it. I think that made my vote worthwhile. And I outlined two other reasons yesterday, which was his tone. It was early enough in the day that I could change my vote if something better came back up or if Mr. Nouget put up a strong defense. He did not, and the information revealed confirmed my vote, so I didn't need to move it. First day vote was the same thing. No one had two votes yet, I wasn't suspicious of anyone in particular, I thought it'd be worthwhile to build some momentum towards someone to see how everyone else took it. Mr. Foley was not a "revenge vote". I could have just as easily picked a name out a hat on that first day. That being said the heat I continue to receive for that makes me wary of Mr. Foley, as well as his flip flopping on Day 2. Mr. Plastic's vote against me is impossible to defend. He must have thought I was scummy. I know I'm not, and never doubted his allegiance, so take that as you will. There's nothing more or less to that matter. As for my own accusations: I find Mr. Foley and Mr. Bricksman suspicious still. Something is really tickling me about Mr. Reagan too - his refusal to vote for Nouget until the results were revealed and then his immediate voting seems like a pretty early "scum vote for scum". I don't think the scum knew Nouget was investigated until the moment it was announced in thread, so that's the early scum vote we're looking for, maybe.
  12. BRICKYWOOD - Day 4

    Pointing that out was not meant to make conversation stop. We're just about to get to voting. What is everyone thinking?
  13. BRICKYWOOD - Day 4

    Um... this is awkward to bring up but I just realized it re-reading yesterday: we should not have had a lynch - Mr. Ebrick's vote was erroneously recorded as for Ms. Bricke but it was actually for Legonardo.
  14. BRICKYWOOD - Day 4

    Lots of surprises for me today. I really really did not think we had a vig, and it appears I'm wrong about that. And while Rosamunde was not a surprising flip I did earnestly believe Brickcaprio was at least a decent bet. Mr. Plastic unfortunately isn't shocking - the scum would be gunning for him. So that puts me back at the drawing board. I am busy slinging coffees right now but will have time later in the day to try to take a look at the votes...
  15. BRICKYWOOD - Day 3

    I'm afraid I won't be around for the end of the day, so I'll move my vote to someone else I find suspicious but who has more than one vote. Like I said, everyone spreading out votes is rather useless. This vote so late in the day is particularly useless. It's not going to lead to a lynch, so it's essentially a way to appear to vote without actually giving us anything to analyze later. For now I will Unvote: Nash Bricksman (mediumsnowman) and Vote: Legonardo Brickaprio (Umbra-Manis). Of everyone with votes currently he is the one I find most suspect. I'm a particularly wary of the team up on Rosamund. I think she may have be, as she says, an overeager vanilla townie unsure how to best operate in that role.