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  1. Zepher

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Heroica Hall

    Entering the Hall Merei reads the board quickly. "I have just proven adept at space speeder recovery. Perhaps missing ships will work much the same," she says to herself. "Besides, I would like to see a mystery." She signs up for Mission #7 before going to sit at the table near the bar, opening her holo-cube and scrolling through the notes on the documents she stole.
  2. Zepher

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Trade Bazaar

    Merei sells the Wire-Wrapped Astroball Bat (Standard Kinetic Melee Weapon) for fifty credits. (130+50=180)
  3. Zepher

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Training Center

    Entering into the training center (preferably with her friend Kirwin) Merei explains her desire to wear some protective gear and listens patiently as Roderick explains that she is, frankly put, just too damn weak to wear any. She commits to a training regimen over the next week or two, and, more importantly, has Roderick write down how she can implement the work on her own so that she may continue while in the field or staying in her quarters in the Hall. Her body spent most days after training, she dedicates the rest of her time to reading and surfing the Aether. At first her searches concern Haast, Cosmopoli, and new developments on her twin home worlds, but soon, as always, her searches widen and she finds herself descending down wild rabbit holes of galactic religions, corporate structures, old spy thrillers and their authors florid lives, the history of warehouses and shipping containers, and occasionally the very nature of the Aether itself. Exhausted in both mind and body by most evenings she goes to the bar and watches the people there, making note of all the little things they do... 4 CP: +1 strength (+1 vitality) +1 smarts
  4. Okay, time for my thoughts! I'm writing this as a little break from a bazillion things I'm supposed to be doing. Time to relax and have some fun and reflect! I think I was pretty vocal throughout that I was really really enjoying the quest. Kinto and CMP, it was really nice to play with you two again - in the time without Heroica I didn't really miss it in any concrete sense other than every once in a while thinking about the people I got to interact with daily for many years, and then totally fell out of touch with. So it was good to be BACK BABY! And the newcomers were AWESOME as well. I'm going to go through each character below a little, but overall playing with the fellow players was great. Kinto - I honestly don't have a critique for the quest, other than as you said the final battle felt like it dragged a little. I don't even think that was pacing in-quest, but rather that updates got a little far and few between. Life happens, no worries, but I was jonesing to see what came at us next, and I think the combination of a tough, long battle with the slower updates created the illusion of dragging where, in reality, it wasn't really there. I'm with CMP - I think longer boss battles are okay, and it didn't feel overly long given that it was mechanically rich and had two phases! I like the idea with GAT that we can have a bunch of different aesthetics, and I'm glad you had a chance to play with them. It felt cohesive but also pretty diverse, and each location was very different while feeling like part of the city. Even the sets were just spot-on - we noticed the trellis like we should have! Really well done. The NPCs definitely stood out to me too - they didn't have a ton of depth, which is fair, because it's all their first appearances and the world is young, but they definitely all had character and things going on about them - friend and foe alike! So, truly, well done. As for the party, I think it was near perfect. Every single set-piece (specifically thinking of the diner and trying to get into Carvrac's) showed exactly what I like about a good RPG party. Everyone had a super clearly different approach, but it was all in service of the goal of the party as a whole. Bers: I mean, I love Bers. Everything about him is fun. I know you were nervous about playing a "stock" character, but you did it so well. Constantly trying to get booze and into a fight. Strong direction and wants work! And besides, you added enough quirks that it was a rich character. I never felt like Bers was too stock. He had an approach beyond violence in many situations - the diner, trying to talk to the criminals and bluff his way in. And I loved how frustrated and straight up pissed he'd get in fights! The kill mode was a really fun choice I didn't expect - it fits with the trope, but it's great, and going there absolutely works. I especially like how inarticulate Bers gets when he goes kill-mode. I'm excited to see the character continue to do all the things that make him fun, and to continue to explore the quirks, pushing him in new directions! Kirwin: Kirwin was also a TON of fun. I think Kirwin and Merei had quite a few asides throughout the quest. I think they were the more level-heads in the party, and I really like that. Your assessment that Kirwin is support is clear too, because Merei is meant to be that as well, and I think they did have a sort of kinship in that. As Kinto said, Merei is a sort of quiet personality, and I think Kirwin is as well. But that doesn't mean they didn't distinguish themselves! Kirwin frequently went off to try to investigate things that clearly interested them, and their skillset makes it clear that they want to apply their skills and interest to specific things, especially tech in all its forms, which makes sense. I like CMP was a little nervous that you got "stuck" as the driver, but I think it was fitting for Kirwin (also, the mechanics seemed legitimately cool, so big ups for that Kinto), and the fact that they drove and hurled grenades is a character defining thing, as is their immediate decision to give those credits to Flo. I like Kirwin, and I think Merei really likes Kirwin as well. And as Kinto says, it pays to have someone who wants to be a hero, even if they have a bit of a Sunday morning cartoon conception of what that means. There are so many interesting places to take that character depending on what happens to them: do they bring their delusional heroics to a disappointing and gray world, or start to realize the cartoons weren't quite right, or some mix of the two? See the world how it is and decide to change? See the world how it is and decide not to change? Never see the world how it is? Lots of awesome options to explore! Yissam♥: I'm honestly gonna keep this a bit on the short side, just because Yissam♥ is a pretty clear character at the moment! She's a TON of fun, as stated above she's got a definite approach to the way to accomplish their goals in the quest. She's absolutely clutch in a fight too - dealing a lot of damage with the summon and keeping everyone up. Really cool. Merei absolutely doesn't know what to make of her. I do a little more, but I'm excited to see what makes her click a bit more. I don't know how she really feels about different people in the party or about the mission over-all. I think that maybe comes from the two of us being veterans a bit - I'm playing a bit closer to the chest this time, and I think you are too maybe? Or figuring things out as we go (which is totally cool!). Or even just playing a challenging character who is totally about one specific thing and hyper focused on that! Which would be awesome too! It might be that she does like everyone, and is in it for the adventure! All in all, she's a ton of fun, and a SUPER clear character in who she IS, but I'm interested to see if there are OR are not deeper rivers! Merei: Kinto hit the nail on the head. Merei is calm and kind and polite, and has a way she wants to go about in the world. But there are deeper things. She's here for a reason. She has a goal she is really really trying to accomplish. And in that sense, I was super glad to have this mission be her first, because it has NOTHING to do with her goal. So, I had to figure out how she is when she isn't pursuing it. That was a super important thing to find right out of the gate, so I'm glad I did. An INTENTIONALLY muted personality is something very different than what I played last time around! But I still think who she is shown through. Basically decent. Observant and patient. And she wants, fucking, knowledge. All in all, excited to be back.
  5. OoC: An absolute blast. Nothing but good things to say about my party and my MM. Will post more after Kinto gets to share their thoughts! “I will be doing the same, Kirwin. It is all well and good to have a diverse set of skills, interests, and knowledge, but I’d also like to be alive to see them through. That being said, you did a nice job piloting that speeder. And Yissam♥ if I haven’t made it perfectly clear yet, I am always happy to enjoy some noodles. Let’s head back.”
  6. "That seems more than reasonable. I'm glad this all had a happy ending." Merei accepts the credits as she distributes the rest of the loot. Merei: Wire-Wrapped Astro-Ball Bat (Standard Kinetic Melee Weapon), Aetherbrew, 10 creditsKirwin: Road Leathers (Standard Kinetic Armour)Yissam♥: Modified Laser Blaster (Standard Energy Long Range Weapon), 20 creditsBers: Sawn-off Shotgun (Standard Kinetic Short Range Weapon), Energy Cell
  7. “Kirwin’s absolutely correct. All things considered it looks rather good. It was stolen once and was about to be stolen a second time when we arrived. And everyone seemed to want this.” Merei holds up the briefcase. “I think your father will be extremely pleased to have it back safe and sound. It appears highly valuable - lost through your mistake, retrieved due to your action.”
  8. I 100% agree! I think that’s totally fair - I just didn’t think it out beforehand haha!
  9. I appreciate you letting me pull some hijinks, Kinto, but I didn't realize I'd be sending the loot crashing with them. Makes total sense, just didn't think it out. Hopefully the rest of the party isn't too upset with me over it - I just didn't see us winning a punch-for-punch fight at that point.
  10. OoC: Karma, happy for you to have the leathers! It probably means the credits will go elsewhere though - you just got a 200 credit item, so I try to keep things vaguely equal on that front, though it doesn't have to be perfect, obviously. You'll also still get your regular quest reward! CMP, anything jump out at you? You want any of the weapons or should you and I just divide the scraps to sell off? Merei passes the leathers to Kirwin. "I'll be looking for a way to stay alive myself," she mutters absently under her breath, most of her attention captured by the documents before her. She is pleased to see a happy Menahian family, and feels a twinge of guilt - she doesn't care that she is looking at documents meant to be confidential, but hopes that she will not be getting anyone in trouble for it. The broken latch on the briefcase wasn't particularly good... she points it out to the group. "Any chance anyone is able to mend this?" Before she returns the documents to the briefcase she reads them a little further, thinking back to her childhood on Tehanui's two planets and attempting to discern if Haast's Project Trifecta has the planets' genuine best interests at its heart, or if she (I believe Ylani is female?) was primarily looking out for number one and the company profit. She also looks to see if there are any secret compartments. Finally, she attempts to copy the broad strokes of the plan to her own device. "We will also need to find a spot to drop off our passenger," Merei notes, sticking a gloved hand out and pointing to Kidd.
  11. “I have not considered anything besides important papers. You’re options are certainly more joyful, Yissam♥, though less likely and ultimately less practical. Maybe I need to work on my imagination.”
  12. OoC: Karma, let me know if you want any of the loot in particular! Especially if it helps with the getting shot at problem . Merei opens the briefcase well before the party makes it to the meeting spot. “Yissam♥, kindly avert the camera for a moment.”
  13. “It’s only anti-climactic if you feel the need to see your enemies fall. If you are interested in information-” Merei holds up the briefcase “-the best is yet to come. Kirwin, take us somewhere safe and discreet. Let’s see what everyone wanted to get their hands on so desperately.” “As for the weapon, I was going to suggest the same thing.” Merei gives the shotgun to Bers and takes the Brew for herself. “I would be interested in those leathers as well, but not if someone else has their eye on them.”
  14. OoC: I’m locked in. It’s three days between combat rounds, that’s more than enough time for us to strategize - if we fail it’s in us and the dice at this point!
  15. Zepher

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Rules & FAQ

    I think opportunity attacks were taken out of the game, but a lack of them makes positioning yourself away from a baddie really tough! I know Gheyns has a 3 velocity, but as it stands even using allies to block his movement there is literally nowhere between the two speeders I can move to that he can't get to me and attack within the turn! Maybe we need a fix for that if we're going to make positioning a thing.