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  1. Yes, it looks interesting and pretty different! I'm super into support classes and battlefield control, so I'm thinking something with religion/occult (Healing Light, Mystic Binding, Purging Font, Quantum Transport, Restful Sleep) and maybe focus on the health/armor/spirit stats? I'm still trying to wrap my head around how the point buy works. And proficiencies seem to level up with both the base stats, and also we can buy them directly? Is that right? I'm also seeing a mention of "at rank 1" is there something that explains what that means that I'm missing? This is what is confusing to me? Is survival something that is acquired thanks to having 2 smarts, OR do you gain any one proficiency (your choice) by virtue of having two smarts?
  2. Looks very cool, gang. I'm a big RPG guy now (just passed by 3 years of weekly D&D) so it's nice to see that my roots are coming back into play! I live in an itsy bitsy apartment now, instead of my parents house which had a big ol' room for LEGO, and I have, you know, a job and what-not (funny how life changes between high school and your masters) BUT that being said, I'm hoping I can at the very least play a bit as a player, and see some of the old gang inhabiting new characters. Maybe host a quest. Maybe. The rules look cool and dynamic and a little complex, so gonna have to give them a good read. Let me know if anyone wouldn't mind throwing together a character portrait for me, since my LEGOs are all boxed up in an attic somewhere!
  3. Zepher

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    Just popping my head in here! See Legonator messaged me over a year ago for details about what would have been my final quest, which I was just too busy to host! Will hopefully post a good write up of that one day (though I'll post what I sent him too). Anyway, finally a D&D player myself (going on 3 years) and it's massively enjoyable, though I have this and Eurobricks Mafia to thank for my early foray into role playing! Miss telling stories with a large crew of people (and LEGO!). Basically just hope all my old world-wide friends are well, and still adventuring in one way or another. My phone to this day for whatever reason tries to auto-complete "boo" (which I usually intend to be "book") to Boomingham, which maybe is what keeps everything fresh in my mind!
  4. Zepher

    MOC: Riad

    Love it! The name of the game in this MOC seems to be both texture and pattern, and both are delivered perfectly. Love the floor, love the recessed walls and the alternating dark and light blue! All great stuff!
  5. I count that as years haha. I can’t even remember it! Apparently you hosted that one too so thanks for having me twice in a row hahahaha.
  6. Wow. I think we played a pretty decent game but also had amazing strokes of luck. Kscary, we knew who you were, but killing the vig and especially the doctor early on were totally random. The vig can be a swingy role, doctor was really lucky to have out of the way especially as certain PRs became public. Oh and of course: thanks for the great game, Kotz. I haven’t played in a long time (years!), and it felt great even if I’m busier now. I used to play really aggressively but I’ve learned to try to hold back a little bit more (at least as scum). Don’t know how I’d play town now. I’m a totally different person now, so it was fun to rediscover how to play!
  7. I'm a little nervous about how quickly these votes are accumulating. There are almost certainly scum among the voters with the numbers that have already come in, and I'm having trouble imagining they would sink one of their own. That being said there just aren't enough minutes left in the hour to turn around this ship. I'd look at those who voted for Diane middle of the pack (Riley, Dr. James - though I do think her claim makes her a little less likely to be scum than the other two, and Jason). I don't want to end up with a penalty tomorrow, and it seems unlikely we can turn this ship around at this point, so I too will Vote: Diane (fhommes) but it doesn't feel good.
  8. Thank you, Benson. That does indeed narrow the field. The killer has to be scum, and absolutely hasn't been blocked yet, so that seems like a good place to start. I am unfortunately pretty suspicious of all three of the other people in this boat with me. Wilson hasn't done anything in particular to get my attention. The only thing I can seriously remember from him this game was the proposal of a three way lynch, which to me seemed to be earnest curiosity at the prospect. Unfortunately for him at this late stage of the game having done absolutely nothing notable begins to look like a scum floater. Wilson, have you ever actually brought forward a specific accusation of your own? Moore is a strange prospect because he was really in the frying pan at a certain point and then everyone backed off. As we've discussed he might have some good points outside of this case, but inside the case that really doesn't mean anything one way or another. Diane seems absolutely certain he's town, I'm less sure. He's had it out for Dr. James, who I agree has been fishy, but is not who we should deal with today, as she's been blocked. Finally, Diane. Yesterday she accused both Zip and Benson of being scum even after Benson made his soft claim about being the town blocker. She also accuses Riley of being scum defending Zip. I don't know, something about her has sort of rubbed me the wrong way the whole game, but it's hard to put my finger on what. In short, I don't know. All three seem like pretty good lynches to me. It feels unlikely that there are going to be more PR coming forward to tell us anything useful, so we're going to sort of have to shoot from the hip on this one. I guess if push comes to shove Moore and Diane are the two I suspect most, but it's all just "gut", which is a bad thing to be relying on by Day 5. Even looking at the split vote day (Hour 3) it's difficult to discover much. Bob and Benson were on different sides, and the people who haven't been blocked yet were spread out over three separate people. Diane hopped onto Moore, and then back off. Is that something maybe? Moore meanwhile started a totally separate vote for Dr. James.
  9. I think yes, we can operate under the assumption that both you and Bob are town, and yes, it would help if you said who you've blocked so far. If anyone has any objections to that, I'd really like to hear them because I honestly can't imagine what they are. The only, only (just to play devil's advocate) objection I can possibly imagine would be if we had a godfather, which is possible, but maybe something we deal with later? Even if one of Bob/Benson is scum, at least one of them are town, and there are probably a lot more obvious scum we can smoke out today.
  10. Wow. That is... not so great. What do we even have to go on at this point? Bob, Benson, do we have anything to go on in regards to investigator? Or anyone who was blocked? It doesn't mean they're not scum, but it might potentially narrow down who the killer is. For now, I'm absolutely not sure what to think. Bob and Benson were both contacted by the same investigator... which as I said yesterday pretty much clears them as far as I'm concerned, especially since Bob was gunning for Benson so much in the early game. It doesn't necessarily clear the investigator, but as I outlined yesterday, I think it's either a scum safely contacting two members of the town, or a town contacting two members of the town they safely cleared. One of them being scum makes no sense if the investigator is town, and is an outrageous and unnecessary risk if the "investigator" is scum. Whatever way you cut it, they seem town.
  11. This feels like another day of dragging our feet. I don't doubt Benson's claims at the moment, for the many reasons I've stated above. If he's a scum, frankly hats off on getting away with this outrageous claim. If anything it seems to me more likely that the "investigator" is potentially scum. As we've said before, if the scum know they've taken out the investigator it's a super easy role to claim, and it only takes two actions (a role cop and then a kill) to successfully pull off. Regardless of the stance of the investigator, the fact that the investigator has also contacted Bob more or less vindicates Benson in my opinion. If the investigator is scum, it's easy to contact two townies to corroborate their story, but it doesn't mean either of the town is lying. If the investigator is town, then they'd have no reason to lie. Potentially the investigator and one or two of the people they're using to corroborate their story are scum, but that seems like unnecessary clumping of scum when they could just as easily use town to fill the same role. Unfortunately the development of a potential town block doesn't actually give us any new actionable information, except taking for the moment both Benson and Bob off my seriously watched list. I'm hopeful I'll be able to come change this if need be, but for now I'll stick with my vote from yesterday and Vote: Zip (mostlytechnic).
  12. No, you did not, but you did say you were in contact with the investigator and then vote for Riley without any other evidence. Honestly I truly can't tell what you're trying to do right now. We all know we need a lynch today. Yes, I'm trying to bandwagon off the best leads we have. If you're saying that the investigator did not actually say anything about jluck... I just don't know what the strategy here is with you. What are we supposed to do with that? You're openly admitting you're confusing the scum, and also the town? You're not currently running the risk of exposing the investigator, but that's just something you're not doing (a good thing, yes) but at the same time it doesn't really help us, since pretty much everyone else is ALO not revealing the investigator. I'm truly confused. Every part of what you do in public seems so scummy - the multiple confusions, the claim to know the investigator and then asking the investigator to reveal themselves to you, and then leading a lynch after claiming to know the investigator and saying it was just to cause confusion. But I still, just looking at the number of nights we've had, can't see how you can reasonably be scum. Either this is a truly crazy and lucky scum hail mary, or you're town. I guess for now I'll Unvote: Riley Marshall (jluck) since you seem to be suggesting that was just a random vote you put forward? Clarification would be good.
  13. I'd really like to believe that Benson is the town blocker... it's a bigger risk than I'd expect from the scum at this point, but it's also totally possible because of exactly the scenario Bob outlined. That being said, also claiming to be in contact with the investigator bolsters the claim in my opinion. For a scum to be doing that... they'd have to be really sure they killed both the blocker and the investigator, right? Otherwise it'd just be suicide. Again, it's possible, but that'd be an incredibly lucky track record for Day Four, which leads me to accept Benson's claim. But then you go and do stuff like this, and I'm left with "what??". Nothing in this post, or any previous post, explains why we should be voting for Riley. I assume it's a result of an investigation? Otherwise it's just a random vote. The only person you've leveled anything against today was Zip. Since there are absolutely no votes beyond this right now... I suppose I will Vote: Riley Marshall (jluck) as well for the time being. Zip is still on my suspects list, especially with the split vote yesterday. Benson... I just don't know. Maybe I'm being too hopeful but while his behavior in the thread in general is bonkers to me, it just seems like someone would be able to disprove something he's said if he were scum.
  14. So... you're advocating that we should lynch you and then Zip, as Kaster said? Just reminding us that he said that? This doesn't really justify quoting the entirety of what he's said all game, and is also not good news for you. Also, this is a soft claim. Five people have spoken up since you posted it, and no one has addressed it, which seems shocking to me. What do you mean by "blocked Zip" last night? Are you claiming a role? Why??
  15. I was about to correct Wilson and say that was Zip, not Benson, but now I see I was mistaken. I apologize, Zip, it was early in the hour I must have just gotten confused. Benson, I direct to you all the same questions I erroneously directed to Zip. What were you trying to indicate by posting all of Kaster’d previous statements?