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  1. Zepher

    [MOC] Toa Nuva on Mata Nui

    Agreed! The masks are instantly recognizable, which is really impressive given the constraints you listed! Well done.
  2. Zepher

    [MOC] Engine Trouble

    Very cool! Love the light in the ship and think that bold purple layer of the rock really works well!
  3. Absolutely still around! Just still don’t have the time to host :(. Would be happy to quest, but obviously that’s the easier end of things hahaha.
  4. Duvors, I am truly curious about the decision to message me saying you thought I was the doctor! It was a right on read, and the fact I wasn’t killed that night made me really trust you! Why didn’t you kill me that night, or the following? I don’t know if it was just a cold feet situation or what, but regardless it really made me protective of you until Rumble caught you out with a great play!
  5. What a well put together game, Bob!!! I had a lot of fun here after the long slow death crawl that was the town in Mainstreet! Felt the scum played well as well! I wasn’t joking when I was talking about power roles either: I assumed investigator is most frequently included, then doctor, then blocker, then maybe watcher or vig? But vig seems super unlikely in such a small game! Well played, all! Hope everyone had fun!
  6. Time to go with my heart! I'm going to Vote: Lt. Rile- Just kidding. Vote: Lt. Commander Dustin Pherson (Duvors). Hope the two of us can figure out how to fly the ship, Riley. I'm apparently the Chief Engineer, so, that's not honestly that bad to have around. What is your skill set?
  7. Again, I know the block went through, so I don't know how much more confirmation I could ask for, since there was a kill last night. So unless you are scum who can both block and kill on the same night, or somehow killed and also knew there was a block on me that'd I'd be able to confirm... again, I'm going with Occam's Razor. My record may be even worse than yours! Night One I protected Pherson. Night Two I protected you, Riley. Night Three, Pherson again. It was between him and Fenton, and I made the wrong choice... but it wouldn't have mattered, actually, since I was blocked! The reason I was protective of Pherson even though I thought their voting was strange was because they messaged me at the end of Day Two saying they had surmised from the Day that I was the Doctor! When I wasn't killed... I assumed that was a good indication they were town. Also, Pherson, I apologize if I'm outing you about that message. I'm used to messages being allowed, but the rules here (I'm truly only noticing this now) say to not discuss the game outside of the thread. I'm not sure if that extends to private messages, or just other threads. So, truly, not trying to step on your toes or get you in trouble, I also assumed it was a fine part of the game until literally right now, when I thought to go back and read the rules. I would have assumed it was allowed as well, I'm so used to it. For the record, I never messaged Pherson back, but that again was not because I thought the rules forbade it, but because I thought it was wisest, in the possibility that they were corrupted, to not tilt them in any direction.
  8. You know what, I am being too paranoid, and though they are corrupted, it seems cruel to make Pherson spin their wheels any longer. I believe your claim, Lt. Riley. Sorry I was so suspicious of you! I can back up your claim, however: you did indeed block me last night, since I am the Doctor, and my action was unsuccessful. When I heard you say that originally, I thought it was best to play things out a little, see if Pherson counterclaimed, etc. But they didn't. So, you'd have had to successful guess that there was a blocker, that they blocked me, and (to make this strategy work) would have had to hoped/known I was a power role who could confirm the block. If some how that happened, congratulations, this is a well-deserved or very lucky corrupted win. But I'm going to say Occam's Razor: you blocked me, and since there was a kill, you know I'm town. I was indeed blocked, which means you're the blocker, and therefore town. I don't know, Pherson, is there any argument you can raise against this? I'd hate to lose so close to the end here if you are town and Riley the corrupted... but theres a lot of hoops to jump through to make that true...
  9. Yes, I’m also interested in that. Obviously I know I’m town, so I’d like to believe your story, and frankly it seems like a crazy audacious play for a scum this late, especially at a start of a day, but I’m afraid I’ve played a not-so-great game up until this point and feel I should be abundantly cautious. Can you offer any proof? And Pherson, can you offer anything that would disprove this claim?
  10. Agreed, very quiet. I was hoping to hear from people - especially since I suspect both you and Arnold, and we haven't heard from Arnold. But I agree, we will need to make this vote a reality. For now... I suppose I will... Vote: Lt. Arnold (EmersonDAnite). You two are my suspects, but you are contributing, so if we must lose one of you two, I suppose it'd be them.
  11. Well! That's wonderful! It is a shame about the good doctor Macdougal, but we had a successful lynch, and that puts us in a relatively good position all things considered! We finally have some significant voting patterns to look at. I was very afraid as the last simulation was truly a slow march to death - this is already playing out differently. That being said, I don't regret my suggestion yesterday, and in fact still stand by it, especially as I suspect we are now 4 to 1, with possibly two confirmed members of the town! That is, as others have pointed out, pre-supposing that the investigator isn't a one-shot, and isn't dead. But at this point it may even be worth them revealing themselves, even in the case there is no doctor. As for voting analysis. I won't analyze myself, obviously, leaving that all to you, and instead look at the others. Lt. Pherson led off the voting with a vote for a member of the town, but withdrew it before any other votes were cast. This potentially was an attempt to lead a vote, and seeing no traction, they backed down. They then voted for Lt. Riley, when they had two votes on them (one of which was from a corrupted) without justifying their vote. This pattern would lead me to corrupted... but they then transferred their vote to the corrupted, tipping the scale in that direction. That would be odd behavior for corrupted unless they thought there was going to be no lynch. All said, I'm leaning town, if barely. Fenton is a quick analysis. They were very quiet, but did hammer the corrupted, when that wasn't technically required, and the lynch wasn't a sure thing until they showed. I'm feeling that must be town, or a very audacious corrupted play that would be difficult to reason with. Lt. Arnold is also a quick analysis. Their one and only vote was for the corrupted, a second vote after Lt. Riley submitted their vote. This could be an okay place for a scum player to place themself: it didn't seem that Heecan was in danger of being lynched at this point, so this could be a classic "corrupted voting corrupted in a low stakes situation, possibly not leading to a corrupted lynch" so that IF either were lynched down the line, they could say, no, see, we voted against each other. Finally, there is Lt. Riley. As votes were mounting against them, they placed a vote against Heecan. This still strikes me as odd. Perhaps seeing the danger they were in, they were voting for an ally, so if Riley flipped corrupted this morning, Heecan would look clean. It also flies in the face of their argument earlier in the day, that the non-voters of day one are probably not corrupted. They seem to switch this position half-way through the day? If I had to pick the final(?) corrupted, it would be one of the latter two.
  12. I'm very afraid of this going the same way as yesterday, and everyone dragging their feet, and waiting until tomorrow, when we will do nothing again. In that spirit I will at the very least vote for someone I find slightly suspicious. Vote: Lieutenant James Riley. I still think it'd be best to play this aggressively, as inaction will only help those who are against us slowly pick us off. As soon as it becomes a 3 versus 2 game, I see very little path to victory. We cannot rely on the investigator, especially if they will not come forward. In fact, they may already be dead, or the game may not be structured the way I think. I'd urge power roles to at the very least come forward tomorrow, especially if there are only five people left. I'm not sure I'll still be around at that point, but that seems wisest to me. I'm afraid if we wait too long it'll be easy for the corrupted to counter-claim and sow enough confusion to win (which is, again, why I feel we should be treating today as the second-to-last or third-to-last day, as opposed to "Day Two") but that is just my thinking. If people think there is no doctor, or no investigator, what do they think exists, and how do they think those roles can best be utilized?
  13. Is this your roundabout way of doing just that. I'm not fishing. I'm being open and explicit in saying I think the best play is for the investigator to reveal themselves. Especially because, I'll bet you, we're going to have no lynch today, or a town lynch. We need some unifying trajectory. But if they can't be convinced, and it is their call... I find Riley a little strange, especially for the comment early in the day that the people who didn't vote aren't likely scum, as a teammate wouldn't let that happens. Potentially sounds like setting up that the scum either both voted or both didn't, when we don't really know. They're also very opposed to my plan, which, again, I'm championing because I think it is a wise one. Commander Dustin is the other one who has been rubbing me a little odd. Very against my plan, and now planting seeds against me. Additionally, leading a vote against someone "middle of the pack" seems like the most palatable target from the corrupted. Again, I'd rather make an informed decision, but those two are the two that strike me at first glance.
  14. Thank you, WBD! Appreciate all the work you've put in! Hopeful we can keep it rolling - its a very interesting system to me!
  15. Out of the standard roles in simulations, I thought Investigator is most likely, and Doctor second most likely. Two town power roles (again, those are the most common), four vanilla, two scum. That feels like the most obvious set-up to me. That feels a minor assumption. The larger assumption is that both are still alive, and, as others have said, active. That being said, I was hoping to make conversation, and it seems to have worked - it's giving us something to debate at least. I'm surprised that so many people are so opposed to the idea. Even at risk of losing the investigator if there is no doctor, or a dead doctor, this isn't a bad number's game. We get two confirmed townies today, making our margin of errors much smaller than it would be under normal circumstances. And if there is a living doctor, we're sitting extremely pretty. Again, I have seen inaction cripple a group this small before - it will take very little for the corrupted to gain the upper hand if everyone sits around. I'm not sure this plan is best - perhaps tomorrow is best for a reveal (though that still feels like a narrow path to victory, and banks on the investigator surviving). For those opposed, what other course of action do you propose? And, again, in larger simulations you're 100% correct, this would be a crazy nuclear option. But for some perspective: if we fail to lynch today, or even if we lynch a corrupted, there is a 20% chance they kill the investigator randomly. If we lynch a town (likely with little information, as corrupted can guide us especially with how little we have to go on) there is a 25% chance they are killed in the night, and then it is 2 corrupted versus 3 town tomorrow - nearly unwinnable. It's a nuclear option that is both early and late in the game, in a sense. And, a final note, as Lt. Riley points out, the investigator may only get one shot at an investigation. But if that's the case, no need to let the corrupted know that!