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  1. Zepher

    Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return

    "Nerwen." Boomingham's face breaks into a smile. "This is perhaps the first good surprise we've had in days. But of course if a brave elf like yourself is looking to turn tail and run, don't let us stop you." He winks before turning on Atramor. "We need to shove off immediately. You've got your plan, we stick to it. Hesitating isn't really a luxury we can afford." He rounds on all the other heroes. "All aboard. I'm slashing these lines in about fifteen seconds."
  2. Zepher

    Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return

    Boomingham smiles loosely at Heckz. "Course, I'm not planning on dying today, so if anyone does have any reservations and walks out that door, know I'll be coming and having a stern word with them when this is all done." "No reservations, Atramor. Call it when you see fit."
  3. Zepher

    Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return

    Boomingham's mouth is drawn tight as Atramor lays out the plan, and it's difficult to tell if it's jealousy of his younger friend's strategical bonafides or the great compromise the heroes are uniformly choosing to accept. "I don't like the plan," Boomingham says pointedly to Atramor. "I don't like leaving the people of the Hovels alone to hold off the Paladins and the Watch. We're supposed to protect them, not the other way around. And I hate giving Wolf-boy all the credit." Boomingham glances over his shoulder at Ulric. "Met your mom by the way. Even uglier than you are." Boomingham returns his attention to Atramor. "I also don't like the idea of sailing directly at a fort loaded with canons waiting for us, using a ship we may or may not find." He chews on the inside of his cheek. "That all being said, you're right. We have to strike as one, and me more than anyone has a duty to the people in that Fort. So, as you might imagine, I'm with you."
  4. Zepher

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    Sorry, busy busy work week, very much still here! Excited to get the gang all back together. After Eric went... silent... Boomingham didn't actually know anyone in his party, and this is the ultimate crisis, so there wasn't a lot of time for fun chit chat. . Made roleplaying a little difficult occasionally.
  5. Zepher

    Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return

    Boomingham looks up form the bar, where he has been busy keeping the weepy Waldorf company, matching him (almost, but not quite, still vaguely aware of the responsibility) drink for drink. "Ah, just admit you missed me." "That's rather my concern, honestly. They seem to not genuinely not know they aren't the original Founders, which puts us in a bit of a bind... they're based solely on your memories of them..." Boomingham sucks on his cheek. "Which perhaps means you also subconsciously don't believe Heroica is as strong as it once was. I can assure you, we're about to prove you wrong." "That's more of less the long and the short of it," says Boomingham. "As Thorlar said, only really important detail to add is my little conversation with Rosier. She indicated she may be responsible for the Founders, but she isn't necessarily working right along side them. That, and she's not so much interested in the city. She's interested in that-" he points to the Fey One. "The Faiere is... well, devoid of Faries, it would seem. She ate 'em all up, and now she doesn't know where they are or where to turn. Sounds like the logic of the insatiably hungry, turning a blind eye to the idea that if you eat all the food then the food is gone. Not smart, but not something I'm thinking we can talk her out of." Boomingham exhales. "Truth told, I don't think it much matters what we learned. Our mission is the same as when we began. Kill the fake founders, save everyone in the fort, liberate the city. Now we just know we got to kill Rosier too. Torald, I'm thinking that book you've found might be the way to get her back where she came from. Ain't that right, Elphaba? Arthur? Gibbin?" "My two concerns are this: are Rosier and the Founders together, or are we going to have to split up again? And how do we get across that body of water. If we take a boat they see us coming."
  6. “Well someone needs to make a choice. I’d rather kill some sewer dwelling druids than the members of the Watch - think Cousland will be mighty pissed with me if I slice through all her men.” Boomingham leads the party through the sewer towards the Hovels.
  7. “You’re Umbra’s sister, right? Not to put too fine a point in things, but no they’re not.” Boomingham turns to Dyric. “Best to all stick together. We’ll have to track down Rosier eventually, but if we want to jail break the Fort first, I’m all for it.”
  8. Boomingham rolls his eyes at Heckz and is embarrassed to catch Karie doing the same. He turns to face his fellow party leader. “Why on Olegia would I not want to work with you on this?” He asks, playing wounded. “If memory serves I have never wavered in my devotion to the Hall, and it was you who occasionally forget which side you were on. But no matter.” Boomingham turns to face the newest new arrivals. “We just played a whole long round of catch up, so I’m afraid our tales will have to wait. I grow anxious. Let us reconvene with the boy and the dragoon and their whole lot. Onwards and upwards.” He glances around and sniffs. “Anything is better than this dank hole. Feel as if I’ve been down here for months.”
  9. “That’s more or less the whole of it.” Boomingham grits his teeth upon hearing how much his rival had accomplished, and decides to spill his remaining secret to try to seem more impressive. “Spoke to Rosier as well. She’s a demon and what not, so I’d say take everything she says with a grain of salt, but she seems to have come to Eubric to find out where the Fairies have gone. If they’re fleeing or if she doesn’t understand that life isn’t a permenantly renewable resource, that I can’t say. When I pressed her on her relationship to these faux-Founders she said she was unconcerned with them. Called them dreamers. Didn’t say outright she wasn’t responsible for them, but also didn’t seem exactly aligned with them.” Way Lady Luck talked about the flowers seemed a bit like that too...” “Anyway. Dark Druid just went northwest, but we did just kill a whole cadre of them and don’t think it changed anything. Forgive me the pun, but I’m still an advocate for going to the root of the problem.”
  10. “So the ruins? Truthfully we should move somewhere.” Boomingham says, beginning to feel impatient all of a sudden. Reunions are nice and all but he worries the others have already accomplished more than his rather feeble contribution of running from Lady Luck and saving a forgetful Oracle. He leads the party towards the ruins,glancing at Karie to see if she’d protest.
  11. “I think a Dark Druid just wandered by, but it’s more of a situation of dealing with the wound before removing the arrow. I think we deal with Rosier and the whole thing is done. Only question is where the Hel she is.” “It’s too bad you weren’t there when the Faux-Founders showed up. We could have just wedged you in the door and they wouldn’t have been able to get in:” Boomingham teases Skrall. ”That being said, I would like to introduce you to Lasy Luck next time we see her. This crew is enthusiastic, but they don’t quite have our muscle power.” Boomingham turns to the Fry One. “Unfortunately I think the last fairies we saw were in Dastan and dead.” Addressing the group: “we need to get back on mission. As far as i can tell that means getting to Rosier, or getting to whatever new name they made up for Fort Bonaparte. Either way it means getting out of here. Was thinking of going toward those ruins over there - from what I hear there’s a plethora of temples down here that demons hang around in. Alternatively we could try to get to the surface.”
  12. Boomingham shoots the young boy daggers, having tactfully expunged their run in with Lady Luck and his temporary sickness from his account.
  13. “Looks like you made some friends along the way,” says Boomingham, raising his eyebrow at Heckz and Skrall. “Never thought I’d be happier to see the Ogre out of the two of you. How you doing, big guy? As for our investigation-” he points to the Oracle. “It was a bit of a circuitous route, but we got the job done, is the main thing. Looks like she was being held by a demon calling herself Rosier. Didn’t figure out for sure but I’d wager she and these fake founders aren’t totally desperate occurrences.” Boomingham bows to The Fey One. “Honor to meet you, by the by. Lord Lawrence T. Boomingham. We served in the Orcish War together.”
  14. “That’s very generous of you,” says Boomingham as he leads the party southwest.
  15. “We need a plan. We’ve got the Oracle, but, no offense m’lady, turns out she doesn’t really have a better idea of what’s happening than we do. So... what do we think? We’re going to have to confront Rosier eventually it seems.” Boomingham glances at Waldorf. “How you holding up?” Boomingham tries to listen to where the footsteps are coming from, as well as where the dark Druid went, with the intention of leading the party either south-west or south (prioritized in that order) depending on if they seemed clear of obstruction.