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  1. CarsonBrick

    Winter Village: Corner Store

    Thank you for all the comments everyone!
  2. CarsonBrick

    Winter Village: Corner Store

    Here's my entry for the Winter Village contest! I hope you guys like it! Happy Holidays!!!! (Also, just as a little comment: I'm from Southern California where there is no snow. This is my depiction of a not so white Christmas!) Winter Village: Corner Store by Carson Hart, on Flickr
  3. CarsonBrick

    Expand the Winter Village Contest IV

    I think this is a real fantastic contest and fun to enter in. I look forward to participating, however, I'm really not a big fan of the voting. I just feel like certain entries can easily get overlooked and others get voted for more because they see other people voting for that person. I generally think it's best when there is a group of judges who all give their vote non-subjectively. Otherwise I think this is a great contest and look forward to the next one!
  4. CarsonBrick

    Winter Village: Gazebo

    Ohhhhhhhhh, that makes sense. Thank you
  5. CarsonBrick

    Winter Village: Gazebo

    But other people have replied to their own topics and there is no technic hole?
  6. CarsonBrick

    Winter Village: Gazebo

    Just wondering, does my (1x1 blue brick) mean anything if it has a technic hole in it? I haven't used Eurobricks in a while and completely forgot if it means anything. Sorry I just want to make sure I'm not doing anything wrong
  7. CarsonBrick

    Winter Village: Gazebo

    Thank you guys!
  8. CarsonBrick

    Winter Village: Gazebo

    Here's my last minute entry! I hope you guys like it, and Happy Holidays! Winter Village Gazebo by Carson Hart, on Flickr Here's a pic of the violin player at sunset, just for fun. Violin at Sunset by Carson Hart, on Flickr
  9. CarsonBrick

    Winter Village: Swing Boats

    Great entry as always!
  10. CarsonBrick

    EB Xmas Raffle 2013

    Sorry, I've never posted a photo on here without taking it from Flickr. I need to figure this out :P
  11. CarsonBrick

    10243 Parisian Restaurant

    I already commented on the Brothers Brick but I'm curious on your thoughts: "I noticed how similar this building is to my “French Cafe” that was featured on here in the past. The restaurant/ bakery on the bottom floor, a bedroom in the middle floor, and a studio on the top, with a fold down roof. Also little details like the dumpster and rat in the back. I don’t mind it at all, but it’s interesting on how their models sometimes appear to be inspired by those in the community."
  12. CarsonBrick

    Missed the Train!

    [ Missed the Train! by Carson Hart, on Flickr] For the "No Gravity" category on MOCpages. By the way, some of the background is edited in Photoshop to give it a cooler, more realistic feel. It feels good to finally build some Harry Potter again :) [ IMG_9208 by Carson Hart, on Flickr] Here's the original photo.
  13. CarsonBrick

    Avatar Contest Voting thread

    4. Kristel -1 point 5. dr_spock -1 point 7. toutouille -1 point 20. Mark of Falworth -1 point 22. Oky -1 point
  14. CarsonBrick

    FAPC: Momo's Machine

    My second entry for the sic-fi contest over at Eurobricks! This was really fun to make, and it was cool to finally make something Steampunk... Plus Momo is awesome. Momo's Machine by Carson Hart, on Flickr
  15. CarsonBrick

    MSFC: The Land of the Alaula

    I wasn't sure what to title this, but I found out that "alaula" means dawn in Hawaiian, so I thought it would work. Anyways, here's my entry for the sic-fi contest over at Eurobricks. I sort of imagined the bridge as a futuristic style version of the classic bridges that trains cross over. The build is also inspired by Dr. Seuss. PS: I started building another microscale scene that was underground, but it just didn't really work for me. I also really wanted to use some of my Scala pieces and this was much more fun. I'll post my other entry in a little bit! The Land of the Alaula by Carson Hart, on Flickr