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  1. I do not think that the AFOL community has become harder to please, just that some are speaking more and maybe more disappointed with LEGO offerings. For me there are sets that I enjoy and want and sets that I that hold no interest for me. This is not new, there is always going to be sets that I want and like and some that I don't. Andy D
  2. On iPad, seems to work for me. Andy D
  3. Lego GBC Looper thing

    Very nice module! So compact and functional. This is the kind of module that would be a great entry into the world of GBC! Nice as a stand alone, but I can also see how it could integrate with other modules. Wish I had the design chops for something like this. Thanks for sharing, Andy D
  4. Whoops! I misspoke. I only have 3 AROCS. I did not pay full price for any of them, all were purchased at very good discounts, so maybe I only paid a little more than the cost of 2 sets to get 3. Andy D
  5. When I first built this set I thought it was "just OK". I am just not that into pneumatics. The build was fun, I even built the B-model. I found it on sale and bought 2 more for parts. When I was through with my assembled model I just took it apart and put the parts into my inventory. In the last year I have decided to keep some sets I enjoy assebling as sets so I can assemble them again, and just recently I found a fairly good price on the AROCS so I decided to get it to keep in my "I will assemble again sometime" stack. some of the functions don't function as I would like, but that is just my bias about pneumatics and how they function. I believe I would give this set an 8/10 (a B) and I will assemble it again someday. One day I will publish my list of "I will assemble again someday sets" Andy D
  6. I just bought the current bundle... looks pretty good, 15 e-books, I contributed $25. looks like lots of good Arduino stuff. Andy D
  7. This looks like a really good deal! Is it really? Andy D
  8. Thanks for this review. The B-model seems to have more interesting functions than the A-model. Also the B-model is more "hamster friendly"! Andy D
  9. [MOC] Fountain of the Angel

    Very nice. I like this a lot! One question though... where do you get all the plain white mini figures? Andy D
  10. I have both the first and second editions. I bought them as soon as they were available. i can't imagine what could go in a 3rd edition, but then I could not imagine what could have gone in a 2nd edition. I guess we will just have to wait and see. Be sure to buy directly from No Starch Press for a free book copy! Andy D
  11. Yeah, you are correct! I would like to see more Arduino/LEGO users interact on a regular basis. I think having a few conversations about how different folks are using Arduino to enhance their LEGO creations would be very interesting. I will try to follow up with something as soon as I complete my current project. Right now I am rebuilding my annual Halloween display, I expect it to take most of August, but then it is back to Arduino. I have an idea for a motion control project using Arduino. We will see if I can do such. Andy D
  12. @TechnicSummseYou are correct. The easy part is putting a couple of parts together to drive a motor. The hard part is making a package that looks nice. This is exactly what @Lowais looking to provide... something functional that also looks good. Most of us want our MOCs to look good, not a bunch of wires and exposed circuits and this is a good start for making Arduino controlled MOCs look good. The next step is box for the Arduino that is LEGO compatible to conceal the electronics. i really hope @Lowa succeeds because this is a direction I want to take my MOCs that use Power Functions. Andy D
  13. I've been thinking about this thread. I know that there are more Arduino users on Eurobricks than have responded to this thread. I have heard more than once that some folks only read one or two sub forums on EB, I wonder if @Lowa might consider another thread in the General discussion area to solicit some imput from other users. i also would be interested in hearing from others. I can see Arduino being used in Town for elevators, moving vehicles around and lighting controllers. We know that Arduino is popular with LEGO trains, yet we did not hear from any of them here. If @Lowa can only find 4 people on EB interested in your device, well, the prognosis does not look good, and I want 1 or 2 of these devices. Good luck, Any D
  14. Yeah, I see, but I see this as a niche product, I really like it, but I would be surprised if it sells in any substantial volume. Good luck with your campaign and business, I really want you to succeed as I believe it will really help the LEGO/Arduino community. Andy D
  15. I only use Eurobricks, so I have no connection to other AFOL communities. Spreading the word on an Arduino and LEGO product could be difficult and time consuming, but if you just post something about your KS on every LEGO site that will allow it that would be a start. You might look at how others have spread the word about LEGO KS and Arduino KS. Why do you need a KS? Seems like you already have a lot going on? Andy D Is the motor driver an IC (like the L293D) of a darlington transistor or other? Just curious what you are using to buffer the Arduino from the motor. Thanks, Andy D