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  1. Wow! Incredible! Your machine is great, I a looking forward to your video. Thanks for sharing your journey. Andy D
  2. Wow! Excellent progress. I am very impressed, and I agree, that model looks huge. Thanks so much for your updates, I always look forward to them. Andy D
  3. Very nice mini GBC! Thanks for the instructions, it is definitely on my to do list. Andy D
  4. 42054 or 42069?

    Add me to the 42054 crowd! I have both the 42054 and 42069 But it depends on what you want, the 42054 has some really great functions both motorized and non-motorized (the steering modes). Andy D
  5. The boom and dipper arm are amazing! Gee, I wish this was an official set so I could purchase and build! It looks like it is a tremendous learning experience. Thank you so much for sharing so many details of your WIP. Andy D
  6. Mini Tower of Orthanc

    Very good! Instantly recognizable. Andy D
  7. Thanks! I haven't built the A model yet, but after I do I plan to build this! Andy D
  8. Just when I think you have reached the highest level of complexity... You go one step further. your raising cabin gives me an idea for a build I have been thinking of, a raising and lowering camera mount, if I ever get t to it ;) ;) Looking forward to more WIP photos. Thanks for sharing your progress. Andy D
  9. Boom is looking good! Is your cabin going to be fixed? Or movable (up-down) Luke your referance material? This looks like a very interesting and fun design/build. Andy D
  10. @Doug72 Thanks for the photo. I may get some of those before gears I assemble my 42009 again, I think you are right, this should help. Your model is looking great! BTW: Did you change the motor allignrnt of m2 and m3? Andy D
  11. Those XL turntable pieces continue to amaze me! How is the support ring attached? I assume there are pin holes on the bottom. Is there a reason why you did not raise m2 and m3 so as to avoid the use of U-joints? It seems to me that you could raise them 1 stud an remove the 4 U-joints. looking good! Andy D
  12. @Doug72 Those turntable parts are outstanding! Did you have them in mind when you conceived the MOC or did you later find that they fit a need? Andy D
  13. EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Winners per day calendar

    Star Wars Manatees arrived from Sweden today! Thanks @CopMike for running this raffel each year! Andy D
  14. @Doug72Thanks! That is very cool. I am really looking forward to more WIP photos and the finished MOC. Andy D