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  1. Andy D

    Grum's Shed

    That is quite a designer video! Very interesting seeing the design process. I can't decide which type of designer video I like best... the one showing the design process or like the later videos, demonstrating the functions. Maybe a combo of the two, the old and the new. Thanks for sharing this! Andy D
  2. Andy D

    Quarantine for the Originals

    I do not have anything like this situation. My earliest sets that I had were from the early 1990's and were as an adult, no childhood sets. Those sets are all gone, I donated them in the 1990's and I hope someone else got a lot of enjoyment from them. However, if I did have vintage sets I would keep them as sets and separated from my modern sets. But, I would use some assemblies and minifig in my modern MOCs just to remind me when I came from, but when the MOC was disassembled the parts, minifigs, whatever would go back to their sets. So yes, I am for separate storage, but integrated usage. Andy D
  3. Andy D

    Bricktober at USA LEGO Stores?

    Or I could just check my email today. ;) Looks like I was ahead of myself, double points is October 15 - 31. I seem to remember that that is the way it usually is. With Bricktober at LEGOland being October 1 - 31. I get the two confused every year. Can't make it to LEGOland this year, but I can shop online. Andy D
  4. Great! @Johnny1360! It was a fun build, well worth the effort. Andy D
  5. Andy D

    Grum's Shed

    Wow! That is quite a "Sea of Yellow!" makes me appreciate the occasional color change to blue or red or anything but yellow. How many of those have you built? If one of those is the 42009, then for me the score would be one (1)! I owned two of the others, but sold them for one reason or another, never having built them. The 8275 is going to be a fine looking beast! Looking forward to seeing yours done. Andy D
  6. It’s Halloween time of year again! The local Count is holding his annual Halloween party, this year (due to a hospital stay) he has scaled back, to just the party at the cemetery and allowing the witches to have their party behind the cemetery. Below is an overview of the party… In the front, outside you can still see that the people of the village are entertaining and there is a small maracchi group along with an undead who would like to join the group. Not sure how well the maracchi group and the people of the Village do entertaining in such close proximity, but that is their problem, not mine. Halloween 2018 by MyPlasticBricks, on Flickr Just on the other side of the wall you can see Mike leading the a group of undead in a Thriller dance. The Thriller dance is a favorite of the undead.. In the back you can see the witches having their party around their cauldron, all happy as can be just to be there boiling their annual brew. Not to be outdone the headless horseman is on his midnight ride as well. Here is a closeup of the witches and horseman… Halloween 2018 by MyPlasticBricks, on Flickr I think this ground level entry looks rather foreboding, not sure I would feel comfortable entering here. Halloween 2018 by MyPlasticBricks, on Flickr Below are just some photos of the party… Halloween 2018 by MyPlasticBricks, on Flickr Halloween 2018 by MyPlasticBricks, on Flickr Halloween 2018 by MyPlasticBricks, on Flickr Halloween 2018 by MyPlasticBricks, on Flickr Halloween 2018 by MyPlasticBricks, on Flickr Halloween 2018 by MyPlasticBricks, on Flickr I hope you enjoyed my smaller Halloween party this year. I also hope the Count has his large party back next year. Andy D
  7. I just finished the Tower Crane (42042 B). I originally started building the Crawler Crane last week. I built the drive base, the wonderful gearbox and had the gearbox attached to the drive base and some of bag 3 done. Then out of the blue, I decided to build the Tower Crane instead. This was to be my second time building the Crawler Crane and I had never built the Tower Crane so… Why not? The Tower Crane was a very enjoyable build, lots of interesting subassemblies (which I like) and something new in the form of the bracing of the gantry. When I got to the gearbox, I was a bit disappointed, instead of the one function per selector, the designer decided to put the drive and rotation on the same selector. It is not like there is not enough room, or enough parts. I am confused why they would build that wonderful gearbox for the A model then do this in the B model. The selector for the winch was built to use the selector as a reversible selector so that you do not have to switch the battery box. Switching the selector to reverse the function is just more intuitive to me. On this model, using the same selector for two functions has an added disadvantage, if you are using the drive selector and you select reverse on the battery box, then switch the gear selector to neutral, then go to select the winch it operates the reverse of what it was. Maybe this very picky, but, lets just call this my Technic pet peeve. I know they can use one selector to select the forward and reverse functions, so what not just do it! There are three (3) motorized functions. 1. Driving 2. Slewing of the super structure 3. Winch Driving, like the A model is very clunky, it goes chug, chug, chug when driving forward or backwards, also like the A model there is no steering, but that is OK for a Tower Crane. Not sure why driving is needed on a Tower Crane as they are mostly used in construction sites and are stationary or as freight cranes in harbors, but in harbors they are frequently on rails. But the 42042 has treads, so why not. Slewing is very smooth and like the A model there is nothing to stop the rotation so it can rotate as long as batteries last. I really like the rotation and the implementation. The winch also operates very smoothly and there is enough string provided to allow below level drops. There are two non-motorized functions, the opening and closing of the grabber and the movement of the trolly. The grabber operates very smoothly. The grabber is a somewhat complex build, the same as the A model, but very well conceived and implemented. The other non-motorized function is the movement of the trolly on the gantry. This is kind of clunky, but it still operates OK, The trolly is well implemented, too bad it can’t operate more smoothly, but that is the nature of plastic beams. The gantry is very well designed and to me it looks accurate to tower cranes I have seen in photos. The driver’s cabin seems smaller than on the A model, but it is still OK. The location of the driver’s cabin is a very big reason why I could never, never, ever operate a real tower crane. I am amazed at people who can and like to work at such heights. Overall, I really like this model, it functions well and looks nice. Below is a view of the complete crane… Tower Crane by MyPlasticBricks, on Flickr This photo shows that with a little rearranging, the designer could have added a second selector and made the reverse functions so much more intuitive by being on the same selector. Tower Crane by MyPlasticBricks, on Flickr Andy D
  8. Andy D

    Grum's Shed

    Fantastic progress so far! As usual, I am impressed with the little subassemblies that are used in Technic models (I guess that is one thing I like about Technic). What you have done so far is amazing, I look forward to each of your updates. As for your comment about using 10L axels instead of 12L... Been there, done that! I too think it is a difficulty using instructions on iPad, I have the same problem, but when that is all that is available, well.. Keep on building Andy D
  9. Andy D

    42042B Tower Crane

    That is what I thought, thanks for the confirmation! Andy D
  10. I am doing something I have never done before. A few days ago I started the 42042 A model again, but from a new set I had stashed. I built bags 1 and 2 and started bag 3. That means I had the driving base and gearbox completely built. Long story short, I decided (don't ask why) to build the B model instead. I took apart the gearbox and any bag 3 additions, but left the driving base alone, assuming that the driving base is the same for the A and B models. i have carefully gone through the instructions and the driving base appears to be identical for both the A and B models, so I sorted bags 4 with bags 2 and 3 and will start the assembly of the tower. My question is.... is the driving base actually the same for the A and B model? Or will I have to make changes to it? i have a few days of assembly on the tower base before I need to join the tower to the driving base and I would appreciate it if someone can confirm or deny that the driving bade is the same. Any response will be much appreciated. Andy D
  11. For the past several years the USA LEGO stores have had a double VIP points event during October. I have not seen any evidence of this for this year. The only double points for October is on a fewStar Wars sets. Anybody know anything about this? Thanks, Andy D
  12. Fantastic little 'dozer! I hope to see this as a set! Or instructions. Andy D
  13. Andy D

    How to make Without Friction

    That is a very clever way to reduce friction! Such modification is extending the frictionless pin selection already available. Thanks for posting the video. I look forward to each of your insights oh how to better use LEGO. Andy D
  14. I think TLG has gone "off the rails" in terms of set size. One of the bestTechnic sets was the 8258 Crane Truck (considered by many to be the "gold standard" for sets) and it was under 2000 parts. However a couple of my other favorite sets were the 42042 Crawler Crane at 1400 parts and the 42009 Mobil Crane MK II at 2297 parts. As you can see all my favorite sets are under 2500 parts, two are under 2000 parts, yet all three have fantastic functions. The new craze of 3000 to 4000 parts is just too much TLG showed us that you do not have to have a monster sized set to have great functions, yet they continue with "over the top" set sizes. I have the 42055 (BWE) but i doubt I will ever build it, it is just too darn big, and takes up too much space for the functions available. Until they start producing sets more like the 8258, 42009 and 42042 I will pass on new Flagship sets and continue to build and disassemble my three favorite sets. I have already built the 8258 3 times, the 42009 6+ times and the 42009B at least 3 times. (Getting my money's worth out of those sets) and the 42042 just one time, most likely the 42042 will be my next larger set I will build. My preference is for sets below 2500 parts that have great functions, as functions, build complexity and interesting techniques are the most important things to me. Andy D
  15. Andy D

    Grum's Shed

    Wow! Your 8258 looks great! The 8258 always looks great. Glad you completed it and had a great time with it. i finished mine just before I had an "incident" which put me out of commission for a month! glad you are back on the mend. Andy D