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  1. Very, very nice! Many functions in a small size. Andy D
  2. So far this is my second favorite set this year. Really like the Fork Lift (never had one). Not fan of the B model. Reviews will determine if I get it. Andy D
  3. Andy D

    42080 Forest Harvester

    This is probably my favorite set this year! I like both the A and B model. May get more than one. Andy D
  4. I really like most of the Technic sets for the last several years. I do feel that the "Flagship" sets have gotten way, way too large. My Ideal Technic set is between 1200-2700 pieces (3000 tops). One of my favorite Technic sets was the 8258 Crane Truck at 1877 parts and the 42009 MK II Mobil Crane at 2607 parts. They were both very fun to assemble and functions worked well. I like functions driven by a distribution gearbox as opposed to complete remote control with one function per motor. I like some of the pneumatic sets as well. Another of my favorites was the 2017 Anniversary Chassis made from three other sets. It does not have to be big with many parts to be great! I have the 42055 BWE still in it's box I may assemble it someday, I am just not sure IF or WHEN (it has been sitting for a year so far). These are just my personal opinions. Andy D
  5. Andy D

    LEGO table advice needed

    @kibosh If you have anything that will do fo now, use it. Here's why... I had a mish-mash of things in my LEGO Studio when I started, by using the mish-mash then i I had an idea about what I wanted. I spent a lot of time using the room and just thinking/planning. I wound up going a fairly costly route (because I am not handy) I had to have a cabinet company build my tables, display shelves and a storage solution. I think my message is "don't rush into a solution" that you may want to change and you may have an investment that would be lost. Plan ahead, Andy D
  6. The A model cuts and strips the trees and is called a Forest Machine. It has been reported that the B model is a Forwerder. If the photo from Error404 it looks the same as the video. Andy D
  7. Wow! I just saw a video of a John Deere Forwarder... if the 42080 Forwarder is anything at all like this.... I am sold! Andy D
  8. For the 42080 ... What is a Forwarder? Andy D
  9. Good idea! We can use more ;) ;) Andy D
  10. Andy D

    Forum running slow in USA?

    The only thing that is slow is EB... not connection or browser (maybe) Thanks for replies anyway. Andy D
  11. Over he past several days I have noticed that EB is sometimes running very, vvveeerrryyy slow, to the point I cannot use it. Anybody else having issues? Andy D
  12. Andy D

    Box to store lego technic parts

    I use several different types of storage solutions for my Technic (and all my LEGO). Like @Johnny1360 I use clear plastic stackable bins (I use the 15 quart size Sterilite bins and plastic freezer baggies). I also use Plano fishing tackle boxes for smaller items and Akro Mills bins for most of my more commonly usd parts. I just can't find a "one size fits all" solution, so I divide and conquer (er.. store). Andy D
  13. Andy D

    Danish LEGOLAND: Video Tour

    Great video! Thanks. From looking at the video I noticed two main things... 1. This Legoland appears much larger than Legoland in California USA. 2. This must have been the off season, or just a very slow day as it appears that there are not many people there. i am looking forward to the Miniland video. Andy D
  14. Very good video! Will you let us know how it was done? It always amazes me how the model is kept so stationary during the build. AndyD
  15. Thanks @Sariel for the update. Seems pretty good. One thing most folks seem to be missing is the smartphone or tablet integration. That could address many of the issues. We need to just wait and see. Andy D