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  1. Can you ever have too much Lego?

    Wow! You could be my brother by a different mother. ;);) Andy D
  2. Can you ever have too much Lego?

    It is a known "fact" that if your wife-husband-significant other says you have too much LEGO, you difinately (well maybe not) have too much LEGO! My wife says I will have too much LEGO when it encroaches on her space. That has not happened (yet). ;) ;) Andy D
  3. Can you ever have too much Lego?

    @Chmashdehjare Is very right, it is not too much LEGO (usually) but not enough space. I have passed the not enough space long ago. It is not too much LEGO, just not enough of the "right" parts. I frequently find I am missing a critical "special" part. When I MOC, I use what I have, but when I try to build creations by others I frequently find I am missing a critical "special" part. I have cut way, way back on what I buy, I haven't bought any LEGO in several months, all I plan to buy the rest of this year is one more set, the 42069, Extreme Adventure. We'll see... i don't feel I have too much LEGO, just not enough time. Andy D
  4. @Didumos69 Thanks, that is what I was looking for. I assume the silicone bands are the bands from LEGO. Is there any difference (other than color) between the white and red? Thanks again for sharing such a great project! Andy D
  5. @Didumos69 and @Ivan_M Thanks for all your work making the instructions available! This model looks like a lot of fun to build and I plan to build it, but with what I have going on I am not sure how soon. In looking for parts, is the parts list generated by LDD any different than the one on Rebrickable? Rebrickable says I have 532 out of 537 parts, I just need to locate them. I need to generate a parts list so I can search my inventory, hence my question about the LDD vs Rebrickable. I can easily print the list from the HTML instructions from LDD if that is a good parts list, but I haven't found an equivalent list on Rebrickable. Thanks again, Andy D
  6. @Didumos69 This just keep getting better and better! I'm really liking the front and rear spoilers. Andy D
  7. @Didumos69 I'll second that! I am much looking forward to the completed model. I would like to build this as well! This is the coolest thing I have seen this year. I know your entry will do well its [TC12]. Thanks, Andy D
  8. Maybe a whipped cream Gatling gun? Andy D
  9. I think as you do. A 4 cylinder GoCart with a wacky turning function is wacky enough... Keep it wacky-classy! Yeah, right wacky and classy in the same breath. Andy D
  10. I am liking the changes. The exhaust looks great! I prefer the second version of the headlights. Not sure how crazy you need to go visually. I really like the turning function, that is "whacky" enough. Keep it tasteful, you don't have to go too cartoony to have a great "whacky" vehicle. Andy D
  11. Wow! I like this a lot. I will like it more if instructions or an assembly video becomes available. Just kidding, great little car, good luck in the contest. Andy D
  12. My three long time MOCs are 1 from 2010, and 2 from 2012. Later MOCs have been disassembled. Andy D
  13. [MOC] Micro Scale UFO Attack

    As a fan of both movies... This MOC is outstanding! Outstanding! Can you tell, I really like it. Brings back good memories, thanks. Andy D
  14. Duesenberg SJ Dual Cowl Phaeton (1:8,5)

    Fantastic! One has to look twice (or three times) to make sure this is LEGO. The chrome is great and the top looks very realistic in up or down mode. Andy D
  15. MOC: Crown Castle Adventure Golf

    This is great! Instead of having a castle in your mini golf, the castle IS the mini golf. I think I would actually buy this as a set! Andy D