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  1. Andy D

    EB Xmas Build 2019

    So far I am drawing a complete blank! I live in sunny So. Cal, so snow and ice really don't get me in the spirit. But I will try as I am quite a fan of the Christmas Raffle and it is always fun to see what others have done. Andy D
  2. I spent quite a bit of time yesterday scouring YouTube and I found two more examples of Pan Arm Sliders. I think they should go a long way in helping me (or anyone else) build the Pan Arm Slider. The first is... That second (which I like better) and looks like it may help more is... I think that between these 3 videos I should be able to build something. Let me know what you think about these concepts Andy D Looking forward to seeing you're dolly. Andy D
  3. It is good too be back!  I have been very sick, but now I am on the mend (I hope). I was in bed for a time and my muscles forgot how to walk, so now I am in Physical Therapy to gain some muscle strength and balance and mobility back. My appetite has improved (I found out food is very necessary for recovery). I don't know if I told you, but last fall (2018) I went though 7.5 weeks of radiation therapy and in January my cancer went into remission... That was short lived. It came back in May and spread to my lungs (Just a couple of small nodules) Now I am back in treatment, this time immunotherapy.  Last Thursday I go some good news from my Oncologist... She told me the the markers for cancer in my blood have been decreasing and that she is "cautiously optimistic" of some sort of recovery.


    Good to hear from you, I hope all is well with you,


  4. Andy D

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    If TLG works with Bricklink resellers this could be the best thing to happen to Bricklink an buyers and sellers. I just hope availability fo parts does not suffer.
  5. Oh yes! That is what I plan to do. But a little LEGO inspiration could go a long way. I think I need to find LEGO solutions for several independent sections, but first In need to identify those sections.This is the most ambitious LEGO project I have considered Andy D.
  6. I just saw this on YouTube and I was (still am)quite impressed. I have seen other Pan Arm Sliders, but they are quite expensive and only hold one camera. This thing is genius!! I would really like to build something like this using LEGO, but I am afraid I do not have the skills. Has anyone else ever seen this video/and or built something like this with LEGO. I plan to start sometime after the first of the year, but in the meantime I sure could use some LEGO inspiration. I think it would be fun to attach 2 GoPro cameras. either 2 Hero or 1 Hero and 1 Session. Enjoy, Andy D
  7. Wow! This is an outstanding set, i’m Not a LEGO car guy, but my son is a Mustang guy. I may have to purchase this for him (unless he does first). Great review, thanks! Andy D
  8. The manatees have arrived in the USA! I imagine mine swan across the North Atlantic, part of the Artic Ocean, then swimming in the Atlantic, down the East Coast of North America with a brief stopover in Florida to visit some cousins and over to the Gulf of Mexico, across the Panama Canal and up the Gulf of California finally to the Pacific Ocean to San Diego, where they made landfall. From there they hitchhiked to inland So, California and finally to my home (their new home). Thanks @CopMikefor running this contest each year and making sure all the manatees get to their new adoptive homes. I look forward to next year and the Christmas Raffle again, always fun to participate and see how others interpret the instructions of the year. Andy D BTW: I received manatee prize E.
  9. Any mandatees arrived in the USA yet? Looking for a Manatee E to swim up any day now. Andy D
  10. Andy D

    Hello from California

    Welcome SPARC! What part of California? North? Central? South? I am in SoCal. Andy D
  11. @grum64 Wow! I have missed a lot this last month. I must go back and catch up, some of the sub-assemblies look really, really interesting. Before I saw your build I had no interest in the GT3, even Sariel or Jim could not convince me that I "need" the GT3, but now, well, now it looks like an interesting build and a lot of fun to build. @grum64 you are a tempter! But maybe I'll just wait for your Bugatti build and see if that one looks more interesting. The only thing is I am not too interested in the super cars, but the GT3 does look like a fun build. What to do? What to do? I will be interested to see if you can leave the body off of the car, so you can get to and activate the mechanical goodies that are hidden there. Andy D
  12. Andy D

    [MOC] Steampunk Moon City

    Great! Good Steampunk is great, this is good Steampunk! The guy in the elevator reminds me of how I feel in wall climber elevators. Andy D
  13. Andy D

    [MOC] Little Elephant

    I just realized, today just how small this elephant really is! This is fantastic! Andy D
  14. Andy D

    [MOC] Don't pick the flowers

    Great MOC! Very whimsical, when I first saw it I thought it was a Rose Parade Float, instead it is a scene from an alien world! Thanks for that! Andy D
  15. Merry Christmas to all my EB, LEGO and Technic friends. May 2019 be kind to you all! Andy D