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Found 4 results

  1. Previously: Trouble in Eltina It had been a perilous journey back west to his homeland in Pan, and all along the way someone had been trying to sabotage his progress. Unfortunately, the assassins had been unable to offer any clarification, even at swordpoint, but Al'Sayeed had pressed on. After the attempt on Eltina, several privateers had been stalking his vessel, although all attempts had been avoided. During his quick stopover in Kings Port, he had found something most disconcerting - someone had set out a significant prize on his head, which would explain the risks taken by assassins and privateers attempting at his life. Since then, he had taken great care to travel in the proverbial shadows, and had finally made it safely to Pan, there to seek out old "friends" to gain clues to his predicament. Little was known about Al'Sayeed's past and origins, but it was clearly fraught with the shadier sides of Panian society, and his contacts were many. By now, his investigations were starting to bear fruit. Personal diary, 29th of August, 619AE Eureka! Perhaps such a word is too optimistic for my situation, but I have now discovered my enemy - my stepbrother! As my father remarried, I was graced with the pleasure of a new fraternal acquaintance. I never took much note of it at the time, as he was but a large boy, but these last 20 years he seems to have put to good use! He has usurped the "organisation" for his own means, discarding generations of strict adherence to the codex, and expanded into ventures unthinkable in my fathers time. I see now that the faults I saw in Muhktaar as a boy, his arrogance and egoism, in full measure, and must react. I hope that I still have friends within, and shall make my way to the port. Rumour has it three vessels of the organisation are currently moored there, and their captains imprisoned for refusing his nefarious schemes. I shall test their loyalty, and perhaps... Perhaps we can deal a blow Muhktaar will rue to his end..." ___________________________________--- Another modest installment in Al'Sayeed's storyline. Since I have three arabic style vessels nearing completion (and have had for a long time...), I thought I would try to build a little story for Al'Sayeed (and how they will come about to be in Corlander hands), who has always been a bit of an enigma for me. C&C welcome, as always.
  2. Hi everyone It has been a little while since I have posted anything, but I wanted to share my latest model with you. GoPro HERO Session Camera Dolly and Panning Rig This model is a dual purpose dolly and panning rig for a GoPro HERO Session camera. It uses a single chain to control both the linear movement of the camera (dolly) and/or the rotational movement of the camera (panning). My YouTube video explains how this works in detail: Please let me know what you think. PS. For other models that I haven't posted on Eurobricks, please check out my YouTube channel ( Thanks
  3. Hyler Talliwell


    The Faun from the brilliant movie "Pan's Labyrinth" by Guillermo Del Toro. I made this bust for Brickworld Lafayette in a 19 hour time window before the start of the show. This is by far my favorite build I have completed to date. Enjoy!
  4. Edit 7/15/2015: I've updated the file download link because that Dropbox link is long dead. It's now hosted on I bought myself a GoPro camera recently in order to gain full HD capabilities for my YouTube channel. At some point I want to mount it on a vehicle, so I spent some time today building a pan/tilt mount for it. In theory, this setup should be able to rotate 360 degrees and tilt about 30 degrees off horizontal both up and down. While it's nice to finally finish a project that I started, it has some flaws which are beyond me to solve at the moment: - The tilting action has a lot of backlash. - The rotation action will make the platform tilt, as the drive shaft for the tilting action passes through the center of the turntable. This will cause it to lock up and skip gears after about a half-rotation. The LDD file [from Dropbox Bricksafe]: Due to LDD being... special, the model itself is at a weird angle, and the worm gears aren't in place. On the right-hand model they've been colored to show which axle they should go on. The left-hand model is a cutaway to show only the drivetrain. Comments, criticism, and whatnot is all appreciated!