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  1. MOCs are great, but sometimes the sets that lego comes up with are are great start and just need some improvement. I purchased three of the hospital sets and made one large set (it also took quite a few parts from my inventory). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aseFcx34yoE&t=3s I also did some modding to the family villa house to make it full modular with very little effort. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLXpWJB5Nxw&t=16s Sorry, I don't know how to embed a youtube video.
  2. kc2dc

    Airport terminal and monorail station

    I'm not understanding how the quotes work on this forum lol The tarmac will be as much room as I can fit behind the terminal. It won't much. It's amazing how much space this airport is requiring. Even with this much space, I almost need to take out the military base part for more general airport space.
  3. So here is my latest airport terminal. It's a custom modular. While it's custom, there are some obvious takes from the lego city airport set 7894, but not many. The inside is a full functioning terminal with a security check point, help desk, restrooms, gate area, bag check and bag claim, a lego store, a lounge and dining area and a observation area. It has its own monorail station which also has a bus stop and bike share station. I'm still working on rebuilding the jetways.
  4. haha, thanks, I didn't even think about the blackboards. Do schools still have those? :)
  5. kc2dc

    Simpson theme is going?

    Does anybody know for sure if the simpsons house is retired for good? It still just says out of stock on lego.com
  6. This was a fun little build. Even though it was not totally custom as I used much of the architectural details of the Friends set, I still think it turned out nice. I always thought the orginal set was boring, but it still has some nice details that should be used in a set. So when the set went on sale, I bought two of them (it took quite a few additional bricks as well) and put this together. If I aqure some more windows, I make try to expand it, but for now, I like the size. It will fit into my city nice. So if you are interested here is a video and some pics. Any feedback is appreciated!
  7. Check out this quick video of some of our custom locomotives and rail cars (freight and passenger). I hope to make another of our other trains running as well.
  8. Thanks for the comments. I thought this would get more feedback here, but we did have fun building it for sure. Here is a video of of the finished park. Now, I think we will tear this down and build a race track using the Speed Champions sets!
  9. Well, it's finished! Here are some photos...
  10. Thanks everyone. Here are some more progress photos including some closeups of a couple of the rides. Still working on the main entrance, drop off area and parking lots. I need to order some more grey "flag poles" so I can display all the flags that came with the speed champions sets since this is going to be Legoland "World". I know, silly sounding, but that's all I could come up with. Then we can go back and start adding all the food vendors and visitors to the park.
  11. I love architecture skyline sets, but was not sure what do do with them. They obviously are not the right scale to put them in the city. We just finished having a lego fair in our city and so I thought, wouldn't be cool to build a more permanent amusement park rather than just a fair and base it off the Legoland themeparks! And here we are. Nearing completion on the park. We still have a lot of detail to add, vendors, all the mini fig visitors and workers, the main entrance, parking lot and drop off area and a station for the mono rail ride. But it's coming together and should turn out pretty nice I think.
  12. Thanks everyone for all the comments. Even though he does shows, he never posts on social media so it's cool to get some feedback from other afols. The gokarts do use two magnets and they basically both touch a plate that is the thickness of a standard tile. He used graphite powder to keep them from sticking to the plastic too much. I'll take some pics of it apart as soon as I can and show you how it works.
  13. What do you think of this fair. Most rides were created by a fellow AFOL friend of mine. I wanted to make a video to show off his MOCs.
  14. kc2dc

    Assembly Square construction site

    Well, here is the last video for Assembly Square. I think it turned out great. This will be the first modular that I buy two of for sure.
  15. kc2dc

    2016 Lego trains

    Toys R Us had the blue cargo train for $120 for a couple of weeks before Christmas till they sold out. I thought about getting one, but even at that price, the train is just not worth it to me. I ended up just buying several of the cable drum wagon cars on ebay since they were the only thing I really liked about the set. ToysRus has that set back in stock now, but it's $159 (still way cheaper than $199 at Lego). I have three copies of the Maerisk train. Two of them I got from ToysRUs when the went on deep discount there. I rarely buy from ToysRus, but they do have great sales sometimes.