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  1. CarrollFilms

    [MOC] 40 CP1408

    That is an absolutely beautiful train! What piece are you using for the rail wheels?
  2. CarrollFilms

    Name of the fictional Lego train company?

    Locomotives Rarely Take Stops Then we add a license plate that says "Coal > Diesel" on the rear passenger car
  3. CarrollFilms

    [MOC] Stan & Ollie BrickHeadz

    There are the most adorable brickheadz I loved watching those 2 growing up as akid!
  4. CarrollFilms

    my moc train

    Those are some very beautiful steam locomotives. Are they all fully functioning?
  5. CarrollFilms

    [Poll] What do you do with new sets?

    I got a new in box 10179 Millennium Falcon still in box and bags untouched. Never had room to put it once it was built so it's been sitting in the box since I ought it back in 2009
  6. CarrollFilms

    LEGO 60197 CITY ‚óŹ Passenger Train [Speed Build Review]

    Very nice review. Looks like a revamp of their previous passenger train but with more color and new PF's
  7. CarrollFilms

    MOC: Old 20's Vehicles

    Incredible detail on such a small form factor props to you!
  8. CarrollFilms

    [LDD MOC] 60198 Preliminary replica

    That is a very clever technique making the windshield upside down Do you plan on adding 9V or PF to the train?
  9. CarrollFilms

    [Poll] What do you do with new sets?

    I have noticed over time that my parts seeking abilities have really increased after countless hours searching for pieces to a set. I can dump an entire bucket of LEGO on the floor and scan everything on the top and manage to find a tiny 1x1 plate within seconds Who doesn't love the sound of sorting through mounds of LEGO?
  10. CarrollFilms

    [Poll] What do you do with new sets?

    Man, at first I thought I was the only one who built sets and just let them sit. By the way, not sorting the pieces makes the build last a lot longer, therefore increasing your amount of time spent having fun building
  11. CarrollFilms

    [MOC] Star Dust Drive-in Theatre - Lego ideas

    If this doesn't scream 1950's diner I don't know what will The truck and kiosk really take the cake on this one. I wouldn't mind seeing a bigger drive in. I think the other few pieces that really make this come together are those rounded edge tiles. Really adds to that '50's atmosphere.
  12. A very impressive build. I'm glad you had the break down video along side everything because there were definitely some designs in there I was not familiar with Keep up the great work!
  13. This is coming along quite nicely. Can't wait to see more
  14. CarrollFilms

    Unauthorized selling of instructions for MOCs

    There are always people willing to pay money for something they can't create. As stated earlier,"Most people that watch those videos aren't familiar with the lego sites we use frequently." They don't know that these MOC's are made for free online
  15. CarrollFilms

    Earthquake in Cologne

    Well, it looks like you can turn LEGO into art. I have no doubt it would take some time to create, but it would definitely be something to gaze eyes upon