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  1. Nice modifications! Good to see you're always pushing the limit. Have you attempted to use any of the RC wheel adapters yet? It's a simple printed part that clips in place and doesn't require drilling or glueing.Or is your approach done because you specifically wanted to use an axle to connect the wheels instead of a 3 pin hub?
  2. Welcome to EB! Have you looked at the videos that JANGBRiCKS creates? They are well voiced and there are a few dozen technic set reviews:
  3. Definitely overpriced. I've seen Amazon pushing the prices of older sets to crazy levels. Feel sorry for the buyers.
  4. The competition idea is very interesting! I'm strangely drawn towards entering. What else would I do with all those meters of red hosing?
  5. Very nice! Clean build and looks very functional. Can it also launch water balloons?
  6. Excellent! It's parks great too!
  7. The Nike slogan comes to mind when contemplating your "how do I do what I don't want to do" dilemma. I think it's possible to use the short code on phones. Here is the list:
  8. Very Nice! A motorized version would be well suited.
  9. Thanks for all the comments everyone! So the axle story: the trailer axle started in the middle as expected. With a "normal" setup, the main car was not able to steer efficiently. Since it's rear wheel drive, when the car goes forward and pulls its own weight, it tends to take pressure off the front wheels ever so sightly. They always touch the ground, but there just isn't enough friction to make them turn the car well. I didn't want to build more bulk in front since the size was the main goal, and I also didn't want rear wheel steering. Since moving the trailer attachment point up or down one plate height did not work at all, I had to come up with a way to apply a tiny bit of pressure to the front to counter this "pull tilt" effect. Simply moving the axle forward did just that. It doesn't look good, but the weight balance now helps to keep sufficient pressure on the front. They do crazy things on the moon
  10. So this was a quick, fun project. I gave myself the weekend to build the smallest RC car I could. My goal was 4 studs. This seemed reasonable since a battery box and SBrick are both 4 studs wide. With the width set in place, I quickly realized that making two connected parts would be the way to go so the model naturally became a camper van/RV with a trailer. The main car holds 2 micromotors and the trailer has 1 old-style battery box with the SBrick directly on top. More photo's here. Assembly photos are here. PS: I must also thank Mbmc as some of his micro RC MOCs were a good inspiration for this project.
  11. Just out the blue, what's the turntable going to be used for and how much weight will it have to support? Is it to place a model on top of?
  12. I see what you mean. At the top middle of the photo I can see the 5l beam and 1x2 plate being more bright green, whereas the connector next to them looks more yellow. Oh well, "shades of grass".
  13. The photos are unreal You know Jim, If you ever had to move house, you would have to find one with another attic. I have a feeling it's your angled white roof that is acting as two huge reflectors giving a very diffused softbox look. By the way, is the grey backdrop just paper card or a synthetic mat? Canon 70D, 50mm fixed lens, ISO 100, F20. Jim, correct me if I'm wrong.
  14. SevenStuds

    Instructions Question

    Firstly, the problem is not with the price of parts or instructions, it's with the approach that your spending should come from your pocket or lifestyle budget, no matter what size it may be. There are a myriad of ways in which the hobby (or any other similar activity) can start becoming cash positive. If, for example, you had to use your yearly budget just to buy large and cheap mixed bulk lots, and then spend your time cleaning and sorting them, you could turn a profit of 5-10X your initial cost giving you much more buying ability during those cash-dry student years. We have all been there Secondly, as others have said, the MOCs that have paid instructions are usually in the €300 plus category in terms of part cost, so spending 5% of that on instructions is a marginal cost. Especially when you realize that the builder's are not making instructions for themselves, but rather as a service to others. I believe that a few bucks is a gratuity for their hard work. Good luck!
  15. I second that, it has to be one of the top models you have ever made. It ticks all the boxes.