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Found 13 results

  1. Previously: A: The Bull's Eye B: River encounter C: The Siege of Falconstone Now Davok has finished his whole story, the Mitgardian commanders that gathered in the armory on Glorfindel's command, also joined, together with the Falcon spy that handed Davok to the council. Sir Glorfindel spoke first. "So, this is how the king died, and you are a convict in this. but how is this so important for this moment, for you know as good as we do that we have to muster our forces as soon as we are allowed to." "Its that mage, milord. I didnt know his name at that time, but I DO know the name now. And it matches all together milord, the description, the timing, everything." "Could you please tell me the name, because we are quite in a hurry, im afraid!" "Raavage sir. The mage who killed the king, who hired us. It was lord Raavage." Now, every attendant started to talk at once. "SILENCE!" The voice of sir Glorfindel rose firmly above the others, without any need to shout. "Thank you milady", Glorfindel smiled, as he turned his head to the girl in the falcon tunic. "It seems you have delivered us a spire rebel!" Nemayra, the spy, made a little bow. "Alas I was not in time to get reinforcements, all I could do was warning our city..." "So, what to do with this man? How about we execute him and..." "SIR!", Davok tried to say another thing. "Milord this was not all! I could not prevent the death of the king, but I saw something, and gave my commanders orders to distract the view of the mages. During the aftermath of the battle, someone tried to escape from the city. It was a woman, her clothes told us she was with the king before. Milord, she.., she..." Davok had gotten their full attention now. "she carried a baby. She made it out, we covered her. The baby was carried away." Now Nemayra's eyes lit up. "She made it? But milord, that was the Queen's nurse, with the heir! I know where they were heading for!", and she whispered something to Glorfindel, a bit affraid of the other attendants. Immediatly Sir Glorfindel made up its mind. "Athron! you will lead the army. Layra, you and the Guard will go on a task force to Kaliphlin. We have a chance to unite. To unite all of Historica, once more. "Davok, you will join command of this taskforce to proof yourself. You might have done treacherous things, fact is, you successfully laid siege to one of the Plain's greatest cities. We need every good commander we can get. You can take a select few of your best men as well. Nemayra, you will lead their way." Both women now protested. Layra: "You want me to share command with this suspect of High Treason? Milord!" From the side of Nemayra, there were some words about having an enemy amidst them, as well. But Glorfindel gave one last command. "Mitthral! Send word to the Dragon Masters in Avalonia. The heir has been found!" l to r: Davok (my sigfig), Sir Glorfindel (SoccerKid), Colonel Athron, General Layra, Captain Mitthral, a Mitgardian infantrist in standard outfit, and Falcon-scout Nemayra I got myself some green/yellow minifig arms and oh I love them! :)
  2. soccerkid6

    Unwelcome Tidings

    My 10th and last entry to the Colossal Castle Contest (small miscellaneous category). This was mainly a small fun build to mess around with new designs. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out, and that I was able to get every element actually attached, except the 3 logs which rest securely in the firewood bin. First installment in the story. After his first successful meeting with the Jarl of Balkr, Glorfindel had high hopes that he would meet with similar success when visiting other jarls and lords on the Nocturnus border. Dedan had set off for another clansman village, while Glorfindel's next trip took him to the medium sized town of Firoir. A single guard stood watch at the gate, or rather sat watch, as he was resting on a stool. "What's your business here?" He questioned, not bothering to stand. "I need to speak with Lord Tuinis," Glorfindel replied, taking in the somewhat disheveled uniform of the soldier. "Just straight on down the main road to his manor then, can't miss it." "Thank you, and good day," said Glorfindel, to which the guard merely grunted. Continuing on his way, Glorfindel saw that the guard was right and that it would be almost impossible to miss the large ornate manor. After an equally brief conversation with the steward, Glorfindel found himself face-to-face with Lord Tuinis in a lavish wood paneled room. "And what brings the esteemed Sir Glorfindel to the humble town of Firoir?" Asked Tuinis with a sneer. "Urgent orders from Elon Chorian no doubt, more men and supplies needed to defend our beloved capitol city?" Somewhat taken aback by the lord's belittling manner, Glorfindel tried to be diplomatic in his response: "It's always an honor to be received into any town of Mitgardia, and while the capitol is secure, I do bring word from Chorian that the villages, towns, and cities along the Nocturnus border should be fortified against a possible attack from the darklands. Tuinis jeered, "Of course! It's easy enough for him to order new fortifications and more soldiers to be trained, but we lords always pay the price for his petty concerns. Not a year ago, I was ordered to send troops and reserves of goods to the North for defense against the Algus threat. Yet this supposed threat to our existence was never even sighted by my scouts!" "Surely you don't mean to question the validity of the Algus attack?" Glorfindel asked incredulously. "Northern Mitgardia paid a dear price to keep the Algus from advancing to your doorstep! And if your scouts really never picked up on that threat, that only betrays their incompetence!" "You dare insult a lord of Mitgardia to his face at his own hearth?" spat Tuinis, "I know your kind, merely a lackey of Valholl, constantly sticking your nose into your better's business, and getting rewarded for it!" For a moment, Glorfindel could only consider the satisfaction a swift blow to the insolent face before him would provide, then with a great effort he controlled himself and turned from the room. Tuinis aimed one final insult at the retreating figure "That's right, crawl back to your fancy city and learn not to meddle. You have no authority here, boy." Another view of the build. I hope you're enjoying this storyline with Glorfindel, I'm having fun actually using my character for once Comments and suggestions always welcome
  3. LittleJohn

    Katoren Gardens

    My last module for a large collab with soccerkid6. The Katoren Gardens are well known throughout Kaliphlin, and have many different kinds of flowers. Sir Glorfindel is currently staying at the guesthouse there: More pictures can be seen here: Link C&C much appreciated
  4. soccerkid6

    Visiting Amfridus

    This was an extremely fun build. I tilted the wood sections using ball joints, for the first time. The idea of the build was to create a wacky, and whimsical atmosphere. Hence the unusual colorscheme for the build. There's a full interior, and the elevator actually works. Also Amfridus has devised a bucket system whereby he procures water without leaving his home. Glorfindel's inventor friend, Gimcrack, was going to visit another inventor named Amfridus who lived in Avalonia. Glorfindel decided to accompany Gimcrack and see how the Mitgardian-Avalonian relations were faring after the recent crisis. Amfridus' home wasnt too far from the Mitgardian border, and they soon arrived at the winding path leading to Amfridus' tower and workshop: Amfridus, himself: His cave workshop: Bucket system, inside: See more pictures of the build here: link And see Gimcrack's house here: link C&C welcome
  5. My Category B build for Challenge III. This is my first build using this wall design. I think this method gives an interesting field stone effect. About 80-90% of the pieces are actually attached, the others are wedged in tightly and the build is actually pretty sturdy. See previous installment in the story here: link. Glorfindel was able to reach the Great Hall in Fjollum, just as the Dwarven and Elven representatives arrived. Once everyone was inside the hall, Glorfindel announced the reason for the meeting: "This council has been called to try and prevent a war between Mitgardia and Avalonia, and more specifically to stop the dwarven invasion of Avalonia before it is too late." The dwarven representatives gave a start at this news, as they hadn't realized their plans were known. "And what proof do you have that we were planning such a thing?" One of the older dwarves asked. "Your plans have been leaked, and some of your forces captured," Glorfindel replied. An elven lord questioned: "And how do we know that the government of Mitgardia isn't behind this plan of attack? This council could simply be a ploy to distract us and take us off our guard." "I assure you, that Valholl and Elon had no part in this scheme. If we were behind this, would we tell you our plans?" Glorfindel answered. "Besides, we both know that a war between our guilds would be disastrous for all of us, with the Black Spire still controlling Nocturnus and ready to take advantage of any signs of weakness in our guilds." Turning to the dwarves, he continued: "Now back to the point at hand, you need to call your troops back immediately. The elves now know of your plans and continuing would be suicide." "Only because of you!" A dwarf growled, "You're a traitor to Mitgardia! You talk about the threat of the Black Spire yet you aid their allies, the elves." "We are sworn enemies of the Black Spire," An elf snapped back, "Unlike you we have fought the enemy in our homeland and are only concerned with protecting our people, not conquering new lands." "Calm down," Glorfindel interrupted before the argument became violent, "Dwarves, you have no positive proof that the elves are working with the Spire, and even if they were, challenging them in their preferred environment would be foolish, it would be much wiser to simply fortify Mitgardia. The point is, both of our guilds need to work together to be able to defeat the Spire." Though it took a long time of negotiating, eventually Glorfindel convinced the dwarves to call off the invasion, and agree not to cross the border into Avalonia without express permission from the Avalonian government and therefore the Mitgardian government as well. But the crisis wasn't over yet, messengers were dispatched to call back the dwarven invasion forces, but would they deliver their message in time? First floor, with kitchen: Dragon shield mosaic: Hope you enjoy, the conclusion to my entry is at the end of my Category C thread C&C appreciated
  6. Here's my Category A entry for the Men's side. Glorfindel needed definite proof that the dwarves were planning to march into Avalonia, and he needed details about their plans. Already he had been brought messages confirming that the dwarves were readying for war, but he still needed specific information about when, where, and which of the dwarven clans would move out. To gain this information he turned to Jonathan, a trustworthy boy who served as a page under Glorfindel's command. Jonathan disguised himself as a dwarve and then infiltrated some of their meetings: Then he reported back to Glorfindel: C&C welcome
  7. soccerkid6

    Mitgardian Throne Room

    This is the final build in the collab between myself and MKJoshA. I hope you enoyed it as much as I did. Kabel inspired the floor design with the sweet custom sail on his ship, you can see it in the Challenge III topic. Upon arriving in Valholl, Wyndor and Glorfindel went straight to the capitol building and once inside that they headed to the throne room itself. Several nobles and officers of the army were discussing current matters and arguing different strategies. Elon Chorian and Steen Larsson were waiting to hear news of their travels... "It's good to see you two again," said Glorfindel. "Likewise, I'm glad you weren't injured or waylaid on your mission," Elon replied. "Now what do you have to report?" Glorfindel reported: "Tension between different races and factions in Mitgardia is on the rise, but as of yet most are still willing to work against a common threat. How long they will maintain that attitude remains to be seen. Even now, some new change of events could move things toward a civil war. The dwarves, if rumours be true, seem most likely to make a rash move and plunge Mitgardia into chaos. Reportedly they've been having many long councils in their great cities concerning the invasion of Avalonia." "Yes, I have heard similar tidings," Larsson added. "Then we must look into the matter, we need definite proof that the dwarves are plotting to attack Avalonia before we can intervene. In the meantime be on your guard and do what you can to promote unity," Elon ordered. More pictures: Without figs: The bear paw insignia: Noble and Officer figs: C&C appreciated
  8. soccerkid6

    Great Elk Longhouse

    Continuing the collab between myself and MKJoshA. I wanted to try another Norse style wooden building, and decided to do a longhouse with belltower. This was my first time using this wall design (which is SNOT tile paneling in between 2x2 round pillars), and I'm quite happy with the effect. As always there's a full interior. After the rather unsuccessful first attempt to try and convince the Great Elk clan and the people of Teridyan to work together during their recent food shortage, Wyndor and Glorfindel traveled to the Longhouse of the Great Elk Clan for one more try. They were still unable to convince the Clan to try and help, and were just preparing to leave the hall when a clansman rushed in. "Sound the bell! There's a dragon attacking the village," he gasped. The men quickly seized their weapons and rushed outside to find a medium sized Frost Dragon approaching the hall itself. Two Teridyan soldiers who had been passing through the village were trying to hold the beast off, but one had already succumbed to its icy breath: The dragon put up a fierce struggle, but the clansmen, Glorfindel, and Wyndor were able to kill it without losing any men. Though, the soldier who had been struck by the beast's breath lost the arm holding his shield to frostbite. Wyndor was first to speak after the dragon finally collapsed, "Well Dain, what do you think now? These Teridyan soldiers just risked their lives to defend your village and people. Surely the Clan can continue to help supply food for the city." "I suppose we might be able to give them a hand, " Dain replied gruffly. "But how will we get enough food for our own village and Teridyan?" "Perhaps you could train some of the men from Teridyan how to hunt and trap," Glorfindel suggested. "Or organize a trade route with some of the cities or clans less affected by this famine. Between Teridyan and the Clan you have many able bodied men to work with, I'm sure something could be arranged." More pictures of the build: Without figs C&C welcome
  9. soccerkid6

    Meeting with Wyndor

    A relatively simple interior to start off collab between myself and MKJoshA. Sir Glorfindel meets with Wyndor to discuss a trip through Mitgardia to try and ensure that the Mitgardian people stand united through these uncertain and dangerous times. Sir Glorfindel: "Wyndor, it is good to meet you. I have heard much of you in Valholl recently and thought that you could be of assistance to me on my newest mission." Wyndor: "I also am glad to have finally met you. If the Council is agreeable to my traveling with you then I would be happy to be of whatever help I can." Sir Glorfindel: "Good, as you already know I am visiting cities and towns throughout Mitgardia to encourage unity in the coming days. But that is not the only reason for my journeys, I am also inspecting the military strength of the cities and town, and watching for any suspicious activities or rebellious citizens. Your help will make this easier and also, with you along we represent two well-known cities of Mitgardia." The council agreed to let Wyndor travel with Glorfindel, and in fact Lief seemed rather eager to get rid of Wyndor. C&C welcome
  10. MKJoshA

    Feud in Teridyan

    See the previous parts of the story: Part 1 Part 2 Wyndor and Glorfindel left Dålig Ulv on their journey to try to foster unity amongst their fellow Mitgardians. They had already journeyed for many days taking time to stop at different villages and cities along the way sharing their message. They even had to time to watch certain local tournaments like the one in Arnarvhall. Wyndor and Glorfindel thought that these kinds of festivals were good at reminding the people that they all belonged to one guild regardless of their past history. Next stop on their journey was Teridyan. As the two adventurers walked into the city they could tell that no festivals awaited them here. Instead they were accosted by angry voices. “What do you mean this is all you have! The jarl will not be satisfied with this, we were counting on you being able to provide us with much more food” they heard the guard captain say. “With this famine times are hard even for us Clansmen. Maybe you City-Dwellers should learn to fend for yourselves better!” replied the leader of troop of Great Elk Clansmen. Glorfindel and Wyndor looked at each other for just a moment before Glorfindel spoke up, “I’m sorry to interrupt your… business good sirs. But as official representative from Valholl, perhaps I can be of assistance in settling this dispute?” “You city dwellers are all the same” spat the Clansman. “You think all problems can be settled with words. Well, you are welcome to try your hand here. I could use a good laugh today.” The other two Clansmen chuckled to themselves. Not to be dissuaded, Glorfindel continued with his questions. “Captain, perhaps you could begin with your side of the story.” “Well, your honor,” began the guard, “it’s like this you see. There’s been a famine this harvest. Maybe it’s affected other parts of Mitgardia, but none so much as here in Teridyan. As you can see our fair city is in need of repairs and we haven’t received much help from Valholl… no offense your honor, I know you all have been busy with bigger problems. But you see many of our farmers have moved to other parts of Mitgardia and with this famine, we haven’t the food to feed everyone in the city. We’ve always had a good relationship with our neighbors, the Great Elk Clan, so our jarl commissioned the Clan to help provide us with provisions. We are paying them adequately, but you see there just isn’t enough for everyone… and well my family…” Glorfindel could tell this guard had a lot on his chest and knew they weren’t going to get far in their discussion if he let him continue. “All right captain, I think I’m beginning to understand. And you, Clansmen, what is your side in all this?” “Hrmph,” the leader started, “as he said, we have had a shortage of food recently. We agreed to help the people of Teridyan by bringing in some of the game we had killed. But the famine is starting to affect us too and we can’t spare any more. We have to think of our own families first. We can’t look after these weaklings anymore. If they knew the land as we do they wouldn’t be in situation!” “And if they all hunted don’t you think there would be far less game to find?” asked Wyndor. “Who’s the whelp?” the dark haired Clansman asked. Not showing he heard Wyndor continued, “and if all these ‘city-dwellers’ lived the way you do who would trade with you and provide your barrels and wagon wheels? Do you have trained coopers amongst your people now or blacksmiths or glass workers?” “We lived without them before, we can live without them again!” answered the gray-haired Clansman. “That’s not what you told me when I came of age Dain” replied Wyndor. Dain looked closer at Wyndor. “It couldn’t be, not Graham’s little pup? How’d you grow up so fast?” Glorfindel raised an eyebrow at Wyndor inquisitively. “My father was a firm believer in raising us accord to the clan’s ways and sent us to them for our right of passage into adulthood” Wyndor explained. “Dain here was one of the elders who oversaw my time in the wilderness many years ago.” He then turned back to the Clansmen. “You said at that time that the clans and the city-dwellers would always need each other.” “That was a different time” answered Dain. “Things have changed. Most city-dwellers no longer care about our ways and traditions. They have no knowledge of the past and that betrays their contempt for the future!” “The future is not living like a savage!” shouted one of the townsfolk. A small crowd had gathered to see the two strangers and had stayed to hear the heated discussion. “You see,” said the Clansman leader. “We can afford to help these aragant city-dwellers no longer! Take these barrels of venison, but know that there will be no more from the Great Elk Clan.” Dain caught Wyndor’s eye for a moment after the leader had spoken his final pronouncement, and then turned away sadly. Wyndor and Glorfindel were soon left by themselves as everyone else had business to take care of. “Well, that didn’t go as planned” said Glorfindel. “No, it appears Mitgardia is not as unified as we had first hoped” answered Wyndor. “Let’s meet with the jarl to see if there is anything else we can do to try to heal the rift here. But I’m afraid that there may not be much more we can do.”
  11. I'd been thinking about building a tower using half stud offsets to make it smaller as it gets taller, but hadn't gotten around to actually doing anything until I saw Gideon's sweet lighthouse. That inspired this tower. There is a full interior as always. Glorfindel and Infernum had finally caught up with those responsible for the recent raids on Mitgardian homes and watchtowers. They waded through the swamp surrounding the tower, to try and reach the two Mitgardian prisoners, unnoticed. Meanwhile the two leaders of the raiding party were arguing at the top of the tower. The Hand of Corruption captain wanted to follow their orders and take the Mitgardian soldiers they had captured back to Nocturnus to work as slaves, but the Orc chieftain had other plans for the two. In the heat of the argument, the orc chieftain and one of his archers killed the captain and another Hand of Corruption warrior. By this time, Glorfindel and Infernum had made it to the prisoners. They armed the two with their daggers. Then Glorfindel picked the lock on the door and they charged in. The raiders were unprepared for an attack and were quickly killed. Glorfindel and Infernum restored the Mitgardian flag to its rightful place and discussed how to defend the Nocturnus border against more raiding parties such as this. A few more pictures of the build: More pictures can be seen here: link I hope you guys enjoyed this collaborative storyline. And a big thanks to Infernum for efforts in the collab
  12. soccerkid6

    Kaldrfell Castle

    Well here is what I've been working on for just a bit over a month: Kaldrfell Castle. I took inspiration from many different castle builders, but here are some that inspired specific sections or details in the castle: Ecclesiastes, Kayne, Eklund, peggyjdb, Buurli Burri, Andhe, and legonardo. There is a full interior in every building, and the keep lifts off and hinges open. Also every door/trapdoor, and the drawbridge and portcullis are all functional. Interior buildings inside the castle include: a smithy, servant's house, stable, and chicken coop. And I think I came up with a new archer slit design, it can be seen on all the buildings except the rounded tower. Basically you center a 1x3 arch so that it has a half stud offset on each side and the use brick modified with stud to hold tiles to fill the gaps. You could make pretty much the same windows with going to the bother of centering them, but I like the texture you get when you do. The pictures should explain the design much better than this description. Kaldrfell Castle looks out onto a small lake in the Heavenly Mountains and protects the city of Kaldrfell which is built around the lake. Lord Nordan and Lady Deonne, Glorfindel's parents, rule Kaldrfell. Here Glorfindel pays them a visit: There are tons of details so be sure to check out more pics here: link All C&C greatly appreciated
  13. soccerkid6

    Meeting with Elon (6)

    Meanwhile Glorfindel had returned to Mitgardia to get Steen Larson and Elon Chorian's opinions on how to fight the hand and save as many Mitgardians as possible. Here Glorfindel meets with Elon in Valholl, and they discuss a guerilla strategy of warfare against the hand: Previous build: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=81862 Next build: All C&C appreciated