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  1. "That is a rather accurate statement." He turns his attention to Pip. "I feel I must apologize for my threat towards you. It was wrong of me. Do not beat yourself up over getting involved with these smuggling jobs. You needed the money and this opportunity presented itself to you. Understandable. We were sent on behalf of the Chief of Level Three Maintenance of the tunnels to find a missing employee named Greg. What can you tell us about Flatfoot Thompson?" He turns to Decker and mutters. "Is it weird that I have a hunch that maybe Greg might be involved in this criminal activity? Perhaps he is using a pseudonym and could be either Machen or Alex Kampf."
  2. Ronin backs off a bit and lets Decker do the talking.
  3. Ronin quickly scans over the marketplace for any signs of Greg. He casually yet cautiously approaches the Adamite with Decker. Noticing that it looked guilty of something, he hopes to take advantage of that. "You there. We want to ask you a few questions." He slightly unsheathes his sword a bit. "We are looking for someone. Their name is Greg. More than likely dressed like us. We are very reasonable people. I do not want to hurt you but I will not tolerate any shenanigans. Do you know of his whereabouts?"
  4. Not really interested in the mushrooms, Ronin just shrugs the sight off. Though he is curious if they are radioactive... what else would explain their green glow? " "I hope you do not plan on eating them now, Decker. We must stay focused. After we find Greg... sure, go nuts." "Let's continue. Hopefully Greg is still alive." Ronin continues to the manhole with Decker. OoC: Overall I am enjoying the quest. I just find navigating the tunnels rather confusing and boring.
  5. "This? No this is my personal sword. An heirloom you can say." Ronin sheathes his sword. "Let us take a peak. If there is nothing of interest we continue forward."
  6. Ronin grabs the bars, shaking them. Thinking he can break them, he steps back and unsheathes his sword and strikes at them.
  7. Ronin looks around seeing if he can spot any conduit or wiring that may lead to the gate. "Decker, do you see anything that may open this?"
  8. "I agree friend. Maybe the owner is still alive. This is the best lead we got, let us follow it." Ronin follows the trail.
  9. Yzalirk

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - General Discussion

    Really like the Yul'Yom Celebration gifts, such great ideas! I cannot wait to celebrate it once again with you guys next year!
  10. "Unfortunately not... but it was worth investigating. Who knows what surprises the architect behind this labyrinth left." Ronin begins to follow Decker again, continuing to carve their path deeper into the tunnels. Then a Rocketpack begins to digitize in front of him with a card reading "Happy Yul'Yom." He grabs it and equips it.
  11. "Hopefully this is a shortcut." Ronin helps Decker bust down the wall.
  12. "What happens in the sewer stays in the sewer. Lets just not do that again." Ronin sighs while wiping the grime and muck off himself. "I have an idea..." He unsheathes his Hard Light Katana. It glows a light blue in the dark, though the radiance of the sword is not enough to illuminate the tunnels entirely, only slightly around him. He gently carves an X into the wall, scorching the symbol onto the wall, displaying that it can be reliable to mark their path. "...I can use this to mark our path taken moving forward."
  13. Ronin attempts to maneuver over the pipes too.
  14. "Tell me about it. I think we may be able to use this sealant for something though." Ronin collects some of the sealant and proceeds to follow Decker.