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  1. Yzalirk

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - General Discussion

    I was recently thinking that myself! I love listening to a lot of Synthwave playlists on YouTube. I can't exactly put my tongue on it but Synthwave and Heroica: GATS just feels right.
  2. Quietly standing in the back and analyzing the choice of guides, Ronin makes his decision. "I believe Sigrún is the guide we seek."
  3. Disgusted and appalled at the display of the other heroes desecrating the remains of the Frost Hawks, he remains quiet and to himself. Though he is not one to judge others, he disapproves. But he silently commends Polaris for using the slaughtered birds for food. Ronin cautiously walks into the stables and dusts the snow off himself. "Uh, hello? We are heroes from Heroica sent to aid Mervin. I assume you are the guides he spoke about?"
  4. Ronin twirls his sword around him and attacks Frost Hawk B.
  5. Without hesitation, Ronin presses some buttons on his forearm and activates his Cloaking Generator and moves to C3 before attacking Frost Hawk C. [OoC: I checked the FAQ to see if activating the Cloaking Generator during combat counts as an action and could not find an answer other than some items may be used in conjunction with other actions. If not, disregard the Cloaking Generator than. If so, that is totally awesome.]
  6. Ronin is not amused by Mervin's sarcasm but remains level-headed. "My suit is capable of withstanding the cold desert nights, not blizzards on a frozen planet. I simply wish to ensure the safety of my team and I." Ronin attempts to use his skills in deception to see if Mervin may know if the Rime Drake is related to the mission. "I am in agreement Ensonvilterayquis," Ronin oddly pronounces Enson's name nearly perfectly. "It is a simple and efficient plan."
  7. "Yes" "Ummm... very well friend. I would like a hot cocoa please." Ronin examines the map as Mervin unfolds it. "I do not see Snjótri on the map, where is it exactly? Should we also be concerned with the weather? It is quite cold here"
  8. "It is an honor. We understand that some predatory beasts are giving you trouble. Can you tell us more about it?" I am quite alright, thank you." Ronin politely bows to Decker. "I wish you the same." "I am a Stratitarian." Ronin attempts to deceive Polaris.
  9. "Hello friend." Ronin respectfully bows to the elderly Cricet. "Yes we are members of Heroica. I am called Ronin. Who are you?"
  10. Yzalirk

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - General Discussion

    Welcome @Alix! Feel free to sign up for Mission #6 in the Hall!
  11. Yzalirk

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Rules & FAQ

    That’s perfectly fine by me! Personally I want the threat of character death to be a real one otherwise it just seems like an unnecessary feature that was added.
  12. Yzalirk

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - General Discussion

    Great to have you on board, @Endgame! Also your character sheet looks good.
  13. Yzalirk

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - General Discussion

    Welcome back @Waterbrick Down!
  14. Yzalirk

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Heroica Hall

    "Thank you for understanding, friend. Perhaps in time you will learn more about me."