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  1. Venkefedo

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    3 years ago... meaning he's only been unavailable at retail for about 2 years, ish. That's not super-needed... a metallic silver version of his saber hilt as opposed to chrome, however, is overdue!
  2. Venkefedo

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Due to that Ten Numb head, I'd be fine with a "Sullustan-ears" headgear (hat & ears) if not a full molded head... but however they do it, we're long overdue for Nunb. Enough with Numb, give us Nunb! I'd also be fine if that Lando set is an ESB Cloud Car instead, too... an updated General (especially with Nunb) would be outstanding, but Bespin Lando's painfully overdue for an update. Mothma I'm kinda expecting in a Rogue One set. There are a few decent options for heads & hair for her with the existing torso print, tho, so she's not as pressing to update for me.
  3. Venkefedo

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Definitely. Part's on the correct side, they've updated to dark tan, it's all good there. Very glad to see a new Han hair! Much better than the basic male hair or brown Old Han hair (which is great for a number of other characters, but never quite right for OT Han). If Skiff Han has that hair, then that's at least an improvement over the Carbon Freeze minifig!
  4. Venkefedo

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    ...which means that we may be looking at two of the exact same figures from this year's Carbon Freeze set, with a Weequay and Chewie (who at least is in a smaller, cheaper set now) replacing the Ugnaught. Hopefully Boba will have printed arms this time... or a better gun... or a new jetpack! Something different than this year's Fett.
  5. Venkefedo

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    ...and as I said, it's counterintuitive. At least that stormie made its way into the Advent calendar. They can't possibly think "A stormtrooper! Yes! AFOLs will buy a dozen Star Destroyers for that!"
  6. Venkefedo

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    That seems counterintuitive. People would likely want more than the 1 or 2 Death Troopers in the shuttle set, and even most AFOLs won't want to shell out for multiple sets to get extra troops. No trooper should ever be exclusive to a ~$100 set. Named characters? Maybe. Annoying, but understandable. For troops, tho, more money would be made by throwing 'em in Battle Packs or other less-pricey sets, and fans would be much happier.
  7. Venkefedo

    Battle Packs - Better models?

    The Death Star turbo laser was pretty cool, and the recent Rebel speeder bike, and the old Hoth Rebel tank (maybe not the best build, but it was reasonably close to proper scale and based on an actual obscure vehicle from the films!)... more along those lines would be nice. There's a Ninjago bike in 70722 that I love so much, I bought parts to build the same bike for the other Ninjago guys and a slightly modified one for Batman. It's a great little build, a much better scale than the recent giant Batcycle or Kai's big red bike from an earlier Ninjago wave, and the perfect kinda thing for a Battlepack (albeit without wheels). Something more like that, less like this.
  8. Venkefedo

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Vader's own troops had very few clones in their numbers even 5 years after ROTS. The idea of the 501st remaining purely Jango clones is long gone. Most active during the war were decommissioned pretty soon after ROTS (months, most likely), and transferred to other roles such as training instructors at newly-minted Imperial Academies, since the Empire was met with applause and (personal conjecture here) there were likely millions eager to sign up and potentially join the military that won the Clone Wars & put down the Jedi rebellion. ISB Commander Beck is surprised to find a Jango-clone among her troops in the days following A New Hope (as shown in "Smuggler's Run"), but this stormtrooper, Torrent, proves fairly effective. Torrent is from a younger generation of clones and likely was an infant or still in the incubator at the end of the war.
  9. Venkefedo

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    A Sullustan hat/ear piece. That'd be pretty wonderful... then you can easily update your Ten Numb from the last B-wing set! My main concern with a new OT X-wing helmet with dual-molding is that we'd have to gather a bunch all over again (Luke, Wedge, Dak, Porkins, Biggs, Hobbie/Dutch, Janson, Theron Nett, Zev, etc)... A longer saber hilt for double-bladed sabers! More blaster varieties! DC-17, EE-3, etc An Aqualish head that could be repainted with the extra eyes of PT Aqualish. But mostly so we can have Ponda Baba finally. A new Scout Trooper helmet. It's way past time for one! A new astromech body that's maybe 1 plate shorter and only has one stud on top, so the astromech heads can turn! (however that brings up the same issue as the X-wing helmet--needing to get that body in lots of colors & prints for variety!) That's all I've got for now!
  10. Venkefedo

    Shadows of the Empire - Great potential?

    Thrawn doesn't need the same story. It's the character that's important. He's a tactician who studies his enemies carefully, doesn't waste his forces carelessly, etc. That's what he'll be bringing to the table in Rebels: anticipating the tactics of his foes (Cham Syndulla, for starters, and reportedly fouling up a plan of Ezra's). No need for ysalamiri, Mount Tantiss, Spaarti cylinders, the Katana fleet, or a mad clone of a Jedi.
  11. Venkefedo

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Yeah, the code cylinders make it kinda complicated. Still, I'll overlook 'em if the only decent way to depict her is using the old Tarkin torso. I hope you're right about Thrawn! I agree that the gold bits would only be possible as little details near the top of the torso... which is fine! I wouldn't even object to them skipping them in the print; I can just throw a gold epaulette piece on him like I was planning on doing to the custom I'd prepped a couple years ago (and never finished...and misplaced! He's in some Lego bin of mine, awaiting a printed decal for his face & torso, decals I've drawn up or adjusted but have yet to print) Hopefully we'll see a YT-2400... and maybe an Imperial Mando BP at some point! They could use the same Mando helmet with the 'skull' print (a popular Arealight custom design!) and include the old helmet accessories...I think the little "headlamp" bits from Mando/Clone helmets could be turned upright to mimic the 'spikes' on the Imp Mando helms. Haven't tried it myself, but it seems plausible...
  12. Venkefedo

    Shadows of the Empire - Great potential?

    With a YT-2400 in Season 3--and a mystery pilot with black hair, a yellow shirt, and blue vest it seems--there's a chance Lego could make one as a set. It wouldn't be the Outrider, and likely wouldn't have Dash or Guri or anything, but it'd be a Jek-14's Stealth Starfighter as an E-wing!
  13. Venkefedo

    Marvel Superheroes 2017 - Set Discussion

    Better an exploding feature designed & built into a truck than a kid slamming a Lego truck into the ground or a wall to make it 'explode' a different way... a way that leads to a much bigger mess to clean up, and probably some painful encounters for anyone walking around without shoes on later that day (or the following week, perhaps!)
  14. Venkefedo

    DC Superheroes 2016 - Rumors and Discussion

    The Ultra Agents helmet would've been better, but as for why they didn't use it? Look to the "SDCC figure guessing game" thread. Many guessed they'd use the Ultra Agents helmet for him when he was confirmed as the DC offering... but most weren't happy about it, since then it'd make the figure a lot more desirable. More would've wanted the figure in part for that element in dark blue with trans-light-blue dual-molding, and therefore more would've been upset at being unable to acquire the figure without shelling out oodles of money. This way, fewer fans will be bummed to miss out on the figure. They can easily get the helmet itself, since it's available in dark blue already, and then custom-print stickers to make their own stand-in at home, if they so choose... ...and it frees up Lego to possibly use the UA helmet in another Atom down the line, should they ever make a more readily-available set used on the CW shows with Atom included. That may be a long shot, but it's still a possibility! I do like how they included a 'stand' that serves the same purpose as the builds in the Ant-Man movie set, to show that the hero shrinks. Clever! But, an easy pass... maybe we'll get a comic/toon-style Atom in a year or two! In the meantime, I can do without TV Ray for now quite easily.
  15. Venkefedo

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Good news! Grand Admiral Thrawn! Bad news! His uniform will be tan instead of white, because Rebels. (But seriously, based on the trailer, if they do a minifig of Governor Pryce--whose uniform is clearly gray in the trailer--in dark tan, I'ma have to write a letter to TLG... in the meantime, KOTCS's Irina Spalko head & hair plus existing Tarkin torso will do nicely; it doesn't show off any feminine features, but it's the right color with the right rank badge! Kinda odd that a planetary or sector governor would have the same badge as the governor of the entire Outer Rim, but whatever). As much as I hope TLG doesn't offer up any more dark-tan Imp uniforms, I really hope they don't just use Yularen's torso print for Thrawn and call it "good enough". New Zeb, new Sabine, new Kanan (make the mask a separate element? Or have masked/unmasked expressions?), new Ezra... Mandos, Biker Scouts, TIE Interceptors (with red markings!), a YT-2400 (with mystery pilot with black hair, yellow shirt, and blue vest!), Hondo, Azmorigan, Maul, Nightsister-y magic stuff, Wedge, Y-wings, maybe a buildable Bendu? Season 3 looks to have a lot to offer already... I hope TLG doesn't take a full year or more to get around to covering much of it! They had the Freemaker sets available before the show even aired, so it'd be nice to see some S3 trickle into the Winter wave.