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Found 9 results

  1. hallidaynick

    Are You Worthy?

    Are you worthy? My latest MOC is Thor's Hammer. Hammer1 by Nicholas Halliday, on Flickr 1:1 scale (or as close as I could get) based on the 2011 movie. It has taken me a long time to get the size, angles and overall design right. I've had a number of attempts at it. I will be displaying it next weekend here in Newcastle, Australia with my 1:1 Captain America Shield. Enjoy More Photos of the Hammer and Shield can be found below, Hoping to get some of the two together at the show. Marvel Builds
  2. So,here is my entry for the battlebot contest. To show my robot's suitability for 45x45x45 rule I've built this model of XYZ axles You can see that it's equipped with an Axe and two big Hammers ! Hammers can be folded as they makes robot be wider in transportation mode than allowed. I took two wheels from Claas (42054) and added front and rear racks with little wheels and suspension. By the way I think I used almost every type of red panels. Video as always. P.S. Excuse me please for quality of photos , mu ordinary cam is broken so I had to use cam on my phone.
  3. Hello people, I'm joining another contest. The idea seemed really nice to me, and it was doable with my skills. My robot is called IRON-SLAMMER-ALPHA!. Iron sounds cool, slammer because i have a hammer and alpha because im the alpha(= first, dominant) I should also mention that i'm in the PF-category and not in the S-brick category progress: IRON SLAMMER ALPHA V1 1. This is the hammer, it will become longer and i put a weight at the end for more impact. 2nd picture is bottom. I have a clutch so the hammer can fall under gravity. That gives bigger impact than the slow moving XL-motor. I geared it ofcourse down otherwise it cant lift the hammer. (I leave a lot of stuff out because it is not relevant anymore) This is the finished model: but it was wayy too big so i teared it down until i had only the hammer left and the gearbox. I then built the following model which i present with proud: IRON-SLAMMER-ALPHA V2.0!! in order to gain more length, i moved the gearbox+motors behind the hammer. The hammer is now 4 studs above the ground. I also put a battery box at the end. The impact is pretty serious right now. In the video i will show you how much. To visualise the impact i had to be quite creative. The tracks are redesigend. The old ones were 'modules' which i put on the side of the model. These tracks are part of the whole thing and can't be taken off. The tracks are not flat because i had to put them over a beam. I do like it so i did not take the effort to change anything. I put the motors, BB and IR-recievers at the back. This is a wheight which prevents the bot from falling foward. It works perfect because it does not tend to fall forward whatsoever. The BB is easy to remove. All it takes is to remove 2 red pins. I'm gonna show in the video how it works. After the tracks and the PF-stuff was done, i made some armor around the tracks. The end result is not very pretty.but it looks badass and works flawless. I am currenly working on a video so i won't show you how it works but you'll see in a few days. Here are the pics: this is the hammer. It is all i had left after tearing down v1. It is 42 studs here because it cannot be higher than 45 studs and i wanted to have some space left. This is the last picture in VVS mode (which is a relief for some people) but this one is VVS because it fit's better in the picture. Here you see the almost finished model. I forgot to take pictures between those moments. After this, i only put on the tracks armor. and This are pictures of the finished model. These are proofs that it fits in a 45x45x45. Here are some facts summed up for you: - weight: 1800 grams - dimensions: LxBxH = 44*35*45 PF components: - 2x L-motor for driving, I am amazed that the l-motors can power the bot because it is quite heavy. - 1x M-motor for clutch - 1x XL-motor for lifting the hammer. It can easily lift the hammer but i can not make it longer otherwise it will stick outside the imaginary box. - 2x Battery box, 1 to power it, and one as weight in the hammer. Thanks for reading this far. I hope you like it. feel free to critisise it because it is far from perfect and all moc's, no matter how good, have flaws.
  4. Who does not know Leonardo da Vinci? Probably the greatest genius of all time. Passionate about everything from astrology to painting, writing to weapons, invented and built the most diverse machines. He was responsible for the most incredible inventions and genius of history. I present these are the summary of the passions that characterized Leonardo: the technological innovations in the military and civilian spheres The Hammer, the Tank and the Ornithopter The hammer was created as an aid to the blacksmiths of the time, thanks to a rotating mechanism, he was able to deliver powerful blows with the hammer that rose and fell on the workpiece The tank is on top of my preferences regarding Leonardo's machines... together the helicopter ... Pushed (manually) from 4 independent wheels positioned inside that allowed to rotate on its axis, was equipped with cannons on 360 °, was equipped also have an observation tower and accessible by stairs. As regards the model the wheels are functioning and are equipped with handles for easy rotation. Protection is totally removable to find out what is hidden inside. In the Ornithoper model you can move the wings up and down as you want. Here you can find the complete album:
  5. littlebricker

    MOC Police swat team with a humvee

    Hi this is a set of police swat which includes a vehicle, four minifigures and some accessories. It was modified from my military humvee so to make it less violent : ). The bonnet, doors and trunk lid are fully openable. Two minifigures can seat properly inside the car while the others need to squeeze in. If you like it could you kindly support it on Lego ideas? Cheers.
  6. A dwarven hammer I built out of LEGO-bricks. It has a width of ~39cm and a length of ~106,5cm. Some additional views (22nd March 2015): +++++][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+++++ More pictures of my creations can be found on my homepage! +++++][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+++++
  7. Devid

    MOC - Gundam "Hammer Judge"

    My new Gundam "Hammer Judge" , I hope you like it Link with more photos Primary weapon Secondary weapon
  8. Toa_Of_Justice

    LDD MOC: Bulk XL

    This is my idea of Bulk in XL form. He fights injustice with HammerClaw (his hammer) and BigBoom (his Gatling gun). Click any image to enlarge it. [^ Even Larger Pic 2 ^] [^Even Larger Pic 3 ^] [^Even Larger Pic 4 ^] [^Even Larger Pic 5 ^] [LXF File] - [Brickshelf Gallery] -Toa Of Justice EDIT: I changed the thumbnails to link to the smaller JPG images. The links below them point to the full-resolution PNG images.
  9. Kit Martello Don't let her cute face and perky attitude mislead you — Kit is a skilled rabbit warrior, as adept at fighting unarmed as she is brandishing her giant hammer. Front - Side - Back - 3/4 Battle-ready - Rabbit kick - Sitting pretty - Kicking back - Hammer detail Flickr gallery My entry for BZPower's BBCC64 (Entry topic). 93 pieces total. She was originally a MOC I made shortly after arriving at college this semester, as an experiment in making a female Hero Factory figure that is well-armored on all sides. Furno's helmet was used due to its unique look and cute, feminine expression when used in reverse. After the contest was announced I added the tail to reinforce the animal motifs of the helmet. I considered a squirrel tail (since bunny girls are unbelievably cliché), but I had a hard enough time creating a connection point that could support a tail this small. Feel free to share any thoughts, comments, or criticisms.