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  1. sanderverkuijlen

    Miniature Warhammer 40K dreadnoughts

    Started tinkering with today and figured I'd make a small non-technic figure. Pretty happy with how it turned out! Edit: credits to for inspiration.
  2. sanderverkuijlen

    [MOC] Boris RC tank

    @matthewclso I'm afraid I have to disappoint on the matter of instructions. I'm new to all of this so I haven't done anything of the sort before. On top of that I've already started taking Boris apart. Perhaps for the next build. @Tommy Styrvoky Thanks for the suggestions! I've kickstarted the buwizz project so hopefully I'll have a nice compact battery and control solution in a little while. As for the L motors, my new prototype already features those =) And lastly a general question: I don't suppose anyone here knows of a tiny "linear actuator" construction that's considerably smaller than a small linear actuator? I've found this after some googling but after 2 evenings of tinkering I still can't get that to fit in the new smaller chassis... (the problem is height, when in the lowered position the axle sticks down further than grond clearance will allow)
  3. As far as informing people about this issue goes there is something I'd quite like to know: how can you tell apart a low-quality third-party part from it's official lego equivalent? I'd imagine this would be invaluable information for anyone that uses bricklink, buyers and sellers alike.
  4. sanderverkuijlen

    [MOC] Boris RC tank

    When I got out of my dark age 1.5 years ago it was partly because of seeing 42009 at a friends' house, but also in no small part by the great tanks created by Sariel and Tommy Styrvoky (among others). Once my collection felt large enough that I didn't mind taking some sets apart I started looking at building something of my own. After a few failed attempts I ended up with Boris here, the first moc that I find presentable enough to post here.. It's powered by two XL motors hooked directly up to a sprocket on their respective side (I've had problems with slipping gears on earlier attempts). Speed is decent enough and there's no lack of torque, but unfortunately the standard lego tracks don't provide much grip. There's also one M motor to provide rotation to the turret, while another M motor drives a small LA that sticks through the turntable to control gun elevation. As you can see from the bottom-shot I'm still horrible at building in compact spaces so the Sbrick proved to be very valuable. (both for space and LoS concerns) I've actually finished this moc a few months ago. My reason for posting it now is that it'll soon be scrapped to provide parts for it's successor. Here's a sneak preview of the new prototype, Boris for scale:
  5. sanderverkuijlen

    Show us your Working Place

    Thanks Jim, that did it! The instructions in the welcome post (new members forum) could do with a bit of an update though because the whole [ img ] thing isn't needed. (also, all links in that post refer back to itself)
  6. sanderverkuijlen

    Show us your Working Place

    First of all, hello to everyone! I've been stalking this forum for well over a year now and figured I'd finally start sharing some stuff with you folks. So here goes, my lego room and collection! Besides that I've also added a showcase to the living room where I keep some more: Edit: I'm having some trouble adding these links as actual images. Either dropbox doesn't play nice, It's because I'm a new member, or I'm doing something wrong. Could someone PM me some instructions for fixing this?