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Found 10 results

  1. 'We've been deprived of everything; only few houses are still standing. We tried our best to contribute to the war against Raavage, but.. ' - A villager in Laelariel I'm sorry guys, life got in between and I missed the deadline. When realising I wouldn't make it, I decided to also go over the size restriction, so this cannot be an entry at all. However, I'm pretty satisfied with the result, so I'm posting it anyways. Sorry, I have only this one pic due to the same time constraints. It's my first attempt at a half-timbered Tudor style house, for which I'd like UoP credits - will definitely build more of this, so if you reckon this one isn't quite enough for the Credits, no worries and just say ^ The Tudor is, after all, a bit irregular, as you can see [there was a reason for this but I've quite forgotten by now..]. Special thanks must go to @TitusV for the much inspiration provided recently [I was honest, see? ] as well as @ZCerberus for the same inspiration, in particular thanks to his Beggar's Inn. Other random facts: The roof - I'd never expected to like the classic sloped roofing so much; it might be disappointing for some, but I reckon I'll stick with it for a while One part I didn't manage well is the rake, as it doesn't completely cover the black of the roof-slopes. The colours - needless to say, blue and its shades are the new addition to my palette, I really like them [yes, random dark turquoise just to see how it looks ]. I'm also looking for a smoother transition between rb and normal green - sand green helps, but I'm open to suggestions [I don't reckon dark brown would do..]. Overall, some classic techniques that I've finally tried out. C&C most welcome as usual - thanks for looking! ^^
  2. My first model of 2017, I have had the idea for this build for sometime, and finally found time to do it. The building is modeled after Bits and Pieces, the general store in Solitude from the game Skyrim. I used the same stonework design as I did in my Nordheim Farmhouse creation, though this time in dark bley. A tutorial for that technique is available. The rather complex layout of the building offered some challenges to recreate in LEGO, but I’m quite pleased with the finished result. It lifts off the base and hinges open to reveal the full interior. Previous story installments: 1st, 2nd, 3rd. Sigurd’s General Goods is the largest general store in Daydelon. It not only provides supplies, but is also a common meeting place for the people of the city. Today Glorfindel is met there by a Mitgardian courier. It had been two months since Glorfindel's distasteful run in with Lord Tuinis, and in that time Glorfindel had made several other more successful trips to lords and jarls in the area. He also made the journey to Valholl for a council of Parliament, and now was checking in at Daydelon before heading back to the border. "Greetings Sir, I bring word of the council's decision..." I tried my hand at a few photo edits with this build as well: As usual, there are plenty more pictures on our website. Did not make my goal of completing Age of Mitgardia last year, but now I'm only 3 mill builds away, so the end is near C&C appreciated .
  3. Hullo This is the second building for my Crystal Mine village, a little windmill. I've kept the same building style from the cottage I last built, but thought I'd mix up the colours a bit. Maybe a red roof for the next one? Thanks for looking : ) Simon Crystal Mine windmill by simon crocker, on Flickr Crystal Mine windmill by simon crocker, on Flickr Crystal Mine windmill by simon crocker, on Flickr
  4. Hi all, This is my first moc in this theme after i going through so many great medieval or historic related moc here. I'm glad that i able to complete this moc and merge up with the LEGO castle theme display which currently displaying in my own country, Malaysia. All the comments are welcome. Yorkenshire Medieval Village Medieval Village 2015_0002 by WingYew, on Flickr Medieval Village 2015_0001 by WingYew, on Flickr Medieval Village 2015_0003 by WingYew, on Flickr Medieval Village 2015_0004 by WingYew, on Flickr Medieval Village 2015_0006 by WingYew, on Flickr Medieval Village 2015_0007 by WingYew, on Flickr Medieval Village 2015_0008 by WingYew, on Flickr Medieval Village 2015_0009 by WingYew, on Flickr Medieval Village 2015_0010 by WingYew, on Flickr Medieval Village 2015_0011 by WingYew, on Flickr Medieval Village 2015_0012 by WingYew, on Flickr Medieval Village 2015_0013 by WingYew, on Flickr Medieval Village 2015_0014 by WingYew, on Flickr Medieval Village 2015_0015 by WingYew, on Flickr
  5. Anders T

    Golden Hind

    One of the smallest ships I have ever designed. The dimensions actually come close to the hull bricks made for the classic pirate ships. Visiting London I saw the replica and oh she is so tiny. I chose this colorscheme as it was more challenging than the black painted version. Especially the triangles on the side was a real mindbender. Golden hinde LDD by Anders Thuesen, on Flickr Classic Ship Rigged, Three Masts 21C Golden hind side by Anders Thuesen, on Flickr Golden hind back by Anders Thuesen, on Flickr The brick-version is currently under construction and may soon be posted.
  6. This is my first post since I'm a new AFOL to Eurobricks. I have been building for just over a year now, my area of interest is cars & machinery, I have exhibited at one show recently in Australia & throughly enjoyed the experience of sharing our hobby.... Thought I would post a couple of my recent builds. A Morgan 3-Wheeler based on the current Brooklands Edition - thanks to Nico71 for the basics. please note this is still in progress - wheels yet to be completed in black chrome. A '32 Ford Tudor hotrod - thanks to Doc Brown for the plans A big thanks to Auri @ Chrome Block City for his patience & understanding for my endless special requests. I hope you enjoy. Untitled by steveperry895, on Flickr Untitled by steveperry895, on Flickr Untitled by steveperry895, on Flickr Untitled by steveperry895, on Flickr
  7. "Half Timber Artisan House," Tudor-style An early post-dark ages MOC of mine, regular grey and brown parts abound because I was still working with a predominantly 1990s LEGO collection. Here you see three different ways to mount windows. The bay window at the top is mounted on jumpers to make it protrude (actually 8 jumpers that extend into the interior and a 2x8 plate extending 1/2 stud outward by virtue of being mounted on these jumpers). I intend to use a simpler version of this technique for a Tudor-style house rather than the above tan log bricks to achieve a flat daub. The lower right windows are each mounted on a 1x4 dark blue plate that can easily be detached (i.e. if you press down on the owl, the window will pop off) as it is mounted to the bottom of the tall slope elements. 2 brown 1x2 jumper elements are used for the window awnings. I was particularly happy with how the staggered roof / wall design turned out. I would have liked to have fixed some things (such as the bent glass goblet >_<, the boring detail above & under the door, the chimney colors and the rather uninspired side of the roof (where the brown logs are)). (see Wikipedia: Wattle and Daub for a nice rundown of the architectural material) Rear of the house: I could have worked a bit harder to make the color on the lower level more consisted; I was going for an aged stone wall made of different minerals. The thatching on the tip-top of the roof actually fits together perfectly, I just forgot to adjust one of the hinged roof plates for this picture. I realize now that the dark blue would have been a better contrast for the top level; it would have looked like painted wood while the black plates could look like iron banding for the stone walls on the bottom. Unfolded Interior (Side) This is the "story" shot. A sickly child sits up in bed (i never finished the other 2 bedposts before this MOC had an "accident"). His father angrily cleans while mother drinks their stock away (can you tell that they are brewers from the wine barrel in the closet?). The barrel moves freely and the chest pops out if you lift it up. Yes, I know that the fire pit is a hazard being beside the closet even if the house is closed up. I actually didn't have a brown staircase at this time so I used black (thanks to Grand Emporium, I know a technique to make whatever color stairs I want anyways though). Each figure is held in place by stud(s). The upper right hand corner betrays my environment for these pictures. Also note the hinged roof, completely open in this shot. That attic space could have been used... Interior (Top) This is more of an expositional view to show how some of the effects are done. If I had been able to redo this MOC, I would have made the 2nd level floors detachable so that one could see how the first level floors look folded together in this way. I would have fixed some of the easier problems with this MOC if it hadn't crashed to the floor some months ago! I've decided to disassemble the remaining parts to make something else, so I'm posting this one late. Also, I am a complete convert to the bluish greys and reddish brown; my newer MOCs only use the yellowing greys to contrast with the newer greys. Until they can make a pure grey that doesn't yellow, I will use the very pleasant bluish greys as a primary choice. Half Timber House Set on Flickr
  8. Legonardo

    Receiving orders

    part 5 the AAG headquarters. many have seen the building, its not hard to being so massive, but few have tried to find out what its for, and none have succeeded. the only people who ever enter the building are strange hooded folk or avalonian lords, not the sort of people you mess with... Zakon: lads, you're heading west... To be continued... part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 ~Legonardo
  9. Legonardo

    Back Home

    As Victor was defeated and everyone could leave the mystic sanctums the people of Glevum returned to their homes. RoerBlad Manor was destroyed, and giving up his grand rooms in the great keep of Gruven to less fortunate families Legonardo, with his wife, returned to the home of his childhood. Today lord deGothia is visiting Legonardo after the fall of the first spring rain. Im off! be back in a week. bye! ~Legonardo
  10. MMV-style Bakery by bobsy26, on Flickr MMV-style Bakery by bobsy26, on Flickr Okay, need a better name. Oh well. So I actually began this design a long time ago, back when the wonderful DesignByMe service was still available. Back then it was a lot slimmer, only had one half (the shop front) and was open at the back, and sold glassware rather than bread. I was never 100% happy with the design, since I'd painted myself into a corner with difficult arrangements of plates for the two floors. So last week I went back to the project and expanded it to more reasonable proportions to fit with the Medieval Market Village scale of building. I widened the building, added the other half which included the massive oven, and re-did the upper floor to be more for living than work (previously it had been a doctor's room, complete with bonesaw and tanks of strange fluids). MMV-style Bakery by bobsy26, on Flickr Apologies that there's only two rendered images for this - the number of transparent pieces makes this an absolute beast to do in PovRay. I had to give up on a close-up of the oven, because the trans round 1x1 studs were taking way too long. It was too dark to see them anyway. MMV-style Bakery by bobsy26, on Flickr MMV-style Bakery by bobsy26, on Flickr The jam jar is a relic of when the shop sold glassware. The shelves originally had wine glasses instead of croissants. That grey cooling tray is intended to display a pretzel, but I couldn't find the piece in LDD, sadly. If I make it for real I'll put one there. MMV-style Bakery by bobsy26, on Flickr MMV-style Bakery by bobsy26, on Flickr Herbs and olive oil hanging by the oven. This is a fancy bread shop for fancy bread-eaters.