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  1. I really like this part, thanks for kindly sharing this with the community
  2. Another excellent project, looking forward to building one day & adding to the Koenigsegg collection. Thanks
  3. Excellent work Berthil, as always. In the video the Black / Yellow robot appears to be camera shy, was this intentional? Really like the framed version and have started building it. I had gathered all the parts required for the JK version awaiting his promised instructions, I shall build that version when instructions materialise as the curves and shapes of the system bricks are aesthetically pleasing. Shall post photos of my copy when completed, thank you for making and sharing the instructions. Best regards Forgot to mention how long this six robot version is, very impressive, have been adding (hidden inside) 5L liftarms at the lower 16L tech brick joints for extra strength.
  4. Congratulations Berthil, I knew your perseverance would result in figuring it out. Excellent work, well done
  5. Thanks Berthil. Great passion recreating an icon and sharing instructions for another generation to enjoy.
  6. OneMoreRobot

    AT-ST Raider from The Mandalorian

    Star Wars + Steampunk = I like, very nice ?
  7. @dunes Another lockdown project completed, looks good and works well, congratulations
  8. Congratulations on another ingenious GBC creation, performs wonderfully with a nice application of the trending tensigrity sculpture
  9. @dunes excellent reverse engineering & great to learn about reliability improvements.
  10. My third rebuild of this GBC, thanks for the hard work creating updated instructions. Shall be using the extended exit - not shown Cup 2 Cup V3 by OneMoreRobot_NZ, on Flickr
  11. Pass Circle - my version, again preference for Technic Brick base over Liftarm style Pass Circle by OneMoreRobot_NZ, on Flickr
  12. Presenting my Steampunk version SP BF 3 by OneMoreRobot_NZ, on Flickr SP BF 6 by OneMoreRobot_NZ, on Flickr
  13. The Sun - my version - Dark Star Prefer technic brick base vs liftarms. A very reliable & rewarding GBC module. DARK STAR 2 by OneMoreRobot_NZ, on Flickr
  14. Sounds like ideal GBC parts to me Prefer bananas over ‘nuts’