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Found 33 results

  1. No one spoke as they entered Lord Vladivus' throne room. Each of the six men raced through thoughts of the tremendous task that lay before them. To the outsider, this meeting would have appeared unexceptional, perhaps no different than one of the usual economic or political conferences held here. But to the trained eye, the identity of the men in this meeting place indicated something more serious was underway. Besides Lord Vladivus, the leaders of most of Free Nocturnus were present: Anzar of the Dragon Masters; Lord Jorrith, the vampiric warlord; Osric the Rat, fresh from his victories fighting for the Desert King in Kaliphlin; Gal-Turok, Lord of the Reach; and the Black Spire defector Anfauglir. Getting these leaders together had been no easy task. These six men stood as the bulwark between Raavage and the complete enslavement of Nocturnus. As host to these disparate commanders, the task of creating a unified resistance fell on Lord Vladivus' shoulders. Vladivus surveyed the group and spoke. "Gentlemen, you have all heard the rumors: the forces of the Black Spire are again marching to war. But these are more than rumors. Reports from the frontier suggest the Black Spire is raiding our lands, enslaving our people and killing any who resist. They seek to crush the last holdouts of resistance to Raavage's domination. Unless the forces of Free Nocturnus unite, I'm afraid we are doomed." Several figures in the room shifted and mumbled. Although they could all agree that Raavage was the biggest threat facing Nocturnus, they shared little else in common. Trust was a hard thing to come by these days, when betrayal and treachery were everywhere. Gal-Turok was the first to speak up. "Aye, on this point I won't disagree. But how do you expect us to stop Raavage when you invite the enemy into our planning?" He turned and glared at Anfauglir. Vladivus held up his right hand. "I will attest to Lord Anfauglir, a guest invited freely into my home, just like yourself, Gal-Turok. He no longer shares fealty to the Black Spire." Anzar stepped forward. "Gal-Turok, let me also attempt to ease your doubt. It was Anfauglir who saved me at Lagash-Ur, and he took great risk in doing so. He seeks to topple the Obsidian Spike, as we all do." Another voice rose up. "Ha! It was only recently that your mouth no longer tasted Raavage's largesse." It was Osric, who had remained silent until now. He wore a golden shied and sword given to him by the Desert King for his victories in Kaliphlin. "Word I've heard suggests members of your family - your brother, Tanzar, in fact - still fight for the Black Spire. What say you to this?" Anzar turned to glare at Osric. "To think I journeyed this far to explain myself to a rat! But to address your allegations, I would say what you hear is wrong. The truth is, our relationship deteriorated after the death of our father. It has been many months since we have spoken, but I know he would never pledge allegiance to that dog Raavage. The Dragon Masters will never forget Raavage's trickery. Nor we will stop fighting until his head is on a pike outside my father's castle." Vladivus shook his head. The resistance was threatening to crumble before it even formed. "The fight is out there, not in here! If we do not stop the Black Spire, the other Guilds will invade Nocturnus and attempt to do so themselves. We cannot let that happen." The room fell silent as Vladivus spoke. "Perhaps there is one thing that will help you make up your minds. It is why I asked you to temporarily leave your lands and meet here in person. Anfauglir has shared with me some grave news that you must all know." Vladivus motioned for Anfauglir to address the others. Anfauglir scanned the room before speaking. "Even before the events of Lagash Ur, I had learned that Raavage was seeking an immensely powerful artifact. After defecting I received information no the location of the map. My lieutenant, Samarkand, left some weeks ago to retrieve it. During his absence Lord Vladivus and I believe we have discovered the nature of this artifact. The revelation is most concerning." Everyone had their eyes locked on Anfauglir. Raavage sought any vile creation he could use to his advantage. What had he found now? "We believe he is looking for the Necromancer's Helm." Gal-Turok threw his head back and laughed. "Now you've really gone mad, believing in bedtime stories!" Anfauglir continued. "I wish it was true, but this is no wild guess. You all know the stories: the Elemental Helm was found and nearly brought all of Historica under Raavage's rule. Now he seeks the Necromancer's Helm, which potentially wields much greater power… the power to raise a legion of undead soldiers." Again Gal-Turok objected. "Although I trust Lord Vladivus' judgement and I accept this alliance, I have trouble believing such fancies. I for one cannot waste time here talking any longer when we must bring battle to Raavage. He can raise his undead army if he wants to, it will be more foes for my men to crush!" Vladivus spoke before Anfauglir could respond. "You are right, Gal-Turok, the time to wait is over. We must retaliate now and everywhere we can. If Raavage thinks he has found the Necromancer's Helm, we must stop him before he gets to it. The most important thing is that we fight together, a resistance united against Raavage." Osric turned to the group. "My sword fights with Lord Vladivus and you, leaders of Free Nocturnus. Together we shall drive Raavage back to the netherworld!" Vladivus looked at Anfauglir. "You must find out what happened to Samarkand and the status of the map." He then turned towards the others. "And you, leaders of Free Nocturnus, you must leave here and continue to build the resistance. The people of Nocturnus must know they do not fight alone."
  2. In the GOH timeline, these events happened mere hours after the events in Nestlands Clans Embassy in Nocturnus: Lord Vladivus' Visit, part 1. -------------------------------------------------- Ambassador Bloodmane: It took quite some work to clear the blood fountain of what the Drow had done to it. I'm told it is one of Danag's original fountains. Lord Vladivus: Is that what I think it is? Ambassador Bloodmane: Aye, but I must caution you with its use. Once summoned it will only do your bidding once, and then it will escape back to its own realm. This war of yours will be a hard one, and you will incur some losses. You should keep this in reserve until your need is greatest. Lord Vladivus: I will keep that in mind. This has been a pleasant and fruitful trip, but Shadowmere and the war beckon. Ambassador Bloodmane: Well then, I'll have my people carry these to your zombies. Lord Vladivus: Kasalia, I will be leaving now. Librarian Kasalia mutters an unintelligible reply without even looking up from the scroll she is examining. Lord Vladivus shrugs. Lord Vladivus: Take care of her. Ambassador Bloodmane: She'll be safe here. ----------------------------------------------------------- Upstairs in the study area before the Nestlands Embassy Grand Library: Twali: Mistress, do we stay? Librarian Kasalia: We stay. You guard. She gives a sidelong glance at the Avalonian mage to her left, sniffing the air to get a sense of his power. Nolan Baar, a minor mage from central Avalonia, is here to study the raising of phantasms and specters. His aim is to use these to patrol the remaining Drow tunnels in Avalonia. Nolan Baar: Such bounty in this place. Food and knowledge. Nolan needs to be a bit more careful, as his sword is about to knock over the game board. It is an odd conquest game that Nolan hopes the Ambassador will teach him. Kasalia has pulled Nolan's trencher over to hold the scroll she is reading. The scroll details the construction of the first temple to the Armored Eagle Goddess, built by the Sky Elves. ------------------------------------------------------------- Above the study area are the symbols of Ambassador Bloodmane's faith, a statue of the humanoid version of the Armored Eagle Goddess and a representation of the Staff of Winged Grace. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Here's a shot of the build sans character figs and loose items. More detail shots can be found in this Flickr album. ---------------------------------------------------- CCC
  3. Lord Vladivus

    Port Wrath

    A wretched hive of scum and villainy. A more apt description of Port Wrath had yet to be uttered, at least if you weren't Orcish. The Orc quarter was particularly wretched. Dark figures came and went, and in a land such as Nocturnus, where lawlessness was the norm, not the exception, these figures represented the most reprehensible outlaws. The orcs simply didn't care. If you wanted to shift body parts, or deal with the Drow then this was the place. Even the Black Spire stayed away. For the most part. The docks planted their feet in a sea of blood, the water cursed in ancient times. In these waters lurked horrors unspeakable. A ratman from Skavenport padded softly towards an orc and a gorilla tracker making an illicit deal in the Alley of Chains. An orc chieftain strides towards the tavern next to his storehouse; the Flayed Avalonian. Inside the tavern, a wolf and a witch converse. Mhyrra: "The skull firsssst pup. The staff comes after." The wolf swallowed. It wasn't often that he felt nervous. The past months had involved preparing for this moment. Hunting a rarity. Claiming the kill. Not an easy task. The staff was formerly owned by the eminent, but now dead, Necromancer of Shadowmere, Krell. The skull had to be worth it. He spoke, the soft menacing growl gliding across the table: "Fenrir Bloodcloak keeps his word. The skull is yours." He placed the grinning skull on the table. "Is the staff mine?" Mhyrra hissed, fingers stretching out. "Aye, the staff is yours." Her fingers brushed the jawline of the skull. "At last, My Lord." Her head rose; "Fenrir, you are forever an ally of the Symbeline Coven. I never thought I would hold his skull in my hand. But your hunt has given me the skull of Vladivus, Lord of Shadowmere." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A freebuild to further my story. Hope you enjoy the story! C+C welcome!
  4. The brave soldiers from Daydelon pour forth from Veggrfell, lead by the indomitable Jarl Snowy. Sir Glorfindel has ordered him to hold the town at all costs, but the Algus forces are unconcerned by the plain MItgardian steel wielded by most of the town guardsmen. A few of the Daydelon men, Snowy included, carry weapons forged in the dragonfire forges of the Nocturnian Resistance, delivered by Gorrian Ratback Dragon. Still the situation is bleak, and night is falling soon. The Mitgardian defenders: And the Algus attackers: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, my entry for Cat A. I had a right pain with photos, no matter what I did, the lighting sucked. Super grainy pictures result. UK winters aren't the best for photo taking, even going outside didn't help. Anyway, C+C welcome. More photos on my Flickr. Many thanks to SK for the name, and the use of his lands! I owe all the others that replied a build now!
  5. Tasked with a new mission from the rebel headquarters, Vladivus and his crewmates have split up amongst the Black Sun in Coruscant. A Cathar lieutenant is their target, and they have positioned themselves around the sector in the hope that they will be able to follow him as he returns from the meeting. The Cathar speeds past Vladivus' position, on a modified speeder bike. Dressed as a Black Sun enforcer, Vladivus reports the sighting. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OOC: This is a bit of a rushed build, but I'm fairly happy with it. I've been wanting to try a snotted road for a while, so I figured this would be a good opportunity. Anyway, C+C is very much welcome, it's nice to build some Star Wars after rather a lot of castle!
  6. Despite the call to war he issued, Vladivus has not forgotten the people he serves. Whilst travelling through the villages hunting the Spire, he often stops to aid the villagers in their daily tasks, thereby helping to secure the hearts and minds of the people against the Spire. Here, he helps the undead farmer Ikthas to harvest the purpura berries, which are a Nocturnian staple, although the juice is fatal to humans. And a bonus interior shot! This is the first time I've tried a proper interior on a building- the door opens (just). I also tried to introduce different angles on the roof- I'm envious of those builders who make this seem effortless. Anyway, C+C is very much welcome!
  7. Nestlands Clans Embassy in Nocturnus: ~ A brief history ~ The ancient fortress, now rebuilt as the Nestlands Clans Embassy, was first built upon a wide, but low, plateau of granite at the edge of the Moruth Swamplands, along a major trade route. Immediately south was fertile farmland. Very quickly the initial walled fort became a great center of trade. Then everything got bloody. The fortress was fought over countless times over centuries, and rebuilt after each engagement, often by those who conquered it. The place has had many names, given to it by the many different cultures that have occupied it, and with nearly as many different building styles. The countless wars, though, had taken their toll on the land. The once fertile farmland, had become a wasteland so soaked with blood that even today it is a deep red color, and referred to as the Blood Sands. With the loss of farming, trade dried up. Eventually the fortress was abandoned, simply because its occupants couldn't afford to maintain it. Thus, the mighty place began to be eaten by the swamp. The fortress had a minor resurgence about 300 years ago. A drow family built up the interior as a place to launch a major campaign of conquest. They renamed it Kas'ret Vud. Their plans were all for naught, though, because not far to the southwest the Clawbreakers Clan of werewolves had claimed a large tract of territory. While they had no real interest in the old, moldering fortress, a drow stronghold so close could not be tolerated. The war over Kas'ret Vud ended with the drow retreating back to the depths, but not before they befouled the place with their blood and other bodily fluids. The stench was so intolerable to the Clawbreakers that they demolished as much of the place as they had the energy to do so (mostly the drow construction). Then the werewolves left, allowing the swamp to reclaim the place once again. Eventually control of the land where Kas'ret Vud once stood fell to Shadowmere, the current domain of Lord Vladivus. Lord Vladivus' friendship with the Nestlands clansman, and fleshmage, Neord Bloodmane allowed the man to use the old fortress as a base of operations, as he traveled Nocturnus. (This was long before the Nestlands Clans announced themselves to the rest of Historica. Shh!) ------------------------------------------- ~Today~ Currently the Fleshmage Neord Bloodmane is the Nestlands Clans Ambassador to Nocturnus, and Lord Vladivus has graciously allowed him to rebuild Kas'ret Vud into an embassy. Construction had taken far longer than anticipated, thanks to the Kaliphlin Civil War, but the place is far enough along that Neord has issued an invitation to Lord Vladivus, and a small number of his retinue. ----------------------------------------- ~In Lord Vladivus' study, shortly after the departure of Lord Mortis~ Lord Vladivus has been feeling the pressure for action against the Black Spire, but the business of governance had to be taken care of if Shadowmere were to prosper once the enemy falls. Lady Sithanna sits to his right, somewhat bored with the details. A rap at the door comes. Lord Vladivus: Enter. The guard enters, carrying a fine scroll, wrapped in ribbon with gold end-caps. Guard: Message from the Nestlands Ambassador. Lady Sithanna perks up. Lord Vladivus is quick to remove the ribbon and read the ornate script. Lord Vladivus: "Ambassador Neord Bloodmane, Fleshmage, formally invites Lord Vladivus, and a small number of his retinue, to enjoy the hospitality of the Nestlands Clans Embassy. There is fine 'drink' and great knowledge to be had as you view artisans at work, creating new grandeur." Lady Sithanna: What is that supposed to mean? Lord Vladivus: It means the place is livable, but still being renovated. Shh. "The Embassy can now boast a full copy of the Nestlands Clans Archive for your perusal. Come, learn, and prepare yourself for the days ahead." Lady Sithanna: Are you going to go? Lord Vladivus: Hmm, "knowledge to be had"? The man has some intelligence to share about the Spire. He just didn't want to state it outright, in case the message was intercepted. Lady Sithanna begins to rush to her quarters to pack. Lord Vladivus: Sithanna, wait. She stops, and turns to glare at Lord Vladivus. Lord Vladivus: I can only take a small party, and that means Krell will be staying here. I need to leave someone in command whom he can respect. That is you. Lady Sithanna: But that 'neice' of yours gets to go, doesn't she? Lord Vladivus: To study this "Nestlands Clans Archive". She will likely stay for quite some time. In any event, if this intelligence proves fruitful, we may be off to fight again ourselves. Lady Sithanna leaves Lord Vladivus to prepare for his journey, still mildly upset, but willing to follow his plan. ----------------------------------------- The passage through the Moruth Swamplands to the Nestlands Clans Embassy was uneventful, as if the swamps themselves wanted to hasten Lord Vladivus' trip. The mood was hushed, as all were always on the look out for Black Spire forces. The worst that happened was a continuous heavy wind. This had Lord Vladivus irritated, as somehow in the rushed preparations he had left his helm behind. Arrival at the main gate of the outer wall, at the south side of the Embassy, was anticlimactic. Some temporary fencing and signs directed the small group to the southwestern corner, where the new Embassy's main entrance lay. Lord Vladivus, with his hair completely mussed and damp, is quite ready for this meeting. Librarian Kasalia, Lord Vladivus' neice by a half-brother, and Keeper of the Dark Library, is a little more reserved. She has rarely been seen outside of Shadowmere, and does not know Neord well enough, though she thinks he smells nice. ~About Kasalia~ Kasalia is the child of two half-vampires, and is actually more vampire than her uncle. Her father, Lord Vladivus' half-brother, is a great deal older than the Lord of Shadowmere. Kasalia herself is nearly a decade older than him, as well. Kasalia's maternal grandfather, of which there is some record, is said to have been something other than human before becoming a vampire. His name isn't spoken aloud, for good reason, and hasn't been seen in years. Kasalia's mother is long dead, slain by some anti-vampire fanatic. Thanks to her breeding, Kasalia is somewhat different than other born vampires. What is on her head is not hair, but a flap of bat hide that has bones, muscles and tendons. When stressed, or angered, she can splay it up into a wing-like halo. She is a bit jealous of those born vampires who have actual wings. Another difference Kasalia has is her fangs, that while prominent, are strangely spaced and shaped like corkskrews. As a result, she doesn't like to display them. Kasalia has a greater bloodthirst than her uncle, but has the added benefit of gaining language skills (speech, reading and writing) from those whom she drinks, if the blood is coming from the brain. Kasalia has only a little in the way of mage talents, which are somewhat amplified by her wand. With it she can call small magical flames, and levitate inanimate objects. The wand itself is a sturdy thing, made from the spine of something called an 'egnared'. The creature that sold it to her didn't know any more than that. In a pinch, Kasalia can beat someone's skull open with it. Librarian Kasalia's mount is the zombified remains of a kelpie, brought to Shadowmere from the Mystic Isles at great expense, and raised by Krell. How Kasalia came to meet her uncle, you can ask Lord Vladivus . . . if you dare. ------------------------------- ~Today~ Kasalia had been missing Lord Mortis since he had left with Lady Sonja. He had been quite a pleasure to have about the Dark Library, and a welcome distraction from the presence of Lord Anfauglir. Lord Anfauglir had done nothing untoward with his ally's neice, but his scent bothered Kasalia in a way she couldn't accurately explain. For the moment, she is glad to be away from him. Holding tight to her wand as a wave of bloodlust struck her, Kasalia leaned over to whipser to Lord Vladivus. Librarian Kasalia: He smells tasty. That blood, it comes from his brain? Lord Vladivus: Easy, Kasalia. You wouldn't want to drink from him. Librarian Kasalia: But I could learn so much. And he smells of power, like Krell. Lord Vladivus: And that power would have you in drunken giggling fits for hours. I've seen pure blood vampires dancing on the ceiling for a week after a taste of his blood. My vampirism is thinner than yours, and I was barely able to ride home after a small taste of that. Neord, dressed for combat, weilding his fleshblade and ruby shield, rushed to greet his friend, but gave him a moment to calm his neice. It also gave him time to catch his breath, since he had been heavily training with his 'men' as the group rode up. Ambassador Bloodmane: Lord Vladivus, you have finally made it. And this must be that librarian neice your missives have extoled. Good lady, you may call me Neord. You two must be parched. Come in. I'll have some refreshments readied in my office. Your zombie guards can remain here? Lord Vladivus nodded and dismounted, leaving his sword with his horse. Librarian Kasalia followed suit, though she kept ahold of her wand. As Neord walked up the steps, the doors opened without even a motion from the Ambassador. He went in without even a pause, and Lord Vladivus followed suit. Lord Vladivus paused to take in the details of the space, just as Kasalia passed the threshold, her wand flaring in power for some reason. (OOC: Too much light for photography.) Ambassador Bloodmane: Well, now that is interesting. Yours is the first magical weapon, other than my own, to pass beyond that door. Huh? I really should commend the dwarf who installed it. A calcualting gleam passed before Lord Vladivus' eyes as he watched Kasalia become a little unsteady with the gleaming wand. Lord Vladivus: Do you think she will have more power now? Ambassador Bloodmane: Most definitely. But for now I think she should set it in the mounting behind you. Librarian Kasalia: Oh . . . uh? Hmm. Neord set his weapon and shield in the mounting near his hand, and retrieved his magical staff. Ambassador Bloodmane: It will be quite safe. The mountings are warded. Only the person who places something in them can retrieve it. Anyone else who tries will be paralyzed until someone else with enough power can revive them. One of the werewolves barely brushed it once while my sword was in it, and lost the use of his arm. I let it stay that way for a week to teach him, and others, a lesson. My staff has its own way of deterring unwanted touching. Librarian Kasalia: Eer . . . uh, okay. While Neord was convincing Kasalia to lay her wand down, Lord Vladivus became fascinated by the wall display. Lord Vladivus: Is that living flesh you have stretched on the wall? Ambassador Bloodmane: Correct. There is more of it as cushioning on the benches around my worldviewer in the courtyard. Shall we head to my office? I have found some information you may find useful. Lord Vladivus and Ambassador Bloodmane head up a small incline, back to the east. Librarian Kasalia, having placed her wand in the mounting, felt much better. She would have to feed before she held her wand again. Noting the others' absence, Kasalia sniffed the air and rushed after them. The door closed on its own. ---------------------------------------- The content of the office meeting is withheld. If Lord Vladivus deems it appropriate, he may discuss it with you. ---------------------------------------- Some additional pics of the foyer, sans figs. Some of the parts must have shifted during rotation (for better lighting). Got a little too close with the close up. A quick shot of the ceiling, which I had to remove for the interior shots. The look is a bit of a sacrifice for weight distribution. ----------------------------------------- ~Back outside~ Most of Lord Vladivus' zombie guards (not shown) position themselves along the walls between the outer gate and the Embassy door. One very special zombie guard, Twali, positions herself in front of the door. ~About Twali~ Twali was once a water nymph. Under a magical compulsion she was forced to take part in the Siege of Shadowmere. She was slain, and then raised by Krell to fight for Shadowmere. Something about being what she was, and the compulsion she was under, made Twali a most unusual zombie. She is more aware, more of what she was in life than the others. To maintain this aliveness, though, Twali needs to feed on some live freshwater creature once every three months. Most of the swamp-dwelling creatures count as 'freshwater', though, so there is no limited supply. When Lord Vladivus found out about what had happened, he was sorry for it. The problem is that the only way to undo Twali's current existence would be to kill her again. Given her predicament, Lord Vladivus is quite generous in giving Twali the honor of being Librarian Kasalia's personal guard. ---------------------------- ~Today~ Twali has noticed something strange upon the battlements, and sighted her bow. A werewolf and a minotaur are locked in combat. If their attention turns this way, Twali will loose her arrow. She needn't worry, though. Gurf Hossenstneed, the minotaur, and Zurk Narbark, the werewolf, are just testing their skills by sparring up high. ~About Gurf Hossenstneed~ Gurf talks about himself very little. We know that his mother has a sister that married a Kaliphlin minotaur, and that their son was last known to be a member of the Ruadhi Brute Squad. No one knows if this cousin has survived the Kaliphlin Civil War. Gurf claims that he owes Ambassador Bloodmane some debt, but he won't say what it is. He has sworn himself to follow Neord into any danger. The huge blade Gurf weilds (a gift from his father) is made of stone, but is enchanted with the strength of mithril. ~About Zurk Narbark~ Zurk is a member of the Kettlerowr Clan of werewolves. The Kettlerowr Clan is made up of scions of different werewolf clans. They are a motely group, but most are now related through blood or marriage. The Clan ranges throughout the southern Rakath, and have been trading mountain cat carcasses in Cobalt Vale for years. Zurk is actually related to the great General Grimm, but no one is willing to explain exactly how. General Grimm has admitted the blood tie to his 'cousin', but if you press him any further you will be messily dismembered. Just leave the subject alone! Zurk has known Neord since he was a pup, and when he was old enough, decided to follow the man on his many adventures. The two are close buddies now, and would lay down their lives for one another. Zurk's weapon is made from the rib bone of a great sea dragon, and retains some of the magical properties of the creature. He has told many versions of how he came by this weapon, but only Neord knows which version is the truth, and he's not telling. ~Today~ This guard, who's name I can't pronounce, much less spell, is considering whether or not to take aim at the Shadowmere guard, who's bow is aimed at his(or her, not sure) superiors. ~Below~ Lord Vladivus' horse has decided to climb upon a low, nicely tiled catwalk. I have no idea why. And, no, Lord Vladivus didn't leave his famous blade, Gurthanol, outside with his horse. This is just a reasonable facsimile, who's only job on this trip has been to cut through some more dense parts of the swamp. Librarian Kasalia's zombie kelpie is actually succeeding in watching both Lord Vladivus' horse and the door at the same time. --------------------------------------------- ~On the western battlements~ A pair of twin orcs are being hounded by their sister to do their jobs. Groumish and Gruomish don't really care what Phlechki says, though. ------------------------------------------------- ~Below again~ Some Nestlands wares. A barrel of spring green paint, something that requires a tumbler lock to secure it, some plants for a special dish the Ambassador wants prepared (by a Nestlands cook), and . . . WEAPONS!!! Rowphf Pugnose wants one, but which one will the pup take? ---------------------------------------------- ~About Rowphf~ Rowphf is also from the Kettlerowr Clan of werewolves, but he is definitely no relation to General Grimm. If you even suggest that to the general, he will messily dismember you. Especially since Rowphf's maternal grandmother, whom he looks so much like, is rumored to have been sired by an Avalonian border collie. I think I almost believe that. -------------------------------------------------- ~Over in the alley~ What's going on here? A Death's Head Commander is upset at some orc recruits. Podnik One Eye: The instr'ctshuns said we is supposta meet at de Kurvus campsite. Duz it mean de campsite west of de Kurvus Tree? Podnik Two Eye: Nah, it meanz de campsite east of de Kurvus Tree. Death's Head Commander: Shut up! The Kurvus Tree was cut down three months ago! The instructions mean we camp where the Kurvus Tree used to be. Idiots. Podnik One Eye: Sorry. Podnik Two Eye: Yeah, sorry. Death's Head Commander: Just get your empty heads to the campsite. And if it's not ready before I arrive, once it is done, I'll turn you two over to Lord Vladivus. He's got himself a dragon, and you two could be feeding him your flesh, a piece at a time, in turn with each other until there is no more left. The orcs are thoroughly cowed by their commander's threat, and back away slowly, before turning to run. The Death's Head Commander has a joyous grin on his face, under the mask. Thanks to Lord Vladivus' presence, he was finally able to use a threat he came up with months ago. -------------------------------------------------- ~About the Death's Head Commander~ His name, written in the modern script, is a hard to pronounce string of consonants. I won't even try. It translates to Sunshine Daffodil, but if you try calling him that, you will be messily dismembered. ~About the Podniks~ One Eye and Two Eye are not related, they just have the same name. Nor are they related to the orcs on the battlements. The commander just needed a way of distinguishing the two. All those orcs look too much alike, don't they? ----------------------------------------- ~Upon the rooftop~ Check it. That rooster has himself a snake. Ooh a bright red one, trying to pretend he's poisonous. You are gonna get eaten. The rooster is safe, because there is no killing or eating of birds here. --------------------------------------------------- Look, a giant nest. Maybe someone's flying mount would like to land here, when they come to visit. More detail pics. The alley, sans figs. The last remaining remnants of the drow construction. The werewolves say it doesn't stink now. (Some wider roof images. Yeah, I had to blot out some of my yard in the second pic.) A better look at the entrance. Yes, Neord still flies the High Council standard. You want to make somethin' of it? Also, you can see Twali's face. Neords worldviewer. (I built this last year, and finally I got to use it.) ------------------------------------- (Some close up shots of the wall. Lots of detail here, but each wall is a physical palindrome, and they mirror each other. They're neat, but for all the time I put into them, they just weren't that important to the story.) (The tower. I tried to give it some visual interest, but I don't think it's eyecatching enough. Hey it got a story mention, though) ------------------------------------- The swamp outside the Embassy. (20 images full of detail.) This tree Neord planted from a Nestlands seedpod a few years ago. The plant grows tall quickly, but can take ten years to grow a seedpod. In the Nestlands, this tree's leaves grow white, and are only useful after they are boiled, to seal small cuts. Here the leaves have grown black, and are eddible right off of the tree. This old hawk has decided he will stay a while. The edge of the Blood Sands. A place that a vampire might enjoy resting, if he can get himself burried for the day. An old signpost? Maybe, but how old? Not 300 years, that's for sure. This definitely signifies something, but it has been too long. Nobody remembers. Do you see the mineral spring? (There is a small pond under there as well, but I made it, then disguised it, so long ago that I forgot to focus on it.) ------------------------------------------------- (Four overall shots, one from each side. Does it feel like a whole build now?) -------------------------------------------------- gedren_y's final notes: OMG! Creating this thread took all day! This will be my biggest build for a long while. I know that a number of the images are bad, and the build looks to have come apart during photography. It did, and I had to rebuild the center of the courtyard because one substructure brick got out of place. I'll upload some better pics of the figs soon, but the build started to come apart just getting it back on my build table. It's a parts-hog anyway. Time to dismantle it. My thanks to the Eurobricks members Jorrith, Lord Vladivus, and SarahJoy, who's builds I linked to as part of my story. -------------------------------------------------- CCC Reserved for future fig pics. (Edit: fixed some gramatical errors I missed)
  8. Lord Vladivus

    The Emissary: Part 2

    The Shadowmere throneroom was lavish, with a red carpet rolled out from the foot of the obsidian steps leading to Vladivus' golden throne. Banners hung from the walls, indicating fealty sworn to Shadowmere, and defeated enemies. The honour of guarding the throneroom went to the Kazzar Blackcloaks, who owed the Lord of Shadowmere a life's debt. Fearsome warriors all, they cut an intimidating silhouette with their lances, and none moreso than Vorek Steeljaw, his long golden lance setting him apart as a Captain in the Kazzar Blackcloaks. Without so much as a glance at this, the Black Spire emissary strode purposefully up the centre, towards Vladivus, flanked by two of his zombie guards, his crown glinting in the orange torchlight. He bowed exaggeratedly. "Hail once again Vladivus", he said mockingly. "Would ye hear my terms?" "Aye", came the measured reply, "let us hear them." The King's words came swiftly, as though practised. "Ravaage would have you bend your knee to him and yield the Resistance leaders," he said gesturing at the balcony, where Angfauglir and Lord Mortis watched. "In return for undying fealty and the dissolution of the Shadowmere Guard, you shall be granted your mothers former lands in Avalonia, where you shall live your life in exile. Your generals must either bend to Ravaage, or be executed." As the last word left the emissary's lips, the doors to the throne room crashed open, and a shout echoed through. "Stop this madness!" At this, the King drew his dirk, and charged at Vladivus, the sceptre in his hand glowing green, seemingly granting him warding against the Kazzar, who moved to intercept him. As fast as the Kazzar were, and as quick as the King moved, the Falcons were faster. Lead by Sir Eothain the Insane, they charged from the doorway, covering the ground swifter than any would have expected, followed by Lady Sithanna, her lips curled in a snarl, and her Manbat Warriors. Eothain's sword clove the sceptre in twain, and the head of the emissary bounced from his shoulders, as his guards fell to the floor. The bodies were swiftly cleared away, and a hurried council of sorts commenced. "What is this? You would kill an emissary?" Vladivus anger was palpable. "Hear us out my Lord" soothed Sithanna. "Your pup damn near killed my men", spat Eothain "He turned on us on the road to Abyssian. Ravaage's troops ambushed us, nothing we couldn't handle. Then the wolves came. Clawbreakers, and others. Fenrir didn't hesitate. He called for us to follow him against the wolves. Who were we to argue? The wolves came again, from behind, and as we turned to take them, Fenrir turned on us. If it weren't for Sithanna's timely arrival, on account of her taking a roundabout route from Kaliphlin we'd have been dog toys. Your guard you sent with us are all dead I'm afraid m'lord." "This King was with Fenrir- baying for blood. He's no emissary, he is, well, he was, an assassin," said Sithanna. "Amset-ra sent one of his men with us as a sign of the new alliance, and he knew the emissary of old." "This is troubling news". Vladivus mused. "Eothain, I'm offering you the position of Shadowmere General- it seems deeds must speak louder than words." At this, he cast his gaze at Angfauglir, who still leant upon the balcony. He turned, "Vorek!" "Yes my Lord?" said the Kazzar. "Call the Captains. Sir Eothain, ready for war." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And the next installment! C+C welcome!
  9. Lord Vladivus

    The Emissary: Part 1

    Horns sounded across the swamp- strange, wet, muddy sounds, more gurgling than a clear ring. The Moruth Rangers had tracked the party, noting the sizeable number of Schkyklyk Raiders attempting to pass in secret. The zombies and their palanquin, seemingly bearing a zombie king, were less discreet, marching straight to the Eastern gates of Shadowmere. Vladivus, Angfauglir, Lord Mortis and several warriors met the creatures beneath the black outer walls. The stench of the swamp followed them, not that the Nocturnians cared. The zombie king ordered his party to stop before the Lord of Shadowmere and the other Resistance leaders. "Salutations Vladivus!" called the King, his voice unnatural, "I speak as the King of the Moruth Swamps, and mouthpiece of Ravaage, the true Lord of Nocturnus." His eyes cast their gaze over the other Lords. "My esteemed Angfauglir, long has it been." Lord Mortis spoke from the gateway, "Name your reason for being here. If all you wish to do is bandy titles and small talk, then you are truly a King." "Ah, the vampire has a voice," sniggered the KIng, "very well, I wish to discuss terms of surrender." At this, Vladivus who had been quiet until now, spoke up "As an emissary, you shall be accorded due respect, and I guarantee your safety, providing you behave yourself. These are not the halls of Ravaage, we will have decorum. Turning to the Knights of the Inner Keep, he said "See the emissary to my throne room. I will receive him there." To be continued... So, the next part in the LV/ME/Jorrith collab. Hail Nocturnus! C+C welcome.
  10. Please bear the not_so_awesome photography, (F greenpeace) i still need to get a better digicam, and lighting conditions were not that ideal. (well atleast i bought some large sheets of paper instead of the styrofoam plates i used before!) Prologue In part two Lord Mortis met an old friend at a situation that would have gone very different if Raghas was not his long time friend. Now, Raghas his son Carg, is escorting Lord Mortis to Harbringer's Haven.... The next scene will take place at: This old bridge has spanned the guturk river for centuries. Though upkeep left much to be desired, it still stands strong as a passageway into nocturnus. In earlier days this used to be a toll bridge, and travelers would have to pay each time they cross this bridge. But due to the fact that toll had to be payed each time one would want to cross, and this was brutely enforced, it eventually caused an uprising among the nocturnian people. The toll collectors were chained by their feet, and hung to the bridge to starve. These days there is no toll collected anymore, but the name stuck, and the bridge is still used as a place of execution. The hanging of thieves by their feet is tradition, just as those toll collectors in the past stole from the common folk. It also serves as a warning to visitors of nocturnus that have less than noble intentions. The cage is put in place on top of the tower for murderers and rapists. They usually take longer to die this way, so it is in line with the severety of the crime. The unrest in Nocturnus has caused many to flee, including this poor orc family. Their older son forcefully recruited by the black spire, their house burned because the father protested, the remaining family is fleeing with what they can carry to a better place.... But to where will they go? Mitgardia? Kaliphlin? Definatly not back to Nocturnus, that's for sure... After a while, two familiar faces show up... Carg: So, my dad used to serve you? Lucius: Yeah, your old man was a great asset to the army then, but when he wanted to settle down a bit i could not do otherwise than give him his freedom back. Carg: I have heard many stories about you from my father, it seems lord Mortis the cruel has a heart when it comes to his servants... Lucius: Do not mistake rewarding good work as weakness, young man. I am cruel to some, but i also know quality when i see it. Your dad definatly has that quality. Carg: We're at the bridge. Lucius: Well, it has been a while, but the last time i saw this bridge it looked better.. Carg: Well some things age, my lord. Suddenly two shadowmere zombie riders apear.... Carg: Who are these guys? Lucus: They are messengers from shadowmere, let me talk to them. Lord Mortis rides towards the messengers... Messenger: Are you Lord Mortis the cruel, regent of Gza'ar, child of the night? Lucius: That i might be. Messenger: We send word from Lord Vladivus Stormbringer, Captain of the shadowmere guard, and the moruth rangers. He would like an audience with you. Lucius: This is quite unusual, since i allready have an intent to visit your master. Messenger: Our master sent us in advance because there are new developments that need adressing in a timely fasion. Lucius: So that means i will have to join you two to travel to shadowmere? Messenger: You assume right. Lord Mortus turnes to Carg... Lucius: It seems that these guys will escort me further on the way to shadowmere... Carg, why don't you turn back and look after your old man and brother? Carg: Very well my lord. But there is one thing that needs adressing... Carg: I cannot let a lord meet another lord in a ragged cloak like that, please Lord Mortis, accept my cloak as an replacement! Lucius: You are indeed the son of Raghas Memnon! Or paths will meet again for sure, because you have the same quality as your father. Carg: I am just doing what is right, just as my father tought me. Lucius: And that, you should be thankfull for, your father raised you right, i will send out for you when the time comes... Carg: Thank you my lord, i am honored. And so, the fellowship that was created between mummy and vampire was temporarily disbanded. On to shadowmere it is. To be continued..... Bonus shot: All the work i put into the curved bridge ceilings never showed in the other pics, so i had to make this pic! Next build i'll try to go a little smaller... this was quite a pita to get pics for the storyline! C&C welcome, enjoy the story!
  11. Lord Vladivus

    Old Friends

    The calvacade of horses picked their way across the stony ground, the steep, rocky walls of the canyon watching them pass. Vladivus eyed Angfauglir, the warlord confident despite being surrounded by elite Knights of the Inner Keep. It was not the same when the Lord of Shadowmere had last seen him. The clash of steel upon steel was still fresh in the half-vampire's mind. Many warriors of the Shadowmere Guard had fallen that day, and it had only been a reckless charge by Vladivus himself that had allowed his battered forces to retreat. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. At first, the battle had gone well, Vladivus and the Shadowmere Guard exacting a punishing toll as the first of the Covenant warriors met them. Vladivus had hopped up on a rock to wave his forces onwards, the Lord of Shadowmere cutting an imposing figure arrayed in his armour, a cloak the colour of stormclouds billowing from his shoulders, and the Dragon Helm of Dor-Lomin sitting upon his head. Then Angfauglir himself had charged. The warlord and his guards were mounted on mighty black warhorses, and they thrust into the Shadowmere Guard lines, zombies and orcs flying aside as the horses hooves pounded onwards. Angfauglir's staff blazed with malevolent red light, and the magical blasts emanating from it slew many a warrior. Whilst the Knights of the Inner Keep, in their heavy armour, had managed to hold their section of the line, the charge by Angfauglir had turned the battle in his favour. Vladivus saw that only a miracle would prevent the utter rout of his army, and in a moment of foolishness he called out a mighty challenge to Angfauglir, his voice ringing loud across the battlefield; "Face me you Spire whelp!" And Angfauglir did. Vladivus remembered little of the duel after the first few blows. The next he remembered was awakening covered in grievious wounds, surrounded by Lady Sithanna and her Manbat warriors. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vladivus' mind drifted away from the battle. What was it Krell had said when he heard Angfauglir was coming to Shadowmere? "Old Friends". Vladivus snorted to himself with the memory. He looked ahead, the citadel of Shadowmere rising imposing and black into sky. The road to Shadowmere was almost at an end. ============================================================================================================================ So the next part of the collab between myself, Mass Editor and Jorrith. Credit goes to Mass Editor for the opening shot, and the microscale Shadowmere has been posted before, albeit many moons ago. This was my second or third attempt at a battle scene- I tried to make it a bit more dynamic. I'm also away from my usual Lightbox (I really need to start editing my pictures...). Anyway, C+C is always welcome! A few more pics are on Flickr.
  12. Lord Vladivus

    HSS: Underground in Shadowmere

    Beneath the rocky outcrops and plateaus surrounding Shadowmere are the mines of the Nocturnian Dwarves who produce much of the stone and ore for Shadowmere. These mines are often rough and ready, and the dwarves are prepared to retreat in the face of the frequent Drow raids. Patrolled by swift Dwarven warriors on warg mounts, the mines have an early warning system of sorts. It is one of these mines that Vladivus visits today, alongside his hope for a consort, the ancient, immortal vampiress, Lady Sithanna. Vladivus: "As you can see, these mines are not particularly extensive, or well worked- the dwarves are simply not numerous enough to fend off the Drow, skilled warriors though they may be. My zombies struggle down here, where their numbers count for little in the narrow tunnels." Lady Sithanna: "And you are hoping that I would lend you my Man-bat soldiers, who were bred in darkness and caves, and thus suited to these battles? Do I not strike to the heart of the matter my love?" Vladivus: "Perceptive as ever. You know as well as I do that it would do well- not to mention that an alliance of the vampires of Nocturnus would strike fear into Ravaage. Lord Mortis already aligns himself with Shadowmere." Before Sithanna could reply, a dwarven Captain mounted upon a warg burst into the cavern. Captain Dhumkaz: "M'Lord... and er Lady, I apologise..." Lady Sithanna: "Spit it out dwarf!" The dwarf's eyes narrowed, and he spoke pointedly to Vladivus. Captain Dhumkaz: "My Lord, Angfauglir approaches. Your scouts report that he appears to be alone, but they cannot be sure." Lord Vladivus: "Well, a surprise I suppose. I didn't think that wretch would risk coming here, even if he's on the run from Senurhem and Ravaage. Aye, I will meet him. Send messengers to Lord Mortis and have him meet us here. Sithanna, I trust you will be comfortable in your quarters until this matter is resolved?" Sithanna: "Yes, I suppose. The wolf and the necromancer will have to fill me in on the rest." So, this build is my first proper attempt at SNOT rocks, using kabels tutorial. I'm not happy with the build, and it's gone through several revisions (including a massive tower on top of the rocks), but it began getting tedious, so here it is. I might revisit the mines at some point and try to improve. An entry for HSS: Labourers. C+C very much welcome!
  13. Lord Vladivus

    Episode VI: Ord Mantell

    Ord Mantell. Captain Jak is with, after mine and Deran's failure on Mon Calamari. I've got a bomb to blow a hole in the floor. Apparently Fett is hiding underground round here in this horrible junkyard. Captain Jak: "Get that demo charge set!" A few moments later, BOOM! The hole was blown, and Captain Jak had thrown himself into the hole blaster, ready. We heard Jak scream, and Deran ran to the edge of the hole to see what was wrong. Turns out Jak had dropped straight into an Imperial installation housing an Imperial officer and his Stormtroopers were firing back. The blaster fire intensified and others screamed, before silence reigned. A Kel Dor climbed out of the hole, easily carrying Captain Jak's wounded body. Kel Dor: "You would be wise to leave. There are more troopers coming. For your quest, you must unlearn what you have learned. You will find me again once your heads are clearer." The Kel Dor disappeared, leaving the cryptic message lingering, an empty junkyard and a room full of bodies below. What next? And an overview: So, my second entry, this time for Ord Mantell! C+C welcome!
  14. Lord Vladivus

    HSS: Shadowmere West Gate

    A bleak sun rises over a black citadel, and two Kaliphlinites approach the West Gate of Shadowmere. The gate, however, is currently shut. A voice, sharp and growling sounds from the crenellations above the gate. "Halt, and move to one side". The voice came from a leopardman watch officer atop the walls. The Kaliphlinites duly moved off the road, and to one side, puzzled by this request. The gates swung open, revealing a mighty werewolf, none other than General Fenrir Bloodcloak himself, marching forth at the head of a line of Shadowmere Guard. The guard were mainly comprised of spearmen, their livery of red and black distinctive. To one side, accompanied by their bodyguards, were Lord Vladivus of Shadowmere, and Sir Beorthan of the Trifork. Vladivus: "So, we have an accord? Shadowmere will send trade representatives to the Trifork? Nocturnian forged armour and weapons will certainly aid you." Beorthan: "Aye, especially if they are as well wrought as your warriors have equipped here. They are certainly a force to be reckoned with, if not exactly living!" Vladivus: "Heh, not all of my troops are raised from the dead back to the living, although it certainly makes life easier. Look." A line of human troops in a blue livery marched by, their armour and weapons dull, but the edges keen and eager for blood. Beorthan: "Who are they? Not in the colours of Shaowmere?" Vladivus: "They are Black Falcons, led by Eothain the Mad. After the death of his brother, Eothed the Mighty, at Strangeholt Tower, he has sworn fealty to me, and not the Black Spire. These troops head to Abyssian, to bolster the loyalist Nocturnians." Vladivus: "Come, let us follow them to the gate, and I will bid thee farewell." Beorthan: "Indeed, this is proving to be a prosperous alliance." Vladivus: "Farewell then, I shall send scouts with you to ensure safe passage back through the Kelra Labyrinths, although I am sure you and Cassius would be able to handle most of the challenges within!" Beorthan: "My thanks Vla..." The two Kaliphlintes who had been stood outside of the gate as the troops filed past, approached, causing Beorthan to trail off and eye these newcomers with interest. Kaliphlinite: "Hail Vladivus, I am a follower of Masa of Kaliphin, and this is Lysus the Leander. We seek the Aslanic Temple within your walls." Vladivus: "Welcome, you may pass." To Beorthan: "Farewell my friend, safe journey!" With that, the Kaliphlinites wntered the citadel of Shadowmere... ... And Beorthan of the Trifork left. A vendor sells iron swords, forged by Nocturnian dwarves... ... Whilst a Shkyklyk vendor sells fish by the barrel. More sinisterly, a hooded figure wielding a large axe prepares to perform an execution on the Death Sands. Overview: Front overview. Rear overview. EDIT: Bonus picture of the Black Falcons: So, my biggest moc to date! C+C Welcome! And thanks to Bregir for the use of his sig-fig!
  15. Lord Vladivus

    Episode VI: Mon Calamari

    Dac. Mon Calamari. Or Mon Cala if you're lazy. I can't think of a place more different from the arid wastes of my home planet. Water, water, everywhere. And I'm here hunting for a bounty hunter. Isn't that ironic? Turns out the Dujan was more than just a rebel sympathiser- it's a full blown rebel ship. I've been assigned here, fresh from Kashyyk. This platform isn't much fun, and Deran is pretty serious too. Looks like I'll fit right in. Got no time for fun with those Imperial Slugs on our tail. Looks like we've missed Boba, at least this scanner is registering his Firespray leaving the planet. My entry for Episode VI, C+C Welcome!
  16. Lord Vladivus

    HSS: Blood Fountains

    In and around Shadowmere, there are many fountains of a sinister nature. Beneath Shadowmere, in immeasurable caverns there are vast lakes of blood drained from unfortunate victims. This blood is enchanted and takes on a life of its own, swaying columns of freestanding blood ever moving towards the ceilings of the caverns. The blood forces its way though the rock, and bubbles to the surface. Most of the points at which the blood breaks the surfaces have had fountains built upon them. An industry of sorts has grown up around the thousands of such fountains of Shadowmere- blood wine. Shadowmere, prior to the emergence of the Black Spire, was one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of Blood Wine in Historica. The production still continues, largely due to the unceasing labour of the undead bottlers, and awaits a more favourable economic climate. A small fountain, typical of a freeholding in Shadowmere. From the back, a Shkyklyk overseer exits the small toolshed. An orcish worker uses an enchanted goblet to transfer the blood to the nearby barrel- making blood wine is a laborious task, steeped with tradition and strange arcane rituals. For example, each day, the fresh blood must be tasted and blessed by a member of a particular orcish tribe, which are accorded ranking higher than would be the norm- here Gruzag Wineswiller, in all his finery (he sits upon the Council of Shadowmere as the head of Commerce), sips from a glass of blood taken directly from the fountain. Whilst Scarecroicus (in his new day job), stirs and presses the blood with the femur of a six and half year old baby Bald Blueback dragon. So an entry for HSS: Agriculture. I hope it fits, I've been struggling to come up with an idea, but I hit upon the idea of blood wine, and it kinda stuck. Just a small one for this! C+C welcome!
  17. Northern Nocturnus, at the border with Mitgardia. Smoke drifts lazily through the cool mountain air of the Northern Rakath, from a small barbarian encampment. An ice-cold, bubbling mountain stream runs through the camp, and salmon leap from the clear waters. Into this idyllic setting strolls Taun-Li, the famed Master-Sensai of Panjitsu. Few expect him to actually be a panda, but the Nocturnian is comfortable with that- it works well for his current occupation. Taun-Li is working for Lord Vladivus, the Legendary Warlord of Nocturnus, aiding him in hiring warriors to fight against the Black Spire. This particular barbarian tribe is the Kanucka Head Takers. Well organised and militaristic, they subsist here in the mountains on a diet of fresh salmon, speared from the river by tribesmen. Taun-Li strides accross the bridge, and is greeted by the tribes Chieftain, Oran Limbsmasher. The chieftains black cloak swirls in the air, and his bearing is proud and noble. Oran: "Greetings. We do not often have your kind visit this far North!" Taun-LI: "Leaves on the wind fall as they will. I come with an offer from Lord Vladivus." Oran: "Do you? And what if I refuse this offer?" Taun-Li: "Then I am to return you to the earth. All Nocturnians must stand and fight. Take a side. You are either with us, or against us There is no neutral ground." Oran: "Then what would the Lord Vladivus have me do?" Taun-Li: "Take your warriors over the border to Mitgardia, and prepare for the coming troubles there. I shall be accompanying you." Oran accepted the offer, and Taun-Li gave him a week to prepare his kinsmen, before leaving to prepare himself. A build mainly to try out water, and I wanted to use the panda guy costume, and it also leads into the Mitgardian Challenge. Hopefully. C+C welcome!
  18. Lord Vladivus

    Vladivus in Berigoria.

    Berigoria, shining town of Peregrinus in Kaliphlin. Undeath permeates this town today, as Vladivus, the half-vampire Lord of Shadowmere visits Erudhalion Sansael, seeking a prisoner of great value to himself. The meeting takes place in a light and airy tower, although today Vladivus brings an air of opression with him. Accompanied by his mighty zombified Knights of the Inner Keep, and clad in full battle armour, he cuts an imposing figure, but Erudhalion has faced worse than this Nocturnian. Erudhalion: "So, what is it then that warrants a show of force in a township that has never had course to oppose you yet?" Vladivus: "I seek a man. I am told you captured a peasant bearing the mark of the Black Spire attempting to enter Berigoria in secret." Erudhalion: "Aye, that we did. But he was... ...Fleeing the destruction in Avalonia." Vladivus: "True. But then, why did you lock him up? Look, here is a letter detailing this man's crimes, which extend through multiple guilds, and are a personal matter to myself, along with enough gold to build a new warship. Think of it along these lines; one less prisoner to worry about. These are trying times, and I would count myself ever in your debt. Shadowmere would forever ride to the aid of Erudhalion Sansael and Berigoria." Erudhalion: "Fine. He was causing me issues, he's a tricky one to keep contained." He turned slightly: "GUARD!" Guard: "Yes sahib?" Erudhalion: "Take the Lord Vladivus to the dungeons to retrieve the prisoner." Down in the dungeons... Guard: "Alright, on your feet, you're now the property of this gentleman!" Prisoner:"Nnnnnononono, not HIM!" His eyes widened in fear. Lord Vladivus: "So you know who I am then? How much did Zurias tell you? At least, he should of told you that I would not let the man who desecrated my mother's grave and slew my friend live in peace. Come, I have a talented Necromancer that is wanting to sink his teeth into you. Probably literally." Vladivus leaves with the chained prisoner, Sir Natas! Meanwhile, on the roof of the tower... "Leave us!". A demand from Erudhalion Sansael echoes accross the rooftop, and the guard present leaves. Erudhalion and another warrior stroll across the roof. Erudhalion Sansael: "Take some men, and follow Vlad and report back." Warrior: "Yes, m'lord. It shall be done." So, a build in Kaliphlin. It ties together some of my story threads, as well as giving me an oppurtunity to build in Kaliphlin. Sir Natas, from my "Story of Vladivus" builds is the prisoner, and what fate befell him in Avalonia whilst attempting to take Vladivus mother's ancestral lands with be explored in a future, probably torture-related, MOC. Many thanks to Gabe for allowing me to use his sig-fiig and to set the build in Berigoria. I sadly managed to misplace Sansael's legs, so apologies! Hope I've done it justice! C+c very much welcome!
  19. Lord Vladivus

    Moruth Ranger Outpost

    Scattered throughout the Moruth Swamplands are outposts occupied by the famed Moruth Rangers of Shadowmere. They are characterised by bones of opponents, and the largely open structures. The Moruth Rangers in all their glory. They are predominantly clad in leather armour, and bear longbows. Others species have been known to fight amongst the Moruth Rangers, but they are fewer in number than the humans that make up the bulk of the Rangers. Moruth Rangers are highly trained, and often found their way into other guilds as mercenaries and soldiers of fortune, prior to the emergence of Lord Vladivus in Nocturnus. With Vladivus' guidance, the Moruth Rangers have become a force under their Captain, Daon Ironblade, that is fanatically loyal to Valdivus and Shadowmere. C+C welcome. The build is inspired by one I did to represent Kashyyyk for SONE.
  20. Most of the Shadowmere Guard are zombified Dragon Masters. Raised from the dead by Krell, they serve Vladivus and Shadowmere unflinchingly. Shown here are a Swordsman, Spearman, Archer and a Knight of the Inner Keep (Elite heavy cavalry). Without figs. As a bonus: "Rawrrrrrrgrh" So, this was originally a display for my Mount Up! build till I realised it was too big. Still wanted to use it for something, so figured I'd show off some of the ranks in Shadowmere's army and the figs (I'm pleased with the Elite Knights!). C+C welcome, even though it's a real quick display build!
  21. In light of the Black Spire's emergence in Nocturnus, and the siege of Abyssian, Vladivus has realised that Shadowmere's armies may not tip the scales enough- outright warfare may decimate armies, but he needed a way to remove the head of the beast, when necessary. Hence the formation of the Shadowmere Assassin and Intelligence Guild, or S.A.I.G. for short. These warriors are highly trained and drawn from a variety of Nocturnian citizens, each with abilities that lend themselves to the task at hand, ranging from Wolfmen, and orcs, to Night Elves. These operatives are heading out for a classified mission in Black Spire territory, whilst a bizarre air-living stingray floats lazily on the air currents. Night Elf, Beastman... ...and orc work together for this mission. C+C welcome. Yet another aspect of Shadowmere's forces. Just a small build this time!
  22. In his chambers in the Nocturnian citadel of Shadowmere, Krell discusses business with the head of his personal bodyguard. The business discussed ranges from patrol routes to resolving confrontations with the general citizens of Shadowmere. Krell's personal bodyguard are Shadows, fearsome warriors from beyond the mortal realm. Footsteps echo down the corridor outside, as a figure wrapped in black cloth strides purposefully towards Krell's chambers. The shade guard posted outside challenges the figure; Shade: "Who goessssss ssthereee?" The figure flicks aside some cloth to reveal a terrifying arachnoid face- Draxx, a member of the Scorpionmen race. Draxx: "I come to give important news to Krell, from Vladivus." The Shade stands aside, and opens the door-grate. As Draxx goes to enter, the Head of Krell's bodyguard exits, and though he has no face, his gaze fixes Draxx, who feels his soul bared to this etherbeast. Draxx enters the chambers. Krell looks up impatiently at the interuption. Krell: "Well, what is it?" Draxx: "I have travelled swiftly from Southern Nocturnus with great news- Vladivus has captured Sir Natas and is bringing him here for you to interrogate." Krell: "Perhaps we shall get the information that will lead us to Zurias. At least Vladivus will get some closure." Draxx leaves, and Krell calls in a Shade Guard. Krell: "Awaken the Servants of Torture. We have work to begin." Shade: "Assssss you wisssshhhhh my lord." C+C welcome. A build inside Shadowmere! It shows the build up to the torture of Sir Natas! Also a chance to show off some new fig combinations! In hindsight, I wish I hadn't picked black for Shadowmere, I hate photographing it!
  23. Lord Vladivus

    Krell Interrogates Sir Natas.

    When Lord Vladivus returned to Shadowmere, he handed Sir Natas over to Krell, his Necromancer. In the dungeons of Shadwomere, screams echo throughout the halls. These dungeons are a horrifying place, and one that few return from- those that do are usually the dungeon keepers, but even they do not always return. In one of the cells, Krell and one of his Servants of Torture see to Sir Natas. Krell: "Welcome Sir Natas. I assume you are aware of we are about to do- not that you have any choice mind. You're not in Avalonia or Kaliphlin, here in Nocturnus, we are cruel rather than kind!" He motioned to the Servant of Torture, who stepped forward, bearing vicious looking tools. Sir Natas: "No. You cannot. This is heresy. Ravaage is the true lea..." His voice was cut off by a sharp blow to the face. Krell:"Ravaage is dead, his body merely isn't aware of it yet. Now, about Zurias..." Krell's eyes glowed a fierce red, and with the Servant of Torture, set to work. Several hours later, Krell emerged, now armed with a host of information. C+C welcome, yet another freebuild! What has Krell discovered? I apologise for the lack of focus on the second picture, the camera refused to focus on the faces.
  24. My dearest Lady Vansier, Further to your request about Feathered Dragons, I have compiled a brief report for you. I trust you have found it attached to this damned undead Carrier pigeon. Feathered Dragons come in all shapes, sizes, and indeed degree of feathering. It is a point of contention amongst the Learned Zoology Professors at Petrea University as to whether each is a distinct species, or merely an individual of a larger species. It is, point of fact, rare to find a specimen, that is willing to be studied. Shorter of temper than a Mitgardian Bearded Lady with untamable armpit hair, the feathered dragons are known to attack anything within sight. One such dragon, more specifically, a member of the Rakath Feathered Dragon sub-species is owned by the esteemed Lord Vladivus of Nocturnus, and I had the pleasure of studying it first hand, whilst a painter produced it's likeness, which I believe should be attached to this carrier pigeon as well. Note that most of the body is covered in green scales, whilst it is the black wings that are feathered. This one was tamed by Vladivus himself, and it's rumoured that he wrestled it one on one into submission. Fearsome chap this Vladivus. Anyway, this specimen does not breathe fire, but excretes venom through it's teeth, thereby giving it's bite a rather lethal efffect. Yours, as ever, A half-crazed Special Envoy of the Head Professor of Zoology at the University of Petrea to Nocturnus, Dizak Khan. P.s. The indomitable Lord Vladivus insisted we send you a portrait of himself stood by the dragon, because, well, he's heard of your beauty. Here he is, in all his armoured half-undeadness. My sincerest apologies. So, my entry for the "Mount Up!" Challenge, my first attempt at a brick built creature. It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be- learnt a few things. C+C welcome!
  25. With the information gleaned from the would be Zugal Assassin, Vladivus is able to launch an assault on Strangeholt Tower, a stronghold of the Black Spire. Encamped before the walls is a force of Black Falcons, and defending the tower itself are many strange, warped warriors, werewolves, vulture-people, and other more miscellaneous things. Lord Vladivus is resplendent in his armour, and astride a mighty barded warhorse, he strikes at the mightiest knights the Black Falcons can throw at him. Around him, the Shadowmere Guard and the Knights of the Inner Keep fight with implacable, zombie resolve, whilst Krell, the Necromancer, keeps raising them up to fight again. General Fenrir Bloodcloak, closest ally of Vladivus joins the fight on his horse, leading his werewolf warriors against the Falcons. He bears the red and gold standard of Nocturnus, and it flutters defiantly in the breeze. Fenrir's growls are audible even above the din of battle, such is his anger. Lurking inside, Zurias, the Raven emissary of Ravaage relishes the coming fight. He prepares to meet Vladivus in battle, to end Nocturnian resitance once and for all. Phase 3 Warlords build- tried out a new technique for the walls. I imagine this to just be a small buttress of the tower, ive not got enough bricks for a giant one sadly. Also wanted to try a swamp surrounded by land, which I hadn't done previously. I'm quite pleased with my falcons- I wanted a more modern version of them. Threw in parts from one of the new Chima vultures on the tower defenders- the torso and legs are great, not sure on the head though! C+C welcome!