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Found 5 results

  1. Microdragons

    [BH - Rodian] Death of a Traitor

    Transmitted from Tatooine to Nar Eurbrikka I finally found the traitor Mooris Pel on the outskirts of Mos Espa. Seems he had a lot of credits lying around when he deserted from the Empire, as he offered me a considerable to leave him alone. The Empire pays better though, so I drug him outside and executed him. I will take the head to the Empire as proof of a job well done. I just hope his droid didn't report me to the local authorities. - "Cael the Butcher"
  2. Geonosians are always good for a quick Imperial scalp. With Imperial movements on once Black Sun worlds, there is plenty of opportunity for some prey that has been flushed out of hiding. It also doesn't hurt that the new local garrisons will be available for easy delivery. Political upheavals are good for business.
  3. goatman461

    [BH - Hutt] Moonlit Takedown

    [Rom Mohc] If Agent An wanted you dead, you'd be dead. I take it as no coincidence that you received a non-fatal blow at point-blank range on the same planet with a newly operational cybernetics lab. But, these cybernetics are not cheap, nor are the localized holo projections you need to stay in business, as a shape-shifting assassin. [Zaz Sikari] Thank you Herr Mohc, your skills, provisions, and counsel are appreciated, and I will pay my debts. As for you, my greatest of friends... the debt I owe you surpasses anything that my meager bounties could offer. Please know that I will always draw my sword by your side. Commenor Bay by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr The wounded Clawdite assassin, Zaz Sikari, has little time to waste. He is lucky to be alive, but now must service a massive debt to the Xenovet corporation for his new cybernetics, as well as whatever it's going to cost to get a black market hologenerator around his new arm. Luckily his first target was an obvious one - a large bounty he had been avoiding because of the risk. The Hutt gangster was a protected guest of the Queen Mother, but his usual bodyguards were not welcome amongst Hapes's polite society so he was vulnerable to the unfamiliar faces of the monarch's private security. In the moonlit night within the capital's gardens, Zaz attacked... Hutt-Hapes by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr
  4. [Unknown Bounty Hunter] "...long story short, he had a thermal detonator in his pants the whole time..." [Cerean] "No, no, no, no, no, no, no, I didn't do it I swear..." [Trooper] "Don't let that sick S.O.B. get away!" [Zaz Sikari] "Please excuse me for a moment, my appointment has arrived..." [phsump] [Trooper] "Target is down! Who gave the order to fire! Troopers, secure the scene!" [Trooper] "Who the hell did the shooting! We were 'posed to bring 'em in fr questioning. Damnit, this is going to be a mess." [Imperial Officer] "Nice shooting, bounty hunter. Step away from the table and pay your friend's tab; he can leave. Squad! I've got an assassin. Move in to apprehend." [Imperial Officer] "This is for Naboo, Zaz Sikari." [Pew] [Imperial Officer] "TROOPERS! THEY'RE RESISTING! TAKE THEM DOWN!"
  5. goatman461

    [BH - Kyuzo] Friendly Ambush

    On the muddy streets of Little Phatrong on the western fringes of Worldport, Ord Mantell, Black Sun Regent Asanu follows his well armed escort. A local peasant kneels to honor the hero of the Kyuzo community. Bubbling tanks of fuel steadily hum and slowly leak into the barren soil. One guard distracts himself with the carnivorous wildlife feeding off the loose fuel. As much as he despised getting up close, the Kyuzo fashion rendered his sniper rifle ineffective. Besides, with such a popular community figure, friendly rooftops for a perch would be hard to come by. The district would be on full lock-down soon and the bounty hunter has a long night ahead of him if he's going to escape.